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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Obama Pressured on Terrorism as Dutch Add Screening - BusinessWeek

Man Carrying Explosives Similar to Underwear Bomber Was Arrested in Nigeria ... - ABC News

Nigeria to equip airports with body scanners: official - AFP

US plots retaliatory strikes against al-Qaida in Yemen over plane bomber - The Guardian

Nigerian Minister 'embarrassed' by suspected terrorist - BBC News

Somali arrested with chemicals at airport in November - Reuters India

Terror Plot: Body Scans Bound For Airports - Sky News

No Al-Qaeda in Country - Islamic Scholars -

Travel credits to terror flight passengers - Herald Sun

Al-Qaeda Recruited Underwear Bomber While London Student - ChattahBox

How Bad Is Security at the Lagos Airport? - TIME

Airport not impacted by attack - Escanaba Daily Press

Ever Been Locked in the Airplane Bathroom? - ABC News

Muslim Leaders: "Al-Qaeda Is Not In Nigeria" - Peace fm Online

Nigeria, Netherlands announce security plans; Somalia reports foiled bombing ... - Washington Post

Fingerpointing Begins in Aftermath of Failed Terror Attack - FOXNews

Anatomy of a Security Breakdown - Security Management

Bomb plot arrest highlight Nigeria's Islamist militancy - AFP

Dutch court to probe Shell oil leaks in Nigeria - AFP

Yar'Adua Can Sign Budgets Anywhere - Senate -

Coping with terrorist Brainiacs - Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog)

Obama acknowledges mistakes made in Detroit incident - Los Angeles Times

Somali man 'tried to take bomb onto plane' - BBC News

Nigeria's Civil Aviation Authority Acquires Scanners - Bloomberg

Dumb luck foiled bomber | Philadelphia Inquirer | 12/30/2009 - Philadelphia Inquirer

Local Muslim Groups Speak Out Against Nigerian Terrorist, Al Qaida - WKZO

Christmas Day plot prompts changes to flight security (Feature) - Monsters and

Dutch inquiry finds failed jet attack was 'amateurish' - New York Post

Nigeria Airports to Buy 3-D Full Body Scanners - New York Times

'Why Don't Moderate Muslims Police Their Own?' Here's One Who Did. - Politics Daily (blog)

Dutch court to hear Nigerian farmers case against Shell - Times Online

Flying Out of NY? Pack Your Patience - NBC New York

Nigeria Shell oil spills to be tried at Dutch court - BBC News

Nigeria's new justice chief sworn in amid controversy - AFP

Dutch to Use Full-Body Scanners on Flights to US - New York Times

Death Toll From Nigeria Clashes Rises to 40: Red Cross - New York Times

Security Failure? US Intel Agencies Aware 'a Nigerian' was Being Prepared for ... - ABC News

Nigeria's Leadership Vacuum - Council on Foreign Relations

Dutch counter-terrorism agency: Flight 253 suspect Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab ... -

Nigerian bomber suspect involved in "radical politics" in Britain - Monsters and

Napolitano: We Will Fix The System - CBS News (blog)

Death toll from Nigeria clashes rises to 40-Red Cross - Reuters South Africa

Dutch to introduce body scanners for US flights - Financial Times

Nigerians Fear Backlash Over Attempted US Bombing - Voice of America

Nigeria:Al-Qaeda - Muttalab Had Much Money - US -

Dutch to use full body scanners for US flights - Houston Chronicle

Nigeria swears in chief justice, sparks legal row - Reuters UK

Dutch to begin using body scanners on flights to US - The Detroit News

Nigeria:Faruk - Airports Begin Thorough Screening -

Nigeria's New Chief Justice Sworn-in In The Absence Of President - RTT News

Nigeria:Maryam (1948 - 2009) - First of the First Ladies -

Dutch court to take on Shell Nigeria cases - Reuters

Nigeria:FG Asks Court to Strike Out Suit Against Yar'Adua -

Nigeria:ACF Condemns Bauchi Clash -

Nigeria:No Al-Qaeda in Country - Islamic Scholars -

US aware 'Nigerian prepared for terror attack' - BBC News

O'Hare to get body scanners - Chicago Sun-Times

Attack is a wake-up call that US needs to fix terror-watch system - The News Journal

Security versus freedom at issue - Bethany Beach Wave

Death toll from Nigeria clashes climbs to 70 - AFP

Children killed in Nigeria fighting - SOS Children

Obama Blames "Systemic Failures" For Plane Attack - New York Times

Nigeria gets 'illegal' new chief justice - BBC News

Nigeria:Katsina-Alu Takes Oath As CJN Today -

Nigeria:Yar'Adua's Health Triggers Concern Over Nation's Oil Output -

Yemen investigates Nigerian's al-Qaida contacts - WEAR

Obama: 'Failures' preceded air plot | Philadelphia Inquirer | 12/30/2009 - Philadelphia Inquirer

Security gaps Failure to intercept terrorist echoes 9/11 lapses - Houston Chronicle

Area Muslims: Don't link us with Al Qaeda - Detroit Free Press

A bumpy flight ahead - Dispatch Online

Be consistent on terror - Detroit Free Press

Nigeria:Yar'Adua - Resign Or Act Now, Group Tells Mark, Bankole -

70 dead in clashes in northern morgue - AFP

Britain searches for links between Detroit terror suspect and extremists in London - Los Angeles Times

Ibrahim Babangida arrives Minna - NEXT

Airliner bombing attempt hints at flawed mind-set -

US intel agencies find linkages between Nigerian, Al-Qaeda - Indian Express

A failed bombing, an opportunity for Nigeria - Washington Post

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Information, not gadgets, seen as security solution - Boston Globe

EDITORIAL: Lucky Break: 'Best efforts' in fight to preclude terrorist attacks ... - Lufkin Daily News

Q&A Airport security: How much further can travel restrictions go? - Financial Times

Security Adviser queries DG, NIA over Mutallab - The Guardian - Nigeria

In defence of security measures at Lagos airport - The Guardian - Nigeria

Obama: Breach Was Potentially 'Catastrophic' - Wall Street Journal

The System Failed - New York Times

Obama vows to repair intelligence gaps behind Detroit airplane incident - Washington Post

Obama Slams Security Breach - Wall Street Journal

Accusation on Terrorism on Jetliner Shocks and Angers Nigerians in US - New York Times

Poor Security System Exposes Abuja Airport - THISDAY

Fears for the Future as Religious Violence Claims 35 -

CIA admits tracking 'The Nigerian' before NorthWest terror attack - Herald Sun

Still not connecting the terrorist dots - Fort Worth Star Telegram

Alhaji Umaru Mutallab, father of Muslim Terrorist suspect, feared son was a ... - CCN News Online

Airport security measures not enough: local expert -

Father of Terror Suspect Met With CIA Official in Nigeria - Wall Street Journal

Maryam Babangida: Turai Yar'Adua shocked - Nigerian Compass Newspaper - ...all the news. all the time

Attack Sparks Fiery Racial Profiling Debate - ABC News

ANDREW GREEN: 10 reasons our visa system is rotten to the core - Daily Mail

Schumer on Detroit terror plot: Homeland Security did not work - WTEN

Police arrest 20 Islamic extremists in northern Nigeria - Times of India

Bomb Plot A Wake-Up Call - Harrisonburg Daily News Record

Yemen investigates Nigerian's al-Qaida contacts - Houston Chronicle

ROMULUS: Hearing postponed for man accused of trying to blow up airplane - Southgate News Herald

Nigerian plane bombing suspect wrote of jihad: reports - AFP

More bombers on their way, Nigerian tells FBI - The Hindu

Finger-pointing between State and NCTC over Visa issue -

Security is tightened at Incheon Int'l airport - JoongAng Daily

Troops Patrol Nigerian City after Clashes - Voice of America

Air Travel is Smooth Sailing in DFW - KAUZ

Our Say: Christmas Day attack exposed system's failings - Annapolis Capital

Terror suspect's online posts detail 'loneliness' - Salt Lake Tribune

Nigeria sect violence victims 'mostly children' - BBC News

US plane bomber wanted to study sharia in Yemen - Reuters

Internet posts suggest Nigerian terror suspect was 'depressed and lonely' - The Canadian Press

Nigeria:Are We Better Off? -

Airline Bombing Suspect Spent Months in Yemen in 2009 - Voice of America

Nigeria moves to assuage terror fears - Financial Times

Congressman wants military trial for plane bomber - Washington Post

Detroit bomb scare not hindering PTI operations - MSN Money

Nigeria President Signs Budget From Saudi Hospital - New York Times

Nigeria cracks down on airlines that transport terrorists - Daily Mail - Charleston (blog)

Nigeria's Daily Oil Exports Scheduled to Increase in February - Bloomberg

Nigeria:NIPSS Alumni Mourns -

Passengers try prayer, patience - Detroit Free Press

Nigeria:US Blast - Al-Qaeda Claims Responsibility -

Key US security agencies lack permanent leaders as administration focuses on ... - The Canadian Press

Nigeria leader signs extra '09 budget -source - Reuters

Stop the shifting of blame - Clarksville Leaf Chronicle

Scores killed in clashes between militants and Nigeria security forces - The Guardian

Nigeria May Fire Security Workers Over Bomb Suspect, Trust Says - Bloomberg

Nigeria beef up security at airports for safety - Xinhua

Why was a Nigerian passenger allowed to spend an hour in the bathroom? -

As terrorism evolves, so must security -

Nigerian suspect in US airline attack spent 2 periods of time in Yemen - The Canadian Press

US plane plot suspect 'still in Yemen in December' - AFP

Nigeria Says 38 Die in Battle With Islamic Militants - BusinessWeek

Nigeria:Mutallab - the Unanswered Questions -

Nigeria:Nation's Industrial Sector Under Yar'Adua -

Nigeria:IBB's Wife for Burial Tomorrow -

Airport takes security seriously - Parkersburg News

President Obama vows to hunt down all terrorists, plug gaps in airport security - New York Daily News

PHOTO: Abdulmutallab's underwear bomb shows Al Qaeda capable of singular acts ... - New York Daily News

Body scans at all Brit airports - The Sun

Politics and the no-fly list - Los Angeles Times

Screening for terrorists - Los Angeles Times

New call for faster, more thorough airport body scans - USA Today

Al-Qaeda says attack was its retaliation | Philadelphia Inquirer | 12/29/2009 - Philadelphia Inquirer

After Eight Years, Terrorists Still Fly - New York Times

Wake-up call on air terror - Charleston Post Courier

Obama vows to find plotters - Boston Globe

Detroit terror attack: 'There are many more like me,' bomber warns -

U.S. Authorities Missed Terror-Threat Signs - Wall Street Journal

Monday, December 28, 2009

Close call, stern warning - Elmira Star-Gazette

Abdulmutallab - What did Dora mean? - NEXT

Al-Qaeda wing claims US plane plot -

The Detroit Suspect: From Nigeria's Privileged, a Radical Convert - TIME

Screen the passengers, confirm the administrator - Hillsboro Argus -

Poker Community Reacts to New TSA Airline Regulations - Poker News Daily

Terror Suspect, the Media, and Houston's Nigerian Community -

In online posts apparently by Detroit suspect, religious ideals collide - Washington Post

The tributes continue - NEXT

Yemen is fertile territory for extremism as it tears itself apart - The Guardian

38 extremists killed in clashes in northern Nigeria - Press TV

Focus on terrorist watch lists - Los Angeles Times

Hoekstra on Underwear Bomber: "We Missed Him at Every Step" - ABC News (blog)

Al Qaeda Takes Credit for Plot - Wall Street Journal

No major security changes at two Valley airports - Monitor

Nigeria will suffer if Yar'Adua dies in office, says David-West - The Guardian - Nigeria

38 dead in clashes in northern police - AFP

Anti-Terror Officials Let Terror Suspect Keep Visa - New York Times

Dutch probe claims of Nigerian bomber accomplice - The Punch

Ex-First Lady Maryam Babangida Dies at 61 -

Business Highlights - Seattle Times

Will the TSA React Smartly or Foolishly? - Huffington Post (blog)

Yemeni government says Nigerian accused in US airliner attack visited Yemen ... - The Canadian Press

Nigerian plane suspect was 'well mannered': British university - AFP

Hero of Flight 253 to Detroit. 'Flying Dutchman,” Jasper Schuringa subdues ... -

Nigeria:Mark, Atiku Condole With IBB -

Nigeria:Terrorist Attack - US Reviews Security on Aviation -

Deaths as police and sect clash in Bauchi, Nigeria - BBC News

Al-Qaida claim...Nigerian suspect...Niger attack - 9&10 News

Detroit Terror Suspect: The Nigeria Connection - TIME (blog)

Nigeria:Federal Govt is Investigating the Matter - Akunyili -

Attempted Plane Bombing will have Long-Term Consequences, says Expert - Voice of America

Al Qaeda: We Planned Flight 253 Bombing - CBS News

Northwest Flight 253: Jasper Schuringa is a hero on Christmas Day -

US fighting covert war against terror in Yemen - The Australian

Nigeria's violence claims eight lives in Bauchi State - Xinhua

Officials increase security at Nigerian airport - NECN

Metal Detectors Useless in Finding Powerful Explosive PETN - FOXNews

Napolitano Changes Talking Points on “The System” Working - ABC News (blog)

Islamic Militants, Soldiers Die in Nigeria Clash - BusinessWeek

Al-Qaida in Yemen claims attack on US airliner - Washington Post

Dutch Military Investigating Report Nigerian May Have Had An Accomplice - NPR (blog)

Family Of Suspect In US Plane Bombing To Cooperate With Probe - Wall Street Journal

Nigerian man causes disruption on NWA flight -

Nigeria:Yar'Adua - FEC Gets 72-Hour Ultimatum -

Nigerian broke family contact before bomb attempt - Forbes

Dutch Citizen Called A Hero In Plane Terror Attack -

Nigeria:Yar'Adua Can't Hold Country to Ransom - Ositelu, Aladura Primate -

Nigeria:Amodu Speaks on World Cup, Nations Cup, Local League -

Republicans Use Nigerian's Ties to Yemen to Oppose Closing Gitmo - The Washington Independent

On Delta Flight 253, Overreaction -- and Racial Profiling? - TIME (blog)

US investigates why jet bomb suspect still had visa - BBC News

Nigerian press says CIA, FBI interviews suspect's father - USA Today

Obama orders security review after failed attack - AFP

Napolitano acknowledges airline security failure - MarketWatch

Nigeria:Country's International Coalition Against Fake Drugs -

Nigeria:Maryam Brought Glamour, Style Into Power -- Senators -

Yemeni Groups Increased Aviation Threats - Wall Street Journal

Global Probe of Bomb Suspect - Wall Street Journal

Security System Failed, Napolitano Acknowledges - New York Times

Nigeria's Troubling Trends - Council on Foreign Relations

Former teacher says Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, Flight 253 terrorist, openly ... - New York Daily News

Yemen arrests 29 Al Qaeda, gets increased US military support - Christian Science Monitor

Airports step up security after failed attack - AFP

Napolitano Acknowledges Security Failed in Allowing Terror Suspect on Plane - FOXNews

Nigeria Orders Increased Airport Security after Failed US Plane Bombing - Voice of America

Investigation continues...Blow to peace efforts...Call for help - 9&10 News

'Another challenge for Nigeria' - News24

Obama likely to address jet attack soon: WH - AFP

News Of The Day (And Holiday Weekend) » - New York Daily News (blog)

Nigeria:SSS Combs Mutallab's Funtua Home -

Back to plane safety after Nigerian tries to blow up US jet - Baltimore Sun (blog)

Syringe bomber was 'bright and polite.. he could have been a great president ... -

Nigeria's Amodu focused on ANC, not World Cup - ESPN

Yemen arrests 29 al Qaeda suspects after raids - Washington Post

Nigerian Family to Cooperate Over Attempted Bombing - BusinessWeek

Family says Nigeria attacker had cut off contact - Reuters

Nigeria lacks equipment to detect powdery substances: official - Trading Markets (press release)

Obama to probe security gaps that allowed terrorism suspect on plane - Denver Post

For Airline Passengers, Pat-Downs, Searches and Restroom Monitors - New York Times

CONVENTION CONDEMNS INCIDENT Profiling a slight concern for US Nigerian Muslims - Detroit Free Press

Nigerian rebel group condemns plane attack -

Maryam Babangida Dies; Burial Today -

Second Incident in Detroit a 'Non-Threat' - Wall Street Journal

Nigeria attacker cut contact with family - Reuters

Nigerian plane bomber bought tickets in Ghana - Seattle Post Intelligencer

Maryam: Death as enemy - Vanguard

The Reviews - ABC News (blog)

Security chief: Air travel safer - Chicago Tribune

US boosts airline security after failed attack - CNBC

Terror suspect's family releases statement - Washington Post

Adieu, Nigeria's First Lady - Vanguard

'Umar was bright and polite.. he could have been a great PRESIDENT' - TEACHER ... -

Never say die: Defeating democracy in Nigeria -

Was Nigerian bomber a one-off? - Reuters UK (blog)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Incident Sparks Concerns About Terror in Nigeria - Wall Street Journal

Dutch courage on Flight 253 - Independent Online

Nigerians Said to Be Disappointed Yet Skeptical about Terror Allegations - Voice of America

Suspect Charged in Thwarted Terror Plot Aboard Detroit-Bound Jet - FOXNews

Lawmakers indict Total Nigeria over $43m Contract - NEXT

New air scare brings renewed travel hassles - USA Today

Attack Attempt Spurs Look at Air Security - Wall Street Journal

Second Nigerian Arrested after Airline Scare Sunday -

Mutallab is a stranger, Dora Akunyili says - NEXT

Incident Sparks Nigeria Concerns - Wall Street Journal

Explosive on Flight 253 Is Among Most Powerful - New York Times

New Security Restrictions Could Hurt Airlines - ABC News

Second Detroit plane scare draws tough response - Reuters

Bomb threat days before jet attack - The Press Association

100% passenger check to be enforced – NCAA - The Punch

Maryam Babangida (1948-2009) - NEXT

Security heightened for flights bound for United States - Washington Post

US passenger plane incident: Nigeria dismayed, to publish findings - Triumph

The First of the First - THISDAY

Millionaire banker lost track of son - Independent

35 Days After, Nigeria Groans Without a President - THISDAY

Suspect's Privileged Existence Took a Radical Turn - Wall Street Journal

US tightens airline security after botched terror attack - Sydney Morning Herald

Beyond Yar'Adua's sickness - Daily Sun

Rich and privileged - the gilded life of would-be plane bomber - The Guardian

Obama orders review of US no-fly lists - AFP

Obama to probe security gaps that allowed terror suspect on plane - McClatchy Washington Bureau

2nd Nigerian arrested on jet in Detroit - Daily Times

Thwarted Plane Bombing Shows Continuing Threat and Diversity of Jihadist ... - Huffington Post (blog)

Nigerian accused of trying to destroy Northwest Airlines flight transferred to ... - Los Angeles Times

Suspect is son of former Nigerian banker - Financial Times

'Bureaucratic Plumbing' Scrutinized in Wake of Suspect's Watch List Status - FOXNews

US plane attacker's father gave first warning - Indian Express

Nigeria bomber's home town blames foreign schooling - Reuters

Janet Napolitano sees no sign of a wider terrorist plot - Los Angeles Times

Passengers face security crackdown after failed airliner bomb plot - Times Online

No Security Threat in New Incident on US Plane - Voice of America

Wife Of Former Nigerian Military President Dies - Wall Street Journal

Tighter security irks flyers - Ottawa Citizen

Yemen: the international jihadi's destination of choice - The Guardian

Obama urges review of terror watch-list - Financial Times

Flight security stiffened after failed plot - Washington Times

Nigerian arrested in 2nd incident on flight to Detroit - The Detroit News

Device Seemed to Meet U.S. Rules - Wall Street Journal

Disruptive Passenger in Custody After Disturbance on Amsterdam-Detroit Flight - FOXNews

Investigators Cross Globe Looking for Details on Plane Bombing Suspect - FOXNews

Alleged terrorist known but not thought a threat - Washington Post

White House to review terror watch list procedures - MarketWatch

Travelers flying into the U.S. face stricter security measures - Los Angeles Times

Napolitano Says No Evidence of Wider Terrorist Plot - New York Times

'No Indication' of Larger Terror Plot - Wall Street Journal

Gibbs: Potus has asked for review of watch lists - Politico (blog)

US plane attacker "sneaked" into Nigeria -govt - Reuters

US: Airplane Terror Attempt Not Part of Larger Plot - Voice of America

US Sees No Signs of Broader Terrorist Plot - Wall Street Journal

Information minister says airline bomb suspect 'sneaked' into Nigeria day ... - Minneapolis Star Tribune

Obama Orders Review of Terrorist Detection Methods - BusinessWeek

Plane bomb suspect 'in Nigeria on December 24' - AFP

US says no sign jet incident part of bigger plot - Reuters

Nigerian Charged in Bomb Attempt - Wall Street Journal

Concerns Rise Over African Airport Security - Wall Street Journal

Nigerian Charged in Northwest Bomb Attempt - Wall Street Journal

Nigeria orders strict security screening at all airports - Global Times

Detroit plane bomb suspect home searched in London - BBC News

US plane attacker passed Nigeria security checks - Reuters

Father's warning...Smiling suspect...Same as Reid - 9&10 News

The Awakening - FOXNews (blog)

Terror suspect's father warned US that son was a danger - Tribune Review

Man charged in plane attack - Chicago Tribune

Officials believe plot to blow up Northwest flight organized by al-Qaeda - NECN

Airports tighten security after air attack effort - MarketWatch

Airline attack suspect's dad warned US officials - Toronto Star

Dutch hero 'reacted on a bang' to subdue suspect - AFP

Passengers relive terror of Flight 253 as new threat emerges from al-Qaida - The Guardian

US seeks increased airport security - The Press Association

Hero passenger on Flight 253 foiled British-based plane bomber - Scottish Daily Record

Alleged airline terrorist known to US officials, but not well enough to be ... - Los Angeles Times

'I shared the flight with the suspected bomber' - NEXT

Alleged Terrorst Known but Not Considered a Threat - ABC News

Nigerian charged in attack on plane | Philadelphia Inquirer | 12/27/2009 - Philadelphia Inquirer

From Privilege to Radicalization - Wall Street Journal


Airline passengers see tighter security - San Jose Mercury News

Flight terror suspect scion of wealthy Nigerian family - AFP

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Passengers' fast action averted disaster - Boston Globe

A day later, air travelers find new restrictions - The Star-Ledger -

Local Flyers React To Terror Threat - WSHM-TV

Without a Dragon, We Don't Need a Dragon Slayer -

The failed plane bombing in Detroit - Washington Post

US seeks global security stepup on US-bound travel - Enterprise-Record

US files charges against Nigerian terrorist suspect - Hindustan Times

Group C: Eagles, Pharaohs in comfort zone - The Punch

2009: It went by so fast! - NEXT

Passengers say terror suspect spent 20 minutes in bathroom before lighting bomb - San Jose Mercury News

Father warned US about plane bomb suspect's behaviour - BBC News

Security Increased as Nigerian Held in Bomb Attempt - BusinessWeek

Nigeria promises cooperation with US on investigations - NEXT

US Charges Suspect, Eyeing Link to Qaeda in Yemen - New York Times

FBI identifies explosive in probe of airliner attack - Detroit Free Press

Airports on high alert following failed attack on US-bound plane - Ha'aretz

Nigerian charged with trying to blow up US jet - Reuters

Terrorist from Nigeria charged in plot to blow up plane; Government undermines ... -

After United 93, air travelers react to threats - Columbus Telegram

Travel Security Clampdown as Officials Chase Answers on Failed 'Terrorism' Bid - ABC News

Father of Nigerian would-be bomber told US embassy he was concerned about son - Los Angeles Times

Twarted Terrorist Attack Christmas Day (Video) -

US plane bomb attempt: Nigerian link worries Aso Rock - The Punch

Jasper Schuringa subdued alleged terrorist Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab on ... - New York Daily News

Nigerian fails in bid to blow up US airliner - Nigerian Compass Newspaper - ...all the news. all the time

Nigerian Man Charged in Christmas Airliner Attack - ABC News

Father Of Nigerian Would-Be Plane Bomber Warned US - NPR

Why not war with Nigeria? -

Wealthy Nigerian Banker Says His Son is the Terrorist Who Tried to Bring Down ... -

Nigerian man is charged with trying to blow up Northwest plane headed to Detroit - Los Angeles Times

Terrifying Ordeal at Detroit Metro - WXYZ

Activist: Peace in jeopardy in Nigeria -

Nigerian man charged with trying to blow up plane - Houston Chronicle

Passengers Heading to US Face New Rules - KWCH

Umaru Yar'Adua & His Political Marabouts - Nigerian Muse

Attempted airplane bomber might have acted alone: FBI - Xinhua

Nigerian Banker Questioned In Flight 253 Incident - HULIQ

Airports on Alert After Bomb Attempt on Detroit Plane - BusinessWeek

UK working with US on attempted plane attack: PM - AFP

Nigeria reacts to attempted terrorist attack on US airline - Xinhua

Congress to Probe Attempted Airline Attack, Consider Added Security Precautions - FOXNews

Detroit Terror Suspect: The Nigeria Connection - TIME

Nigeria Launches Investigation into Airline Incident - Voice of America

Nigeria banker fears son is alleged plane attacker - New Brunswick Home News Tribune

Growing Disenchantment Threatens Nigeria's Peace Process - Voice of America

Airline suspect is Nigeria banker's son - Reuters

Nigeria will probe alleged bomber - CBS 47

Father of Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab, Nigerian terror suspect in Flight 253 ... - New York Daily News

Nigeria to probe failed attack on US-bound plane - Press TV

Nigerian in custody after alleged airline terror act foiled - CNN International

Nigeria orders probe into NW253 terrorist attack -

$1m cocaine from Nigeria intercepted at Beirut airport - The Punch

Nigerian tried to blow up US plane - Daily Nation

Ex-First Bank Chairman's Son Identified as US Plane Attempted Bomber - THISDAY

A look at some recent attacks on transportation - Los Angeles Times

Q+A: Does radical Islam have a foothold in Nigeria? - Reuters

Nigeria orders probe into failed US plane bombing - AFP

Nigeria will probe alleged bomber...US ponders extent of threat - 9&10 News

AP Top News at 3:56 am EST -Saturday, December 26, 2009 - KMPH Fox 26

Nigeria orders investigation of US plane attack -

Routine Turned to Mayhem on Terror Flight - Wall Street Journal

Bombing Attempt Highlights Nigeria Concerns - Wall Street Journal

Nigerian man tried to blow up Northwest flight 253 - Seattle Post Intelligencer (blog)

Official: Attemped Act of Terrorism In Air - FOXNews (blog)

Searches in London after Nigerian suspect's arrest -

Failed Christmas flight attack raises new concerns about explosives smuggled ... - The Canadian Press

US says al Qaeda-linked man tries to blow up plane - Reuters

Q+A - Does radical Islam have a foothold in Nigeria? - Reuters India

Mixture failed to detonate...Nigerian security...US death in Afghanistan - 9&10 News

Video: Background information on Nigeria and terrorism following the flight ... -

Airports: A tale of two countries - KGAN

Nigerian tries to blow up US plane - Hinckley Times

Nigerian held in act of terror on airliner - Baltimore Sun

King: Airline bombing suspect had 'significant terrorist connections' - The Hill (blog)

Yar' Adua's illness has affected the nation, says Yakassai, Gemade, Kaita ... - Vanguard

NIGERIAN TERRORIST: - Eclipse Magazine (blog)

UMAR FAROUK ABDULMUTALLAB: - Eclipse Magazine (blog)

US Calls Explosion on Airplane 'Attempted Act of Terrorism' - Voice of America

Friday, December 25, 2009

Ali Velshi Stops Rep. King From Naming Northwest Airlines Terrorist - NewsBusters (blog)

'London student in jet bomb bid' - The Sun

Nigerian linked to Al-Qaida tried to blow up NWA plane - Minneapolis Star Tribune

'London student in plane bomb bid' - The Sun

White House: Airliner attack was terror attempt - Newsday (subscription)

Jet passengers overpowered would-be bomber - Los Angeles Times

Transatlantic Flight Narrowly Escapes Terror Attack, Nigerian Arrested - AHN

Suspect Identified as Nigerian Man - Wall Street Journal

Flight 253 UPDATE: Nigerian Abdul Mudallad Tried to Blow Up Flight 253 -

White House says apparent terror attempt - WLOS

A President Health And Nigeria's Problems - The Guardian - Nigeria

Nigerian Abdul Mudallad 'attempts to blow up American airliner' - Times Online

I didN'T enjoy Christmas HOLIDAY until I left football – Owolabi - The Punch

Nigerian league and the way forward - The Punch

Terrorist jet bomb bid foiled in US - The Sun

Man Attempts to Set Off Explosives on Northwest Airlines Plane - ABC News

Breaking: Attempted terrorist attack on int'l Northwest flight? - Hot Air (blog)

Nigeria's greatest year, 2009 - Daily Sun

Nigeria's Ruling Party Candidate Wins Senatorial Rerun Poll - NASDAQ

Nigeria Under PDP's Doomed, Says Omoruyi - THISDAY

Nigeria's petroleum minister in Vienna for holidays in defiance of ban - Xinhua

Oil minister defies Jonathan's ban on travel - NEXT

23 killed in traffic accident in N Nigeria state - Xinhua

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Harsher Penalties for Peddlers of Fake Drugs -

Refused to be gagged… Nigerian press @ 150 - The Punch

Yar'Adua's health: Tell Nigerians the truth - The Punch

Nigeria's oil war truce starts to fray -

Feeble strokes for Nigerian tennis in 2009 - NEXT

Fashola asks Nigerians to renew hope, faith in Nigeria - Vanguard

NFL Sees Infusion of Nigerian Talent - Voice of America

MICROCAPITAL BRIEF: Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Encourages Microfinance ... - MicroCapital

heading for political crisis? - BBC News

Amodu causes stir, Iorfa attacks him - Vanguard

Christmas With January Concerns - Vanguard

No Christmas for Nigeria ministers over fuel, power problem - Afrique en Ligue

Nigeria's Ailing President Under Pressure to Resign - Voice of America

Nigeria:NGO Empowers Women and the Girl-Child -

FACTBOX-Potential candidates for Nigeria's next leader - Reuters UK

Nigeria opposes Shell's plans to divest holdings - domain-B

Nigeria Bars Ministers From Holidays - Bernama

Nigeria:Ogilvy Africa Media Wins Zain Africa Media Business -

Nigeria:Soldiers Drafted to Nasarawa -

Nigeria:Policing is Everybody's Duty - PCRC Boss -

Nigeria:Guinness Foreign Extra Stout Sponsors Super Eagles -

Nigeria:Eagles Need Strong Mentality to Face W/Cup Opponents - Amodu -

Nigeria:FG Warns Banks Against Retrenchment of Workers -

Nigeria:FEC Approves N7.6 Billion House for VP -

Nigeria:Two Accused of Forging Army Discharge Certificates -

Nigeria:Akunyili, One Year On -

Nigeria:Amodu Gives Insight to Nations Cup Squad -

Nigeria:Governance From Everywhere, Anywhere or Nowhere -

Mallam Nasir el-Rufai suspends plans to Nigeria - NgEX

Nigeria:Accidental Discharge - Police Corporal Arrested -

Nigeria:'AG Can't Make VP Acting President' -

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Nigeria:When Govt Doesn't Care -

Nigeria:Vice President Grounds Ministers -

A Nigerian Philanthropist Educates Poor Children for Free - Voice of America

Nigeria:Police Seek Fresh Budget for Anambra Election -

Rwanda:Nigeria Offers Volunteers for Health Sector -

Like Yar'Adua, like Nigeria - NEXT

My plans, my dreams for Super Eagles, by Amodu - The Guardian - Nigeria

A country 'on hold' - Washington Times

Parcel bomb scare rocks Lagos media house - Joy Online

Nigeria A country 'on hold' - Washington Times

UNN Honours Akunyili, John Aboh, Others -

Sick Nigeria leader faces court action to oust him - BBC News

Nigeria Banks Rally as Thousands Fired, Bonds Planned - Bloomberg

Nigeria Banks Rally as Thousands Are Fired, Bond Sale Announced - Bloomberg

Protests over amnesty delays hit Nigeria oil delta - Reuters

INEC Registers Three More Parties -

Ikeotuonye Sues Inec, Others Over Guber Ticket -

Rescued Banks - Litigation Worries Potential Buyers -

Court Restrains Minister, Police From Arresting Youth Leaders -

Ibrahim Tahir - an Appreciation -

Oyo Govt Partners BATN On Education -

Sun Sets for Bank Workers -

Marketers Call for Deregulation to End Lingering Scarcity -

I Have No PDP Alliance - Waziri -

Jimoh Ibrahim Budgets $20 Million for São Tomé University -

Bank Staff Union Threatens Showdown -

Jingle Bell, All the Way -

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Anti-graft: EFCC Woos Fashanu for New Offensive - THISDAY

In Niger Delta, Hope Displaces Despair (i) -

Nigerian orphan right at home in Minnesota - Minneapolis Star Tribune

EFCC - Reps' Claim on Quarterly Reports Baseless -

Odiah tips Nigeria for Angola 2010 glory - The Punch

Fuel for the Yuletide -

Can Nigeria, still without its president, avoid a political crisis? - Christian Science Monitor

NIGERIA: Farmer-pastoralists' clash leaves 32 dead -

Nigeria seek Everton help - BBC News

Niger Delta residents react to MEND -

West Africa: 'Shell Will Need Nigeria's Approval to Sell Assets' -

Minister Rewards Journalists for Objectivity -

Nigeria Coach Shuaibu Amodu Shuts Out Media From Team's Camp -

More than 30 killed in Nigeria clashes over land - Reuters South Africa

Mismanaging The Affairs of State -

The Climate Change Summit -

Nigeria Dec Crude Output At 1.7 Million B/D - Oil Minister - NASDAQ

Thursday, Friday Declared Christmas Holidays -

WHO On Passive Smoking -

Bafarawa - Associates Finger Wammako -

Anambra 2010 - Igwebuike Movement Mobilises for Andy Uba -

Igbo Lawyers Fault Aondoakaa On Yar'Adua's Health -

A Looters' Paradise -

Maharaj Ji Wants Jonathan Made Acting President -

Marketers Blame Fuel Scarcity on Crisis in Banks -

Anniversary - Youths Hail Oshiomhole -

Eagles to Get New Trainer Soon -

NYMEX-Crude choppy, up on Iran, cold, Jan expiry - Reuters

Nigeria an unlikely stop on film-festival circuit - Reuters

Monday, December 21, 2009

Nigeria to rebrand with N325 million, says Akunyili - NEXT

Banks to Sack 21000 Workers -

Truck Smashes through Market, Nigeria - NTDTV

Nigeria, Sao Tome Plan Joint Military Commission - THISDAY

Is Nigeria Ready for Nuclear Power? - THISDAY

Udenwa: Nigerian Economy Still Virgin - THISDAY

Gateway Communications — Spectrum License Sewn Up In Nigeria - SatNews Publishers

The return of the cabals - The Punch

A Christmas without Mr. President - Triumph

Tired of Conflict and Instability, Shell Looks to Sell Nigerian Assets - (blog)

Crude Oil Falls as Stronger Dollar Curbs Appeal of Commodities - Bloomberg

30 Killed In Clashes Between Farmers, Cattle Herders In Central Nigeria - RTT News

Black Saturday - Trailers Crush 92 -

Crude Oil Rises a Second Day After Attacks in Nigeria and Iraq - Bloomberg

Nigeria Says Shell Will Need Government Approval to Sell Assets - Bloomberg

Out-of-control truck plows into crowd in Dekina, Nigeria, killing at least 55 ... - New York Daily News

The Yar'Adua Presidency Saga - and Whether the Nation is Really Stuck ... - Nigerian Muse

30 Killed in Clash Between Herders, Farmers in Nigeria - Voice of America

Western Oil Firms May Not Renew Nigerian Licences--Shell to Sell Oil ... -

At least 32 killed in unrest in central Nigeria - AFP

Road crashes kill 76 in northern Nigeria - AFP

NOC Election - Gara Gombe Drags Ndanusa to Court -

Thirty Die As Farmers, Cattle Rearers Clash -

N166 Million Debt - Court Threatens to Rule in Okiro's Absence -

'Nigerian Factor' And Hajj 2009 -

Truck rams Nigerian market, killing dozens -

CWG 2010 Update: Nigeria revels in Commonwealth Spirit -

Oil Rises After Nigeria, Iraq Attacks, US Dollar Pares Gains - Bloomberg

His Excellency of Controversies -

Shell Plans To Sell Nigerian Oil Assets - Energy Business Review

Hajj - 64000 Pilgrims Evacuated -

Police Disperse Bafarawa's Loyalists -

Killing President Yar'Adua -

University of Ado-Ekiti Teaching Hospital Resumes Surgery -

Coke, UAC Food "Delicious Deals" Promo Excites Consumers -

FAAN, Media Houses On Collusion Course -

Izon Diocese Tackles FG Over Corruption -

Akwa Ibom, 3i Mobile Talk On Free Unlimited Calls -

Shell to Dump Nigeria's Oil Fields -

Benue Shuts Sub-Standard Schools -

OIL FUTURES: Crude Listless In Asia; Quiet Sessions Expected - Wall Street Journal

Ex-Police Boss Exonerates Buhari Govt From Corruption -

Soludo - Aggrieved Aspirant Returns to Supreme Court -

Angola, Sub-Saharan African Bond, Currency Preview - Bloomberg

Aso Rock - Nation Lays Postrate for 26 Days Awaiting Yar'Adua's Return -

Shell has not told Nigeria of plans to sell oil fields, says minister -

Nigeria Advices Ghana On Oil - Peace fm Online

Up to 100 die when truck crashes into Nigerian market - Radio New Zealand

Nigeria says not aware of any Shell oil sale plans - Reuters UK

No Plot to Sack Yar'Adua - VP, Ogbulafor -

Shell Looks to Sell Nigeria Assets: Report -

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Why Amodu should not be fired - NEXT

Nigeria loses N1 trillion annually to power failure - NEXT

'Mr. President, you have to go' - NEXT

Those Who Don't Wish Yar'Adua Well - THISDAY

'Commonwealth, Now Major Force on Global Matters' - THISDAY

Shell Eyes Asset Sales In Nigeria - Wall Street Journal

Danquah Institute calls on ECOWAS, AU to show concern over Nigeria - Joy Online

Truck Crash Kills Dozens in Central Nigeria - Voice of America

55 killed in Nigerian fertiliser lorry crash - Scotsman

UNDP's poverty rating of Nigeria - The Punch

Oil Sector Adapts to Supply Threats - Wall Street Journal

Yar'adua won't jeopardise Nigeria's integrity, says Bashar - Triumph

Shell Seeks to Sell Assets in Nigeria - Wall Street Journal

In Nigeria, an Ailing President and Peace Process - TIME

Call for Yar'Adua's resignation is extreme – Attah - The Punch

Truck crashes into crowd in Nigeria, 55 dead - RIA Novosti

Saving Nigeria from perdition - The Punch

A sick country and its sick President (2) - The Punch

DI statement on constutional crisis in Nigeria - The Statesman Online

Nigeria truck mishap claims scores of lives - Press TV

Shell plans to sell $5 billion worth of Nigerian oil fields: report - MarketWatch

Official: At least 55 dead in Nigerian truck crash - eTaiwan News (blog)

Nigeria Campaigns Against Infant Traffickers - Voice of America

The state of Nigerian prisons - NEXT

Iran says increase of OPEC output probably done by Nigeria - ISNA

Shell plans $5 bln sale of assets in report - Reuters

Lorry hits Nigeria Kogi state market killing up to 100 - BBC News

CAN 2010: Nigeria Federation motivates Eagles with huge payday - Afrique en Ligue

Truck kills at least 55 in central police - AFP

Nigerian Democracy: Government By Email And Fax By An Incommunicado Sick President - Times of Nigeria

Rebels from Nigeria Admit to Attacking Oil Pipeline - TopNews United States

Shell Plans $5 Billion Nigeria Oil Field Sale, Times Reports - Bloomberg

Nigeria's tallest Christmas tree unveiled in Lagos - Xinhua

Auto accident kills 65 in central Nigeria state - Xinhua

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Nigerian Rebels Claim Attack on Oil Pipeline - Voice of America

'Nigerian tax system needs autonomy' - NEXT

DEEPENING DEMOCRACY: Nigeria and the African Peer Review process - NEXT

Group Faults Ibori's Acquittal - THISDAY

Shell plans £3bn sale in Nigeria - Times Online

Nigeria's growth to slow down next year, says IMF - NEXT

Pipeline attacked by Nigerian militants -

Ebonyi PDP - Between Egwu And Elechi -

Cheap Flights to Nigeria and Excitements in Nigeria - (press release)

Nigeria's kidnapping culture on the rise - GlobalPost

Nigerian militants attack oil pipeline - Forbes

Nigeria militants attack pipeline;break cease-fire - Product Design & Development

CWG 2010 Update: Queen's Baton arrives in Nigeria, excites prospects of 2018 Games -

Shell Nigeria has no reports of attack on facilities - Reuters UK

Nigeria rebels 'attack pipeline' -

Nigeria's Michael Eneramo: Tunisia Can Bounce Back At The African Cup Of Nations -

Nigeria coach assures Martins will be fit for Angola - Afrique en Ligue

Nigeria rebels attack oil pipeline - BBC News

WEC 45's Anthony Njokuani transformed by culture shock, bullies, father's passing -

Nigeria's militants explode crude oil pipeline in southeast Nigeria - Xinhua

Nigeria rebels claim attack over president's absence - Reuters

Military mentality haunts Nigeria governance - NEPAD - Reuters South Africa

Nigerian militants attack oil pipeline - The Associated Press

EFCC to Ibori - Don't Celebrate Yet -

Yar'Adua's Health, We Will Take Action When the Time is Right - Reps -

Friday, December 18, 2009

Samsodje Laments Angola 2010 Miss -

Shell shuts Nigerian gas plant - Times LIVE

Dikko Boosts Officers Moral to Pay One Month Salary Bonus -

CBN Manager Makes Historic Debut Into Literary World -

Nigeria's future, president's power in question - The Associated Press

Military mentality haunts Nigeria governance -NEPAD - Reuters UK

Hull's Seyi Olofinjana wants to join Nigeria squad late - BBC Sport

AfDB lends Nigeria's United Bank for Africa, USD 150mn - ISI - Emerging Markets

Death of Student - Dabiri-Erewa Slams Nigerian Envoy to Cyprus -

El-Rufai Sues Aondoakaa, Onovo -

Flour Mills of Nigeria Climbs to a 12-Month High on Earnings - Bloomberg

Bode George, Others to Spend Chrismas, New Year in Kirikiri -

Money Laundering - Court Frees Ibori -

Sultan Declares Thursday 1st Muharram -

Kebbi PDP Goes Tough On Absentee Politicians -

How to solve the climate debacle, by Nigeria, others - The Guardian - Nigeria

Corruption is The Nation's Greatest Challenge -APRM -

Bode George, Others Lose Bail Bid -

Sanusi - I Want to Be Emir of Kano -

El-Rufai challenges Nigeria corruption arrest warrant - BBC News

Nigeria to feature foreign based players at Nations Cup - BusinessGhana

Don't Release Funds to Nadesstu, Uduaghan Urged -

Nigeria's financial warrior battles on - Financial Times

Media, Civil Society Must Call Govt to Account -

EFCC Kicks as Court Quashes Graft Charges Against Ibori -

Nigeria Central Bank in Talks on 'Recapitalizing' Lenders - Bloomberg

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Potential bidders show interest in Nigerian banks: central bank - Reuters South Africa

Nigerian court clears politician - Financial Times

How to resolve the climate debacle, by Nigeria, others - The Guardian - Nigeria

Yar'Adua: Africa joins Nigeria in prayer - Daily Sun

Charges dropped against Nigerian politician - Financial Times

WEC's Njokuani breakdanced his way to MMA career - USA Today

SA offers prayers to Nigerian president - Times LIVE

Country Has Clout to Affect International Justice - Envoy -

Hillary Clinton Says the "US'll Put Pressure on Nigeria to Embrace Change" - Associated Content

Nigerian Court Throws Out Graft Charges Against Ibori - Bloomberg

Total announces new find in Nigeria -

CORRECTED: Show about Afrobeat's Fela tests Broadway's tastes - Reuters

Injury threatens Nigeria's Nations Cup - Vanguard

Nigeria to import 12 extra fuel cargoes - Reuters South Africa

Nigerian judge dismisses landmark corruption case - Forbes

Nigeria court dismisses charges against ex-governor - AFP

Nigerian judge dismisses landmark corruption case - The Associated Press

Anambra - Posters Beyond Borders -

Nigerian judge dismisses ex-governor's corruption, money-laundering case - Baltimore Sun

House Probes Mass Failure in Waec, Neco -

Kanu, Yobo, Aiyegbeni to Arrive Durban Jan 2 -

Nigeria dismisses 170 James Ibori laundering charges - BBC News

N15 Billion - Court Remands Bafarawa, Eight Others in Prisons -

No Movement For Eagles As Spain Stay Top -

Reps Walks Out BPE Boss From Budget Defence -

Anambra - Appeal Court Excludes Soludo -

Sixteen Fallacies of an Illness -

Adamu solicits Nigeria/England friendly – The Nation - Nigerian Bulletin!

Yar'Adua's Ill-Health, Not a Big Deal - FEC -

Groups Call for Suspension of Oil Exploration in Niger Delta -

Reps to Immortalize Zik -

Another AC Lawmaker Removed in Osun -

Fashola Pledges Support for Indigenous Languages At Fagunwa Lecture -

2009 Fire Safety Campaign Launched -

Cancer - FG Donates US$2 Million to Atomic Agency -

Medical Laboratory Scientists Pray for Yar'Adua -

Appeal Court Okays Soludo's Sack -

Ndanusa Promises Glorious Delhi 2010 -

Due Process Stalls Projects - Aliero -

Nigeria/Angola: Ameobi, Cole in Amodu's World Cup Plan -

2010: Fall tips Nigeria, Cote d'Ivoire to shine - The Punch

Amodu - Eagles Can't Win Nations Cup -

CNPP Asks Aondoakaa to Resign -

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Nigeria sets up committees in bid to pacify Delta region - AFP

Nigeria makes gains in malaria fight - NEXT

Leave Yar'Adua Alone - Ministers -

US 'll put pressure on Nigeria to embrace change – Clinton - The Punch

Show about Afrobeat's Fela tests Broadway's tastes - Reuters

Eagles hit Angola January 8, may meet England in friendly - The Guardian - Nigeria

Total makes fresh oil discovery in Nigeria's deepwater zone - The Punch

Finding Depth in Fela's Women - New York Times

Lawyer Sues Nigerian Gov't Over President's Absence - Voice of America

I'm Nigeria's best coach – Amodu - Vanguard

Nigeria bank governor draws battle lines - Financial Times

Nigerian authorities say ailing leader is still in charge - Voice of America

NNPC, Lekki Refinery Consortium Strike Accord -

Oil flowing from Nigeria's Oyo field -

RTI International lands $40M job to improve government in Nigeria -

Eia Raises Opec's 2010 Earnings Forecast to $759 Billion -

Nigerian government sued over president's absence - Reuters

Total finds hydrocarbons offshore Nigeria - MarketWatch

Nigeria's Nascon Rises for a Second Day After Profit Climbs 22% - Bloomberg

President Yara'dua Still Exercises Powers, Says Aondoakaa -

Bafarawa Sues EFCC Over Illegal Detention -

Sanusi Lamido Sanusi - A Profile -

Reps to Bar States From Foreign Loans -

Nigeria hit Angola on Jan 8 - Kickoff

FIFA 2010 World Cup: 'Nigeria yet to be mobilized by FIFA' - Afrique en Ligue

Nigeria cbank chief: economic growth is priority - Reuters South Africa

IAEA Boss Endorses The Country's Nuclear Project -

Nation's Oil Output Averages 1.9mbd in November -

Tanimu - Don't Expect 6000 MW This Month -

JTF Destroys 600 Illegal Refineries -

NAN Pledges Improved Services -

NLC May Back Deregulation -

Nigeria, Uganda: Sub-Saharan African Bond, Currency Preview - Bloomberg

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Nigeria Football Federation names 32 players for 2010 African Cup of Nations - NgEX

President Yar'Adua can exercise his powers from anywhere in the world ... - NgEX

Chinua Achebe's Encounters With Many Hearts of Darkness - New York Times

Atomic agency supports Nigeria's quest for nuclear energy - NEXT

Nigerian police 'kill at will' - Ethiopian Review

Nigeria, Iraq to boost OPEC capacity by 8.2% in five years - Nigerian Compass Newspaper - ...all the news. all the time

President can rule Nigeria from Saudi Arabia —Aondoakaa - The Punch

World Cup Draw and Super Eagles -

Fiscal, constitutional issues delay Nigeria oil bill - Reuters

Agriculture, Task Before Yar'Adua in 2010 -

Nigeria destroys 600 illegal oil refineries - Reuters

Fears of constitutional crisis with sick Nigerian leader - BBC News

New vaccine to be critical in wiping out polio: WHO - Reuters

Nigeria cbank confident on asset mgmt co,has options - Reuters

Sub-Sahara Africa Stocks: PHB, Flour Mills, Mauritius Union - Bloomberg

Nigeria has 5200 MW power capacity: president aide - Reuters South Africa

Standard Bank Looking at Nigeria for Possible Takeover Targets - Bloomberg

Mega Party to Meet Over fg's 'Clampdown', 'Infiltration' -

Gowon Charges Leaders on Fear of God -

Nation Has Battered Image Abroad - Kuwaiti Ambassador -

Panic as president's health worsens - AfricaNews

AC Chieftains Are Hypocrites - PDP -

Eni Starts Production Of The Oyo Oil Field In Offshore Nigeria - Wall Street Journal

More charges against ex-boss of Nigerian Bank PHB - Reuters

Albishir Still Leader of Yobe ANPP - Ex-Rep -

Atomic Energy Boss Makes Maiden Visit to The Country -

NYC Great Walk to Change NYC -

Nigeria plan to avert pay dispute - BBC Sport

I Did Not Facilitate Bafarawa's Arrest- Wamakko -

Opposition Politicians Are Lazy, Says Sale Hassan -

Father's Rod of Abuse -

Nigerian Inflation Rises to 12.4% on Transport Costs - Bloomberg

South South Wants lgs Scrapped -

IAEA head highlights Nigeria's nuclear ambitions - Reuters South Africa

Probe Police Extra-Legal Killings -

US to Partner Country on Gas, Electricity Pledges Support -

Senate, Achebe, Others Seek Autonomy for INEC -

AC Leadership Autocratic - PDP -

Congo, Nigeria, South Africa: Africa Bond, Currency Preview - Bloomberg

Monday, December 14, 2009

Sunmonu succeeds Omiyi at Shell Nigeria - NEXT

We're Not Monsters, Replies Nigeria Police - THISDAY

Nigerian woman flees 10 years of slavery in Texas - The Grio

President Shehu Yar'adua: Matters Arising - Triumph

UN nuclear watchdog chief holds talks in Nigeria - AFP

Nigeria bank losses show need for asset management firm -analysts - NEXT

Nigerian Rebels Say Delta Cease-Fire in Jeopardy - Bloomberg

Intercontinental, Oceanic Lead Nigerian Bank Shares Down - Bloomberg

Yar'Adua may act to stem governance crisis caused by his illness - Afrique en Ligue

Spring Bank Nigeria Loss Narrows to 16.3 Billion Naira - Bloomberg

Nwodo - a Turnaround Banker -

Niger Delta Governors, Representatives, Security Chiefs Parley On ... -

Anambra 2010 - Anglican Church Okays Andy Uba -

N15 Billion - EFCC to Arraign Bafarawa, Senator, Others -

Yar'Adua And the Limits of Politics -

Couple Faces Jail in US -

LASG Denies Rift Between Fashola, Tinubu -

Female Bone Healer Wants Empowerment -

Bafarawa's Arrest Can't Weaken NDM Struggle - Yola -

Mourners among 23 dead in Nigeria road horror - AFP

Gowon Seeks Support for Youth Development -

Wamakko Plans to Humiliate Bafarawa, Says Senator Shuaibu -

ATM Fraud Victims Sue CBN, Interswitch -

Incipient Anarchy in Guinea -

In General Taylor's Shoes -

'I'm Glad to Suffer Hardship For Democracy in Gombe' -

Nigeria to come to Nations Cup with delegation of over 500 people - AngolaPress

Shall We Tell the President? -

ATM fraud : Victims sue CBN, 24 banks - Vanguard

Unclear when Nigeria leader will return home:envoy - Reuters South Africa

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania: Africa Bond, Currency Preview - Bloomberg

Yar'Adua - We Face Difficult Times, Mark Says -

Chevron trains Nigerian contractors - NEXT

Foreign trips: FG officials to fly only Nigerian airlines - The Punch

Global Crisis: Nigeria, not out of the woods yet – Minister - The Punch

Riding Nigerian banking halls of common criminals - Daily Sun

Senate President says Nigeria faces difficult times - NEXT

Banks to Reject Cheques above N10m - THISDAY

Anambra poll will determine Nigeria's future – Soyinka - The Punch

Nigeria directionless with President's absence — Jang - The Punch

Now We Know Tiger is Human, So What? - THISDAY

Triesman, Cole Seek Nigeria's Support for England's Bid - THISDAY

Obaseki Makes Case for Nigerian Referees - THISDAY

Nigeria, Thailand Partner on Rice Production - THISDAY

Alleged N15bn Fraud: 6 Barafawa Aides Arrested - THISDAY

Another Search for Sustainable Democracy in Nigeria - THISDAY

Groups to dig deep for Nigerian leases - Financial Times

Unclear when Nigeria leader will return home-envoy - Reuters AlertNet

Nigeria with 500-member delegation for CAN2010 - AngolaPress

Africa's population boom traps children in poverty -

22 people burnt to death in auto crash in west Nigeria - Xinhua

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Coach Amodu, Foreign Coach And World Cup - LeadershipNigeria

Judiciary's Supreme in a Democracy, Says Soludo - THISDAY

North Plots Post- Yar'Adua Nigeria - THISDAY

Nigeria knows fate as FIBA decides wildcard winners today - NEXT

Yar'Adua's ailment: Nigerian economy suffers setback – Stakeholders - The Punch

Implementation, hurdle to good policies in Nigeria–Mutallab - The Punch

AC accuses PDP of throwing Nigeria into uncertainty - The Punch

Glo league stars await Amodu's nod - NEXT

World Cup 2010: Jay Jay Okocha Thinks Anything Can Happen With Nigeria -

World Cup 2010: Anything Can Happen With Nigeria - Jay Jay Okocha -

Nigeria opposition party meets ahead of 2011 polls - AFP

Nigeria's Obafemi Martins: I Will Be Back For Nations Cup -

Friday, December 11, 2009

Arlington couple accused of forcing Nigerian woman to work for them - Fort Worth Star Telegram

2010 World cup: Have faith in Eagles, Chukwuma urges - Vanguard

Nigerian President's Absence Stymies Foreign Firms - Wall Street Journal

GLO-CAF Award: Singing the song of past heroes - The Punch

Nigerians facing forced servitude charges in Texas - The Associated Press

Former Irving residents indicted after allegedly keeping Nigerian woman as a slave - Dallas Morning News (blog)

Nigerian banks declare losses - Bank PHB 382.43b loss, Springbank N23.3B pre ... - NgEX

Local Legionnaires Lament N7 Million Debt -

ICPC Survey to Determine Most Corrupt State, Geo-Political Zone -

Feds: FW couple kept Nigerian slave for 9 years - Dallas Morning News (blog)

Nigerian woman accuses Arlington couple of forcing her into servitude - Fort Worth Star Telegram

World Cup 2010: Argentina Have No Coach - Nigerian Coach Gideon Njoku Takes ... -

World Cup Group B: Argentina, Nigeria, South Korea, Greece - Daily Football Blog (blog)

Nigeria's Intercontinental posts 447 bln naira loss - Reuters South Africa

North Texas couple allegedly kept Nigerian woman as slave - KENS 5 TV

Jelani Aliyu - The Poet Laureate of Automobile Design -

NFF Receives N150 Million World Cup Grant -

Wammako Behind My Travails - Bafarawa -

PDP NEC Backs Soludo -

Amirul-Hajj Gives Carriers Ultimatum For Pilgrims' Return -

Nigeria unsettled by president's illness - GlobalPost

Nigeria seeks arrest of ex-minister over graft - AngolaPress

Arlington couple allegedly kept Nigerian woman as slave - WFAA

INEC Pays N324 Million to Political Parties -

Chevron Tackles HIV/Aids - Provides Training for NGOs and Others -

Bank PHB Nigeria Reports 15-Month Loss of 382.43 Billion Naira - Bloomberg

Imo Governorship And Judgment Day -

EFCC Charges Bafarawa With N15 Billion Fraud -

PDP Won't Drop Soludo - Ogbulafor -

US Prays for Yar'Adua -

World Cup Fever - Country Can Cause Trouble for Argentina -

Anambra - INEC Can't Stop Soludo, Says Jonathan -

Thursday, December 10, 2009

President's illness fosters intrigue in Nigeria - Financial Times

Nigerian players out of Glo-CAF award - The Punch

Nigerian leader's illness spurs intrigue - Financial Times

Nigeria earns $1.5bn from cocoa exports in four years - NEXT

Congo, Ghana, Nigeria, Zimbabwe: Africa Bond, Currency Preview - Bloomberg

Nigerian president's illness fosters intrigue - Financial Times

Fashola Speeds Up Roads Delivery, Assures on Yuletide -

Nigerian Economy Expanded 7.07% in Third Quarter - Bloomberg

Nigeria's ruling party says president fit to rule - AFP

Top Nigerian Faith Leaders Pledge Support for Malaria Campaign - Voice of America

Nigeria's Crisis Of Leadership - OfficialWire

Nigeria issues international arrest warrants for el-Rufai and Ribadu - NgEX

NOC Election Fail to Hold -

Obasanjo, The North And The Politics of Presidential Health -

Nigeria issues arrest warrants for el-Rufai and Ribadu - BBC News

Soludo's Name Missing From INEC's List -

S.Korea determined not to crumble against Argentina - AFP

No Date for Yar'Adua's Return -

Local Police Kill At Will - Amnesty -

Breeding Young Priests Through Youth Fellowship -

Our Ordeal in Libya - Deportees -

Not Time for El-Rufa'i to Return -

We've Lost an Intellectual Giant - Shehu Sani -

N5 Billion - EFCC Arrests Ex-Gov -

Nigeria leader still in hospital but recovering: govt - AngolaPress

Amnesty - Local Police Kill At Will -

Guaranty Trust Bank Launches Five-Year Bond Issue in Naira - Bloomberg

Murdered By Police -

Nigerian Police 'Kill at Will' -

Eagles No Longer Super, Say Greeks - THISDAY

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Document confirms plan to arrest El-Rufai - NEXT

Ministers clueless about Yar'Adua's return - NEXT

Only doctors can decide Yar'Adua's return date — FEC - The Punch

Insecticide resistance deepens malaria crisis in Nigeria - AFP

Nigerian Broker Who Made Market Takes Big Fall - Wall Street Journal

Bets Turn Bad for Big Nigerian Broker - Wall Street Journal

Nigerian leader still in hospital - Arab News

The Sultan and the Archbishop: Joining Hands, Saving Lives - Huffington Post (blog)

EFCC Seeks Warrant of Arrest Against El-Rufai -

Police 'Kill at Will' -

NSE - Profit Taking Depletes Value by N78 Billion -

Nigeria ex-governor Attahiru Bafarawa in fraud raid - BBC News

Conflicting reports over Yar'Adua's health - Joy Online

Israel Rich in Culture - Envoy -

Exclusive: Obiora Anorue Wants To Play For Nigeria -

Nigerian Police Deny Amnesty Report Alleging Extra-Judicial Killings - Voice of America

I'll Make Sure My Wealth Trickles Down - Kevin -

Nigeria police say Amnesty brutality claims are unfair - BBC News

Nigerian Equities: Cadbury, Dangote Flour Among the Most Active - Bloomberg

Nigeria's president 'responding to treatment' - AFP

Amnesty: Nigerian Police Killing Hundreds of Civilians - Voice of America

Informal Handover Caused Yar'Adua's Troubles - Forum -

Kampala Conference And Maternal Mortality -

A Praying Nation And Her Preying Cabal -

Nigeria Police Kill 'at Will', Amnesty International Says - Bloomberg

FG - China?s $50bn Oil Offer Still on Course -

Yar'Adua Not Returning This Week - Envoy -

Mikel prefers Brazil to Argentina - NEXT

Nigeria develops baseline study on maternal health - Xinhua

China ready to invest 36 50 billion for Nigeria oil -

Nigerian police killing at will, says Amnesty - BBC News

Report: Nigerian police killing civilians - The Associated Press

Why Kidnapping Will Not Stop - Akunyili -

Nigerian Comment: Amodu, Please Take Super Eagles To The Form of USA 94 -

No need for OPEC to pump more oil, mkt stable-Nigeria - Forbes

Court Yet to Issue Warrant for El-Rufai's Arrest -

N620 Billion Bank Bailout Undesirable - Kutigi -

Yar'Adua's Health - the Unending Debate -

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Ibrahim Tahir Dies in Cairo -

NSC plans 'Nigerian Village' in Johannesburg - The Guardian - Nigeria

The 'coup' against Nigeria's health - The Punch

The Local Content Bill - THISDAY

South -West govs, attorneys-general, others reject quit calls on Yar'Adua - The Guardian - Nigeria

Sheikh Abba Aji Dies in Mecca -

Chukwuma Nwokoh - NEXT

Senate president denies plot to remove Yar'adua - NEXT

Bears regain vigour as banking stocks slide - The Punch

Nigerian leader's health sparks political manoeuvres - AFP

Nigeria's morgue now stcked with bodies - Baltimore News Net

As Ekeji Pleads For Amodu -

Nigerian Petroleum Bill changes threatening IOCs - Gerson Lehrman Group

Are the Nigerian police out of control? - BBC News

Nigeria says Omel falls short on pledges - Livemint

Chinese Firms Propose $50 Billion Oil Buy in Nigeria - Wall Street Journal

David Mark - I'm Not Plotting to Take Over -

Nigerian Equities: Dangote Flour, Lasaco Insurance Are Active - Bloomberg

China ready to invest $50 bln for Nigeria oil - Forbes

China offered $50 bln for Nigeria oil in June - Reuters UK

Nigeria hospital overwhelmed with corpses -

Argentina Not That Strong Anymore - Nigeria Legend Peter Rufai -

Nigerian leader health sparks political manoeuvres -

Nigeria Assistant Coach Daniel Amokachi Says Eagles Fear No Opponents -

Nigeria police: Issuing corpses and denials - BBC News

BBA Winner's Home Wears New Look -

Oliha Wants Advisory Role For Westerhof -

A Just Climate Deal For The Nation -

No Plot to Topple Yar'Adua Mark -

Crave for Global Status Ruined Banks - CBN -

Uganda: Nigeria's Kevin Wins Big Brother Jackpot -

Nigerian hospital 'overwhelmed by corpses from police' - BBC News

Copenhagen - What Future for Nation? -

UPDATE 1-Nigerian official sees oil reform law passed soon - Reuters India

I Don't Need Yar'Adua's Job - Mark -

Monday, December 07, 2009

Nigeria's Crude Oil Output Hits 2.45mbpd - THISDAY

India Plans to Build Refinery in Nigeria - THISDAY

30 Nigerian pilgrims died in S'Arabia - The Punch

'Amodu Will Be in South Africa' -

We're not afraid of Nigeria, Argentina – Korea - The Punch

Guinea Worm: Campaign to Eradicate Guinea Worm in Hard-Hit Nigeria May Have Worked - New York Times

'Sesame Street' goes to Nigeria - Variety

1914 to 2012: Nigeria and her predicaments (ii) - Triumph

Nigerian wins Big Brother reality show - Daily Nation

OVL plans to set up refinery in Nigeria - Economic Times

Rebel attacks swell Nigeria-to-Ghana pipeline cost - Reuters

Yar'Adua still fit for office, says sister - The Guardian - Nigeria

Nigeria Stocks: Fidelity Bank, Lasaco, Zenith Shares Active - Bloomberg

Nigeria's Currency Reserves Rise to $44.04 Billion - Bloomberg

Media Practitioners, Musicians Tasked On HIV/Aids -

Onovo Seeks to Meet Cameroonian Police Chief Over Bakassi -

Nigeria's Kevin Chuwang wins Big Brother Africa's $200000 prize - Joy Online

Mancini eyes Nigeria post - SkySports

World Cup Comment: Can Nigeria Put to Rest Ghosts Of World Cups Past To Do ... -

Washing Eyes With Pepper -

ANALYSIS-Delay to Nigeria oil reform bill may stall investment - Forbes

As Camara, Junta Lead Guinea Towards Anarchy -

Amodu Will Be In South Africa - Taiwo Ogunjobi -

Explosion - Bayelsa to Probe Incident -

We Must Strive to Avert Another Civil War --Danjuma -

NDLEA Seizes N2.2 Billion Drugs At Lagos Airport -

Hitch Hits Hajj Return Flights -

Goodluck Inside Ailing Presidency -

Catholic Church Splits Over Obi, Soludo, Ngige -

INEC Boss' Mother Bag Eziada Title -

Bank Stocks Boost Market Index By 3 Percent -

Copenhagen and Climate Justice -

Much Ado About Our President -

FG to Conduct Energy, Employment and Man Power Surveys -

ETB And Banking Reforms -

Nigeria's Kevin wins Big Brother Revolution - Times LIVE

Laloko Wants Old Players Discarded -

Nigeria sees OPEC output steady, focus on compliance - Reuters South Africa

Judgement on Mobil VS Uwemedimo for Tomorrow -

ONGC Videsh Mulls Refinery in Nigeria - Wall Street Journal

Nigeria pumping 1.8-1.85 mln bpd of oil: minister - Reuters South Africa

Jos Boy Kevin Wins Big Brother IIII -

Sunday, December 06, 2009

W'Bank Unveils Growth Strategy for Nigeria Today - THISDAY

Nigeria, EU seek binding agreement at climate summit - The Guardian - Nigeria

Climate Change: Developed Nations May Cough Up $10bn - THISDAY

Fashola Seeks Special Status for Lagos - THISDAY

Nigeria's Kevin Wins BBA Revolution - THISDAY

S.Korea Placed in 'Difficult' Group for World Cup - The Chosun Ilbo

Nigeria, others need $150bn annually to combat climate change - NEXT

...Pray for him, Army told - Daily Sun

South Korea coach writes off Nigeria - Daily Sun

You are here: News News Nigerian wins $200000 'Big Brother' prize - Nigerian Compass Newspaper - ...all the news. all the time

2010: Pressure on Nigeria, S'Africa – Onigbinde - The Punch

Will Nigeria Shine In South Africa? - LeadershipNigeria

Climate Change: the choice we must avoid - NEXT

The road less travelled by financial institutions in Nigeria - NEXT

Petrol: FG pays N955bn subsidy to NNPC - The Punch

Reporting climate change in Nigeria - The Punch

Nigeria's Kevin wins Big Brother Africa prize - The Punch

No Group B team should be underrated, say former Eagles players - NEXT

Interview with Nigeria's Ambassador To Spain Obed Wadzani - Global Politician

Nigeria wins Big Brother Africa - NEXT

African Group Urges Guinea Transition - Wall Street Journal

Nigeria pumping 1.8-1.85 mln bpd of oil -minister - Reuters UK

Amodu pleased with 'good' draw - Vanguard

Mixed reactions trail World Cup Draw - Vanguard

Nigeria duo demand commitment - BBC News

Yar'Adua Returns Home Next Week, Says Saudi Doctor -

EU, Nigeria's gas project to gulp N460 million - The Punch

Call for Yar'adua's resignation: A call mired by political undertone? - Vanguard

Students from Nigeria, Pakistan share revealing stories - Gary Post Tribune

144 women die daily from pregnancy complications - NEXT

National team grouped with Argentina, Greece and Nigeria - JoongAng Daily

EU to support Nigeria's energy sector with 3.1 mln dollars - Xinhua

Football Gods Favour Greece With Argentina, Nigeria, Korea Republic At South ... - World Cup Blog

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Those Calling For Yar'Adua's Resignation Are Enemies Of Nigeria – Amb Oriri - LeadershipNigeria

Echoes From The Past For Nigeria, Fear Of High Altitude For Others - The Guardian - Nigeria

We're ready for Argentina, declares Nigeria coach -

Anambra 2010: PDP, rule of law and credible elections in Nigeria - The Punch

Yar'Adua Returns Home Next Week, Says Saudi Doctor - THISDAY

South Africa 2010: Familiar foes in Eagles' path - The Punch

Nigerian Eagle Signs Code-share Deal with Delta - THISDAY

Don't change the coach, pleads Jay-Jay - Times LIVE

The million dollar reasons why Eagles must excel in South Africa - NEXT

Mixed fortunes for South Americans in draw - BBC Sport

Dubai Crisis: CBN Investigates Nigerian Banks - THISDAY

Yar'Adua - Country's Stability Hinged on Rotation, Says Northern Union -

Why I'm bringing the New York Film Academy to Nigeria - NEXT

Nigeria not worried with group "B" giants -

Nigerian President To Be Released From Hospital Soon - Peace fm Online

Nigeria hope to live up to billing - SkySports

Doctor: Nigerian president to be released from hospital soon - Monsters and

Nigerian to head Darfur peace-keeping forces - AfricaNews

2010: Nigeria's qualification, a miracle – Ngerem - Vanguard

Friday, December 04, 2009

Nigerian fans happy with draw, but not with coach - Monsters and

FIFA Gives Nigeria N147m For 2010 World Cup Preparations - The Guardian - Nigeria

Nigeria draws Argentina, Greece, Korea Rep. - The Punch

Korea Drawn With Argentina, Nigeria and Greece - Korea Times

World Cup 2010 Exclusive: John Obuh Thinks Nigeria's Group Is Wide Open -

Maduekwe Raps Diplomats, Labels Them 'Estacode Seekers' -

'We Didn't Allocate 500 Seats to Officials' -

Resign Now, NBA Tells Yar'Adua -

The Hostage Business - New York Times

2 charged with smuggling Nigerian, Brazilians -

World Cup 2010: Group B Analysis - Argentina, South Korea, Nigeria, Greece -

Ardiles: Maradona will be "pretty happy" - ESPN

Rogues and Rackets on Trial -

HIV/AIDS: US Votes $1.5bn for Nigeria - THISDAY

Yar'Adua: Nigeria's Stability Hinged on Rotation, Says Northern Union - THISDAY

Nigeria's growth leaves elderly behind - CNN International

Exploring airline opportunities through code share pact - The Guardian - Nigeria

Nigerian Bar Association President calls for President Yar'Adua to resign, AGF ... - NgEX

Yar'Adua's Health:?Atiku Appeals for Compassion - THISDAY

Pregnancy complications 'kill 144' Nigerian women a day - AFP

Ruling delayed in Nigerian ex-governor graft trial - AFP

Shell must clean up its act in Nigeria -

Nigerian cabinet rejects calls for Yar'Adua to step down - ISI - Emerging Markets

Roberto Mancini interested in Nigeria job - CNN

Minaret Ban - Iums Urges Swiss Muslims to Remain Calm -

EFCC Disagrees With TI Over Corruption Index Report -

6000 Pilgrims Back From Saudi Arabia -

Nigerian diplomat to head joint UN-AU Force in Darfur - Peace fm Online

World Cup 2010: Roberto Mancini: World Cup With Nigeria Fascinates Me -

Ill-Health - Senate, House Back Yar'Adua -

Guard in Court Over Threats to Boss' Life -

Nigeria Bourse Seeks to Lure MTN, Shell Listings, thisday Says - Bloomberg

Galadima, Toro Say Eagles Not a Weak Team -

Nigeria to get 9 mln USD for World Cup qualification - Xinhua

IAEA supports Nigeria's nuclear power ambition - Xinhua

Yar'Adua Won't Resign - Nass -

Kenya: Country Could Borrow From Nigeria's Constitutional Making -

UN chief names new head of Darfur peacekeeping force - AFP

Purge Stock Market, Sanusi Demands -

Nigerian Corner: Amodu Must Go! -

INTERVIEW:Standard Bank Eyes Nigeria Opportunities,Growth - Wall Street Journal

Yar'Adua Recovering, Watching Football - Envoy -

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Nuclear power: 'Nigeria reaches first milestone' - The Punch

Shell gets judgment notice after Christmas - NEXT

Bar association trades words with minister on president's health - NEXT

Nigeria Eagle, Delta Airlines Sign MoU -

Governors condemn calls for Yar'Adua's resignation - NEXT

Nigerians urge Yar'Adua to step down - Financial Times

Is Nigeria turning the corner? -

Shell on trial for pipeline leak in Nigeria - AFP

UN Criticizes Nigeria for Poor Prevention of AIDS - NTDTV boss laments Nigerian "culture of corruption" - Reuters

Super expectations for Nigeria - BBC Sport

Nigerian Equities: Intercontinental Bank, Fidelity Bank Active - Bloomberg

Delta Adds Hawaii Routes - Aviation Week

Nigeria opposition slams cabinet over Yar'Adua health - Reuters South Africa

INTERVIEW: Standard Bank Eyes Nigeria Opportunities, Growth - Wall Street Journal

Nigerian Governor Sanusi Calls for Wider Market Investigations - Bloomberg

Shaibu Amodu - ESPN

Who takes Nigeria to World Cup 2010? Roberto Mancini or Shuiab Amodu? - World Cup Blog

Nigeria farmers sue Shell over oil spill - BBC News

Don't Pray For Weak Group -- Adepoju -

Will Kyoto Protocol Survive Copenhagen Climate Confab? -

'FG Released 50 Percent Capital Allocation For 2009 Budget' -

Copenhagen Climate Talk Opens Monday -

EU Budgets N69 Billion to Fight Corruption in The Country -

Onwuamaegbu, Ex-Army Spokesman, Others Elevated -

EFCC Arrests Four Bank Executives Over Akingbola -

Forget 2010, Think 2014 - Galadima -

ANPP Warns Against Politicising Yar'Adua's Health -

Release El-Mustapha, Others, Demonstrators Insist -

2010 Budget - Small Scale Farmers Decry Three Percent Allocation -

Army Promotes 57 Officers -

Court Warns Sanusi, Others Over Media War on Sacked Bank Chiefs -

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

KCK lawyer is man who could be king — in Nigeria - Kansas City Star

Former Nigerian Leader Says President Yar'Adua's Illness is Being Politicized - Voice of America

Itzhak Perlman fiddles against polio - The Associated Press

Nigeria may draw Brazil, Spain in 2010 World Cup - The Guardian - Nigeria

Nigerian Breweries pre-tax profit rises - NEXT

Nations Cup Will Be Tough For Nigeria Says Bolton's Danny Shittu -

25 years after: No headway in anti-HIV/AIDS war - Nigerian Compass Newspaper - ...all the news. all the time

Country, 241 Other Countries for Shanghai World Expo -

Delta Explores Partnership With Nigerian Airline - GlobalAtlanta

Nigeria commended over reduction in HIV/AIDS scourge - Vanguard

UN chief intends to appoint veteran Nigerian diplomat as joint representative ... - Xinhua

Nigerian to head Darfur peacekeeping mission - UN - Reuters

'Climate Change May Lead to Civil Unrest' -

Nigerian cities enduring fuel shortages -

Amodu architect of own problem – Disu - Vanguard

Nigerian Cabinet Backs Yar'Adua Amid Calls to Quit - New York Times

Nigeria rejects calls for president to step down - AFP

Nigeria LNG sees stable Soku gas feed by 2010-exec - Reuters

World Cup 2010: Nigeria Cannot Afford Foreign Coach Now -

Nigerian cabinet sees no basis for Yar'Adua to quit - Reuters South Africa

FHA to Deliver 100000 Houses By 2013 -

Lies, politics and Nigeria's great rumour mill - BBC News

Nigeria President Umaru Yar'Adua faces calls to quit - BBC News

Coca-Cola Nigeria may relocate to Cote D'Ivoire - Nigerian Compass Newspaper - ...all the news. all the time

Former Nigeria soccer chief supports Amodu for World Cup - Xinhua

Court Official Denies N2 Million Request From Bafarawa -

Nigerian Breweries 9-mo pretax profit rises 21 pct - Reuters

Yar'Adua Should Pity Nigerians And Resign -Senator Shuaibu -

Insecurity - Soldiers Take Over Asaba Streets -

Youngster Jailed for Theft -

President Out of Intensive Care -

The Leadership The Nation Needs -

Pilgrims Stone Kanti Bello in Mecca -

Promises of Electricity -

Masari, Falae, Nnamani, 52 Others - Yar'Adua Must Resign -

Amirul Hajj Escapes Lynch in Mecca -

Liberia: Charles Taylor Received Money From Taiwan and Libya For His ... -

Danjuma Donates N150 Million Library to Ajayi Crowther Varsity -

2010 - South East PDP Leaders Unite for Soludo -

Fuel Crisis Cripples Abuja, Other Cities -

Yar'Adua - North Insists On Constitution -

Nigeria's Senate seeks 2010 budget draft in 2 weeks - Reuters South Africa

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Restaurant review: Veronica's Kitchen in Van Nuys - Los Angeles Times

'Nigeria is quite vulnerable to climate change' - The Punch

Pipeline repairs delay Pan Ocean gas plant take off - NEXT

Ghana returns Nigeria oil tanker after pirate attack - BBC News

Nigerian VP says he will not resign over Yar'Adua's illness - Daily Nation

Climate change may be dire for minister - AFP

UN studies oil contamination in Nigeria -

FG Takes Over Pavilion For Shangai Expo 2010 -

Mother-child transmission slowing Nigeria's HIV/AIDS fight - NEXT

'I'm Not Scheming For Second Term, God Will Decide My Fate' -

West Africa: Nigeria, Cameroon, Others For Taekwondo Tourney -

I Want Eagles Job - Troussier -

Crude Oil Production Hits Record 2.4 Million BPD -

One-Stop Travel Centre Opens -

Eagle Airlines Signs Code-Share With Ethiopian Airlines -

FG to Assist Uganda Grow Oil Industry -

Niger Guber Appeal - Court Strikes Out Umaru's Application -

Muslim Lawyers Pray For Yar'Adua -

N7.47 Billion Fraud - EFCC Appeals Against Martins -

NNPC Cabal Behind Fuel Scarcity - Marketers -

Post -Amnesty - The Nation's Oil Output Soars From 1 Million to 2.4 ... -

Pilgrimage - Five Pregnant Women Stopped From Going to Israel -

Lagos Lawmakers Want Yar'Adua to Resign -

Monday, November 30, 2009

Unbridled imports crippling Nigeria - AFP

Nigeria records 46.7 per cent drop in new HIV cases - The Guardian - Nigeria

UN to Assess Contaminated Oil Production Sites in Niger Delta - Environment News Service

Hajj: First batch of Nigerian pilgrims returns - The Punch

Eagles coach prays our boys avoid Brazil and Spain - NEXT

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