Cybereagles Archive for March 2008

Sunday, March 30, 2008

R madrid (3)v sevilla (1)

Martins obafire on real form great goal watch it highlights

Our problem started against birmingham - fabregas

"nigeria's saviour" vogts is azerbaijan coach

Telegraph ranks martins motm

Vogts named azerbaijan boss

A red super eagle

Yakubu wins the merseyside derby!!!!........For liverpool...

Great energie cottbus wins again!!

Ogunsoto scoreth and breaketh the net

The yak

How come noone is making noise about newcastle's resurgence

Heartland 1 bayelsa 1 ft on nta

Martins hangeth and breaketh the net just like ishiaku

Oruma seeks exit from marseille

Chelsea 1 v midds o ft: spurs 1 v n'cstle 3

Tottenham versus new castle

Grimsby town 0 v milton keynes dons 2

The diaby challenge

Platini: i will stop big clubs from 'poaching' youngsters

Quiz time,cybereagles guru i need 2 jump start your brains?

Do you believe in ghost????

Has utaka ruined our name in england?

Ghana's new sensational #10

Razak omotoyossi among the uefa top scorers

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Epl : are derby offcially the worst epl team ever.

We beat villa

We beat amaguglug..

::video:: bremen 1-2 duisburg :: ishiaku

Martins vs. Drogba

In football i believe 10men can beat 11 men, in most cases!!

Proper arsenal fans sign here part 3

Nfa when are we going to get our coach

Preview of sooting vs berger game and others

Portsmouth: team of the season

Siasia's coaching contract is terminated..........

Hull city

Relegation battles

Ganiyu oseni joins esperance of tunis

Real betis 3-2 barcelona ft

Can somebody break ronaldo's legs?

How come no epl players has won european player of the year?

Manchester united versus aston villa

Ishiaku hangeth and breaketh the net

Derby vs fulham 2-2

To all arsenal haters

Gunners roll call

Bolton 2, purse carriers 3 (ft)

Epl live

Another chance for westoff

Tottenham peeps damage carling trophy

Muntari's dad injured in robbery raid

Siasia knows the team has some problems

Online locations to watch anc free /feel free to add

Kai but some talents have been wasted

Siasia: what price for loyalty...

Mls preview

We are not ready for the olympics yet

Jigawa - akwa on youtube ...

Tfco, i don't know...

A must read revelation by anichebe's mother

Friday, March 28, 2008

Top 5 se striker today

Nfa hold talks with westerhof

Just terrible and shameful...

Champions league final in madrid..

Milan bid 30 million euros for eto'o...

Van gaal will soon be free

Jari litmanen

Sentiments aside we need best players for beijing 08

Since se suck do we need the 3 overaged players in u23?

Okay why is james peters still se coach on 3/28/08

Why fifa cannot ban john mikel obi

John obi mikel: development

Interesting ideas from " le championat"

The saga continues ii......Mikel refuses to speak to fergie

Home based eagles for friendly

Beijing 2008: dont pick mikel - south africa coach

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Here would be my 23 man roster for olympics

Egyptian fans take ungratefulness to a new level

I missed the beach soccer game today

Inside the dressing room - with rio ferdinand

Even in beach soccer:!!! Lions vs super eagles 3-2

Bangladesh kicks cameroonian players into touch

"well...Simply better than ronaldinho"

Joseph yobo is a better defender than fabio cannovaro now!

Mikel obi: jail sentence for .....

Before i count 1...

Any video of goals from ngr/sa match??

This is why i hate spurs...........


So sss didnt really cry

British press don start again.. Caption time..

Abeg anybody get video of dream team iv vs sa?

The chickens have come home to roost. Sagna out 3weeks.

Belgium-morocco 1-4 !!!!! Goals !!!

Zizou, you are unforgettable!!!

Hi everybody i jut woke up from anc hangover !!!

Obafemi future in newcastle dey doubtful??????????

Ronaldo most talked about player, barca most talked team..

Morgan anderson found guilty of fraud.

Ameobi signs for stoke city...

Here at ce you do deserve a tribute from us

An original name for the olympic team (dream team)

A lot of stupid ce's comments after oly qualification

Dt4 go need obi o!

8 players blacklisted by real madrid...

First the queen, now the pms - arsenal rules!

(friendly) liberia 2 sudan 0

Ranchers bees

Must bbc always insult nigeria? Just read this

Shocked at death of outrage

Anelka airlines experiences turbulence and flips over

Is siasia moving in the wrong direction?

This is wrong.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Cracks appear in nigeria’s dream team

Estonia v canada on setanta

Fsc claiming moratti to offer jose the inter job.....

Pop quiz my people

Vid evidence. Hillay's bosnia fire was real

All who know of the "banana banana 3-0 demolition"

African teams just dont have the mental strengh

Spain versus italy 1-0. David villa

France 1- england 0

I'm happy for bafana _ they needed a break

[friendly] france (1-0) england...Ft

Ama glug glu shrine anichebe

Which se players will you take to olympics?

[friendly] ghana (1-2) mexico...Final

Egypt disgraces africa again___arg 2 egypt 0

Tunisia: 2 v ivory coast: 0

The world's best team in action.

Ngr vs sa player ratings

Keegan finaly showed his true colour

Egypt vs. Argentina

[friendly] south africa (3-0) paraguay...Ft

My name is robbynice and i approve this hiring...

Does anyone have a video + line up and match review?


Anichebe >>>>>>>>>okoronkwo

Anechiebeeeeeee far better than makinwasta

Thank you samson siasia

Ben tv

I just called the mexican embassy.....

Eduardo: i forgive you taylor if...

Mikel obi banned from playing for se and olympic team -part2

Julio caesar to barca..

Former 3sc boss shot dead !!!!!!

Rsa scouting nigeria's dream team iv

2008 african futsal championship

Gallas: i have more friends at chelsea...

Any place to watch england - france live online?

Info on international transfer regulations

Obi at funky budda ,mayfair

Arsenal don chop bottle for real. Liverpool 3 times in a row

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Dream team iv 3 vs ama glug glug 0

Sun sets on wenger's way as a route to the title?

Monaco 0-1 lille

Look alikes

Me with jay jay in egypt

Eagles and players with 100 caps

Dapo starts vs sa!

African champions league - is a match missing?

France a 3 - mali 2

Nigeria needs friendlies!!!

Anichebe starts against sa

Eguavoen quits south african job after 2 games

The most skillful player in africa is???????

Biggest flops at ghana '08...And excuses

This is sacrilege!!

Kanu flies in to support u-23s

Manchester city after giovani...

Ronaldinho to move to inter in summer....

Sooting shot down adegoke adelabu & eko boys

Guys urgent help f0r ce project

Mama calabar meeting tonight.

Capello regime impresses beckham

Is he africa's best striker?

Cotonsport-gombe utd return game

Harry not happy with nigeria's super chicken utaka

Mali finally hires keshi

I think there is a lot of bias towards mikel

Mascherano and tevez vis-a vis african players

Siasia tells obi to "stay put in london"

Carlitos tevez on his way to man united???

Monday, March 24, 2008

Mi5 and yiba

Make some noise -- tell a story


The changing of the guard - thank you all

Mikel dosent deserve u-23 call up

Fellow gunners no tension we will doa double this season

South africa world cup fears

Foot in the mouth: we welcome babs to ce 1ce again

Evra: arsenal will fall....

Alex ferguson strikes again!

Arsenal to win the epl, according to...

Amagluglug to chop 6-0!Why?

Alas gooners! Our squad has proven not to be deep enough.

[pic] remember when jj won the premier league title

Yak scandal : silkman says amodu, idama benefitted

Anichebe arrives

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Where are they now? Reuben agboola and john chiedozie

[pics] united v liverpool

[pic] take that...And that

The world's best imo after pele and diego

Let us arsenal fans face the truth....

Ohenhen--hope you are happy now--anichebe don land abuja.

The dullest commentary in the history of football!

U23 vs homebased se on channels right now.

African icons fc (toronto canada)

Emmanuel ekpo xfer in progress

Imagine what wenger is saying here .....

Mods...Can u please...

Should chelsea stick with 4 - 4 - 2 formation?

Uche is on hitv

What would you advise wenger??

Moving...Gooners: something to cheer about

South africa headed to major disappointment with parreira

While waffiman drowns in the pub i summon mister dolly

Ce people - i need your input

Real 2 (gonzalez) vs valencia 3 (villa)

Lets talk about the nigerian league

Arsenal can again win the ...

Obi was the difference today

Kapshun time

Arsene wenger must go

They whooped assanal

Mourinho just called ramos

Gunners why are u guys not singing anymore????????????

Adebayo: not a single shot on goal!!!!!

Assenal 3rd in a 2 horse race

Chelsea beat arsenal

We won...

Special easter goons roll call

What has drogba & utaka has in common?

Wetin enyimba play?

Today chelsea home record will be broken by gunner!!!!!!!!!

We beat liverpool

Someone scored 46 goals in one season??!!

Manure beat liverpool

Liverpool playing rubbish!

When is the nfa board up for elections again

If anyone thinks liverpool are losing this game

Update on u23

Kanu na true legend

Watch live !!! Man u v liverpool; chelsea v arsenal

Is ayo akinfe a coward?

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Oba tells newcastle play me or i leave in summer....

The ticket to china:who don land?

Hangers for 21-23 march 08 (akpala, ogunsoto & osazee et

Jose mourinho show

I would love to urge all ghanaians on ce to...

Falcons' star exposes nfa's stupidity!

Agbonlahor dropped

Classico sunday: man utd 3 'pool 0; chelsea 2 arsenal 1 ft

::video:: everton 1-1 west ham :: yakubu

Se coaches: siasia, fatai amo, agu are the chosen ones...?

Cameroon is about to become the next best team outta africa.

Toxicarrow, confirm this story about 3sc.

Let us thank god for sparing the life of koc and his family

Odiah getting back to full fitness

Acl - etoile sahel 5 (holders) vs as douanes (sen) 0

Inter vs juve on fsc..

Gombi united-cotton sports. Pediction

Anichebe - grumble grumble

I finally watch my first game since anc


Help with channelsurfing

Feed the yakkkkkk

The yak don hang...

Caf 2008 conf. Cup: wikki 2v2 kotoko

Negative reports worry siasia

Bayern vs leverkusen, anyone?

African friendlies

Wetin ghana go chop on wesday?

Worst kanu dis ever!!!!

Stationary storse how did it come to this ?

Utaka looks unfit!!!!!!!

They blackmailed me before obj to push me out of nfa

Who be this udo nwoko

Soccer related - must see niaja boyz

Friday, March 21, 2008

My starting lineup vs sa

How does zidane do it?

Nfa board should resign

Vogts is africa's only realistic hope of winning 2010 wc

10 things that will be unacceptable from berti vogts

We need vogts in the mama calabar technical committee

Can't wait 4d d day!!!!!!!!!

Support lions f.C

The yid is here in london(iag)

Gunners; where's alex song?

Adu > ayew

Should an fa be judged on the results of its national teams?

Italian scouts storm lagos on talent hunt

Attn: london ce's

Keshi: mali to re-negotiate....

Epl weekend

[video] "he comes from africa; he's better than kaka..&

()()()olympic prospects()()()

Koc - please accept my credit for...

Spuds escapes beatdown from ..

Game on: valencia vs barcelona

I dont know what they are waiting for

Obagoal so far!

Nfa formally announce vogts sack

Peters, planning friendly with china

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Mali why why?

David beckham recalled by cpello

France vs england: squads announced

Gooners, enter here (yab free)

Message from our dear toluchukwu!

[epl] ronaldo's brilliance masks united's woes

[epl] ronaldo sends united clear

Goons get in here

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

3 overage players for olympics ?

Bayern beat wolfsburg to make final- well done lads

We beat bolton


Siasia boys whip james peters eagles

Uche doing his thing on goltv

[video] what i like about this goal

Is riga of levante ghanian?


Epl: man utd 2 bolton 0; spurs 4 chelsea 4 ft

Inter deny tapping-up hleb

Eguavoen fails first test in south africa

Real's van nistelrooy undergoes season-ending surgery

It's 99% official - keshi's the man for mali

Where is se golden boy obi in today's line up?

Aiyegbeni’s transfer: nfa protests to fifa

I was in tears admits martins

Martins named in squad for greece match

If rigobert song were nigerian..............................

New career for retired ballers

Malian media against keshi over wage demand

South africa suggests national team practice for 2yrs

Barcelona hints ronaldinho feigning injury

Nfa extends james peters' tenure

Kai! See yabbis. Adebayor compared to samson of delilah

Our coach grant sabi misyarn sha..

Why does wenger not use such tactics?

What are the chances of hull...

This is what nigeria should have done

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Another setanata jose episode... Wenger and fergie....

Ghana's an extremely peaceful country....

Which way up africa

U23 team warmup result, vs homebased eagles on the 19th

Away victory for sooting stars ....?

I have a dream!

Pele's forecasts always "bullsheet", says ronaldo

Can't wait

Barcelona- valencia kings cup semi final

[french cup] paris sg vs sc bastia

I can restructure super eagles..............James peters

Ghana names squad against mexico

Yujam! Explain this

Does anyone remember these guys for one thing!!!!

Nfa's olajire says betty vogts will get 3 months stash

Vogts settled

Is this clown for real?

Martins must leave newcastle now - where should he go?

Suspended: solomon abwo

Mbia is wanted by europes elite

Martins rated man of the match by the sun

Ndiaye quits senegal f.F uping the #s to 8 since anc exit

Interesting stat. Mikel featured in more games than essien

Sir alex fears thugs maybe drive ronaldo to spain

Monday, March 17, 2008

Kamikazee on a retro level: naija soccer for life!

Birmingham vs newcastle

What happened to chris obodo?

Keshi reaches agreement to coach mali...

What a goal by emana

Confirmed: west ham gets nani

Falcons favorite meat = roasted black queens

Help me thank god: i was attacked by armed robbers today.

Bear stearns don chop spurs tycoon money ohh

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Peters makes adjustments to home based list

Kun aguero...

Your number 1 africa player of all time is?????????

()()()nigerian hangers this weekend()()() updated

Ghaha got the perfect date!!!!!!

Yobo gifts fulham; yak chokes (again!)

Nedum onuoha scoring against the spuds!

Man city beat spuds

Heartland 1 kano pillars 1 ft

"because now" eyes england move

Nfa to name siasia as eagles’ coach

Who is elias kanu?

Kingloku still in nigeria..

Uche don hang

Eguavoen is solution to top job, without blemish

Waffi & other arsenal fans abeg enter here!

Agent: you are dealing with f***ing nigerians

[ligue 1] lens 3-3 marseille (ft)

Is cristiano ronaldo a dortt?

We beat derby

Babayaro doesn't last with galaxy

Wahala..Serious '4i9' involved in yaks transfer to everton

We beat ghana

Yak scandal: 'you're dealing with f***ing nigerians..'

Clarion call to all sooting fans

Abeg una no move. Severe weather hits atlanta. Roby?

Sos to koc... Please in the name of god

Dear gooners

Chei iag and spurs fans now this is an insult. Damn

Abuja stadium, is starting to resemble lagos

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Heads-up -roma vs milan on

Ike shorunmu makes 3sc return!

Interview with james peters at last !

Late chief lekan salami:twenty years on


Mi5: why you no update us on the performance of bayern?

Daniel ola, nsofor 2x, eliakwu, olofin and ogunsoto don hang

Come oh! Na liverpool pay today referee against reading?

Fernando torres to liverpool

Gooners!!! It looks like we have got torres.

Wenger: we must stop torres...

Chei torres

Sad story of eric djemba djemba

Mon 0 vs lyon 3

The problem of the falcon players injured

Falcons v ghana 2-0 cynthia uwakx2

Live epl

Allstars football in stadium

Peters names eagles team for friendly

39th match - why do they need fifa approval?

Eto'o: i wanted chelsea or manchester united

Are home-based anc players national players?

Fifa boss backs ic - blasts vogts over nigeria

A grant:the african players didn't come back the same

Will nta sow di mash?

7 defections leave cuban team short on soccer field

Friday, March 14, 2008

Website help

U-17 tourney issue


Ajax sign nigerian striker!

Baba wenger has spoken

I am in abuja

I expect roma to trash manure when they meet- home and away

Desperate times calls for desperate measures.

Se: matters arising...

Ajax cape town sign nigerian striker

Champion league fixture out: tough fixture for arsenal

Uefa's cold & warm balls ojoro in cl draw leaks

Keshi could be mali’s new coach

Finally cl draw just out

Juande ramos selling aaron 'wastepipe' lennon?

Cl draw: lippi says he want arsenal to win it.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Nfa: names finalists for se coach

Muntari's lookalike...Part ii

Thank you caf- home based acn is here

Aghahowa will sign with barca!!!!

Hotter fire on your head, fc lover

My take: qualities of a good nt (nigeria)

Bekamenga finally arrived in fc nantes

I am concerned about aghawonder ooooooooo.

This could happen to chelski.

1988 anc: le roy admits eagles were robbed for cameroun

Public executions? R u for or against?

Elo ranking vs. Fifa ranking

Beijing 2008 (w): falcons, queens battle for automatic spot

Midweek action & goals (victor moses don hang)

My favourite player is......................

Fifa: that ghana standby story is a bloody lie!

Soga sambo in holland for trials

Nfa sacks ike shoronmu and eguavoen

Dire need of se strong leader/manager.

Amodu: eagles need my rich experience

Visiting american footballers survive auto crash

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Psv beat spuds

Anichebe states he will arrive camp on the 22nd

Aiyegbeni crashes everton out of uefa

Re: nigeria 2 v niger 0:

Cheii spuds is knocked out kaii after dem win beer cup

Nfa sacks eguavoen & shorunmu

This guy is still going on so strong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kanu don hang...

If cardiff wins the fa cup............

Andrew johnson is 100% useless!!

Uefa cup:akin don hang

Madrid to break bank for xtian ronaldo

Chelsea 6 derby 1 (lampard 4x, kalou, joe cole)

Impersonator fools real madrid

Uefa cup: bayern, getafe, psv, fiorentina advance

Ayo must be banned

Adebayor - i'll reach 30 goals for henry

Olympiakos trial for kwara star

Is this true: how nigeria became a british colony

Jose for inter?

Deadliest striker right now..

Espn: eagles in a spin...

21 yr old cameroon prodigy sets out for professionallism

What happened to haruna babangida???

Henry is unhappy with the barca formation

Nigerian attorneys not creative, unresourceful

Teams in red are better (study shows)

Globacom offers to pay another foreign junk

Argentina top of fifa world rankings for 6th straight month

Beckham seeking move back to epl after less than a yr in mls

March coca-cola fifa ranking out

Rwanda shortlists vogts for coaching job

U-17 wyc: ghana on standby as worries rise over nigeria

Eagles fall again in fifa ranking

Torres the great

Why does amodu like coming back?

Egu gets a new job in south africa

I like these asian commentators

Blast from the past...

Rubin okotie

Uefa team ranking... Chelsea #2...Lol!!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Who gets the credit?

Fulham are looking odejayi

Who makes the best football boots??????????

Odejayi vs makinwa.

Kolinzo, wetin be this about your boy

Whats up with egyptdomitable lions of cameroon

They should just surrender

Epl is overrated!!!

Iag come here

Inter vs liverpool 0-1 (torres)

Most improved player in the premier league: victor anichebe

Happy birthday droggles

Good news or bad news for mikel?

Moderator...To be or not to be ?

Arsenal agree fee for metz wonder-kid miralem pjani

Manucho (manu show) don hang on panathinaikos debut!

Fifa boss blasts vogt on nigeria

The birth of our new striker is born!!!!!

Lad jossy arrested 4 public rape show & falcons are in 4

Top 7 footballing cities in nigeria-------------------

Monday, March 10, 2008

Brila fm, wetin you dey talk about

Oladapo name is missing from boavista squad.[5]

Declare onikan a disaster zone

Quote of the month:

Just finished talking to anichebe

Nfl player ameobi okoye puts rangers in his nike contract

Muntari's lookalike

Stielike returns to civ post...But

Top 5 worst 'green' eagles player

Aghahowa hangs....For wigan reserves

Maurice edu leads us u-23 vs cuba...


Cw calling on nfa

Kanu going to wembley with chance for one more trophy...

Recruitment of fcs: cameroon story...

Omo-eko live in nigeria

()()()ishiaku and agali in action()()()

Lehmann is one very funny dude

Blatter blasts vogts over nigeria

Blatter yabs vogts over naija

Ghanaian player injured in racist attack in serbia

Anichebe ready to answer olympic call

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Chei, i feel bad for martins

Onigbinde at 70: his career & contribution to anc 2004

Barca v villareal (1-2)

Should keshi be the next coach of nigeria, you be the judge

Yakubu, the end of year drought has begun.........

Arsernal back to almost won. Worry about, wigan, boro, villa

Taiwo hangs again!

'because now' has hanged....

Arsenal lost two points

Sunny starting today: valencia vs. Depor .. 2-2

Sunny stars for valencia vs deport

Valencia v deportivo....Sunny starting

Super falcons 10 vs namibia 1

Chrisantus on the bench for hamburg

What's chrisantus's nickname again?

Wigan ath. 0 vs arsenal 0 ft

Another cupset in the making: boro 0 vs 2 cardiff

Everton v. Sunderland anywhere?

Samuel peters?? The man of the moment in yankee


Nigeria fa media chief talks to allsoccerafrica

Pius ikedia

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Jayjay okocha: shrining by hull city fans!!!

Players granted visas & fa seeking new foreign coach

Chei, see fight in colombian footie

Akpo sodje, sam sodje, kayode odejayi, seyi olajengbesi,

25 year old striker kayode odejayi signs with barnsley

Kayode odejayi - a goal for cheltenham

Chelsea want laudrup as coach...

Wenger slaps jobless mourinho

Keshi: his history of "antics and mafianism" in se

Jose murinho : a star killer

Chelsea hench men..

Calabar rovers??

Gol tv just confirmed egypt vs argentina

How many of you will be chelski fans

The agony of defeat and the joy of victory!

Return of the mark...

Chelsea belongs to kayode odejayi

Bitter fergie blasts ref's chief hackett after defeat

Makinwa just...

Moderator, please come in

God is a nigerian

Do not call for odejayi's inclusion in the se!

Barnsley vs. Chelsea.... Obi on the bench....????

Agali hangeth

Nta are a bunch of @$$holes!!!

Manure lost to pompey...

Wasted yr for oba martins

Game of the day real-espanyol.

Bad luck nigerian players

Chelsea thinking about doubling drogba's salary...

Of fernando torres and michael owen

Hanging thread - mar 6-9, 2008

Tfco, don't watch this!

Almost everybody playing friendly on march 26, but not nig

Liverpool newcastle

Fa cup - manu vs portsmouth

Ft man utd 0-1 portsmouth(sulley ali penalty)

Australia's u23 draw with mexico's u23 team

Friday, March 07, 2008

Maldini decides to play on.....

Fifa to review the eduardo "attack"

Zidane vs materazzi: remix

Nigerian league: nfl launch league management system

Wenger says trophies important but not everything

Essien may be bench for much longer..Shd seek move

Nigerian premier league weekend fixtures/results.

Maldini thinking about playing another year

Na lie, i no believe am. Khals and yetty, come in here...

Tigana, stephan among 4 approached for tunisia job


Real madrid contact mourinho...

Marseille's taiwo wants juventus move.

Se will extinct to current olympic team - siasia

Barcelona close to signing poulsen from sevilla...

Thugs should be banned for life, says sepp blatter

Siasia invites mikel and taiwo against sa!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Everton belongs to viola

Efan ekoku for eagles ?

Ogedegbe explains invasion of u-23 camp

Oladapo olufemi, sodiq, bala

Our u-21 is doomed, and this is how i see it

The difference is clear- anderlecht 0 vs bayern 5

Attack on ref: kwara utd banished to warri


Uefa cup - round of 16 thread (1st leg)

Thought i'd share this with you

Let's discuss fatai amoo's attacking style/coaching

Back to the debate again, adebayor vs henry who is more?????

Mikel should leave chelsea now

Berti vogt and the german tactics

Arsenal,man-utd,chelsea,liverpool who will u like to be?????

Where is john mikel obi?

A journey back to the 80s: nigerian league & teams

Jose murinho going crazy

Info on james peters please

Botswana to play brazilian side on...April 1

Should arsenal buy these players?

Is this a good description of stevie gerrard?

Happy indepence day to ghana.

Nfa appointed bosso to please gimba ....................

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Everton v. Fiorentina

Incredible save!

Fabregas - that goal was the best moment of my career

Why did real madrid lose tonight? Khalela/yettycom

Who is more loved by nigerians, okocha or kanu?

Caption thisss

Hat trick torres..

Ecl performance - by country/league

Greatest miss in a football game?

[champions league] real vs roma, chelsea vs olympicaos

What is your greatest football fantasy?

Barçelona to miss messi for ecl quarter final games

Uefa champions league 2nd round thread - 5 march

Laryea, get well soon

Kelvin etuhu has been downgraded.

Has this guy been capped????

Why is liverpool playing next week, and not today?

How many nigerians are left in the champs league

Black stars midfield factory, new discovery: pic

The best international soccer game ever?

Bamendaboy, you don wake trouble up: it's on

Hardest songs to find

Mblacks shirt and globero

Ground-breaking news!!!

Ethinc breakdown of cybereagles moderators

I want barca to meet manchester united now

Serious question for football experts

Sporting (rabiu dem) wins junior national championship

Which epl teams are likely to meet in qf?

Caption this picture

Can yakubu go to the next level?

Fortress old trafford

Fatai amoo good enough for se coach-------onigbinde

Ac milan (a very old team)

We must keep close tabs on this player ~ nduka ozokwor

Adebayor's new haircut

Great great fenerbache... Into the sweet 16 baby :)

Today is my birthday!

Moses adams @ westerlo

The dawn of a new era - please enjoy.

How times have changed.. Chevy playing in reserves game

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

It's on!

Picture of the season!

Person go think say gooners don win world cup

Is yujam a good/poor soccer pundit

Request from a fan:

Goons roll call

England set for clash against u.S.

Jay jay got red carded @hull

Peters tips eaglets, local players for austrian friendly

Ancelotti doubts arsenal's chances in europe...


We beat lyon

I'll take a couple of them humble pies

We beat ac milan

[ecl] man united (1-0) lyon...Ft

New applicant for nigerian coach

Jay jay says it is over . Hangs boots

Mali fa wants keshi?

Babayaro waived by la galaxy

What went wrong in ghana for the super eagles

Barcelona- celtic part 2

Feed the yak !!

Jj nears the end of his career

Onigbinde, ready to serve his father's land.(se manager!!!)

Intl friendly: super eagles v pharaoh of egypt?

See epl referees trying to score pks. Hehehe!

Arsenal's reactions to setback.

Yakubu becomes d highest-scoring african in epl history- bbc

Monday, March 03, 2008

Nigerian league - wk 26

Last call for new avatars & mending old ones

Anc title and world cup is what is left for kanu to win

Belenenses punished over meyong

Arsenal 2 vs milan 0 - 2nd leg --- full time

Ali daei to be iran national coach, media reports

Signature related: my name is robbynice...

Nigeria and ghana: which days were better?

Do y'all always have to look confused?

Tfco...Hearts lost to fc libreville...

Kojo asks iroha to resign

Yak is useless

Boring football in epl

Bombs away

Forget da vinci...'the magpies code'..Can you crack it?

This image still pains me!

Yakubu over praised by redknapp

Peters is another berti vogts - jaja

Saga continues: westerhof may return as se technical adviser

Wenger what do u think abt 'eduardo' chants by villa fans?

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Ideye brown made his debut for xamax

Caf champs league, gombe, enyimba advance

::video:: everton 3-1 porsmouth :: yakubu 2

Supa strikers:nig comic? Come & see.

Inter milan finally beaten

Beyond 90 minutes (j.P inside move ).

Critical promotion fight that involves nigerian players

Everton 3-1 portsmouth goals

Why do we start new threads for goal?

The yak is the best naija player ever

Yakubu i challenge you..............

Yak is serving moyes weekly humble pies. What a dumb azz

Lassana diarra vs john obi mikel

Mister dolly, you may enter here

Mikel obi sparked chelsea row

Yak don hang!!!

So mikel almost exchanged blows with egu

Wait o!No naija hanging yet this weekend???

Ft: everton (3) vs portsmouth (1) | yak x2, cahill - defoe

A new eagle arrives

Tottenham seeking norwegian basket goalie opdal

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Why nfa shunned keshi, oliseh and siasia

I tell sey nzogbia na wastepipe!

Hey...I missed the atl madrid vs barca match..But...

Oba don...


Rijkaard out. Now

Frank rijkaard, his plan is working...................

Nfa what team is nigeria playing in march

Gunners: the state of our union as of march 1st, 2008...

Killa adjei

Simulcast: atletico 4 vs barca 2 and recrea 2 vs real 3


About aghaghowa:

"happy st. Totteringham's day" - b'mingham 4-1 tot

Where are the chelsea "supporters"?

Gerrard wants to play for barcelona...

10 men chelsea molesting west ham 0-4..

We beat fulham

Cc champs

When will van persie, toure and rosicky return

Arsenal vs aston villa - [0-1]

[epl] fulham (0-3) man united...Ft

Sammy at 27 calls it a day!!!

Arsenal1 vs 1 av (ft)

[video] essien visits nike-town...And designs his boots!!!

What will happen to the dream team if siasia takes over se?

Facebook - african football

Calling to session mctc

Capshion dis..

Babayaro and the galaxy on righ now

Friday, February 29, 2008

James peters was the coach of....

Hossam hassan appointed manager of egypt's al-masry

Everton v. Fiornentina predictions

Sunday oliseh spills the truth

Nigeria is still the best team in ...

Nigerian media lied about taribo'moves to spain

Siasia unhappy about us visa report

The guy is bitter, how true is this guys??????????????????

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