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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Lifestyle: 22 of the longest-running comedies on TV

Politics: The Trump Organization reportedly wanted to give Putin the penthouse in Trump Tower Moscow

Finance: Elon Musk said Tesla owners will be able to use their phones to summon their vehicles from 'across the continent' in a few years (TSLA)

Tech: Google's Dragonfly execs didn't take written notes and isolated internal teams to hide China search plans from other employees (GOOG, GOOGL)

Sports: NFL WEEK 13: Our official predictions for who wins this weekend

Politics: Republican Tim Scott bucks his own party to vote against a Trump judicial nominee accused of defending racially discriminatory voter suppression

Lifestyle: Text messages and phone records show pregnant Colorado woman murdered by her husband told friends before her death that he had 'changed' and didn't want another baby

Politics: Michael Cohen's latest plea deal reveals more about the most pivotal time of the election

Tech: Floyd Mayweather Jr. and DJ Khaled will each pay more than $100,000 in fines to settle charges that they illegally touted ICOs

Sports: Floyd Mayweather Jr. and DJ Khaled will each pay more than $100,000 in fines to settle charges that they illegally touted ICOs

INEC promotes 2,209 staff members

Tech: NASA is offering private companies up to $2.6 billion to get the US back to the moon's surface

Tech: NASA will pay private companies up to $2.6 billion to get the US back to the moon for the first time in nearly 50 years

Woman burns granddaughter's hand to teach her not to steal meat

Politics: Trump is about to embark on a trip that could end the trade battle with China — or send the US into an economic Cold War

Lifestyle: Meet Priyanka Chopra, the former Miss World and Bollywood star who's dominating Hollywood and about to marry Nick Jonas

Amaechi calls for strict penalties for traffic offenders

Lifestyle: You can now buy a 'Clueless'-inspired eye-shadow palette that looks a lot like something Cher Horowitz would use

Lifestyle: Elon Musk says Tesla will bring more video games and other Easter eggs to its cars — but one obvious choice won't be included (TSLA)

Strategy: J.Crew is said to be cutting the only line of clothing it sells on Amazon after reports surface that former CEO Mickey Drexler didn't support the deal (AMZN)

Sokoto Assembly amends bill on retirement age of academic staff

Lifestyle: 15 of the most festive Christmas markets around the US

Lifestyle: 9 subtle signs of emotional abuse you could be missing

Politics: 7 heartbreaking images show why US lawmakers want to stop supporting the brutal Saudi-led war in Yemen that's seen indiscriminate attacks and left millions at the brink of famine

Over 900,000 PVCs unclaimed in Oyo State – REC

Tech: Facebook co-founder and Asana CEO Dustin Moskovitz seems to be glad he's not involved in the social networking business anymore (FB)

Osun Chief Judge releases 13 inmates from Ile-Ife prison

Kebbi Govt begins yellow fever vaccination

Tech: Nintendo had a record-setting Black Friday weekend, but Switch sales are still lower than expected after a slow year

Buhari returns from N’Djamena after rallying LCBC leaders against terrorists

Lifestyle: 22 phrases Americans say that leave foreigners completely stumped

Born-again preacher reportedly rapes boy from his church and makes a video of it

Lifestyle: 17 under-the-radar alternatives to major tourist destinations

Strategy: J.Crew is reportedly killing its newest brand 16 days after it launched

Be cautious of granting Visa to Atiku – FG tells US

Finance: The author of 'The Millionaire Next Door' explains 3 ways anyone can build more wealth

Lifestyle: How a song mashup inspired the 'haunting' Unwomen's costumes on 'The Handmaid's Tale'

Tech: I visited a baby elephant orphanage in Kenya — here's what it was like

Lifestyle: 14 crossword puzzle clues you can only solve if you're really smart

Tech: Check out the new Microsoft Office icons, which just got their first redesign in 5 years (MSFT)

Lifestyle: 10 things you're doing that are giving you body acne, according to dermatologists

Lifestyle: 31 times celebrities wore suits this year, making it one of the biggest fashion trends of 2018

Lifestyle: Parmesan cheese is actually pretty healthy for you

Finance: Stocks snap their 3-day winning streak as attention turns to the Trump-Xi meeting

Buhari hosts talks to help bring security to the Lake Chad Region

Strategy: Forget in-person interviews: Companies are turning to phone calls to hire, and sometimes there isn't even a real person on the line

Lifestyle: 13 things I wish I knew before traveling from the US to Japan

Lifestyle: 7 subtle signs of heart attacks in women

Lifestyle: Here's how old the typical person is in each US state

Strategy: A former Google HR exec says too many people make the same mistake when trying to impress their boss

Lifestyle: 6 common myths about HIV you should stop believing now

Lifestyle: 38 photos that show how Britney Spears' style has evolved through the years

Students commend FG for reducing UTME registration fee

Yahoo boy reportedly runs mad after using his dad for rituals in Benin (Video)

Sports: Luka Doncic, the 19-year-old Slovenian wunderkind who surprisingly fell in the draft, is already blowing away the NBA

Politics: President Trump and the 'Trump of the Tropics' both love to salute foreign leaders for some reason

Lifestyle: Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are getting married in a lavish royal palace that's home to a 5-star hotel and has 347 rooms

Politics: Democrats are desperately trying to block a Trump judicial nominee who civil rights leaders say has 'practiced white supremacy'

Lifestyle: 'The United States is better. For everything': Emotional photos and stories show what it's like for the migrants who have walked thousands of miles to seek asylum in the US

Lifestyle: This two-faced truck is made from two Chevy Silverados — here's what it looks like on the road

Strategy: Abercrombie came back from the dead by getting rid of its shirtless models and dark stores. Here's what else has changed for the retailer. (ANF)

Tech: The 5 most anticipated TV shows returning in December

Lifestyle: 10 celebrities who have opened up about using marijuana for medicinal purposes

Lifestyle: How much a date costs in 25 cities around the world

Lifestyle: THEN & NOW: What 25 former Victoria's Secret Angels are doing today

Politics: Mueller's latest plea deal with Michael Cohen shows he's 'finally starting to get to the truth' behind Trump-Russia

Lifestyle: Richard Branson's Necker Island is back in business a year after Hurricane Irma wreaked havoc and new photos show the private island looking more luxurious than ever

Lifestyle: Why you're attracted to certain people, and not others

Lifestyle: These 3D illusions made from just pencil and paper will confuse your senses

Lifestyle: Priyanka Chopra said Nick Jonas told her something no man has ever said to her, and that's the moment she knew their relationship was leveling up

Lifestyle: 12 US restaurants that serve CBD-infused food and drinks

Finance: 7 things investors are getting wrong about the tech sector and FAANG stocks

APC denies plans to impeach Gov. Udom

Atiku challenges President Buhari to a debate ahead of the 2019 elections

Strategy: A startup founder who's raised $10 million has a rule to weed out job candidates who seem a little too good to be true

Tech: 'We have screwed up': Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi admits in an all-hands meeting that the company deserves some fault after its self-driving car killed a pedestrian

Sports: The computer models that pick NFL games have made their picks for Week 13

Strategy: 'We were sober': Burger King finally explains why it tweeted gibberish for hours

Tech: A ‘party drug’ with potential to be the next blockbuster antidepressant is edging closer to the mainstream, but it could set you back $9,000

Lifestyle: Nick Jonas decided he was going to propose to Priyanka Chopra after just 3 dates

Strategy: A former Googler and career coach tells clients with boring jobs that it's OK, and it can even be a good thing

Lifestyle: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's cutest moments of the year

Strategy: These 10 trends will decide how we eat in 2019, according to Whole Foods

Lifestyle: What to do when an ex reaches out to you, according to experts

Eunice Atuejide confident Nigerian youths will make her President in 2019

Sports: A 9-year-old Warriors fan got Stephen Curry and Under Armour to make his shoes available for girls

Finance: Santa schools teach professional Santas how to whiten their beard and 'master the trade'

Lifestyle: When a boy sent a letter to his dad in heaven, he got the most heartwarming reply from the postman

Politics: As Russia stokes tensions with Ukraine, it's trying to gain a military edge over NATO elsewhere in Europe

Lifestyle: 5 mistakes I made when I had my first kid that I wish I could have avoided

Tech: A big pharma CEO said he was 'completely blindsided' by his company's deal with Trump's former lawyer

I am convinced 2019 election is for PDP to win - Atiku

Tech: I’ve used Apple computers my entire life. Here's why I'm never buying one again.

Lifestyle: Mariah Carey played her hit song 'All I Want for Christmas Is You' and enlisted her adorable kids as backup singers

Finance: Twitter's mysterious drop is 'completely technical' (TWTR)

Strategy: A venture capitalist who launched a $36 million fund explains exactly how to write the perfect pitch email to a VC

Lifestyle: GM President Dan Ammann is taking over as CEO of the Cruise self-driving division as the company pushes toward a commercial launch in 2019 (GM)

Tech: Amazon CTO Werner Vogels says the best day of his year was when Amazon turned off its largest Oracle data warehouse (AMZN)

Nigerian Army troops discover illegal militia training camp in Rivers State

APO: Deputy President Mabuza chaired a successful South African National AIDS Council (SANAC) Inter-Ministerial Committee Meeting, Tuynhuys, Parliament

'ASUU strike may be prolonged', lecturers warn students

Politics: Paul Ryan says one of his biggest regrets is the ballooning federal deficit. The evidence shows he has himself to blame.

Lifestyle: Kim Kardashian finally explained why she called Kourtney the 'least exciting' sister to look at

Politics: Michael Cohen admitted a bombshell detail about the Trump Tower Moscow deal that could spell trouble for Trump

Tech: There's a very simple reason why the resurgent Microsoft is threatening to overtake the slumping Apple (MSFT, AAPL)

Lifestyle: New research shows the brains of OCD patients can get stuck in compulsive 'loops,' and the finding could lead to better treatment

Tech: YouTube is teeming with conspiracy theories about the California wildfires. Here's what really may have caused the flames.

How to look for a job the right way

Strategy: Even if you're dreading your office holiday party, you still have to go. Here's your survival guide

Politics: Trump says he canceling a meeting with Putin because Russia is causing trouble in the Black Sea

Strategy: A doll with a bizarre name has become the biggest toy of the holiday season by taking over YouTube with unboxing videos

Tech: These could be the 3D-camera eyes for your next home robot

Lifestyle: New York City could finally make electric bikes and scooters legal — and Bird is already gearing up to launch

Strategy: A 27-year-old entrepreneur who built a million-dollar business with clients like Drake and Lil Wayne says a game he played at age 10 taught him 2 lifelong lessons about money

APO: Private Sector urged to invest in Africa’s Transboundary Infrastructure Projects

2019 UTME registration to begin in December

Finance: Trump claims car companies are 'pouring' into the US. The reality is a lot more troubling

Lifestyle: E-scooters are sending dozens of people to emergency rooms — and the companies appear to have a double standard when it comes to safety

Politics: GOP slams new top House Democrat Hakeem Jeffries for calling Trump a 'racial arsonist'

Lifestyle: Queen Letizia ditched her designer wardrobe for a $119 dress from ASOS

Tech: Apple told investors not to worry about iPhone sales — but now it seems worried about them (AAPL)

Tech: 2019 will be an extraordinary year in space — here's what NASA, SpaceX, and the night sky have in store for Earth

Lifestyle: 18 tips for staying healthy while working a desk job

Lifestyle: A bitter rift is opening in the royal family with Harry and Meghan on one side, and Kate and William on the other, according to more and more reports

Tech: 26 essential tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your Mac

Super Eagles striker Isaac Success signs new 5-year contract with Watford

Strategy: A CEO who never sends client gifts at Christmas, anniversaries, or birthdays says he uses a different gifting strategy that's much better

Lifestyle: Hyundai just introduced an all-new family SUV to do battle with the Honda, Toyota, and Ford

Politics: Trump says Michael Cohen is a 'weak person' and 'liar' after president’s former lawyer offers bombshell revelations in court

Lifestyle: Meet 7 people who lost 100 pounds or more on Weight Watchers

Lifestyle: 11 things that could be making you dehydrated

Wedding Moment: Watch this groom strip to entertain bride, guests at his wedding reception

'All Obasanjo does is write letters, he couldn't fix the road to his house,' Fashola says

Tech: MoviePass competitor Sinemia is making big changes after it was hit with a lawsuit by angry customers

Finance: Analyst slashes his Apple target after survey finds weak iPhone XR demand (AAPL)

FG, States and LGA share N788.139bn in October - FAAC

Reggae Music officially added by the UN as a cultural treasure worth protecting

Lifestyle: Southwest Airlines apologizes after an agent mocked a 5-year-old girl with epilepsy whose name is 'Abcde' (LUV)

5 items you'll probably want to disinfect in your hotel room

3 signs the sex is too rough

Lifestyle: A Southwest Airlines plane suffered a cracked windshield while trying to land in Kansas City (LUV)

Strategy: Millennials are killing countless industries — but the Fed says it's mostly just because they're poor

Tech: Samsung has an upgrade program for TVs that lets you get a new one every two years, but it's probably not right for you

Court adjourns hearing suit seeking final forfeiture of money linked to Patience Jonathan

Sports: LeBron James spelled out his pregame strategies and how he responds to failure, and they’re tools anyone can use in their lives

Strategy: This fish was sold for $1.8 million — here's why bluefin tuna is so expensive

Here's how to stop getting distracted during sex

NNPC saves $30m on Insurance premium in 3 years, Baru declares

Politics: These 17 photos show Finland's brutally cold World War II battle with the Soviet Union

Lifestyle: 19 things you didn't know about Pizza Hut

Stoke City midfielder Etebo gets first career red against Derby County

Senate adjourns to allow PDP lawmakers attend NEC meeting

Tech: Twitter keeps a list of everything it thinks you're interested in — here's how to find it (TW)

Ask Sarah: He keeps slipping out during sex, what do I do?

Lifestyle: US life expectancy is experiencing its longest-running decline in 100 years, and it reveals a troubling trend

Ladies! Here is how to know you are moving too fast with a new guy

Court remands fake army officer in Ilorin

2019: PDP declares 7 days prayers, fast for peaceful elections

Tech: An uncensored screening of Lars von Trier's controversial serial-killer movie, 'The House That Jack Built,' violated MPAA ratings rules

Recipe of the day: How to make Caribbean beignets

2019: PDP to field 14 female, 2 male candidates in Lagos East

Lifestyle: 'Game of Thrones' star Maisie Williams shows off her new pink hair

Ogun Assembly majority leader, 3 others dump APC for APM

Finance: A college coach who used to read applications at Yale says most students should think twice before enrolling in an Ivy League

APO: Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa (PIDA) Week ends with calls on Africa to accelerate implementation of game-changing infrastructure projects

APO: Press Conference with Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Tibor Nagy Tibor P. Nagy, Jr.

How to adequately prepare for the Calabar carnival

Tosyn Bucknor finally laid to rest

Lifestyle: 13 of the best seasonal winter foods to buy at Trader Joe's right now

APO: U.S. Government program improves lives of 600,000 orphans and vulnerable children

Strategy: Teachers across America are obsessed with Google products — here's how Apple and Microsoft plan to win them back

Lifestyle: A Delta passenger says the pilot of his flight sent him a Grindr message while they were in mid-air (DAL)

Politics: Trump's mockery of Obama for his response to Crimea backfires with a new Ukraine crisis

7 practical tips to make you feel safer on your Taxify ride

APO: Press Tour on Japan’s Development Cooperation in Zambia

Strategy: I visited a sit-down Pizza Hut in Dubai that's nothing like the US brand, and now I'm convinced it should return to the classic restaurants that made it famous

Troops kill at least 4 Boko Haram terrorists in failed Borno attack

Finance: Abercrombie & Fitch is going nuts after crushing earnings

Nigeria's GDP projected to rise by 2% in 2018 - World Bank

Lifestyle: 8 easy ways to upgrade your burger, according to chefs

Politics: Michael Cohen reaches a new plea deal with Mueller and is expected to give dozens of hours of testimony that could damage Trump

Mr Eazi's announces that his new mixtape ''Lagos To London'' is set to hit 80M streams

World Bank supports Nigeria on human capital investment

Lifestyle: These are the 10 healthiest, happiest and most prosperous countries in Africa

Tech: Internal Facebook emails reportedly reveal execs discussed charging and cutting deals with companies for access to user data

Tech: How to hurricane-proof your home, according to an architect who designs homes that could withstand Category 4 hurricanes

Lifestyle: Women may sleep better with a dog in their bed instead of another person, according to a study

APO: With U.S. Support, Centers for Career Development Prepare Egyptian Students for the Future

"The day my Commissioner rejected my handshake", by Fashola

APC, PDP lose 4 Reps members to other parties

Lifestyle: Introducing pet names to your relationship could make it stronger, according to science

Lifestyle: 33 of the most iconic TV outfits of all time

Lifestyle: You're probably not using the resistance dial in a spin class properly, and it could be impacting your results

APO: Training Workshop on Clinical Management of sexual violence cases

Amosun's preferred candidate, Akinlade, dumps APC

Tech: Facebook and Apple are backing a new course that gives kids college credit for learning to code — and it's the fastest growing AP course ever (AAPL, FB, AMZN)

Finance: Deutsche Bank is threatening record lows after its headquarters were raided as part of a Panama Papers probe (DB)

Lifestyle: Why saying no to a second date could be sabotaging your love life

APO: Statement attributable to the Spokesperson for the Secretary-General on Madagascar

Tech: West Nile virus infections could become twice as common in the US within 30 years. Here's why disease-carrying insects are spreading.

FSARS officer who killed LASTMA official dies after beating from mob

Tomi Adeyemi apologises to Nora Roberts, claims titles were created in isolation

Beautiful girl narrates how she lost her virginity with 4 ejaculations and tears

APO: Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector (ICD) signs USD 20 Million Financing Facility with the Meghna Group, Bangladesh

Lifestyle: Everything you need to know about the yellow fever outbreak in Nigeria

Nigeria Police Force asks passionate youths to apply for recruitment as constables

We love Dakore Egbuson Akande's elegant and timeless style

Sports: LeBron James says being a father has helped him learn how to be a better leader and teammate

For Women: Signs that your man isn't enjoying sex with you

Tech: Facebook cofounder Dustin Moskovitz' Asana is now worth $1.5 billion

Lifestyle: Introducing this one simple thing to your relationship could make it stronger, according to science

Why do vaginas produce discharge?

"If heaven has a radio station, I'm sure she already has a job," says Banky as celebs eulogise Tosyn Bucknor

Yahoo ritualists narrate how they killed DELSU first-class student

How to change your masturbation routine for better sex

These 5 jobs may no longer exist in the next 20 years

Super Eagles maintain 44th position in November FIFA rankings

Teenage brothers arrested with 10-yr-old boy's head in Lagos

Gwamnati ta rage kudin jarabawar JAMB da Neco

Ask Sarah: How can I gain confidence in the cowgirl sex position?

How to make your man propose to you in 6 months!

Tech: Europe is closing in on Amazon, as Germany investigates if the firm is abusing its market position

Read cute message AY sends wife as they mark 10th anniversary

Davido arrives in Liberia ahead of the country's biggest concert of the year

Prison claim that suspected CreditSwitch boss killer is still alive, but without evidence

Finance: 10 things you need to know before the opening bell (SPY, SPX, QQQ, DIA, DB, FB)

Tech: Amazon got a hostile welcome from a New York labor union, which savaged its 'deadly and dehumanizing' working conditions

Lifestyle: A world-famous photographer is releasing a $4,000, 448-page book of nude photos of models including Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner

Politics: Trump to meet Putin one-on-one on the sidelines of the G20, Kremlin says

Sports: 2 moments of Messi magic guaranteed Barcelona victory, and proved he's finally dominating Ronaldo as the main man in Europe

Presidency says Boko Haram is beyond technically defeated, begs for patience from Nigerians

APO: Societe Generale continues its sustainable growth strategy in Africa

Relationship Talk With Bukky: My girl wants space because I could not pay her school fees

Lifestyle: Russian police reportedly confiscated a schoolkid's painting of same-sex couples made for a UN international day of tolerance

Skills kids need for the future

Finance: Deutsche Bank's headquarters are being raided by police as part of a Panama Papers probe (DB)

Travelling as a means of self-development

LifeForte International School urges you to SPEAK OUT against bullying culture

Politics: Hopes for a resolution in the US-China trade war appear dim ahead of the G20 summit

Lifestyle: The one mistake you're making that could be sabotaging your love life

Politics: Robert Mueller reportedly believes Paul Manafort lied about his lobbying income and meetings with a Russian intelligence operative

SDP receives another defected lawmaker from APC

Lifestyle: The 18 best beaches in the world in 2018, according to travel experts

Finance: Volvo's $30 billion IPO is officially off, and Trump's trade war is to blame

Magu says EFCC will closely monitor election funds

APO: The Sports Writers Association of Ghana (SWAG) and International Sports Press Association (AIPS) Africa holds seminar for Sports Journalists

Finance: Oil is taking a hit after US inventories gain while Putin says prices are 'absolutely fine'

Bambooks launches Nigeria’s largest digital library

As an outbreak occurs, here's all you need to know about Yellow Fever

ClassiQ creates his own musical world on the ''New North''

Idia Aisien Launches NGO The IDIA Project

Police unseal Anambra State House of Assembly complex

Tech: Here are the winners of the first Google Impact Challenge in Nigeria

APO: Standing Committee on Public Accounts (Scopa) questions value for money of unplanned projects that have bankrupted Water and Sanitation Department

Finance: Austerity has measurably damaged Europe: here is the statistical evidence

Politics: LIVE: Theresa May grilled by senior MPs on her Brexit deal

Army says Boko Haram killed 16 soldiers in 2 weeks of unsuccesful attacks

Unusual Praise 2018- A night of unforgettable spiritual connection, singing and worship

Sound Sultan set to thrill fans at #United4Food Music Concert

Army says Boko Haram killed 23 soldiers in Metele attack, not over 100

APO: South Africa's message on the occasion of the UN International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

A review of the stage play, ‘August Meeting’ as seen in the University of Nigeria, Nsukka

Olamide - 'Poverty Die'

Why Anambra's move to abolish the Osu caste system is a big deal

Tech: How the Luxembourg House of Financial Technology is investing in financial inclusion in Africa

Ibadan get your groove on! The Smirnoff X1 tour is coming to you!

'If Bobbie talks, I'm finished': How Les Moonves tried to silence an accuser

Wildfires burn across Eastern Australia in sweltering heat wave

Finance: Nigerian naira weakens to N366 per dollar at the parallel market

A plan to turn New York into a capital of cybersecurity

Lifestyle: TIME Magazine cover features parents of children killed in school shootings

Overlooked No More: Noor Inayat Khan, Indian princess and British spy

Here's when Dare Olaitan's 'Knockout Blessing' will be released in cinemas

Lifestyle: A Syrian refugee who was trapped in an airport for 7 months finally got a ticket out

APO: 2018 Access to Medicine Index finds clear signs that pharmaceutical companies are deepening their strategic focus on Africa

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Lifestyle: A California businessman wrote $1,000 checks for every student, teacher, administrator, janitor, bus driver at Paradise High School, after devastating Camp Fire

South Africa coach Desiree targets another win over Super Falcons in AWCON 2018 final

As Democrats prepare an onslaught, House GOP seeks Trump defenders for committees

'Productive' talk, but no deal between Trump and Cuomo on Hudson tunnel

It's almost 2019, do you know where your photos are?

Literary group is under fire for honoring 'Central Park Five' prosecutor

Senators, furious over Khashoggi killing, spurn President on war in Yemen

U.S. stresses plan to raise tariffs on Chinese cars

Politics: The White House is unsure about Trump's idea of a separate Space Force

Randolph Braham, Holocaust scholar who saw a whitewash, dies at 95

Intellectual property to take center stage as Trump and Xi meet

Mujahid Farid, 69, ex-prisoner who advocated for older inmates, dies

New treasury rules could blunt impact of tax cuts for some companies

Sinclair TV segment defends use of tear gas on migrants at border

Lionel Messi overtakes Cristiano Ronaldo's goal record in Champions League

Lifestyle: These are the top 10 baby names of 2018

Lifestyle: 5 details you may have missed on the latest episode of 'Riverdale'

Lifestyle: Everything we know about the mysterious group home the Sisters of Quiet Mercy on 'Riverdale'

Tech: Amazon Web Services CEO Andy Jassy roasted Larry Ellison by turning the Oracle founder into a cartoon-like face peeking over a wall (AMZN, ORCL)

Politics: Just 52% of Americans are 'very comfortable' with a woman as president

Politics: Just 52% of Americans are 'very comfortable' with a woman president

Rohr wants Huddersfield star Billing to dump Denmark and play for Nigeria

Politics: Investigators are probing a letter that claims George Papadopoulos said he was pursuing a lucrative Russian business deal for himself and Trump after the election

Strategy: Iconic hedge fund billionaire Seth Klarman explains why traditional business models are broken, and outlines how companies can fix them

Politics: Senate votes in favor of a key resolution to end US support of Saudi Arabia in Yemen

Finance: BMW is showing off a new SUV to compete with the Audi Q7 and Mercedes-Benz GLS

Dad gives daughter contraceptive to prevent pregnancy when he sleeps with her

Lifestyle: 10 subtle signs that someone is planning to propose to you

Lifestyle: Mazda just rolled out the stunning and innovative new Mazda3 right as Ford and GM bails on small cars

Politics: Stormy Daniels reportedly says Michael Avenatti filed defamation lawsuit against Trump against her wishes

Lifestyle: 12 horror stories of people getting cold feet before their weddings

Business: Naira falls to N366 per dollar at the parallel market

Tech: Facebook is expanding its local news feature 'Today In' to more than 400 US cities (FB)

Finance: UK firm, CDC Group Plc is planning to invest $1 billion in Nigeria and $4.5 billion across Africa

Strategy: Ikea just announced that it would be bumping pay for its most 'disgruntled' group of US employees

Lifestyle: This man lived in an isolated tribe until he was 14 — and here's what his life is like

Politics: The world is slowly turning against Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman even as Trump digs his heels in

Lifestyle: Audi just revealed a new electric concept car that puts Tesla's Model S to shame

Mr Eazi notes the influence of the dance culture on his style of music

Lifestyle: 7 fast-food condiments that chefs swear by

Lifestyle: 26 malls with the most over-the-top holiday decorations

Lifestyle: Women speak out for the first time to detail alleged molestation at the hands of billionaire Jeffrey Epstein

Lifestyle: Disappointing photos show what it's really like to go on a safari

Politics: Trump's favorite trade war report card is looking uglier than ever

Sports: LeBron James confirms his goal is to play in the NBA with his son

Boko Haram now using drones – Army

Lifestyle: Sephora is giving its most loyal customers up to $25 off — here's when to shop to get the discount

Strategy: Here's why the maker of Marlboro cigarettes is reportedly looking to make a bet on Silicon Valley's favorite e-cig company (MO)

Lifestyle: 10 things you didn't know about 'Home Alone'

Politics: Meet the 2,000 women about to storm into state capitals across the US

Politics: Republicans are scrambling to save some of Trump's biggest campaign promises before Democrats take over Congress

Lifestyle: The most iconic look at every Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Lifestyle: Craig Jackson of Barrett-Jackson Auction Company has one of the world's most expensive private garages — take a look inside

Service of songs held in honour of late Tosyn Bucknor

Lifestyle: How people exercise in 15 places around the world

Tech: I was going to write about my most anticipated game of 2018, but I played 136 hours of "Red Dead Redemption 2" instead

Politics: The Naval Academy's Army-Navy game uniform is a tribute to a beloved four-legged mascot named Bill

Lifestyle: 71 celebrity couples who got married this year so far

Lifestyle: Jeep just jumped into the pickup truck game to take on Ford, Chevy, and Toyota with the 'most capable mid-size truck ever' (FCAU)

Politics: Roger Stone says Jerome Corsi committed a crime by reportedly lying to the FBI

Politics: The remarkable stories behind 8 of the most iconic war photos ever taken

Lifestyle: Mel B got a tattoo of her ex-husband's name surgically cut out — and she keeps the removed skin in a jar

Tech: 32 electric cars you'll see on the road by 2025

Finance: The 'Fearless Girl' statue is on the move to her new home in front of the New York Stock Exchange

Lifestyle: Honda just unveiled a new all-American SUV to take on Ford, Nissan, and Chevy

Sports: Here is what LeBron James eats to stay at the top of his game at an age when many other NBA players decline

Recipe of the day: Try Cameroonian Egusi pudding cake

Strategy: Burger King has been tweeting gibberish nonstop for hours

Politics: Nancy Pelosi just passed her first test toward becoming speaker with flying colors, but there's still trouble ahead

Lifestyle: A woman Photoshopped herself to have the 'perfect' body throughout history and the differences were staggering

Finance: The Dow rallies, jumps more than 600 points in best session since March after Fed chairman speech

Finance: The Dow rallies more than 600 points in best session since March after Fed chairman speech

Tech: The $300 Nintendo Switch has been great for my relationship

Politics: Stunning new report details Trump's labor secretary's role in plea deal for billionaire sex abuser

SERAP commends FG for reducing JAMB, NECO fees

Tech: 2018 was one of the best years ever for documentaries — 4 of which ruled the box office and blew away critics

Lifestyle: Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas were spotted at a prayer ceremony ahead of the wedding — here's a complete timeline of their relationship

Strategy: Ikea employees say that changes to the stores are creating a divisive environment where 'nobody is willing to help'

Lifestyle: A lawyer who represents cruise passengers reveals the one thing you need to know before getting on a cruise ship

Lifestyle: A lawyer who reps cruise passengers reveals the one thing you need to know before getting on a cruise ship

Tech: Apple wants more iPhone owners to upgrade to the XR and XS — and it just unveiled a new promotion in time for the holidays (AAPL)

Politics: ICE nominee's Senate vote delayed, in part because he once tweeted a photo comparing Donald Trump to Dennis the Menace

Lifestyle: A luxury resort in the middle of the jungle in Bali has the world’s 'most stunning views' — and the view from the twin-tiered pool quickly proves it

Lifestyle: 57 celebrities you forgot guest-starred on 'How I Met Your Mother'

Politics: Trump falsely accuses Mueller of coercing people to 'flip and lie' and suggests he may pardon Manafort

Buhari orders military to end Boko Haram threat, returns from Maiduguri

Strategy: 8 signs you’re not ready to start your own business

Security guard commits suicide after financial burden becomes too much for him

Lifestyle: An army of 1 million self-driving delivery robots could flood the streets by 2040 as Americans' ferocious appetite for on-demand delivery surges

Lifestyle: History of the Christmas tree: Evergreens were sacred to ancient Egyptians. Then people started decorating them.

Akwa-Ibom police boss refutes Gov Udom Emmanuel’s allegations

Strategy: Starbucks just opened the first of its upscale, stand-alone Princi bakeries in New York — take a look inside (SBUX)

Politics: Trump's threats to GM could end up backfiring spectacularly

Lifestyle: 5 signs the scholarship you're applying for may be a scam

Politics: Trump accused of 'cover-up' after reportedly barring CIA director Gina Haspel from briefing Senate on Khashoggi killing

APO: Senegal: Digitizing payments could add FCFA 104 billion to GDP every year

Tech: A San Francisco politician is trying to get Mark Zuckerberg's name removed from the hospital he donated $75M to (FB)

Strategy: A CEO who pays $3 each for his metal business cards says people think he's crazy, but it's been one of his smartest moves

Lifestyle: 13 human foods that you can feed to your dog

Politics: Bernie Sanders slams US support for 'despotic' Saudi Arabia in Yemen and bashes Trump over Khashoggi: 'No more! Enough death. Enough killing.'

FG to rehabilitate bad roads before next rainy season - FRSC

Woman reportedly butchers son-in-law because he wants to use her for blood money

Lifestyle: How getting breast-reduction surgery helped me lose 50 pounds and changed my life

Sports: An Irish soccer team faked a player's death to postpone a match, but he was actually just at home playing video games

Politics: New photos show how heavily Russia damaged a Ukrainian boat, an attack that triggered the Black Sea crisis

Sports: Magnus Carlsen won his 4th straight World Chess Championship by dominating the rapid tiebreaker after 12 straight draws

Lifestyle: 12 TV shows that were inspired by the lives of real famous figures

Nigeria rises to 129th in latest Prosperity Index report

Here are free online courses everyone should take to boost their career

Lifestyle: Dubai has the world's largest, completely automated, driverless metro line — and it shows how far behind the US really is

Lifestyle: Porsche just unveiled the all-new 911 sports car with 443 horsepower and night vision

Tech: Amazon is releasing a $400 self-driving toy car that you can program yourself – and it's launching a racing league to test your skills (AMZN)

Lifestyle: You can now buy a $2,710 dress that looks like a cross between a puffer coat and an evening gown

Lifestyle: Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have been reportedly dating for years — here’s a timeline of their under-the-radar relationship

Lifestyle: Tesla vehicles have racked up one billion miles driven on Autopilot (TSLA)

Lifestyle: Lincoln just revealed its new Aviator crossover that will take on luxury SUVs from Cadillac, Audi, and Lexus (F)

Senate confirms Olukoyede as EFCC scribe

Lifestyle: A Kent State recruit is the first player with autism to earn a scholarship for a Division 1 NCAA team sport

Tech: Botox is the deadliest toxin on earth. Then we started injecting it in our faces.

Lifestyle: Amy Schumer's having a rough pregnancy and had to cancel tour dates because of it

Strategy: Starbucks says it is finally going to block customers from watching porn in stores after years of pressure (SBUX)

Tech: Michael B. Jordan opened up about how playing 'Black Panther' villain Killmonger affected his mental state, and said he saw a therapist after

Finance: Powell says rates are 'just below' a neutral level, flags rising corporate debt as a risk

Finance: The UK economy could slump 8% into the worst recession since WWII after a no deal Brexit, Bank of England warns

Lifestyle: McDonald's holiday pies are back for the festive season, and they're covered in a sugar glaze and rainbow sprinkles

President Buhari’s remarks at COAS Conference in Maiduguri

Oby Ezekwesili picks ACPN party chairman, Galadima as running mate

FG approves downward review of JAMB, NECO, Basic exams’ fees

Drogba and Essien will be in Lagos in March 2019 for a farewell match for Ambode

Ministry of labour appeals to ASUU to end strike

JAMB explains why UTME registration fee was reduced to N3500

Enugu Rangers beat Ethiopian side Defence Force S.C 2-0 in CAF Confederation Cup qualifier

Christian Elders Forum exclude Buhari, Atiku from meeting with presidential candidates

Senate investigates Kogi Govt’s alleged plan for N186b foreign loan

Sports: LeBron James has a detailed sleep plan, and his trainer say it's the key to his 'never-ending' recovery

Strategy: It's now cheaper to order Whole Foods delivery on Instacart than on Amazon

Politics: Trump was shocked to learn his top military officer doesn't make millions — here's why generals make fractions of CEOs' salaries

Politics: Trump was shocked to learn his top military officer doesn't make millions — here's why generals make fractions of CEOs

Lobi Stars lose 0-1 to Cameroonian side UMS de Loum in CAF Champions League qualifier

Lifestyle: Kansas had to recall licenses plates after issuing hundreds that spelled out a racial slur

Lifestyle: 8 things to remember before 'The Handmaid's Tale' season 3

Sports: Zion Williamson once again dominated with a windmill dunk and a monstrous block in Duke's blowout win over Indiana

Lifestyle: 17 surprising things you didn't know about 'Lilo & Stitch'

Lifestyle: 10 popular movie quotes you're probably misquoting

How much exactly is too much to spend on a date?

Finance: Bitcoin is soaring, and on track for its biggest gain since April

Police confirm arrest of Adeyanju, 2 others for inciting public disturbance

Strategy: Moody's warns the decline of the middle class will make 2019 a rough year for retailers

Lifestyle: Black pastor becomes a viral sensation because of his dramatic preaching style

Arrest people selling, buying PVCs, Ortom tells security agencies

Politics: Trump's threat to impose a 'chicken tax' on cars could cause a major mess for the US economy

Lifestyle: Will Smith opened up about his son from his first marriage: 'We struggled for years'

Lifestyle: 8 of the best fall and winter outfits from 'Sex and the City' and how you can re-create them today

Tech: CVS officially completed its $70 billion deal with Aetna almost a year after it was announced, creating a new kind of healthcare company (CVS, AET)

Buhari to meet Heads of State and Government of Lake Chad Basin Commission

Lifestyle: Kylie Jenner took a fashion risk in a pair of bright red pants and a new icy shade of silver hair

Lifestyle: A man thought he had a beer belly, but it was actually a 77-pound cancerous tumor

Politics: Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith narrow victory in Mississippi's Senate race could indicate a Democratic resurgence in the South

Suspected killer of Credit Switch boss dies in Police Custody in mysterious circumstances

Jonathan recounts last encounter with Tony Anenih

Former Super Eagles midfielder Dickson Etuhu faces 6 years in Swedish prison for match-fixing

Nigeria must never be allowed to go back to the corruption, greed and selfishness - Tinubu

Exposing the dirty secrets of professional food photographers

Politics: The US destroyer McCain is returning to sea following a deadly collision 15 months ago

Tech: Here's what Sergey Brin's resume looked like back in 1996, two years before he cofounded Google (GOOG, GOOGL)

Finance: 12 clever ways to save money every day, according to financial experts

Police dismiss Sergeant who killed 20-year-old undergraduate

Lifestyle: 9 dogs whose weight-loss journeys impressed the internet and got them a clean bill of health

Pulse Opinion: If Jimi Agbaje is serious about governing Lagos, he's yet to show it

Buhari visits injured soldiers in Maiduguri

Former Police I-G, CP arraigned over alleged fraud

APO: Lavishness dents Lourenço’s drive to rid Angola of luxury (by Pedro Agosto)

Tech: This tool lets you bequeath your Google account to a trusted person when you die — here's how to set it up

Here's how to tell a partner they're doing something you don't like in bed

Politics: Trump retweets meme suggesting deputy AG Rod Rosenstein committed treason amid wild Twitter spree

Okowa challenges Police to curb kidnapping in Delta

Saint Tracy launches flagship store, unveils Diamond Jewelry Collection

Tunde makes Ada beg for sexual healing Part 2{R-18+}

Lifestyle: 10 grocery shopping habits from around the world that are worth trying

Tech: This $610 million real estate company doesn't have an office for its 13,000 agents and staff — instead, everybody works from this completely virtual island (EXPI)

DJ Cuppy is now an ambassador for Save The Children

Cameroonian journalists burgled in Accra during AWCON coverage

Politics: Khashoggi's murder was born of a brutal, 'Game of Thrones'-style culture around the Saudi crown prince, according to a wild insider account

Tech: Microsoft just passed Apple to become the most valuable tech company — here's why Apple has been in such a slump (AAPL, MSFT)

Finance: New Yorkers are paying upwards of $3,000 a month to live at the former home of a smallpox hospital and an insane asylum, and a walk through the secluded island only 250 yards from Manhattan makes it clear why

Lifestyle: Jason Momoa says there's one major problem with his Aquaman suit: 'If you have the poopsies, it is very challenging'

Tech: The 8 most anticipated returning TV shows of 2019

Lifestyle: I visited a fancy egg-freezing clinic in NYC — and it looked nothing like any doctor's office I've ever been to

Tech: This company built the best-looking smartphone we've ever seen, even better than the iPhone — take a look

Lifestyle: 11 things you didn't know about Jada Pinkett Smith

Lifestyle: Tesla's head of security has left the company — here are all the key names who have departed this year (TSLA)

Cost of UTME form reduced from N5k to N3500

Lifestyle: The TSA had its busiest day ever over Thanksgiving weekend

Politics: 'This is our Joseph McCarthy era!': Trump accuses 'Angry Mueller gang of Dems' of intimidating witnesses to lie in the Russia probe

Finance: Here's Apple's worst-case scenario in Trump's trade war, according to RBC (AAPL)

Strategy: An HR exec who's worked at Starbucks and Coach shares the best way to impress your boss

APO: Government and private sector to get together at the Africa 2018 Forum in Sharm El Sheikh to foster greater regional integration through investments and cross border collaboration

Relationship Talk With Bukky: I keep attracting the wrong men, what do I do?

Lifestyle: A woman fell and impaled herself as she tried to climb a border wall to enter the US

Tech: Fans are calling for Netflix to renew 'Daredevil,' but data shows interest in the show has fallen off

Nigerian Army has released over 300 ex-Boko Haram fighters in 2 years

Lifestyle: 10 ways Gen Zs spend money differently than their Gen X parents

Sex-for-mark lecturer accused of chanting incantations to stop his trial

Finance: I saved $500 on international airfare by flying a top-rated airline most people overlook, and it was one of the best economy trips I've had yet

Tech: The unlikely story of how a poisonous toxin became the blockbuster wrinkle-smoothing treatment Botox

Tech: Some animal fathers are impressive parents, like seahorse dads who give birth to 2,000 babies

Tech: You can now buy a Big Mouth Billy Bass that works with Amazon Alexa — the fish's lips will even sync up with what Alexa is saying (AMZN)

Lifestyle: A skydiving instructor deliberately killed himself by detaching himself from his student during a mile-high jump, police say

Lifestyle: 7 things that are preventing you from moving on from your ex

Here's how to become comfortable talking about sex

See all the countries that offer Jus Soli or birthright citizenship

Here is how Custom officers carelessly killed a Police officer's wife

PDP Senator, Joshua Lidani, defects to APC

Remain focused on eliminating Boko Haram from earth, Buhari tells Army

Finance: Nigeria awards over $41 million mining exploration contract to 5 firms with a 5-year tax holiday

Wepay customers can now shop without Internet, says GM

Here's what to do if you're a guy who struggles to orgasm

Finance: Tiffany's comp sales fall short as spending by Chinese tourists slows (TIF)

Finance: The UK government says Brexit will harm the economy. A lot of damage has already been done.

Budweiser's BUDX coming to Lagos with masterclasses by Chi Modu, Ill Bliss, Others

Guys! Here are 5 ways you create relationship problems for yourself

Finance: The world's 37 richest, healthiest, happiest, and most prosperous nations

Politics: Trump says he would 'totally be willing' to shut down government if Congress doesn't pay for his border wall

Tunde makes Ada beg for sexual healing Part 1{R-18+}

Lifestyle: Diagnosing the mental health of celebrities like Kanye West and Amanda Bynes from afar is damaging and dangerous

APO: Family Bank partners with SimbaPay to launch instant transfers to China’s WeChat

APO: Committee applauds Banyana on qualifying for African Cup of Nations (Afcon) Final and 2019 Fédération Internationale de Football Association (Fifa) Women’s World Cup

BBNaija stars, BamBam, Ifu Ennada feature in new movie, 'Hire a woman'

Our Woman Crush this Wednesday is Maupe Ogun-Yusuf

Buratai says no Army can ever have enough equipment

Politics: Robert Mueller's Russia probe looks like it's speeding up, and could lead to big indictments soon

The plot to impeach Akwa Ibom Governor Udom Emmanuel, explained

Stephanie Coker shares cute photos on Instagram as she turns 30

Finance: 10 things things you need to know before the opening bell (SPY, SPX, QQQ, DIA, PZZA, CRM)

16-yr-old confesses to killing his girlfriend for cheating on him with his brother

Timi Dakolo - 'I Never Know Say' (Official Video)

Gov Udom blames Akpabio for being behind house of assembly crisis

7 brilliant questions you can ask at the end of your job interview

APO: Cameroon: African Development Bank approves €17.96 million Ring-Road project to improve socio-economic growth in the North-West province

Tech: Uber's plan to buy UK delivery giant Deliveroo has stalled, with the 2 sides said to be 'miles apart' on valuation

First wife pours palm oil on 2nd wife's wedding gown (Video)

Lifestyle: Like Dangote, Femi Otedola donates N2 billion to a school

Man shoots 15-feet long python that swallowed his dog

APO: In 2018, Benin, Burundi, Malawi, Uganda and Zambia made significant progress in de-risking renewable energy projects in their countries

David Tlale, Chulaap, Orapeleng, Torlowei, others to showcase at Spice Lifestyle Honors on Dec. 5th

Finance: Farm bankruptcies are surging as Trump's trade war drags on

Politics: Julian Assange reportedly gave away his cat so it wouldn't be trapped in the Ecuadorian Embassy with him anymore

Christian couple cast witchcraft out of stranded owl before burning it (Video)

Tech: How Facebook and 'frat boy billionaire' Mark Zuckerberg were torn to shreds by furious lawmakers

Wizkid, Tiwa Savage join Pharell Williams and David Guetta on ''Global Citizen'' EP

Okorocha hints son-in-law, Nwosu, will join another party to contest Imo governorship election

Buhari lands in Maiduguri to boost troops morale against Boko Haram

APO: Media Advisory: 2018 African Economic Conference “Regional and Continental Integration for Africa’s Development”

Tech: Elon Musk's Boring Company axes plans to build a massive tunnel under Los Angeles

Politics: 10 important things happening across Africa today, November 28, 2018

Ari Lennox on 'discovering' her Nigerian roots, love for Lagos men and upcoming album

Pulse Weddings: Dolapo, Olusoji's pre-wedding pictures are elegant & filled with love

Tech: Google CEO Sundar Pichai is reportedly going to be grilled by Congress for the first time next week

Super Falcons boss Dennerby says his team practised penalties to beat Cameroon in AWCON semifinal

Folarin on the juiciest woman he's ever been with part 2{R-18+}

This is why Edo Governor Obaseki chased electricity boss out of his office

Finance: Stock markets jump after a key Trump advisor says there's a 'good possibility' of a China trade deal

Ezekwesili criticises BON for threatening to shut down broadcasting stations

Boko Haram threatens to attack another Army base in Borno

Borno Government mobilises for Buhari’s visit to Maiduguri

FACT CHECK: Hon Kazaure didn't ask for Buhari's permission to hunt Boko Haram terrorists

"Many women found courage to speak out because of my book"- Toke Makinwa

Amaechi says lack of funds delaying Port Harcourt - Maiduguri rail line

'SpongeBob' creator dies at 57 after one year battle with ALS

Politics: The UK government admits Brexit will inevitably leave Britain poorer

APO: 2018 African Economic Conference in Kigali: together for a common purpose to achieve an outcome

Troops repel Boko Haram attack in Kukawa

Alleged N4.7bn fraud: 10-year old trial of ex-Gov. Ladoja ends

Ay, Omoni Oboli join Josh Hutcherson for 'Elliott: The Littlest Reindeer'

APO: Mauritius and the European Union continue their partnership to combat violence against women and girls

ShopToMyDoor: You can still get amazing Black Friday Deals from US online stores

Tech: Sinclair Group reportedly required over 100 TV stations to air 'must run' segment that defends use of tear gas on migrants at the border

Osimhen, Troost-Ekong lead Pulse Sports' Nigerian Team of the Weekend

Finance: Lost jobs, shrinking growth, and rotting crops — here are all the ways Trump's trade war is hurting America

Photo Of The Day: Mercy Aigbe appears set for Christmas

Lawyer for Snowden in Hong Kong says he left city under pressure

Politics: 'Just kidding': Trump takes aim at Broward County official and fires off a late-night Twitter meme

Politics: Jamal Khashoggi's editor at The Washington Post claims the White House is trying to 'cover up' for Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

Lakers suffer back to back defeat with 117-85 loss to Nuggets

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Bolton defends not listening to Khashoggi tape

Harold O. Levy, progressive New York City schools chief, dies at 65

Cindy Hyde-Smith holds off Mike Espy to keep Mississippi Senate seat

Player of Nigerian descent Faustino Anjorin signs professional contract with Chelsea

Roger Stone sought WikiLeaks' plans amid 2016 campaign, associate says

Super Eagles striker Osimhen says he's enjoying his loan stint at Charleroi

Can Artificial Intelligence eliminate your bad hair days?

In Lion Air crash, black box data reveals pilots' struggle to regain control

Politics: Trump reportedly thought Janet Yellen was not tall enough to lead the Federal Reserve

We can't hide this relationship forever

Recipe for the day: How to prepare Afiame soup

Lady Trumpington, code breaker and irreverent politician, dies at 96

A choreographer's 'love letter' to Alvin Ailey

Lifestyle: Black box reveals the futile struggle between pilots and computer inside the cockpit of doomed Lion Air Flight JT610

Politics: Ukrainian sailors captured during clashes with Russia made bizarre video confessions broadcast on Russian state TV

Sports: Oklahoma is the big winner in latest College Football Playoff ranking and 8 teams are still alive

Tech: YouTube just gave a big clue that its $12-a-month Premium service is headed for extinction after only eight months (GOOG, GOOGL)

Politics: Trump says US troops may not need to be in the Middle East because 'we're producing more oil now'

Politics: The Mississippi Senate runoff election ends as one of the most closely watched races of 2018

Tech: Investigators are zeroing in on romaine from California as the source of E. coli poisoning, and the lettuce trouble reveals why outbreaks are so common

Lifestyle: 8 pets who inherited a fortune

Politics: Trump blames the Federal Reserve for GM's layoffs

Lifestyle: Jenna Dewan swears by green smoothies and hummus — here's exactly what her 'mostly vegan' diet entails

Politics: Newly-elected House Democrats make their play for powerful positions as Pelosi seeks their votes for House speaker

Lifestyle: 18 tips for losing weight while working a desk job

Politics: Trump says he may cancel G20 meeting with Putin over rising Ukraine conflict

Tech: An E. coli outbreak from romaine lettuce has sickened 65 people — here's how to avoid getting sick

Strategy: Ebay says that Cyber Monday and Black Friday set sales records for the site (EBAY)

Lifestyle: Two photographers captured photos of complete strangers they met on Craigslist — and the photos are hauntingly beautiful

Politics: A Russian icebreaker caught fire in St. Petersburg — the latest in a series of shipyard accidents

Tech: The beginner’s guide to tech in 2018: All of the essential phones and gadgets that are actually worth your money

Tech: Amazon is building a dozen satellite transmission facilities that it hopes will extend its lucrative cloud model into space (AMZN)

Politics: Republicans scramble to pass Trump-supported legislation in lame duck session of Congress

Sports: Nigeria's Super Falcons to play South Africa in AWCON final, secure 2019 World Cup ticket

Lifestyle: 5 things to do if you find bedbugs while traveling

Politics: Mueller reportedly has potentially damning emails between Roger Stone and Jerome Corsi that throw a wrench in their claims about WikiLeaks

Gas flaring is destroying our environment, says Delta governor

Lifestyle: This 300-square-foot 'Mad Men' inspired tiny home could be yours for $144k

Lifestyle: Here's how to get a Domino's pizza for 50% off this week

Lifestyle: GM looks to be making peace with Trump after he attacked the automaker's decision to idle US factories (GM)

Lifestyle: Here are the 7 wonders of Africa

Lifestyle: 10 news stories that gripped the world in 2018

Politics: Border Patrol also used tear gas and pepper spray at US-Mexico border during Obama administration

Army advises Nigerian media to check their information properly before publishing

Obasanjo commissions road projects in Delta, calls Okowa a ‘bulldozer’

Politics: 5 photos of the Admiral Makarov, the frigate Russia deployed to the Mediterranean with cruise missiles ready to hit Syria

Lifestyle: 10 landmarks you didn't know had Native American origins

Ohanaeze, Afenifere ask Buhari to sack security chiefs over Metele killing

Lifestyle: 5 crazy sexual traditions that are still practised in Africa

Lifestyle: Princess Beatrice reportedly started seeing her new boyfriend 4 months after he left his ex-fiancée, with whom he has a son

Lifestyle: Why going on anti-anxiety medication is the best decision I have ever made

Politics: Coast Guard crews are capturing record amounts of cocaine — here's how they chase down high-seas smugglers

Tech: Salesforce jumps after delivering 'beat and raise' despite rocky few months on the market (CRM)

Lifestyle: How your vagina changes in your 20s, 30s, and beyond

Tech: South Africa is one of the world's cheapest places to get Netflix and that's why MultiChoice's DSTV is in trouble

Politics: Mueller is said to be probing a 2017 meeting between Paul Manafort and Ecuador's president

Finance: Stocks recover amid hope for US-China trade talks

Lifestyle: Trump's threat to cut GM's electric-car subsidies is completely meaningless (GM)

Lifestyle: Meet the 2018 winners of the highly coveted Morland Writing Scholarship

Tech: These are the 5 reasons why Apple is having its worst month since the 2008 financial crisis — and one reason you can still be bullish (AAPL)

Nigerian lawmaker promises to ‘finish' Boko Haram using professional hunting skills

Finance: General Motors' restructuring plan ensures it'll be a 'winner in Auto 2.0' Morgan Stanley says (GM)

Sports: NFL POWER RANKINGS: Where all 32 teams stand going into Week 13

Politics: Paul Manafort forcefully denies explosive report that he secretly met with Julian Assange at the height of the 2016 campaign

Tech: Suspected cases of the mysterious polio-like disease AFM has grown to 286, up more than 130 cases from last month

Lifestyle: GM is going to kill off its big Buick and Cadillac sedans in the US, but they are still alive and well in China (GM)

Strategy: More people shopped online than in stores as the holiday shopping season kicked off, signaling the end of Black Friday as we know it

Tech: 'Facebook has a black people problem': a former employee posted a 2,500-word memo about racial discrimination at the company (FB)

17 Nigerian Universities get $70m research grant from World Bank

Lifestyle: 17 of the most expensive toys your kids will want this year

Tech: Ivanka Trump and Apple CEO Tim Cook visited an Idaho school to promote the benefits of Apple products for education (AAPL)

Atiku condemns alleged plot to impeach Akwa-Ibom Gov, Emmanuel

Tech: 7 things you can hire a hacker to do and how much it will (generally) cost

Politics: Trump inherited Obama's drone war and he's significantly expanded it in countries where the US is not technically at war

Finance: Papa John's is plunging after report says private-equity firm is no longer interested (PZZA)

Strategy: Amazon and Walmart have been battling for retail dominance for 15 years — and there’s no end in sight (WMT, AMZN)

Politics: John Bolton says he hasn’t listened to audio of Khashoggi killing because he doesn’t speak Arabic

Politics: Trump threatens to slash GM subsidies after the automaker announced layoffs, factory closings (GM)

Sports: Barcelona tops the 2018 list of the highest-paid sports teams in the world with $13.8 million average annual salary

5 signs you need to update your CV and look for a new job

Tech: The election of Brazil's far-right president could devastate the Amazon, and indigenous groups are calling for a 'sacred corridor of life' to protect it

Politics: There's a huge question looming over Paul Manafort's unraveling plea deal with Mueller

Tech: The Camp Fire is finally extinguished. The blaze killed at least 88 people.

Lifestyle: A Houston ATM mistakenly gave out $100 bills and customers got to keep them

EFCC under Buhari has recovered N540b through Whistleblower Policy, says Lai

Politics: Michelle Obama's new memoir was one of Amazon's best-selling items on Cyber Monday. Here are 25 things we learned from 'Becoming.'

Lifestyle: 8 ways my life at 45 looks nothing like I expected

Lifestyle: 18 shocking stories of people who ran off on their wedding day

Olisa Metuh prays court to order EFCC to unfreeze his bank accounts

Tech: The uncensored cut of Lars von Trier's serial-killer movie that prompted 100 walkouts at Cannes will play in theaters tomorrow for one night only

Lifestyle: A freshman at the University of Maryland died after getting adenovirus — here's what to know about the common illness

Reps probe $1bn arms procurement, demand release of dead soldiers’ names

Finance: 12 of the biggest money scandals and scams of 2018

Strategy: We compared Apple's and Microsoft's flagship stores in New York City — and the winner was obvious (AAPL, MSFT)

I’m prepared for governance, ready to fight for Nigerians - Ezekwesili

Politics: 'Tariffs are coming': GM's massive layoffs could spur Trump to hit imported cars and trucks with tariffs, a potentially devastating move

Lifestyle: Waymo announced two major executive hires as it races to launch a commercial self-driving car service (GOOGL)

Okowa orders crackdown on ‘Yahoo Boys’, ritualists in Delta state

Super Falcons beat Cameroon to reach AWCON 2018 final and 2019 Women's World Cup

Strategy: People are obsessed with buying cars through Costco instead of just going to a dealership — these are the biggest differences between the two (COST)

Strategy: Amazon's emphasis on 'the Turkey 5' reveals Black Friday and Cyber Monday as we know them are dying (AMZN)

Lifestyle: GM will kill off these 6 Chevy, Buick, and Cadillac sedans when it idles select factories in 2019

Lifestyle: GM will kill off these 6 Chevy, Buick, and Cadillac sedans when it closes select factories in 2019

Wawu! Huawei Y series bonanza is here

APO: Deputy President Mabuza to lead The World AIDS Day Commemorations, Soweto, Gauteng Province

Politics: A new study found that Trump's trade war could take a gigantic bite out of the US economy

Finance: Apple could 'ultimately mitigate' Trump's tariffs, UBS says (AAPL)

Lifestyle: A new technology designed to help one of NYC's most crowded subway lines went live for less than an hour before something broke — and commuters were furious

Buhari cancels private visit to Daura to show respect to victims of Boko Haram attacks

APO: Energy Committee adopts Draft Integrated Resource Plan 2018

Gov Udom Emmanuel accuses police of working with sacked APC lawmakers

Tech: A Bill Gates-backed energy company is developing what could be a game-changing nuclear reactor

Lifestyle: Trump's views on the US auto industry are childish and intended only to rally his supporters (GM)

More oil companies are dumping Nigeria’s crude

Sports: 6-foot-7 heavyweight Deontay Wilder says he'd 'sign up' if he could get pregnant, carry a child, and give birth as a man

Strategy: Anxious South Korean youngsters have lost hope in their future and don't want to get married — and that's unexpectedly fueling the country's $2.5 billion air fragrance industry

Don’t be used to spread fake news - Lai Mohammed urges media

Lifestyle: A day in the life of a luxury interior designer, who starts her day with a 'caffeine cocktail,' has designed penthouses for Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, and goes to a SoulCycle class every night

Politics: Inside a Ukrainian nationalist camp where kids are trained to kill Russian invaders

Tech: MoviePass may have figured out a way to stop losing money on every subscriber, but it could also lead to the company's demise (HMNY)

Tech: OnePlus is partnering with McLaren for a mysterious new device — here's the best bet as to what it could be

Tech: NASA just dropped a solar-powered lander onto Mars — here's what InSight will do on the red planet

APO: UN Human Rights chief warmly welcomes move towards equal inheritance rights for women in Tunisia

Tech: How big is 'Fortnite'? With more than 200 million players, it's now equal to nearly two-thirds the US population

Tech: 10 of the best keto meal options at popular chain restaurants

Finance: It's about to get easier for millions of California workers to save for retirement

APC reacts to allegation levelled against defence minister by PDP

Strategy: A business school professor who studied 20,000 startup founders says 'going ugly' can be the key to a successful partnership — or marriage

Politics: Trump administration floats claims that tear-gassed women and children were 'human shields'

Tech: Potentially explosive secret Facebook documents will be published by a fake news committee 'within the next week'

APO: Secretary Pompeo Announces Latest Lifesaving the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) Results

Tech: I've owned an Amazon Echo for three years now — here are my 19 favorite features (AMZN)

Lifestyle: 11 myths about lupus

Lifestyle: Amber Heard basically wore a fancy swimming cap on the red carpet and looked like a real-life mermaid

Tech: A Facebook glitch has been causing messages from users' pasts to resurface — and people are calling it a 'cringe-fest' (FB)

APO: World Council of Churches condemns killing of Catholic priests in South Sudan, Cameroon

Lifestyle: 11 things that can happen when you're sleeping that seem weird but are actually normal

Strategy: We compared Dunkin's first store to its brand-new 'store of the future' — and it showed how far the coffee giant has come (DNKN)

Lifestyle: 'Teen Mom' stars Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell have decided to live separately while awaiting the birth of their third child — here's a timeline of their decade-long relationship

PDP maps out plan to recover "stolen Kwara by-election mandate" from APC

Segun O. Mosuro releases Monday's Ball, a picture book for children

Tech: The 5 highest-paid TV hosts of 2018, including almost $150 million for Judge Judy

Lifestyle: 16 of the most notorious feuds between actors and directors

Lifestyle: 50 beloved celebrities who died in 2018

Super Eagles defender Omeruo and his wife welcome baby girl

When a pretty girl rubs her boobs against you (in public transport)…

Restaurants in Lagos where you can actually have an 83k romantic date

Strategy: Amazon reveals the best-selling items that it says helped Cyber Monday become its biggest sales day in history (AMZN)

Politics: Fox News commentator Geraldo Rivera slams use of tear gas against migrants: ‘I am ashamed…These are desperate people’

Lifestyle: 13 things you probably didn't know about 'Titanic'

Ebonyi begins processes of establishing 3 cement factories

Kwankwaso ya mayar ma Shugaba Buhari martani kan zargin da yayi a Kasar Faransa

I will never go naked or be smooched for a movie - Sola Sobowale

Kwara loses pioneer speaker to brief illness

Tech: Here's how much it costs to use Netflix across Africa

''They would turn off my mic because the A-list artist doesn't like me'', says Mo'Cheddah

APO: 16 Days Activism Against Gender Based Violence

Tech: Google employees petition Google to shut down its work on controversial censored search engine for China

Finance: The Dow drops as much as 225 points after Trump says he expects to ramp up tariffs against China

Following salary increase, Police I-G to get N3.3m as rent subsidy

Here's how to handle your money on payday

Strategy: Starbucks has debuted a new holiday beverage as it doubles down on festive cheer (SBUX)

Men! See these lowkey signs that your babe isn't enjoying sex with you

Gboyega Oyetola sworn in as Osun State Governor

Politics: Paul Manafort reportedly met with Julian Assange months before WikiLeaks began dumping hacked emails

Folarin on the juiciest woman he's ever been with part 1{R-18+}

Pasuma Wonder thanks God as he turns a year older today

Tech: NASA sent an $850 million drill to Mars and it could uncover clues to an outstanding mystery in our solar system

Court warns parties in Adeleke eligibility suit to “behave, be calm"

Lifestyle: People in at least 31 states have come down with a rare polio-like illness this year — here's what to know about it

Finance: Tesla says report stating sales in China crashed 70% in October is 'wildly inaccurate' (TSLA)

Lifestyle: Perfectionism has become an unhealthy 'epidemic' among millennials, psychologists say

Strategy: The sisters behind Yuengling, America's largest independent brewery, have an inside joke that completely explains their business philosophy

Politics: Christine Blasey Ford says she and her family 'feel hopeful that our lives will return to normal'

Politics: Trump rips Mueller for 'ruining lives' of people 'refusing to lie' after Jerome Corsi says he will reject Mueller's plea offer

Lifestyle: The glorious history of the Ford F-Series truck, America's best selling vehicle for 36 years (F)

30,000 petty traders to benefit from Trader Moni in Jigawa

Strategy: The total romaine lettuce ban is over after 43 reported illnesses across 12 states

Tech: There's a free way to watch 72 movies from Hollywood's hottest indie film studio, including 'Lady Bird' and 'Moonlight'

APC chieftain urges Buhari to attend Presidential debate

Tech: A new $100 keto breathalyzer could finally make the low-carb diet easier to manage

Finance: 20 US colleges where financial aid could be better, according to students

Petroleum minister Kachikwu says refineries will start working in 2020

Four women, a heist, an one hell of a Ride! - Widows private screening

Lifestyle: What to do when you get audited by the IRS

APO: Merck Foundation Discussed with the President of Central African Republic their commitment to develop healthcare capacity in the country

Tech: Amazon’s HQ2 could drive up homelessness in New York and Washington, DC. Most of Jeff Bezos’ $1 billion in donations to homeless groups are going elsewhere.

Nigerian players abroad: Goal fest in Europe as Chukwueze, Musa, Osimhen score

Lola Okoye explains how she handles the negativity around her

Tech: Secret Facebook documents show it was warned about a potentially huge data issue involving Russia back in 2014

The Voice of one survivor heard is the strength of another; join WARIF 16 days of activism campaign

Gunshots at Akwa Ibom assembly as gov Udom storms complex to disrupt sitting

Lifestyle: Why trees have wreaked havoc on Uber's self-driving program

Learn how to pronounce these famous Nigerian dishes

Group hails Buhari for increasing police salaries

Lifestyle: 12 famous cartoon animals compared to their real-life counterparts

Gunshots, uproar in Akwa Ibom Assembly, police cordon off complex

Strategy: How Ocean Spray harvests 220 billion cranberries a year

Lifestyle: 10 of the most common myths about weight-loss surgery

Politics: Roadside bomb kills 3 US service members in Afghanistan in the deadliest month this year for the US forces fighting there

Tech: The 8 most-anticipated new TV shows of 2019, from Netflix to networks

Sanwo-Olu preaches peace, vigilance ahead of 2019 elections

3 things to consider before you change your career

Lifestyle: This interactive museum in Japan is like living inside of a rainbow

Excitement as Lagos wins 5th Lafarge Africa National Literacy Competition

Ask Sarah: How do I talk dirty without sounding like a porn star?

Toke Makinwa says men with money don't complain when they help women

Lifestyle: Ariana Grande teased the music video for 'Thank U, Next,' and it's full of 'Mean Girls' tributes

Lifestyle: Will Smith is escorted away from Lewis Hamilton's F1 car after 'taking it for a joyride' in a second prank video directed by Michael Bay

Here's how to schedule sex and still enjoy it

Married To The Love Of Her Life: Benita Okojie celebrates husband on 2nd wedding anniversary

Super Falcons trio Oshoala, Ebi, Oluehi make group stage XI of AWCON 2018

Finance: An investment company is going bananas after saying it's spinning off its crypto-mining business to position for a 'bitcoin recovery' (DPW)

Politics: Mom pictured fleeing with her kids from tear gas at the US border says she never thought Border Patrol would use it on children

This is what Buhari told military chiefs after killing of 100 soldiers

Gov. Yahaya Bello donates N7m to churches

Tech: Mark Zuckerberg humiliated by international lawmakers for failing to give evidence on Facebook scandals

Play and win a brand new car every month for 500 naira only!

APO: Standing Committee on Public Accounts (SCOPA) to Meet with Special Investigating Unit (SIU) for Progress Update

LAUTECH final year student arrested for allegedly killing her boyfriend

Dr D.K Olukoya's 'Shalom Chorale' gospel choir shines at BBC gospel competition

Lifestyle: The 11 mistakes that can make a breakup worse — and what to do instead

Man rapes his friend's 74-yr-old bedridden mother-in-law

Sports: These are the African players making waves at the moment in EPL

Tech: Sensitive Facebook documents were seized by British Parliament after the creator of a bikini app 'panicked'

54-year-old comedian, Amy Sedaris will join 'Lion King' as an 'elephant shrew'

Man buries wood in place of his brother in Anambra (Video)

British Museum finally agrees for the stolen Benin bronzes to be returned to Nigeria — with strings attached

Finance: 10 things you need to know before the opening bell (SPY, SPX, QQQ, DIA, AMZN, TSLA, MSFT, AAPL, BABA)

Naija FM OAP, Godwin Aruwayo to celebrate 10 years on radio with 'One Chance' initiative

Politics: Chinese President Xi faces potential 'humiliation' in shaky G20 trade talks with Trump

Relationship Talk With Bukky: What to do when your girl doesn't say "I love you"

APO: Newly elected Rugby Rwanda President to focus on talent development

Here's how to be more confident in bed

Gwamnatin Zamfara ta dakatar da sarakuna kan barayin shanu

UN chief condemns terrorist attacks on Nigerian soldiers

UN chief deplores terrorist attacks on Nigerian soldiers

Sports: Fighting Floyd Mayweather interests Khabib Nurmagomedov more than anything the UFC can offer

Finance: GM warned Trump that his China tariffs would hurt jobs. He now complains that it's happening. (GM)

Ask Sarah: Why does having sex hurt so much?

Opinion: So much noise about the 'Alte' movement

'Chief Daddy' director, Niyi Akinmolayan wants to spend N120 million on first animation film, 'Frogeck'

APO: Ghana Rugby Announces Participation In 2019 Internationals

Strategy: Amazon says Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2018 were the biggest shopping days in its history

Lifestyle: 5 things you need to know in Nigeria today

3 ways to lose weight in only 3 days

Guys! Here are 3 biggest signs that you're doing too much with a girl you just met!

Politics: A dog Kim Jong Un gave to South Korea as a peace gift has had 6 puppies

2019 election, as far as Kaduna state is concerned, almost a done deal - El-Rufai

Finance: Trump's latest trade barbs are hitting Apple stock and the British pound

Finance: Trump's latest trade barbs are hammering Apple stock and the British pound

3 must see teasers from 'Up North' starring Banky W, Adesua Etomi and Rahama Sadau

3 things people get wrong about getting jobs in Nigeria

APO: Ireland helps Zimbabwe respond to cholera outbreak

Strategy: International Labour Organisation says women now earn 20% less than men as global take-home pay hits its lowest since 2008

NAPTIP arrests Ochanya's aunt for knowlegde about teenager's repeated rape

Lifestyle: The best style of bangs for your face shape, according to a celebrity hairdresser

Simi Live In Lagos is back in December at Balmoral convention centre

Oprah Winfrey mum passes away, says she lived a good life

Queen Moremi 'The Musical': Anticipate the gripping story behind one of Yoruba's greatest queens

OOTD: We can't get over Nancy Isime's leopord print co-ord look

Tech: Uber was just fined nearly $1.2 million over the giant 2016 data hack

Politics: Theresa May told to set her resignation date as Trump blasts her Brexit plans

Buhari tasks military chiefs on best strategy to defeat Boko haram

Dencia slams Leon Balogun and family for comments made about Blac Chyna

Get ready for 3 extraordinary flavour-filled nights at Guinness' 'Flavour Rooms'

Olamide announces realease date for new YBNL album

Kwara State Govt is wondering why it hasn't received its share of Paris Club refund

APO: European Union strengthens its partnership with Mauritius and the region to fight drug trafficking

Mikel says he’s on break from the Super Eagles and has not retired

Read how Yahoo boy kidnapped and raped American

APO: Huge potential for South African companies in Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado province

Rita Dominic now member of over 1000 groups since phone number got leaked

Politics: Ukraine says Russia may be preparing to launch a large-scale ground invasion

In Mississippi, President campaigns for a candidate in trouble

Kevin Durant powers Warriors to win against Orlando Magic

Monday, November 26, 2018

Lady Donli - 'Games' feat GJtheCaesar (Official Video)

One killed and six injured as car slams into pedestrians in Manhattan

Ice Prince - 'Yawa' feat. Peruzzi

Liverpool star Mane bring Senegalese sauce to new balance boot

Honduran President's brother, arrested in Miami, is charged with drug trafficking

Facing attack, George Soros' foundation to shut down in Turkey

Manafort's lies violated plea deal, prosecutors say

Trump moves to lower Medicare drug costs

Cameroon coach wants 2014, 2016 AWCON revenge over Super Falcons

United Technologies says it will split into 3 companies

Origin story of El Chapo: Scrappy and 'very poor,' according to one witness

'My Brilliant Friend': A fairy tale of youth gives way to messy adolescence

Politics: 'It's a pretty easy read ... there are pictures': CNN's Anderson Cooper throws serious shade at Trump after new climate-change report

ASUU strike continues as FG fails to reach agreement with lecturers again

No clear end to chaos as migrants confront U.S. border

Businesses on border report $5.3 million loss in crossing shutdown

Is Klobuchar too 'Minnesota nice' for Democrats in 2020?

Image of tear-gassed migrants stirs ire

Politics: 15 attorneys general join amicus brief opposing Matthew Whitaker as Acting US Attorney General

Tech: Chinese researcher behind genetically edited babies is now under investigation and suspended without pay

Tech: Jack Ma, creator of e-commerce giant Alibaba and China's richest man alive, has been outed as a member of the Communist Party

Politics: Fox Nation, the new streaming service for Fox News 'superfans,' eschews news coverage and goes all-in on conservative opinion

Politics: Fox Nation, the new streaming service for Fox News 'superfans,' dumps news coverage and goes all-in on conservative opinion

Tech: WhatsApp's chief business officer is the latest exec to leave Facebook (FB)

Tech: 'I don't believe it': Trump responds to reporters asking about the multibillion-dollar economic impact of climate change

Politics: Paul Manafort's plea agreement with the feds is in jeopardy as Mueller accuses him of lying to investigators

Politics: Kirsten Gillibrand hits back at top Democratic donors who blame her for Al Franken's ouster

Lifestyle: Elon Musk says people need to work around 80 hours per week to change the world (TSLA)

Lifestyle: Uber removed the second backup driver from its self-driving cars ahead of the crash that killed an Arizona pedestrian

Politics: Trump suggests the US should form a state-run, global news network to counter CNN's 'unfair' coverage

EFCC denies receiving N10m from Gov Ganduje

Lifestyle: Uber employees say the company's autonomous driving unit used this strange term to describe people and animals

Tech: Read the sweet letter that Microsoft sends to the newborn children of its employees (MSFT)

Finance: How Nigeria lost $6 billion to the controversial OPL 245 deal

Strategy: J.Crew's website is on day 4 of tech glitches after crashing on Black Friday

Politics: Conservatives are zeroing in on Obama's immigration history to defend Trump, but experts say that's a 'tactic for distraction'

Politics: Hundreds of additional US troops take position in California as migrants clash with border patrol

President Buhari mourns Ikeogu Oke

Lifestyle: Here's how much a marriage license costs in each state

Sports: Jalen Ramsey and Josh Allen continued their feud on Sunday, with the 'trash' Bills quarterback coming out on top.

Lifestyle: Disappointing, behind-the-scenes photos show what it's really like to be an Instagram influencer

Politics: Donald Trump attacks Theresa May's Brexit deal as a 'great deal for the EU'

Tech: Watch NASA scientists freak out after landing a probe on Mars for the first time in 6 years

Lifestyle: Miss Universe is helping women learn how to protect themselves and she was inspired by her her own violent carjacking experience

Strategy: 5 common money management mistakes young Africans make and how to avoid them

Politics: Democratic opposition to Nancy Pelosi's bid for speaker of the House has virtually collapsed

Politics: Trump is ready to go all-out in the trade war with China, and even the iPhone may not be spared

Strategy: How learning to say 'no' allowed me to build a life that I love

Donald Duke promises free tuition at all levels of education if elected president

Lifestyle: This Rolls-Royce feature might be the world's fanciest way to tailgate

Tech: The FDA just approved a drug that targets cancers based on DNA, rather than where the tumor is in your body

Lifestyle: Meet the first black vice-chancellor in over 100 years at a top South African university

Lagos Speaker, Obasa congratulates Oyetola ahead of inauguration as Osun Gov

Tech: Trump just threatened to place tariffs on the iPhone and Apple stock is getting crushed (AAPL)

Tech: I switched to Android after more than a decade with the iPhone, and I'm not going back. Here's why. (AAPL, GOOG, GOOGL)

Lifestyle: The 'isolated' tribe that killed a 26-year-old American missionary has been contacted by the outside world at least 11 times before — here’s what happened

Tech: 3 video games that deserve a second chance

Tech: NASA's InSight lander sent back its first photo of Mars within minutes of touching down — take a look

Lifestyle: 15 toys from our childhood we wish still existed

Lifestyle: 12 things you didn't know about Lay's potato chips

Lifestyle: Atheists tell us how they live with Christians and Muslims in Nigeria

Finance: Microsoft briefly dethrones Apple as the most valuable US company (AAPL, MSFT)

Strategy: Forget the traditional boss-employee relationship — people are saying they have their boss' phone number, have met their partners, and have even exercised together

Finance: The Dow jumps more than 350 points amid expectations for a historic Cyber Monday

Tech: NASA’s InSight lander may not be as sexy as a Mars rover, but here’s why the mission matters for Earthlings

Strategy: New Yorkers are storming one of Amazon's stores in protest of HQ2. Here are all the reasons why people are furious. (AMZN)

Politics: Trump attacks GM, says they 'better damn well open a new plant' in Ohio after the automaker announces layoffs and factory shutdowns

Sports: Top 12 waiver-wire pickups for Week 13 of fantasy football

Buhari disagrees with APC, says aggrieved members should go to court

Lifestyle: I'm convinced that exercising in the morning has transformed my productivity, and research backs me up

FG fully committed to passage of PIGB - Osinbajo

3 modular refineries to begin operations in 2019 — Kachikwu

PDP accuses Defence Minister of using Army funds to sponsor APC's campaign

Strategy: Dunkin' execs reveal why they want customers to 'order through a robot' in the near future (DNKN)

Lifestyle: 12 healthy ingredients you should be adding to your salad

Tech: NASA's new Mars mission just landed — and it could reveal why Earth is habitable but the red planet is not

Lifestyle: 10 of the most common pregnancy complications to watch out for

Nigerian entertainer, Banky W speaks on why he's running for office

Lifestyle: 14 people share the best advice they've ever received from a teacher

Lifestyle: I visited the 'Equinox of egg freezing' in NYC, where you can drink green juice and Instagram your fertility experience — and it felt more like a fancy spa than a medical facility

Lifestyle: 22 of the best celebrity appearances on 'Sesame Street'

Tech: The last time Microsoft was more valuable than Apple, the Zune was still taking on the iPod (AAPL, MSFT)

Loose Talk Podcast

Lifestyle: 5 early signs of prostate cancer

Finance: General Motors spikes after announcing plans to idle 3 North American factories and slash 15% of its salaried workforce (GM)

Strategy: Black Friday spending soared to record highs — here were the top sellers at Walmart, Costco, Best Buy, and more

Politics: Right-wing violence has 'accelerated' in the US since Trump took office

Strategy: Black Friday sales were the best they have been in years — but companies lost millions of dollars because they weren't ready for success

Lifestyle: 10 tips for saving money when grocery shopping for one person

Lifestyle: 50,000 women around the world were killed by someone they knew in 2017 — and women in the US are at risk

Lifestyle: Kate Beckinsale showed off the results of a $650 facial that uses 'liquefied cloned foreskins,' and she's not the only celebrity to try it

Lifestyle: Jada Pinkett Smith says she wouldn't be pleasant if she were divorcing Will: 'I'm not mature enough'

Lifestyle: A mother is reminding people to vaccinate their children after her cancer-stricken daughter caught measles

Politics: What we know about the 3 Ukrainian naval vessels that Russia just fired upon and seized

Sports: Shake-up in college basketball AP Top 25 may provide a glimpse into who has the inside track to No. 1 seeds in NCAA tournament

Police Service Commission lauds Buhari’s commitment over welfare of police officers

Lifestyle: 16 surprising things you probably didn't know about Hershey

Lifestyle: Amtrak passengers were trapped for 6 hours without air conditioning or working toilets after their train got stuck in Queens

Lifestyle: Hollywood-style trailers, exclusive dinner parties, and 'Instagram museums': The CEO of a real estate PR firm dishes on how he sells multimillion-dollar mansions to the super-rich

Lifestyle: A Chinese researcher claims that the first gene-edited babies have been born, and scientists are disturbed

Mikel Obi says he rates his AFCON title more than his Premier League trophies

Buhari approves enhanced salary structure for Nigerian police force

Finance: Vancouver's housing market is headed for a 'bumpy landing,' economist says

Tech: Airbnb poaches Amazon exec as its new CFO as the $31 billion startup preps for IPO

Ganduje donates N10m to EFCC, ICPC, others

Politics: 'GM let Northeast Ohio down': GOP senator slams GM decision to shutter factories and lay off workers

Pulse Opinion: Those who believe that President Buhari is Jubril from Sudan, aren't foolish, they just need help

Lifestyle: A Southwest Airlines baggage handler was caught on camera recklessly throwing luggage around (LUV)

Tech: Oscar-winning director Guillermo del Toro says he's lost over a decade of work on unmade movies, including 'Justice League Dark' and 'Beauty and the Beast'

Tech: A Fox News guest suggested that the tear gas being used on migrants at the border was so 'natural' you could 'put it on your nachos'

Tech: Why Mars is the hardest planet to land on in our solar system

Tech: 'Venom' just passed 'Wonder Woman' at the worldwide box office — and there's a particular reason it's continued to dominate

Politics: Roger Stone associate Jerome Corsi reportedly turns down plea deal from Robert Mueller: 'I will not lie to save my life'

Finance: What a $250,000 home looks like in the biggest city in every state

Sports: 8 reasons you should buy Fitbit's $150 smartwatch instead of an Apple Watch

Sports: Game 12 of the World Chess Championship has ended in a shocking draw and now goes to tiebreaks between Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Caruana

Tech: The biggest Nintendo game of 2018 isn't out yet, but the game has already leaked to pirates

Finance: Microsoft dethrones Apple as the most valuable US company (AAPL, MSFT)

‘Buhari does not need Obasanjo to win,’ Oshiomhole

Finance: The salary you need to afford rent in every state, ranked

Politics: Theresa May's Brexit deal will be voted on by MPs on December 11

Finance: AMD and Nvidia's crypto problems 'will persist longer than expected,' RBC says (AMD, NVDA)

Sports: LeBron James' move to the Lakers is having one negative effect on the NBA — it's killing TV ratings

Tech: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are moving out of their London palace home — here are the 13 other royals they leave behind

APO: Speech Delivered by H.E President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo at the Blue Economy Conference, Nairobi

Tech: What it's like to use the Gravity Blanket, a $250 weighted blanket that's designed to reduce stress and help you sleep

Lifestyle: 10 red flags that your partner is being too controlling

Buhari approves enhanced salary structure Nigerian police

Tech: NASA's InSight probe must survive '7 minutes of terror' to land on Mars. If it does, here are some incredible discoveries the robot could make.

Lifestyle: The actor who played Viktor Drago in 'Creed II' actually had to lose weight to play the 220 pound goliath — here's what he ate in a day

APO: UN Women Egypt Commemorates the Launch of 16 Days of Activism to End Gender-Based Violence

Tech: Google denounces Senator Hyde-Smith's 'public hanging' remark after donating to her campaign, but has yet to join companies like Walmart and AT&T asking for their donation to be returned (GOOGL, GOOG)

Politics: Mississippi's Republican Senate candidate is under fire over her history of racial insensitivity as Democrats try to pick off another deep-red seat

Tech: Over half a million people downloaded these 13 games from the Google Play Store, but it turns out the apps were hiding malware (GOOG, GOOGL)

Lifestyle: Ulta Beauty's Cyber Monday sale includes items as cheap as $1 — here are the 10 best things to buy

Lifestyle: 4 foods to avoid when you're hungover

Strategy: Amazon may have just had its best Black Friday yet. Here's what shoppers were buying. (AMZN)

Lifestyle: People are trying the 'military diet' to try and lose weight fast — here's why experts say they don't recommend it

Tech: NASA is dropping a solar-powered lander onto Mars today — here's what InSight will do on the red planet

Lifestyle: Chris Brown commented 3 times on photos of Rihanna in lingerie and her fans are furious

Sports: Jimmy Butler hit 2 identical game-winning shots in 8 days, and it shows the 76ers' gamble is paying off

Lifestyle: 8 foods that have more protein than an egg

Tech: 'Venom' just passed 'Wonder Woman' at the worldwide box office — and there's one big reason it's continued to dominate

Lifestyle: 10 signs your home might have bedbugs

Lifestyle: 3 great TV shows to watch on Netflix this week

Britain says it has no preferred candidates for 2019 election

Lifestyle: 10 signs your long-distance relationship will last

Politics: H.R. McMaster reportedly called Trump out for asking about taking Iraq's oil

Lifestyle: 10 signs your partner is emotionally unavailable

Politics: China confirms for the first time that it has a third aircraft carrier in the works

Lifestyle: 10 popular at-home workouts that actually work, according to fitness experts

Lifestyle: 11 dream jobs for people who love cats

I never said I will probe Fayose — Gov. Fayemi

Politics: Trump is suddenly obsessed with the ballooning federal deficit after his signature legislative victories caused it to explode

Politics: U.S. urges Nigeria to take firm stand to end violence against women and girls

China is now scoring individuals on how they behave in society

I have been an absentee husband for 8 years - Aregbesola

Lifestyle: The 26-year-old American killed by a remote Indian tribe said in a final letter: 'Don't retrieve my body'

Mikel Obi speaks on his foundation, 2018 World Cup experience, his career and Super Eagles return

DPR discovers 50 illegal filling stations in Akwa Ibom

Tech: Amazon's revamped Echo Plus got 6 crucial upgrades this year — and it's now $40 off for Cyber Monday (AMZN)

Strategy: Furious Walmart shoppers are complaining that hot video game deals sold out seconds into Cyber Monday (WMT)

Tech: The Frenchman racing to become the first person to swim across the Pacific is calling it quits, but he says he'll be back next year

President Buhari mourns Abba Kyari

Lifestyle: 40 stunning natural wonders everyone should see in their lifetime

Lifestyle: Miley Cyrus just returned to Instagram after 4 months to tease new music

Lifestyle: A Texas Special Olympics coach allegedly gave a black football player with autism a Confederate flag hat

Finance: Meet 7 African billionaires who inherited their wealth

Lifestyle: The one 'tourist trap' that's actually worth visiting in every state

Media organisations collaborate against fake news ahead of 2019

Lifestyle: GM will stop building cars at 3 North American factories and cut its salaried workforce by 15% in 2019 as it shifts to electric and self-driving cars (GM)

Strategy: Black Friday saw empty stores and fewer shoppers, signaling the death of the shopping bonanza as we know it

Side Chicks v Main Chicks: To confront the other woman or not?

Johnny Drille, DJ Cuppy, DJ Spinall, Killertunes win big at The Beatz Awards 2018

Court begins hearing in Oni’s suit challenging Fayemi’s eligibility in Ekiti

Tech: Silicon Valley's favorite designer created a line of tiny homes that cost just $280,000. Take a look inside.

Tech: Business Insider wants your nominations for our power players of telecom list

Lifestyle: Ariana Grande masterfully shut down a troll who accused her of milking ex Mac Miller's death

Lifestyle: These are the 15 best airports in America

Appeal Court grants accelerated hearing in suit against Kashamu

Lifestyle: 'Morning Joe' hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough secretly married over the weekend and fans are congratulating the couple

Finance: Retail stocks are rallying on Cyber Monday after Black Friday sales hit a record high

Police arrest 12 over kidnapping, armed robbery in Plateau

Check out D'banj's message to Don Jazzy on his birthday

Lifestyle: The amazing history of the Boeing 737, the best-selling airliner of all time (BA)

Tech: The new 'Robin Hood' movie is officially the biggest box-office bomb of the year

Strategy: 7 things successful people do right away when they return from a long weekend

Lifestyle: Airlines are copying retailers like Amazon and Walmart and starting a 'Black Friday' of their own

Lifestyle: 18 dog breeds that have long lifespans

Finance: Hedge fund billionaire Dan Loeb is reportedly nearing a deal to shake up Campbell Soup's board (CPB)

Strategy: An HR exec who's worked at Starbucks and Coach was recently asked a surprising question by a job candidate that rocketed them to the top of the list

APO: Libya: Situation of migrants and rescue operations up for discussion

Lifestyle: 12 tips for a more organized fridge, according to professionals

Here are 5 perfect jobs for you if you're an introvert

Tech: CVS is set to complete its $69 billion deal with Aetna almost a year after it was announced, creating a new kind of healthcare company (CVS, AET)

APO: Full Bench of Western Cape High Court to Hear Afriforum versus Parliament Matter on Thursday

Pulse Opinion: This is what killing of over 100 soldiers tells us about our nation

Recipe of the day: How to prepare cabbage stir-fry for a keto diet

Lifestyle: Kim Kardashian said she was high on ecstasy when she got married for the first time and when she filmed her sex tape

Tech: See how Juul turned teens into influencers and threw buzzy parties to fuel its rise as Silicon Valley's favorite e-cig company

Finance: 5 things you need to know in Nigeria business today

Moghalu accuses Buhari of using corruption war to fuel political agenda

ASUU president gives conditions to suspend strike

Politics: Turkish military helicopter crashes on suburban street in Istanbul, killing 4 soldiers onboard

Politics: Mueller's report will be 'politically very devastating' for Trump, Alan Dershowitz predicts

Relationship Talk With Bukky: How do I get other women off my man?

Check out the best dressed ladies at the ELOY Awards 2018

APO: Cape Town meeting to discuss next steps and opportunities for South Africa’s Black Industrialists Programme

K1 De Ultimate's lead vocalist reportedly passes away

Troops kill girl on suicide-bombing mission in Adamawa

Nigeria's fastest man Seye Ogunlewe is our MCM for the day

Tech: Pharmacists are getting squeezed by 2 of the world's biggest companies. Here's how they're fighting back.

Tech: Elon Musk believes AI could turn humans into an endangered species like the mountain gorilla

Soldiers narrate how they survived Boko Haram's Metele attack after running out of ammunition

Herdsmen kill Delta man who tried to prevent his wife's rape

APO: Democratic Republic of the Congo begins first-ever multi-drug Ebola trial

Catholic Corpers involved in an auto accident (graphic photos)

Timi Dakolo - 'I Never Know Say'

Lifestyle: The one trait that separates psychopaths from sociopaths

Strategy: Rand Merchant Bank Nigeria wins Business Day Merchant Bank of the Year Award

SustyVibes to hold 1st ever environmental awareness photography exhibition in December

Exclusive Interview: Falana talks 4 year absence and upcoming EP, ''Chapter One''

Gay prostitutes arrested over alleged blackmail

BBNaija's Nina recovers Instagram account day after it was hacked

29 Years! Vice President Yemi & Dolapo Osinbajo celebrate wedding anniversary!

BON 2018: Organisers to honour Kene Mkparu, Baba Sala, Jason Njoku at 10th edition

Among the 7 tallest statues in Africa, Nigeria shows up twice

Benue youth kill 13 'cultists' who murdered an okada man

Finance: 10 things you need to know before the opening bell (SPY, SPX, QQQ, DIA, TSLA, AMZN, FB)

Lifestyle: Members of an isolated Indian tribe lined up with bows and arrows when police tried to retrieve a 26-year-old American's body

The history of and symbolism of adire

Ezekwesili says Nigerian lives have become cheap under Buhari

Lifestyle: A BBC film crew saved a poisoned lion cub — but violated one of the first rules of nature documentaries in the process

41-yr-old teacher videotaped defiling 8-yr-old female student

Nigeria Air Force bombs Boko Haram hideouts a week after Metele attack

Ex-Defence chief explains why terrorists are killing soldiers

Obasanjo applauds Atiku's cultural responsibility at his turbaning ceremony

Lifestyle: Will Smith kidnapped Lewis Hamilton and tied him to a chair in a viral Twitter prank because he wanted to race the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix himself

Lifestyle: Jessica Biel swears by this trick to beat muscle soreness — but top personal trainers aren't convinced

Celebrating the big idea

Finance: Amazon shares are set to lead a Cyber Monday tech rally while global stocks rebound from a rocky week (AMZN)

Strategy: Cyber Monday 2018 is forecast to be the biggest online shopping day in US history

Best Year Of Their Lives! Banky W, Adesua Etomi celebrate 1st wedding anniversary!

Lifestyle: 'Artist of the Year' award at AFRIMA 2018 goes to Nigeria for the second year in a row

Ganduje again promises Buhari 5 million votes in Kano in 2019

APO: GE Healthcare collaborates with Beyond Zero Initiative to increase access to primary healthcare services

"Terrorists who killed over 100 soldiers in Metele were foreigners," report says

8 roles Funlola Aofiyebi-Raimi will convincingly play in any movie

Check out adorable messages exchanged between Banky W and Adesua Etomi on special day

Finance: GOLDMAN SACHS: Feuding UK politicians aren't united enough to torpedo Theresa May's Brexit deal

ASUU to hold another meeting with FG as strike enters week 4

Finance: Airtel Africa appoints JP Morgan, Citigroup, Absa, Barclays, 4 other global banks to work on IPO

Would you wear high heels made out of 'human skin'? Well for $10,000 they could be yours!

Politics: The UAE pardoned a British student convicted to life in prison after showing a purported confession video where he says he works for MI6

Lifestyle: Relationship experts say these are the 8 red flags to look out for when you start dating someone — and some are surprisingly common

Flavour welcomes son with Sandra Okagbue

Kemi Adetiba's 'King of Boys' remains number 1 after 5 weeks at the cinema

Presidency says Boko Haram remains 'technically defeated' despite Metele attack

Mike Ezuruonye's 'Lagos Real Fake Life' is making an impression after 10 days in cinema

Memunah Yahaya features Deyemi Okanlawon, Mary Lazarus in first movie, 'Clustered Colours'

Wande Coal credits D'banj with 'breaking down the doors' for global success

Atiku yayi bikin nadin sarautar "Wazirin Adamawa" tare da murnar ranar haihuwar shi

Politics: Theresa May is planning a televised Brexit debate with Jeremy Corbyn in last ditch bid to save her deal

APO: Improving African migration governance

Blac Chyna's mum comes for those slamming her over visit to Nigeria [Video]

Terry G - 'Chimo' (Official Video)

More than 140 pilot whales are dead after mass beaching in New Zealand

APO: Gulf Capital and AfricInvest invest US$ 51 million into iSON Xperiences, the largest customer service and outsourcing provider in Sub-Saharan Africa

Wizkid steals the show at Booth Fest concert in South Africa [Video]

Toke Makinwa says she is no longer into dark skinned men

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Migrants in Tijuana run to U.S. border, but fall back in face of tear gas

Finance: BlackRock is making changes at the top as the $6.4 trillion manager continues its pivot towards Asia-Pacific

Politics: Taiwan voted to reject same-sex marriage in a surprise about-face that has changed the island both socially and politically

MLB asks Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith to return $5,000 donation

Lifestyle: 8 details you may have missed on the mid-season finale of 'The Walking Dead'

Lifestyle: 'The Walking Dead' just ended on a major shock and fans are devastated

Campbell soup nears truce with activist hedge fund

Lifestyle: The most shocking deaths on 'The Walking Dead' ranked

Lifestyle: 'The Walking Dead' star says there was an extra scene of him cut on the show with a boyfriend

Lifestyle: 'I would have been frustrated if we didn't get an answer': 'The Walking Dead' showrunner explains why a big reveal was made on Sunday's episode and teases what's ahead for next year

Lifestyle: 'They knew I was a bit unhappy': 'The Walking Dead' star says he was frustrated and bored with his role on the show

Amidst bleaching controversy, Blac Chyna launches her skin lightening cream in Lagos

New book gives voice to Trump's claims of a vast conspiracy against him

PETA has a suggestion for a village named Wool

It's not just Trump in House Democrats' cross hairs; his family is, too

Politics: Trump to square off with protesters in Mississippi as he returns to the campaign trail

Congress' lame-duck session: Critical bills, looming deadlines, little unity

More than 700 flights canceled for Midwest snowstorm

Trump administration's strategy on climate: Try to bury its own scientific report

Woman found in Staten Island Park was likely killed, Police say

Judge rejects Papadopoulos' motions to delay prison sentence

They backed Clinton, then hitched wagon to Trump's star

A long time ago in drawings far far away

Children of North Korean mothers find more hardship in the South

Ukraine, after naval clash with Russia, considers martial law

Democrats see benefits from fight against Kavanaugh

Will Mitch run?

The monopolization of America

Man climbs high tension pole without making use of a ladder [Video]

Price of diesel increased in October -NBS

A/Ibom govt names Ibom International Airport after Attah

These Nigerians have invented a machine that washes and mashes bitter leaves

These Nigerians invent a machine that washes and mashes bitter leaves

President Buhari directed us to campaign on issues — Sen. Enang

Depay drops some bars to celebrate 5M Instagram followers

Sports: Brawl breaks out between Jags and Bills while 2 players wrestle on the ground for the ball in bizarre and wild scene

Ukraine accuses Russia of firing on, seizing 3 of its ships

Lifestyle: 26 cultural artefacts are returning home to Africa after over 100 years in France

Police parade 33 suspected IPOB members over alleged murder of officer

'I tried using a thermometer as a contraceptive — here's what happened'

Lifestyle: Here are Africa's least developed countries in 2018

Sports: Seahawks running back front flips while hurdling a defender, lands on his feet, and continues running in one of the coolest highlights of the NFL season

Does birth control really help acne?

Why living apart could save your relationship

Politics: US shuts down portion of Mexico border as groups of migrants clashed with authorities and reportedly stormed port of entry

Is it safer to buy packaged fruits and vegetables?

Author Esi Edugyan wins second Scotiabank Giller Prize of $100,000 for her third novel

Lifestyle: Lion King teaser trailer hits 224 million views globally in 24 hours

Sports: Browns cornerback intercepts the Bengals, hands the ball to ex-head coach Hue Jackson after play

Aubameyang hails Iwobi's influence in Arsenal's win over Bournemouth

This crossfit-inspired arm workout will give you a legendary pump

Tech: Ohio will soon be the first state to accept Bitcoin for taxes

Use prayer not violence, retaliation to resolve Nigeria’s problems, says Gowon

8 benefits of hemp seeds

Pete Davidson and Dan Crenshaw showed us how to squash a beef

Sports: Bills rookie Josh Allen showed off his insane arm with a 75-yard touchdown

Gerard Butler shares shocking photo of his home that burned down in California fire

CCTV captures man suspected of stealing female underwear in UNILORIN

Catholic bishop decries IPOB’s call for boycott of 2019 polls

Super Falcons boss Dennerby says his team is getting better in AWCON ahead Cameroon clash

Lifestyle: 10 tips for saving money on produce

Blac Chyna: Model gets in trouble on her first visit to Nigeria

Buhari has performed well, deserves a second term- North East APC stakeholders

Cardio vs. Strength training: what’s better for weight loss?

Tech: Disney's 'Ralph Breaks the Internet' feeds on the Thanksgiving weekend box office, taking in $84.5 million (DIS)

Yuletide: Minister approves rehabilitation of roads in Edo

FUTA produces 206 first class as 4800 students graduate

Cheating: Is it too much honesty to confess when you were not caught?

Asisat Oshoala says Super Falcons win in AWCON more important than individual title

3 key things employers look out for during job interviews

3 key things employers look out for during interviews

Sports: Texas A&M takes down LSU in thrilling 7-overtime, 74-72 game that included a premature Gatorade bath and the catch of the year

Tech: Facebook asks Parliament to keep quiet on internal documents seized following cat and mouse game

11 HIV symptoms every woman should keep on her radar

PDP challenges Buhari to a debate with Atiku

Why you should go slow and steady into a new relationship

Lifestyle: 10 skin-care products you're wasting your money on, according to dermatologists

Vote for the Cece Yara Foundation and save millions of Nigerian children from sexual abuse

Strategy: 13 things you should never wear to work in the winter

Oba Akiolu praises Buhari, says Obasanjo is Nigeria’s problem

PDP, Dogara hail Atiku at 72

Police capture suspected kidnapper during gun shootout

1 suspected kidnapper killed, 1 other arrested in Lagos

Politics: 16 behind-the-scenes photos show the White House being decorated for Christmas

Lifestyle: The CEO of a real estate PR firm explains how he sells multimillion dollar homes with 'Instagram museums,' Hollywood-style trailers, and exclusive dinners for the super-rich

Betty Bumpers, campaigner for childhood vaccinations, dies at 93

Atiku turbaned as 7th Waziri of Adamawa Emirate

Strategy: Dunkin' is doubling down on fancy espresso, but says it has a key advantage over Starbucks (DNKN)

Finance: Forget shiny Rolexes and Louis Vuitton handbags — rich people are investing more in education and health, and it shows that discreet wealth is the new status symbol

Mexico mulls allowing migrants to stay there pending U.S. Asylum bid

Lifestyle: If you've ever wanted to visit Dubai, there's likely never been a better time than right now. Here's why.

Strategy: Every time someone quits or is fired from tech company Basecamp, a detailed, company-wide 'goodbye announcement' email explains why

85 years later, Ukraine marks famine that killed millions

Tech: How NASA's InSight probe will survive '7 minutes of terror,' land on Mars, and make incredible discoveries about the red planet — and Earth, too

Lifestyle: 23 hot cars we can't wait to see at the 2018 LA Auto Show

Buhari warns against politicising death of soldiers

Strategy: We tested the $1,500 mirror that streams exercise classes into your home and saw how it could upend the fitness world

Lifestyle: Working on a cruise ship can be brutal — but two lawyers who rep cruise line workers explain why even terrible cruise ship jobs can be attractive

Diddy cuts a sad figure as ex Kim Porter is laid to rest

We want to know who your Miss Nigeria 2018 is

Tech: Scammers are changing the contact details for banks on Google Maps to defraud people (GOOG)

Ezekwesili mourns fallen soldiers, calls for death figures

Politics: Theresa May signs Brexit deal with EU leaders as her Cabinet plots to rip up her agreement

Ohio state overwhelms rival Michigan, again

Mortuary staff arrested for losing a corpse put under their care

SGF urges APC members to bury grievances for better outing

4 ways to get her fall for you

Man returns home to find house empty after evicting his wife

Police arrest fake blind beggars using rented school kids

Lifestyle: We ate a burger the regular way and upside down to see which was best — and the winner was clear

Black man killed by officer in Alabama mall shooting was not the gunman, police now say

Religious leader having sex with colleagues in the temple (Video)

A Commander-in-Chief does not prophesy in war – Okupe tells Buhari

Fayose criticises Buhari’s ‘late response’ to Metele attack

Soccer fans in Buenos Aires turn their passion into something ugly

Weed is legal, spot. Give us your badge

Lifestyle: Calvados is making a comeback — here's everything you need to know about the apple brandy

Tear gas and water cannons in Paris as grassroots protest takes aim at Macron

Ricky Jay, Magician who mastered sleight of hand, dies at 72

Katsina-based youth group mobilises support for Atiku

Expert charges FCT residents on yellow fever preventive immunisation

Yellow Fever: NCDC's response to outbreak in Edo State

2019 Elections: We will end APC’s reign in Lagos — PDP

2019 Elections: Gov. Lalong warns traditional rulers against partisanship

Lady in thankful mood after escaping a snake that visited her shop

2019 Elections: Utomi canvasses freedom of expression, citizen engagements

Lifestyle: 3 surprising reasons you should add bugs to your diet

SERAP calls for probe of military spending following Metele attack

2019 Election: Sultan urges Nigerians to hold President Buhari to his words

Commander tasks troops on battle readiness against Boko Haram insurgent

Ember months: FRSC reiterates commitment to safety of passengers on roads

Tech: Jeff Bezos pictures Amazon as an inverted pyramid, in which he is the least important person at the bottom

Aisha Buhari wants Muslim-Christian synergy in tackling sex abuse in universities

Politics: Theresa May to sign Brexit deal with EU leaders as her Cabinet plot to rip up her agreement

Foremost indigenous and Nigeria market leading Accounting firm, Pedabo celebrates their 20th Anniversary

APO: Dubai Rugby Sevens: The Africa Sevens champions are all set to claw through Pool A rivals

Davido, Falz, 2Baba all emerge winners at AFRIMA 2018 [Full winners list]

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Lifestyle: Police fatally shot a man after gunfire broke out at an Alabama mall on Thanksgiving — then conceded the man they killed 'likely did not fire' the shots

Politics: 'All will stay in Mexico': Trump says the US will bar asylum-seekers from entering the country until judges approve their claims

Time to make the donates!

In Buenos Aires, a rivalry stretches passions to the limit

Have a social security question? Please hold

A Guatemalan mother could lose her daughter, because she's an American

Shiffrin embraces the next stage, with Federer as a guide

How guy raz built 'how I built this'

Poisoned wildlife and tainted meat: why hunters are moving away from lead bullets

When autumn leaves take over

Families want Argentine submarine salvaged, but it would be costly

In a Transylvania town, bears and humans collide at the dumpster

Movement to restore birthright citizenship gains ground in Ireland

Trump administration's plea to health care industry surprises experts

Sheryl Sandberg can't have it all

Nigerian Army warns against circulation of fake videos, threatens legal action

Nigerian Navy re-affirms support to democracy

Soldiers cry out for help, call for probe after Metele attack

Metele attack: Surviving Soldiers send SOS to Buhari

WAEC introduces tech solution that will end exam malpractices

Politics: The US and Mexico are reportedly close to a deal that would turn Mexico into a 'waiting room for America’s asylum system'

Politics: George Papadopoulos tweets offer at Comey: Testify publicly and I’ll withdraw my request for immunity

Wait, here's a question, is Meghan Markle allowed to celebrate thanksgiving?

Buhari expresses shock over Boko Haram attack at Metele, Borno state

Why you should never rinse your turkey before you roast it

IMSU student who reportedly committed suicide after stabbing boyfriend identified as the victim

Super Falcons wallop Equatorial Guinea 6-0 to book AWCON 2018 semifinal date against Cameroon

‘I lost 111 pounds on the keto diet without going to the gym’

I am the CEO of APC - Oshiomhole

Osinbajo urges the Church to continue to pray for survival, progress of Nigeria

Tech: China just opened the world's longest sea bridge. It cost $20 billion and is 20 times as long as the Golden Gate Bridge.

Politics: Roger Stone associate Jerome Corsi is in plea talks with Mueller

See photos from Davido's white-themed birthday party

Buhari restates commitment to free, fair elections in 2019

Troops arrest 20 suspects, recover arms, ammunition in Kogi

Buhari restates commitment to free, fair 2019 elections

7 ways to make yourself poop ASAP

Want to pack on muscle? Chill out on HIIT

7 foods that will give you life during your next hangover

Lifestyle: I've been traveling the world for 6 months and I use the same trick in any city I visit to make sure I find amazing food

Yes, a cheat day on the keto diet could throw you out of ketosis

Army to re-integrate 155 ex-Boko Haram fighters into society

The male suicide rate is rising. This job has the highest risk

118 soldiers reportedly killed, 153 others missing following Boko Haram attack

Strategy: As shoppers go wild on Black Friday, some Americans already stocked up during Alibaba's massive $30.8 billion shopping bonanza

Strategy: Yuengling, America's largest independent brewery, is a sixth-generation family company run by 4 sisters who have figured out how to work with family without losing their minds

Build more back muscle without doing any pullups

Man caught picking used sanitary pads in DELSU

Sports: Dedric Lawson soars for two monster overtime dunks to seal Kansas' win over Tennessee to clinch NIT Season Tip-Off Championship

Sports: NFL Week 12 betting guide and our best bets for the Westgate SuperContest

NCDC confirms yellow fever outbreak in Edo

3 siblings abduct church member's daughter for getting too much pampering

Lifestyle: To compete for customers, luxury brands are borrowing a tactic banking and hospitality have been using for years

People's Trust presidential candidate, Gbenga Olawepo-Hashim, dares to upstage Buhari, Atiku through ballot revolution

MTN and Arsenal partner to bring coaching clinic to Lagos

Tech: A world-famous architect just opened a. $300 million suburban mall in the middle of a retail apocalypse

“Only the best hair fibre is good enough for Nigerian women,” says Kanekalon at appreciation event for partners, distributors and stylists

A winter-coat heavyweight gives Trump's trade war the cold shoulder

Strategy: Reese Witherspoon says she's a 'terrible' driver and her daughter might be 'bad' at basketball — and experts say brutal honesty can be critical to success

'Bootleg toys' are their own kind of collectibles

Finance: A Palm Beach real-estate agent says she's surprised by the latest request from her multimillionaire clients

3 ways to get the best deals on Black Friday

Presidential spokesman, Garba Shehu describes Jonathan's new book as a disaster

Tech: This ex-Googler helped reimagine what cities could look like — now his new startup, Forward, is using tech to rethink healthcare

New York State's lawsuit against trump foundation can proceed, judge rules

Tech: Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige wrote a tribute to Stan Lee, and described their final meeting: 'Maybe on some level, he knew'

Strategy: Walmart and Amazon are offering massive deals to keep Cyber Monday from getting killed (WMT, AMZN)

Boko Haram kidnaps 15 girls in Niger

Boko Haram reportedly kidnaps 15 girls in Niger

Black Friday 2018: a not-so-wild day for American shoppers

Lifestyle: I drove a $50,000 Ford Mustang GT and a $52,000 Chevy Camaro SS to see which is the better muscle car — here's the verdict (GM, F)

Lifestyle: No one has the details of why Renault-Nissan head Carlos Ghosn was arrested — but here are the main theories

Tech: Inside the big business of corporate gifting: How one scrappy startup plans to up-end a multi-billion dollar industry of fruitcakes and branded swag

Lifestyle: Tesla generated a crazy amount of news in 2018, but most of it was noise — here's the most important single takeaway from the entire year (TSLA)

Tosyn Bucknor: Late OAP's husband shares a note on how much he misses her

Tech: Facebook won't say if it will sever ties with Elliot Schrage, the outgoing top exec who took responsibility for linking critics to George Soros (FB)

Tech: The 14 biggest product flops in Google history (GOOGL, GOOG)

Tech: If you have an iPhone 6S or older, it's officially time to upgrade to a new phone (AAPL)

Lifestyle: We visited a traditional watermill that can grind over 550 pounds of flour in a single day

NANS threatens to shut down customs over foodstuffs meant for IDPs

Police inspector killed, 34 suspected members of IPOB arrested

Lifestyle: Tom Hanks' son Colin has a handkerchief brand called Hanks Kerchiefs

Work set to commence on abandoned N3.7bn Ekiti dam

3 siblings nabbed over alleged kidnap of Church member’s daughter

Human factors constitute 85% of road traffic crashes – VIO

Jonathan attacks presidency, Gov Shettima over comments on his book

Police nab 3 suspected robbery attackers of Guardian Newspaper’s Editor-in-Chief

Gov. Dankwambo sponsors 225 pilgrims for 2018 pilgrimage to Israel

Conference of Speakers canvasses devolution of power for national development

Bayelsa launches scratch card for checking first School Leaving Certificate results

Ahmed Musa scores winner for Al Nassr against Al Shabab

Abdulsalami Abubakar urges INEC to be transparent

Construction workers trapped as 7-Storey building collapses in Port Harcourt

Politics: How the battle over fishing rights could scupper Theresa May's Brexit deal

Mr Eazi calls out City FM for reporting 'fake news' about his cancelled concert

Nigerian Army confirms attack on soldiers, warns of Boko Haram propaganda

Buhari summons service chiefs over killings of soldiers

Friday, November 23, 2018

Warriors end 4-game losing streak against the Trail Blazers

Phil Mickelson claim thrilling play-off win over Tiger Woods in $9M match

Cameroon, Mali through to AWCON 2018 semifinals

Watford youngster Jayden Bennetts set to represent Nigeria

Politics: 'If he's so good, why is this happening': Trump reportedly blames Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin for recommending Jerome Powell as Fed chair

Politics: Judge rejects claim that Trump can't be sued while in office, allows lawsuit against Trump Foundation to move forward

Sports: Phil Mickelson takes down Tiger Woods to win $9 million after 22 holes and plenty of missed opportunities

Tech: 12 scary takeaways from the climate report the Trump administration dropped on Black Friday — and one reason for hope

Politics: Former CIA and NSA director Michael Hayden hospitalized after suffering a stroke

Vanessa Hudgens says intermittent fasting makes her feel 'healthier'

Sports: NFL WEEK 12: Our official predictions for who wins this weekend

Lifestyle: This fisherman photographs the most disgusting creatures he finds at the bottom of the sea, and the pictures will give you nightmares

Lifestyle: Michael B. Jordan says his upbringing inspires him to give back to others

What is amaranth and is it healthier than quinoa?

Lifestyle: Here's what your favorite emojis looked like 10 years ago

What does anal sex feel like...Exactly?

Lifestyle: Jada Pinkett Smith says she's 'not mature enough to have a divorce'

Strategy: J.Crew's website is crashing as customers try to shop Black Friday deals, and experts say it could have cost the company over $700,000 in sales

Lifestyle: 12 things that are actually tied to breast cancer

Lifestyle: 11 things you probably didn't know about the making of 'The Lion King'

Police apprehend suspected kidnapper with 4 AK-47 rifles in Zamfara

Shay Johnson from 'love & hip hop: Miami' was hospitalized this weekend

Strategy: 3 common myths about leadership that can hold you back, according to retired 4-star general Stanley McChrystal

I'm an ER doctor. I rarely cry from my work, but this night was an exception

Man caught as he tries to bury charm at construction site [Video]

Tech: NASA's new Mars mission lands on Monday — here are 13 incredible facts you probably didn't know about the red planet

How Amaechi was insulted and told to 'sit down'

Uja urges politicians to approach elections with fear of God

Offa Robbery: Saraki accuses Police of diverting the attention of Nigerians

How should you handle politics at the thanksgiving table? Try listening

Strategy: Stores like Walmart, Lowe's, and J.Crew have a new nightmare for Black Friday — and it signals a fundamental shift in how we shop (WMT, LOW)

CAN wants partnership with NCPC to sponsor more Christians on pilgrimage

10 TRX moves for your next bodyweight burner

Lifestyle: From bike shorts to 'naked' fashion, here are 5 trends celebrities have made popular in 2018

Strategy: Macy's flagship store stayed open all night over Thanksgiving, but employees say it isn't worth it (M)

Politics: Trump asks Supreme Court to consider transgender military ban

Light up your glutes with this lower body superset

6 reported dead as IPOB agitators move to reject 2019 elections

Boko Haram: Buhari dispatches Defence Minister to Chad for emergency security meeting

Lifestyle: 13 of the world's most controversial monuments

Sokoto gets new deputy governor

This arm finisher is 11 minutes of biceps hell

Lifestyle: Everything you need to know about yeast infections and sex

Lifestyle: How 9 actors built muscle to play on-screen superheroes

Minimum wage bill will receive expeditious hearing, Senate deputy leader restates

How to create a proper balanced diet with Nigerian food

Ensure strict observance of public holidays, FG tells Nigerians

Tech: 'This is 100% real and possibly a very bad idea': Cards Against Humanity is selling used cars, medieval weapons, TVs, and even $100 bills for 99% off

Strategy: Lowe's website crashed during Black Friday sales

Lifestyle: 6 celebrities who have opened up about having rheumatoid arthritis

Lifestyle: After 5 years of riding the New York City subway, I tried the Delhi Metro at the busiest time of the year — and it showed me exactly what I'm missing

Man beaten to death for stealing N4m from his boss [Video]

Troops neutralise armed bandit in Benue

Strategy: Amazon reveals top-selling Black Friday items as sales reach 'record levels' (AMZN)

Buhari to corrupt leaders: You will not escape jail eventually

Tech: The Trump administration released a dire new report on climate change that predicts hundreds of billions of dollars in economic losses to come

Tech: 'We are not robots': Thousands of Amazon workers across Europe are striking on Black Friday over warehouse working conditions

Lifestyle: Sephora is selling holiday beauty ornaments to hang on your tree, and most are under $20

Lifestyle: The trailer for the live-action 'Lion King' is eerily similar to the original — here's the proof

Executive Order 5: FG begins audit of construction sites

Strategy: The founders of successful companies like Lyft, Harry's, and Drybar share their best advice on making business partnerships work

Ex-president Goodluck Jonathan blamed for bringing about recession while in power

Lifestyle: Ariana Grande covered up another Pete Davidson-inspired tattoo

Politics: Here's what Thanksgiving looked like for US troops at the southern border

6 things you can do for 5k or less in Abuja

Lifestyle: Women tend to start affairs because they can be more honest with their cheating partner, new data finds

Tech: From tiny startup to Silicon Valley's favorite vaping company — Stanford researchers shine new light on Juul's rise

Man reportedly cuts off the hand of another while fighting for the girl he loves

Lifestyle: I stopped drinking for six weeks — here are 10 surprising things I learned from my period of sobriety

Strategy: 9 ways to write an irresistible email subject line no one will be able to ignore

Tech: Amazon 'dumbfounded' police in Spain by asking them to intervene in a mass warehouse strike

APO: Ecobank’s staff volunteer and fundraise to help orphanages on the 6th Ecobank Day

2 mortuary attendants, 5 others arrested over missing corpse

Sports: The best value plays in your DraftKings lineup for Week 12 of the NFL season

Lifestyle: 13 of the best looks from 'Set it Up'

Lifestyle: The money-saving app you should download before Cyber Monday to save a ton on your online shopping

Strategy: Macy's says it will hit $1 billion in mobile sales by the end of the year as smartphone shopping explodes (M)

Lifestyle: I'm a Brit who just tried Taco Bell for the first time, and these 7 things surprised me

Lifestyle: A man bought a storage unit for $500 from 'Storage Wars' star Dan Dotson, and found $7.5 million hidden in a safe inside

Lifestyle: 4 celebrities who accidentally broke the rules of royal protocol

Lifestyle: 21 unique pet names you should seriously consider

Buhari approves an Inter-Ministerial Committee on cheaper medicines, livestock drugs

Lifestyle: The 26-year-old American killed by a remote Indian tribe planned the trip for 2 years, but friends didn't stop him as 'that’s what God is calling him to do'

Politics: 14,000 immigrant children spent Thanksgiving in US government detention shelters

Lifestyle: Norwegian Air is having a huge Black Friday sale this weekend with flights to the Caribbean as cheap as $57

Strategy: I visited Target and Best Buy on Black Friday — and I couldn't believe how empty they were (TGT, BBY)

APO: Rugby: Kenya, Shujaa and Lionesses Dubai7s Fixtures

Strategy: Amazon is encouraging shoppers to do something retailers hate on Black Friday (AMZN)

Finance: Black Friday is projected to be the strongest in years — here's how retail stocks are reacting

Politics: Trump slammed by Turkey's top diplomat for turning a 'blind eye' to Khashoggi after president says CIA only has 'feelings' on killing

I-G deploys new AIG to Zone 2, Lagos

Politics: Hillary Clinton says Europe needs to stop taking in migrants — and people aren't happy about it

Strategy: J.Crew's website is crashing as customers try to shop Black Friday deals

Lifestyle: We drove a $35,000 Mazda CX-5 SUV to see how it compares to its rivals from Honda, Nissan, and Toyota — here's the verdict

Lifestyle: 24 celebrities who donated their time and money to California wildfire relief

A guide to planning your December getaways in Africa

Finance: It's been a week to forget for Deutsche Bank after Citigroup CEO dismisses merger talk

Nigeria’s leading Bus Rapid Transit, Primero celebrates 3rd anniversary!!!!

Lifestyle: A BASE jumper who posted white-knuckle videos of his stunts online died after his parachute failed to open

Lifestyle: Chrissy Teigen revealed what Meghan Markle was really like on 'Deal or No Deal'

Lifestyle: A children's book called 'P is for Pterodactyl' features the most bizarre words in the English language

Sports: Cowboys' Amari Cooper celebrates touchdown by imitating Markelle Fultz's infamous free-throw form

Lifestyle: For $25,000 a night, you can rent a luxury chalet that sits on top of a glacier in a remote part of Alaska

Lifestyle: Disney is selling 13 princess dolls from 'Ralph Breaks the Internet' together for $100

These are 5 things strong men do for women they love

Tech: 9 reasons you should buy the $1,000 iPhone XS instead of the more affordable iPhone XR (AAPL)

Tech: Sorry, ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ — the new ‘Call of Duty’ is already the best-selling game of 2018

Lifestyle: Airlines are joining in on Black Friday with major flight sales despite rising fuel costs (DAL, AAL, JBLU, LUV)

SPAR Nigeria declares 8 days Black Friday sales

Super Falcons boss Dennerby says Nigeria will not underestimate Equatorial Guinea in AWCON clash

Ask Sarah: I want my partner to have kinkier sex with me

Lifestyle: A 7-bedroom Swiss cabin has been named the world's best ski chalet for 2 years in a row — and an inside tour quickly proves why

2019: Group pledges to deliver Bayelsa to Atiku

Tech: After nearly two weeks with Apple's brand-new MacBook Air, I'm convinced: It's worth the high price tag (AAPL)

Politics: The Lib Dems are preparing for a snap general election if May's Brexit deal falls

Court remands herdsman for allegedly killing his brother

Tin-Can Customs intercept 13 containers of tramadol

Lifestyle: 19 people reveal their best tips for saving money

Tech: The International Space Station just turned 20 — here's what astronauts say about living in the $150 billion orbiting laboratory

Finance: The Dow drops 100 points and oil hits lowest level in more than a year

Here's how men can last longer during sex

Tech: I've been using Microsoft's $400 mini-laptop — it beats Apple in some key ways, but it comes with some worrisome trade-offs (MSFT)

Electorate drags reps. member to court over N1.5bn constituency projects

Strategy: This Black Friday is set to be the best America has seen in years

Suspected Drug: NDLEA says Customs yet to release 39 containers for inspection

Lifestyle: A skin-care brand is selling 2 different products made from the same ingredients, but the one marketed towards men is less expensive

Rita Dominic, Kalu Ikeagwu, Joke Silva feature in new movie 'Light in the dark'

2019: APC says Kwara politics has taken a new direction

Mikel celebrates former teammate Drogba on retirement

Tech: I've been using Samsung's new $1,000 Galaxy Note 9, and it's the only smartphone actually worthy of its high price tag

Politics: Argentina releases first images of the submarine San Juan — lost a year ago in 3,000 feet of water with all its crew

Recipe of the day: Make easy Domino's cheesy garlic bread

Finance: Dubai has more than 65 malls in a city of 3 million people, and it's not because they're obsessed with shopping

'Sanwo-Olu has promised to complete all the projects I can't deliver', Ambode says

Lifestyle: Madonna shared a rare family photo of her 6 kids on Thanksgiving

Lifestyle: 11 children have died after a virus outbreak in New Jersey — here's what to know about the illness

Strategy: Target reveals the most popular items shoppers bought as Thanksgiving shopping took over Black Friday (TGT)

Ask Sarah: How can I get my sex drive back?

Lifestyle: Here are Africa's most developed countries in 2018

Finance: Tesla is sliding after slashing Model X and Model S prices in China (TSLA)

APO: Media Advisory: Invitation to Joint Media Briefing for the Unveiling of the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence

Strategy: Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and 12 more successful people reveal their favorite places to 'think big'

How to ask your partner for sex so they'll eagerly say yes

Strategy: 'I would get calls at all times of the night': In Pinterest's early days, the CEO put his cell number on every email his company sent

Enugu Youths benefit from Nigerian Bottling Company’s Youth Empowered Initiative

Strategy: One person was killed and 2 were injured during a Black Friday shooting at an Alabama mall

Strategy: Here is what you need to do when you want to switch careers

15 places you have been pronouncing wrong your whole life

Strategy: The holidays may be the worst time of the year to send gifts to clients

Politics: Trump's economic sugar high is already fading, and his trade war could make it even uglier

Buhari's aide says Jonathan's book is full of hate speech

Tech: I tried National Geographic's next-generation ancestry test and was surprised by my results

Sports: A basketball player sunk one of the weirdest baskets of the year when he accidentally scored with his head

Strategy: Thanksgiving is killing Black Friday by replacing it

Tech: I shipped my spit to AncestryDNA to see how much I could learn from my genes — and found out my family history is more complex than I thought

Emir of Kano attributes high rate of migration to poor government policies

Lifestyle: Nigerian superstar, Banky W, to sell his famous 9-year-old Range Rover Sports to raise money for charity

Strategy: Africa's richest man, Aliko Dangote, spends over N2 billion on 4 schools in Nigeria

Tech: SonoCare, Nigerian e-health startup raises $250,000 from Grey Matters Capital to scale operations

Strategy: J.Crew is offering 50% off for Black Friday, and it shows that discounts aren't going anywhere for the moment

Kano Pillars forward Lokosa presented with NPFL Player of the Season award

Lifestyle: 10 hot car deals you should check out on Black Friday (F, GM, FCAU)

Tech: 'We are not robots': Thousands of Amazon workers across Europe are striking on Black Friday over poor warehouse working conditions

5 Years And Counting: Ushbebe, wife celebrate wedding anniversary!

Tech: Around a third of people think their governments are 'hiding the truth' about immigration — here's why people believe conspiracy theories

Lifestyle: How to use your Costco membership to rent a car (COST)

DJ Xclusive - 'Ori Mi' feat. Kizz Daniel (Official Video)

EFCC explains why it can’t investigate Kano Governor Ganduje

Lifestyle: A photographer stayed in Hilton hotels in 32 countries — and photos of his hotel rooms show how, even when we travel, we crave predictability

APO: UNHCR appeals for more resettlement, end to detention as Libya evacuations near 2,500

Nigerian High Commison in London sacks over 50 workers

Here's how to play with his testicles

Strategy: This could be the last truly cheap Black Friday, thanks to Trump's trade war

Meet Teni Adeola, the young designer behind rising label 'Slashed by Tia'

Lifestyle: Man who reportedly demanded ‘all Jews raise their hands’ on a Delta flight arrested upon landing (DAL)

APO: East African countries agree to strenghten regional integration through the continental free trade area

2Sec - 'My Head' feat. Davido and Peruzzi (Official Video)

After 11 years of marriage and N11m on IVF treatment, couple welcomes twins

Man humiliates girlfriend with a fake proposal for dumping him (Video)

Sports: Zlatan Ibrahimovic's wife only lets him hang one picture of himself at home, and it's not even of his face

Relationship Talk With Bukky: He never treats me right; still he won't let me go

Here's how to make your wife horny

DJ Cuppy says she won't be deterred from achieving her purpose

200-level Architecture student saved from committing suicide after girl dumps him

Lifestyle: 6 types of people to avoid getting into a relationship with

ASUU strike to continue until FG meets lecturers' demands

Here's why Mercy Aigbe is one of the most glamorous women in Nollywood

Customs officers reject N150m bribe after intercepting containers of Tramadol, other drugs worth N7.31bn

Lifestyle: The 26-year-old American killed by an Indian tribe said God helped him reach the remote island he called 'Satan's last stronghold'

Sexy lady goes naked and turns herself into thanksgiving turkey (video)

Farm to table: A beautiful campaign about the journey of food

Throwback Thursday: Rihanna teaches how best to dump a player in 'Take A Bow'

How to diagnose and manage your high cholesterol

Lifestyle: Prince Charles says that Meghan and Harry's royal baby could be called Kylie or Shane

Full story of how Boko Haram killed 100 Nigerian soldiers in Borno

7 things Nigerian rappers should do to compete with South African rappers

Could Jummai be the most beautiful bride we have ever seen? Instagram thinks so!

Presidency explains why presentation of 2019 budget is delayed

Photo Of The Day: What is beneath Toke Makinwa's staircases?

Finance: Chinese stocks plunge into the weekend as investors sweat ahead of Trump and Xi's crucial meeting

APO: New European support for Kenyan private sector and East Africa-wide funds

Soldier who survived Boko Haram attack narrates how over 70 soldiers were killed in Borno

French club Bordeaux declare Kalu missing after failing to return on time from Super Eagles duty

Africa's first street-wear themed event, Lagos Urban Fashion Show 2018 to hold in December

Veteran Nollywood actor, Richard Mofe-Damijo becomes Landlagos brand ambassador

WAEC awards 3 girls as best students in Nigeria

APO: Committee welcomes appointment of new Minister at Home Affairs

Finance: Oil prices crash to their lowest level of 2018 despite Saudi Arabia's proposed production cut

Lifestyle: Nigerian Twitter reacts to the first trailer of the Lion King live-action remake

5 things we didn't see on TV during Super Eagles draw against Uganda

BBNaija's BamBam, Femi Branch to star in new stage play, 'Queen Moremi the musical'

Police announce Saraki is still in trouble for connection to Offa robbery gang

Chiwetel Ejiofor plays Scar as Beyonce gets the role of Nala in new 'Lion King'

2Face Idibia shades Nigeria government as he lands at Ghana's airport [Video]

APO: Youth Orchestras of Namibia receives instruments

Politics: Dominic Raab says he would rather scrap Brexit than accept Theresa May's deal

Tech: Orange and MTN are scaling up mobile financial services across Africa with Mowali

APO: Parliament hosts 2018 Inter Legislative Games

Police say ex-SARS officer, who killed 22 people during Offa robbery, slumped and died in detention

Georgina Onuoha shares adorable family Thanksgiving photo

BBNaija's Khloe shows off bikini body again in new Instagram photos

Becca - 'Gina' feat. Kizz Daniel (Official Video)

Thursday, November 22, 2018

DJ Xclusive - 'Ori Mi' feat. Kizz Daniel

WAEC promises to issue certificates after 90 days

Strategy: Walmart says it's offering thousands more deals than last year on Cyber Monday in a direct shot at Amazon's most valuable day (WMT)

Strategy: Black Friday deals sold out at stores like Walmart and Target before Friday even began — and people are furious

Gernot Rohr wants Super Eagles to leave Asaba and return to Uyo

A Brexit compromise nobody likes: What could be more English?

Specter of meddling by Beijing looms over Taiwan's elections

Croatia star Rakitic implies win over Nigeria helped them to 2018 World Cup final

Strategy: Walmart is trying desperately to contain the Black Friday chaos by creating what customers are calling a 'maze' — but photos reveal a wild shopping fiasco (WMT)

Strategy: Walmart shoppers are complaining that stores are running out of iPhones as Black Friday sales begin (WMT)

Strategy: Shoppers using smartphones under the dinner table have made Thanksgiving one of the biggest days for online shopping

Polish nun who helped hide Jews during Holocaust dies at 110

Lifestyle: Here's the cast of Disney's live-action 'The Lion King' and who they're playing

Strategy: Black Friday is starting earlier than ever — and companies like Walmart and Lululemon weren't ready (WMT, LULU)

Strategy: Thanksgiving has suddenly become one of America's favorite days to shop online

Strategy: Macy's, Best Buy, Kohl's, and JCPenney are being slammed for being open on Thanksgiving — and some people are threatening not to shop with them this holiday season (M, BBY, KSS, JCP)

Politics: The US is asking the world to say no to Chinese tech-giant Huawei

Strategy: 29 restaurants that are going to be open on Thanksgiving

Lady travels interstate to sleep with the boyfriend of pregnant best friend

Your children's Yellowstone will be radically different

The FAO Schwarz piano is back -- but with a different tune

Jenna Jameson clapped back at critics who say the keto diet isn't sustainable

Vicki Gunvalson’s daughter Briana Culberson has been crushing the keto diet for 5 months

Ex-soldier gets 5,160 years in prison for Guatemala massacre

Nissan's board removes Ghosn as chairman after his arrest

Stop carrying arms, Ekiti govt. warns herdsmen

Madonna shares rare picture of her children for thanksgiving

Um, why do I always get a headache after eating?

Saudis want a U.S. nuclear deal, can they be trusted not to build a bomb?

How November 23rd's full moon in Gemini will affect your zodiac sign

Dr Jonathan should stop playing the ostrich – Garba Shehu

FRSC records 2,805 crashes, 1602 deaths in 4 months

Carrie Underwood swears by this jump-rope ladder workout for iconic legs

Strategy: Nigerian billionaires offer great advice that will help you excel in your career

President Jonathan marked as "Nigeria’s worst political mistake"

Air Force showcases achievements in technology

Absolutely nobody is thankful for this turkey coated in flamin' hot cheetos

Strategy: 4 productivity hacks that will make all the difference for you at work

Pull yourself to bigger back muscles with this intense superset

Electoral Bill receiving due presidential attention-Sen. Enang

How to be a good son at thanksgiving, according to our moms

Presidency to Jonathan: Your claims on corruption index untrue

Before dating a colleague at work; consider these 4 things

PDP's presidential candidate likely to fail because of "huge baggage" - Donald Duke

Kevin Hart wants to change the way you think about underwear

Ember months: Commercial drivers must undergo vision acuity tests — FRSC

Group urges President Buhari to assent to disability bill

How you can use hypertrophy to grow your muscles

APO: Akinwumi Adesina, Spearheading Good Governance by Leading Agricultural Innovation and Economic Growth of Africa

3 suspected foreign kidnappers arrested in Adamawa

PDP says southeast region favours its candidate Atiku over President Buhari

Jonathan accuses Obama of setting him up to fail in rescue of Chibok Girls

Yuletide: “There are no blood-sucking demons on the road,” – FRSC

Cross River Govt. moves to have Perm. Secs. at LG level

3 things you should do before leaving a job interview

Pastor who calls himself "God" jailed after raping 8 female church members

2nd Niger bridge, other projects are Igbos’ right not favours — Gov. Umahi

No act of sabotage in EFCC inferno, says Spokesperson

Ogun 2019 appropriation bill scales second reading

Lifestyle: I drove a $53,000 Toyota Tundra pickup to see if it's on par with Chevy and Ford trucks — here's the verdict

Baby escapes the sharp blade of a train after mum accidentally drops it on rail track

Lifestyle: We drove a $65,000 Audi Q7 and a $60,000 Volvo XC90 to find out which one is a better luxury SUV — here's the verdict

Lifestyle: I drove an electric car for the first time under intense conditions — and it performed better than I expected (GM)

Finance: These 6 Nigerian banks made N261 million from charges and commissions in 9 months

Politics: Trump uses Thanksgiving call to Navy officer to voice a weird grudge about aircraft carriers

Lifestyle: There are pros and cons to public proposals — here's how to know if it's a good idea

Why young people should be wary of high blood pressure

Politics: Trump suggests 'the world' is to blame for Khashoggi's murder, because it's 'vicious'

Bill to make June 12 Democracy Day passes 2nd reading

EFCC seals-off 6 landed property allegedly belonging to Fayose

Strategy: Lululemon's website is crashing as furious customers try to shop Black Friday sales

Villarreal congratulate Chukwueze on Super Eagles debut

Reps to begin probe into death of principal suspect in Offa bank robbery

Strategy: The sisters behind Yuengling, America's largest independent brewery, didn't realize strangers knew their name until they left their hometown for college

Court sentences 2 men to death by hanging for armed robbery

Fayemi urges South-West to reward Buhari's "juicy appointments" by re-electing him

Senate orders Police to vacate Akwa Ibom Assembly complex

Lifestyle: I got 'mugged' 35 times in a self-defense class — and it changed the way I see the world

Iwobi says Chelsea star Hazard is the 'LeBron' of the Premier League

Finance: My best travel trick for high tourist season is a no-brainer, and I'm always shocked when people don't do it

Here's how to have sex when your partner is taller than you

Davido holds birthday dinner with family in the United States [Photos]

Small Doctor - 'My People' (Official Audio)

Ask Sarah: How do I tell my partner I squirt during sex?

5 erotic sex positions to help you lose weight

Majalisa  ta tabbatar da Dan Iya a matsayin sabon mataimakin gwamnan Sokoto

Strategy: Thanksgiving week is the busiest time of the year for Boston Market — here's why

O'Tra by Becca bridal collection 2019 features Anto Lecky

"Fake copies of my book are now online, please beware!", Jonathan cries out

Finance: Nigeria's central bank keeps interest rate at 14%

Here's how men can have an ejaculation-free orgasm

Strategy: An expert on gift-giving explains says the holidays are the worst time of the year to send gifts to your clients

Tech: This entrepreneur made flashcards to help her keep Silicon Valley investors straight. Now, she turned them into trading cards that she prints from a garage

Tech: The 11 best smartphones made this year that are worth your money

Seriki's ''Sakamanje'' adds no new stripes to his reputation on the streets

Finance: A Chinese recycling company spent $75 million on a Michelangelo masterpiece — and is selling shares in it for $10 a piece

Tech: Alexa's getting a news anchor speaking voice so it can read headlines to you like a pro — listen here

Politics: The most bizarre, outlandish documents from the CIA's files on JFK's assassination

APO: Rugby: Kenya Shujaa and Lionesses Squad to Dubai7s Named

Blac Chyna is just a symptom of a much more profound disease

Grandeur Hospitality in Africa: How the 2018 AFRIFF took centre stage at The Maradiva, Twinwaters, Lagos

Strategy: Here are the items that are going to be flying off the shelves on Black Friday

Family accuses woman of adultery because she has a baby via CS

Tech: The 29 best TV deals for Black Friday 2018

Tech: These are the 7 best Black Friday gaming deals you'll find

Lifestyle: Here are 10 hot car deals you should take a look at on Black Friday (F, GM, FCAU)

Ask Sarah: I keep getting dry during sex, what can I do?

Tech: Instagram influencers are using hashtags about the devastating California wildfires to promote products

Lifestyle: Some people are skipping Black Friday shopping to spend time outdoors — here are 8 underrated national parks to visit over the holiday

Lifestyle: A brazen turkey is causing havoc in Rhode Island by blocking traffic, chasing people, and stopping them paying taxes

APO: Equatorial Guinea congratulates international oil services companies TechnipFMC and Schlumberger for their proactive steps towards local content compliance in Equatorial Guinea

IMSU student reportedly commits suicide after stabbing boyfriend

Here's how to give a lazy blowjob

Here are 4 Sanwo-Olu quotes concerning his relationship with Ambode

2 men in court over alleged cultism, possession of dangerous weapons

Politics: Trump warns of 'bedlam, chaos, injury and death' if US judges allowed to do their job

Man kills his baby as sacrifice to God, walks majestically to Police station

Super Falcons boss Dennerby rues missed chances against Zambia in AWCON 2018 game

WAEC is making efforts to introduce e-assessment for its exams

APO: European Investment Bank (EIB) supports jobs and climate action across Africa with new EUR 200 million loan to Afreximbank

On Facebook, DELSU student narrates how gunmen forced her panties off her

Police arrest native doctor, one other for alleged murder

Relationship Talk With Bukky: He wants to marry me next year but the idea scares me

Colorism exists, but vanity causes bleaching

Colorism exists, but your vanity makes you bleach, take some responsibility

Tech: Sheryl Sandberg is on the hot seat at Facebook — but ousting her alone wouldn't solve its problems (FB)

Man slaughters daughter for sacrifice in Benue

Buhari, Atiku, other presidential candidates to debate in December

Yaw releases trailer of new movie, 'SMASH' ahead of December release

Tech: Sheryl Sandberg would have known about Facebook's relationship with a mud-slinging PR firm if she had read her emails properly

Lifestyle: These African countries have the highest life expectancy rate

APO: Regional cooperation in East Africa set to tackle energy insecurity

Lifestyle: A 20-year-old just became the first female black president of Harvard's newspaper

Michelle Obama shines on the cover of EBONY's Power 100 issue

Ladies! Check out these 5 traits of a weak man you should never ignore

Politics: Hawaii congresswoman and combat veteran Tulsi Gabbard called Trump 'Saudi Arabia’s b----'

APO: Media Launch: Parliament hosts 2018 Inter Legislative Games

Yemi Alade - 'Number One'

Lifestyle: A couple's proposal was photobombed by a group of otters, and the picture is adorable

Lifestyle: Police can't get the body of an American tourist killed by a remote, isolated Indian tribe

Finance: US companies are using an ingenious method to game the system and avoid the worst of Trump's trade war

2 more House of Reps members dump APC as defection party continues

Here are 3 things you should have in your cover letter

Finance: Carlos Ghosn fired as Nissan chairman following arrest

APO: South Sudan’s Oil and Power investment drive is a path towards lasting peace, stability and prosperity

Dan takarar shugaban kasa ya zabi yar  arewa a matsayin mataimakiyar sa

APO: John Kamara to Champion Technological Arts in Africa On Behalf Of Crypto Chain University (By Anna Papadopoulos)

OBO Infinix Birthday Giveaway: Davido is turning 26 and is giving away 26 Infinix smartphones to 26 lucky winners

Lifestyle: Some people can't help being attracted to narcissists — here's why

Tech: Amazon workers across Europe will protest 'inhuman' warehouse working conditions on Black Friday

Here are 3 things Sola Sobowale told Pulse about her role in 'King of Boys'

Atiku begs well-wishers to channel birthday gifts to families of fallen soldiers

Politics: Turkey says the CIA has a 'smoking gun' tape nailing Saudi's Prince on the Khashoggi case

Fela Durotoye to paint houses, give children books in Kaduna as part of social impact campaign

Pulse Opinion: The police has a lot of explaining to do on the death of Offa robbery prime suspect Michael Adikwu

Verification of diaspora ex-Nigeria Airways workers may begin in 2019

Lifestyle: McDonald's in the UK just launched a new McFlurry with reindeer-shaped Maltesers

Strategy: Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade may need to ground its giant balloon characters because of bad weather

Politics: A peek inside Nigeria's opposition leader, Atiku Abubakar's companies that employ thousands of people

LASU VC’s father, Akesan monarch, passes on at 81

Politics: The wife of a man imprisoned in the UAE at a 5-minute hearing says he wasn’t even allowed to look at her as he was sentenced to life

Finance: The pound is surging after UK and EU make a fresh Brexit breakthrough

Police arrest 22 suspected armed robbers, kidnappers in Kaduna

Lifestyle: Your partner's relationship with your parents could tell you whether or not they're cheating, according to affairs site Ashley Madison

Osinbajo advocates legislation against Female Genital Mutilation

Why is paternity fraud high in Nigeria? The answer to this is complex

Despite budget delay, Buhari vows to fund all Southeast projects

Politics: UK and EU agree to a future relationship text as Brexit deal edges closer

Finance: A Middle Eastern investment giant is suing Goldman Sachs over the 'massive international conspiracy' of the 1MDB scandal

Sports: RANKED: The 27 most dominant soccer players in the world right now

5 things we learnt from Super Eagles goalless draw with Uganda

Politics: Head of Russia's GRU spy agency dies from 'serious illness' after Putin reportedly berated him for botching an assassination in the UK

Wizkid’s bodyguard drags DNA nightclub boss, bouncer to court

APO: BenQ 4K Projectors Rank No.1 for 3 Consecutive Quarters in the Middle East

Okorocha's faction loses as court upholds Uzodinma as APC's Imo governorship candidate

Lifestyle: The 10 professions with the most psychopaths

Presidential candidate, Ezekwesili, says corruption is a tax on poor Nigerians

'Power of 1' is partly 2face Idibia's story - Efe Omorogbe admits

There can never be 2 Frank Dongas - Kunle Idowu

Politics: Theresa May's claim EU citizens are 'jumping the queue' to work in UK was 'damaging and insensitive'

Politics: These are the 3 issues which could still derail Theresa May's Brexit deal

5 things to know about NFF’s new deal with Nike

Finance: Trump's pushback against China is catching on globally as European negotiator declares an end to the region's 'naivety'

How my husband fucked me on the kitchen counter part 2{R-18+}

Read all the details of NFF’s new improved contract with Nike

APO: Navy School, Ojoku Girls, others shine at 2018 ECOII Schools Rugby Festival

Banky W is letting his Range Rover go!

Report says Nigeria is home to an estimated 6,900 terrorist fighters

Atiku explains how he'll fight corruption better than Buhari if elected President

Lifestyle: 12 children injured in dog attack at elementary school

APO: Rwanda Rugby Federation to hold elections

Dencia comes for Burna Boy over comments made about Blac Chyna

DMW shares ''30 Billion Experience'' to celebrate Davido on his birthday (Video)

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Politics: U.S. Embassy closes Lagos and Abuja offices to observe 2018 Thanksgiving Day

Lakers beat Cavaliers on LeBron's return

Lifestyle: Michelle Obama's book 'Becoming' sold more than 1.4 million copies in its first week. Here are 4 things we learned.

5 things to know about Nigerian-born Birmingham forward Viv Solomon-Otabor

Mikel Obi holidays in Nigeria with his partner and twin daughters

Politics: New report reveals the behind-the-scenes battle between Trump's team and Mueller over a possible interview on the Russia investigation

Sports: The Cavaliers gave LeBron James a touching video tribute in his first game back in Cleveland since joining the Lakers

Politics: Dozens of prominent activists have been held for months in Saudi Arabia without charge — and the spotlight on the Kingdom's human rights record is stronger than ever

Lifestyle: The top 21 toys every kid will want this holiday

Mum hunts down son who reportedly committed murder

Tech: Apple could release a cheap Apple TV dongle to get more people hooked (AAPL)

Taxi driver strips in front of airport crowd to protest car seizure

Tech: The death toll from California's fires has risen to 84 — and nearly 1,000 people are still missing

What’s the difference between ketosis and ketoacidosis?

Tech: The International Space Station has now been orbiting Earth for 20 years — here's what 3 astronauts say about living on the lab in space

Politics: Trump lashes out at Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts after he reminded the president that judges are supposed to be independent

Tech: Facebook admits it asked an opposition research firm to link its critics to George Soros (FB)

6 early miscarriage symptoms all pregnant women need to know

Sports: Commissioner Adam Silver is 'very confident' the NBA will hire the first female head coach in major men's professional sports

Yahoo boys suspected after mentally unstable woman visits bank to withdraw money

'Mystery Science Theater 3000' at 30: Still talking back to the screen

South-East Governors want Second Niger Bridge ready in 24 months

Sarah Michelle Gellar just posted a lingerie photo reminding her not to overeat on thanksgiving

U.S. troops at border won't have guns, Mattis says

Are acai bowls really healthy?

Chief Justice defends judicial independence after Trump attacks 'Obama Judge'

Tech: Romaine is off the table again because of E. coli poisoning, and the lettuce trouble reveals why outbreaks are so common

How to survive meeting your partner's family at thanksgiving

13 relationship red flags to watch out for

Tech: NASA's InSight robot is about to land on Mars. Here's how it might survive '7 minutes of terror' and make incredible discoveries about the red planet — and Earth, too.

South Africa girls thump Equatorial Guinea 7-1 to top AWCON 2018 Group B over Super Falcons

Politics: There are nearly four times as many jihadist militants today than on 9/11, and the 'war on terror' has been a 'terrifyingly expensive failure'

This guy went to counseling—and it helped him achieve a 160-lb.

DELSU student delivered from snake which quietly crept into her room while sleeping

Tech: I tried cooking an entire Thanksgiving dinner using Google Home Hub and found there are two major flaws with it

Buhari meets Ekweremadu, Southeast governors at Aso Rock

Tech: A 'Venom' sequel likely already has a release date, as Sony's Spider-Man universe rises again

Politics: Mueller used George Papadopoulos' own tweets against him in a new court filing

Finance: Stocks tumble in the final hour of trading

Ezekwesili speaks on ending Boko Haram in CNN interview

How old are you, in gym years?

Lifestyle: Here are all the 'Harry Potter' and 'Fantastic Beasts' movies ranked, according to critics

Borno Gov, Shettima rubbishes Jonathan’s new book - My Transition Hours

Lifestyle: 18 celebrities who donated their time and money to California wildfire relief

Politics: 2 improvised explosive devices were found in a London flat and counter-terrorism police are investigating

Police arrest 7 customs officers for allegedly killing woman

Creed II Review: it's an even better version of rocky iv

Lifestyle: 7 subtle signs your relationship is basically over

Strategy: Here is how busy professionals can manage time effectively and be more productive

Sports: NFL Thanksgiving: The best way to bet the trio of Thanksgiving games

Lifestyle: Tesla is asking Gigafactory workers to volunteer and work through Thanksgiving as it pushes to make 7,000 Model 3s per week and keep the company profitable (TSLA)

70 percent of my appointments will go to youths, women if elected president – Atiku

Tech: The Satanic Temple reached a settlement with Warner Bros. in its lawsuit over the goat-headed statue in Netflix's 'Sabrina' reboot

Buhari receives NIPSS’s Report on Security, directs agencies to implement recommendations

Strategy: This is what separates successful people from the unsuccessful ones

Politics: The Coast Guard is catching record amounts of cocaine, and activity is growing around a smuggling hotspot

Tech: There's finally a way to summon Google Assistant on your iPhone using your voice

Ex-minister exposes how Jonathan allegedly tried to stop INEC from announcing 2015 election

Strategy: The history of Black Friday — the shopping holiday that once beckoned hordes of frenzied shoppers and is now dying

Lifestyle: This town in Alaska won't see the sun again until January 23

Senate summons Amaechi over Port-Harcourt-Maiduguri rail line

Here's when it's okay to say 'I love you' in a relationship

74-yr-old man allegedly infects 14-yr-old girl with STD from sexual abuse

Lifestyle: 5 hacks for cracking an egg perfectly every time

2019 Hajj: Masari approves collection of N300,000 deposit

Obasanjo commissions Sokoto Conference Centre

Finance: 'Playing with fire:' Economists warn the fallout of Trump's trade war is showing up and that things could get a lot worse

5 frugal tips that can save you thousands of Naira

Politics: 5 disparate ways to talk about politics with your family at Thanksgiving

Politics: Here are the 2 topics Mueller drilled down on in his questions to Trump

Pulse Weddings: Pulse Weddings: Elohor & Tobi's wedding photos will put a smile on your face

EFCC relocates Data Centre, Inter-Agency Task Force

Tech: The PlayStation 4 will be cheaper than ever before this holiday — but that's not the only hot gaming deal Sony has

Lifestyle: A North Carolina school with high rate of vaccine exemptions is having a chicken pox outbreak

APO: Minister orders termination of all contracts with US based Oil Service Company Subsea 7 for refusal to comply with Local Content laws and regulations

Sports: Here are all the film and TV projects LeBron James is already working on in Hollywood

Dad reportedly kills daughter to offer as sacrifice to his god

Tech: The newest perk for employees at this 'Uber-for-helicopters' startup is a free electric scooter sharing program

Lifestyle: Elon Musk says Tesla has 'bought some trucking companies' — but leaders in the car-hauling industry say they haven't heard squat

Politics: Trump is wrong, Saudi Arabia needs the US a lot more than the US needs the kingdom

Politics: Chief Justice John Roberts rebukes Trump and defends federal judges in rare statement

Prepare your hand-over note - Timi Frank tells Buhari

Reps urge IGP to rescue kidnapped persons in Delta

Lifestyle: 41 celebrities you didn't know were Sagittariuses

Lifestyle: Here's what 12 Michelin-starred restaurants serve around the holidays

Finance: GameStop surges after announcing it's selling its AT&T Wireless stores for $700 million (GME)

Lifestyle: Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton just released a romantic music video together — here's a timeline of their love story

Lifestyle: 10 signs you're drinking too much water

Saraki demands inquiry into death of Offa robbery key suspect

Lifestyle: 10 of the coolest airports in the world you'll wish you were flying into

Lifestyle: I tried 6 different brands of butter and 2 were far better than the rest

Strategy: People are donning respirator masks as air quality worsens in San Francisco, and it's locking them out of Face ID

Lifestyle: Just because chicken is pink doesn't always mean it's unsafe — here's how to tell if it's OK to eat

Lifestyle: Here's what we know about the isolated tribe that reportedly killed a 27-year-old American tourist

Finance: Lowe's has 'a big window of opportunity' after shutting down its underperforming stores, UBS says (LOW)

Tech: A 24-year-old has invented a new way to break down plastic waste and prevent it from landing in the ocean

Lifestyle: Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton coordinated in festive shades of red for 2 separate solo engagements on the same day

APO: World Trade Organization (WTO) members review regional trade agreements covering European Union (EU), Ghana and Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU)

Lifestyle: 11 couples who are still together from '90 Day Fiancé'

Tech: Facebook’s outgoing policy and comms boss says he’s to blame for hiring PR firm that smeared the company’s critics (FB)

Lifestyle: People are pranking their parents by asking them how to microwave a whole turkey, but experts say it's actually doable

Lifestyle: Apple CarPlay is Business Insider's 2018 Infotainment System of the Year (AAPL)

Tech: The most Googled Thanksgiving recipe in every state

APO: Trade and Industry Portfolio Committee Adopts National Gambling Bill

Strategy: See inside Dunkin's first-ever 'store of the future,' complete with cold-brew taps and a new two-lane drive-thru (DNKN)

Jonathan says 'Buhari disgraced Nigeria while trying to discredit him'

Tech: The best laptop deals for Black Friday 2018

Super Falcons get 2018 AWCON campaign back on track with 4-0 thrashing of Zambia

Finance: Tech and energy stocks make a comeback after sell-off wipes out Wall Street's gains for the year

Tech: The turkey you're about to eat weighs twice as much as it did a few decades ago

INEC restates commitment to ensure compliance with extant laws – Chairman

Tech: RANKED: The 10 best Super Mario games of all time

Super Eagles held to a goalless draw in a home friendly by Uganda

Do you love talking? Here are 5 perfect jobs for you

Lifestyle: How liberals and conservatives do Thanksgiving dinner differently

Buhari’s aide, Bashir Ahmad reacts to Next level logo allegation

Super Eagles defender Balogun is not here for Blac Chyna's bleaching products

Buhari to commission Edo-Azura Power Plant Nov. 27

Tecno Mobile announces Camon 11 Pro, 24MP clear selfie phone with AI technology

Politics: 12 behind-the-scenes photos show the White House being decorated for Christmas

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Lifestyle: Khloe Kardashian shared an 'awkward' photo with her family and Tristan Thompson in the delivery room: 'You can feel the tension'

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ShopToMyDoor offers you amazing discounts on shopping from US online stores

Strategy: Romaine lettuce sales are down more than $71 million so far this year as the industry has been pummeled with food-poisoning outbreaks — and things are about to get worse

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Finance: Tour the most expensive zip code in Florida — the mysterious members-only island where millionaires pay $250,000 for access

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Lifestyle: This is why African women feel the need to change the colour of their skin in spite of the health risks

Black Friday offer: Orange is the new black!

Strategy: 7 things you shouldn't buy on Black Friday

Strategy: 7 things you shouldn’t buy on Black Friday

Strategy: The true story behind the name 'Black Friday' is much darker than you may have thought

Strategy: The dark story behind the term 'Black Friday'

Lifestyle: The Pilgrims actually stopped at Plymouth Rock because they were running out of beer

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Tech: Amazon is reportedly looking to challenge Apple with its own mobile payments within stores

Strategy: Amazon told some customers their personal info had been exposed — but won't say how many customers were affected (AMZN)

Lifestyle: Kim Kardashian said it's 'hard' for Khloe and Tristan Thompson to watch 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' months after his reported cheating scandal broke

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How my husband fucked me on the kitchen counter part 1{R-18+}

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You have to see Ebuka flexing on the gram in a snake skin coat by Tokyo James

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Strategy: How Butterball's Turkey Talk-Line for nervous Thanksgiving cooks became such a huge phenomenon that it's gotten shout-outs on late-night shows and 'The West Wing'

Tech: A Googler vividly described the 'disastrous' leadership meeting that sparked a giant protest over sexual misconduct

Lifestyle: '13 Reasons Why' may increase teen suicide risk, according to a new study

Lifestyle: Kevin Jonas says his brothers Nick and Joe now understand why he was a 'groomzilla' planning his wedding

"Boko Haram is not technically defeated", Fayose rubbishes Buhari's claim

Politics: US Air Force B-52s ignore Beijing's 'great wall' of missiles with South China Sea flights

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Lifestyle: 10 reasons why a vegan diet could be causing you to gain weight

Lifestyle: Pilots reveal the little details they notice when they fly as passengers that you probably miss

Bullets bounce off chest of notorious cult leader in Lagos

A look back at Tosyn Bucknor & Aurelien Boyer’s 2015 wedding

APC, PDP trade words over deployment of Bayelsa Commissioner of Police

Lifestyle: The world's largest cruise ship just landed in Miami — here's what it's like on board

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Tech: Foxconn is slashing costs ahead of a 'difficult' year – and it's the latest warning sign for Apple (AAPL)

Why less melanin spells more danger for your health

N2.1bn fraud allegations: Court dismisses Dokpesi’s motion on no-case-submission

Lifestyle: You've probably been cooking your turkey all wrong — here's how to do it in 90 minutes flat

Strategy: A former GE and NBC exec who never got her MBA spent the first 90 days as an exec reading textbooks and embracing what she didn't know

Buhari appoints Musa Abaji as new Supreme Court Justice

Lifestyle: The most popular Thanksgiving dishes around the US

Bribery allegation: Court fixes December 6 for judgment in Ganduje case

Strategy: 13 years after Steve Jobs said his mortality was a crucial tool for decision-making, people are writing their own eulogies as a career exercise

Strategy: Americans are avoiding romaine lettuce after another E. coli outbreak — and it reveals one of the most dangerous grocery-store habits

Tech: One of my favorite new Apple accessories is this $30 leather case for my AirPods

DSS nabs suspected Boko Haram, kidnapper's medic in Kaduna

Super Eagles players react to draw against Uganda

Lifestyle: 5 unknown yet beautiful places to visit in Nigeria

2 men docked for cutting woman’s legs

Tech: 11 keyboard shortcuts I can’t believe I lived without

Recipe of the day: Prepare Nutella stuffed French toast muffins!

Tech: Take a look inside Walgreens' futuristic store where it's plotting new ways to take on Amazon and CVS

Father arrested for raping and infecting his 2-yr-old daughter with an STD

21-yr-old mother kills her newborn baby

Business: Inflation rate drops to 11.26% after two months of consecutive rise

Infinix rewards consumers with best of deals in the ongoing Super Black Friday November

Finance: Nigeria's inflation rate drops to 11.26% after two months of consecutive rise

Alexander-Arnold, Kluivert lead shortlist for Golden Boy award

How a British journalist played a Nigerian yahoo boy

BON 2018: Keppy Ekpeyong Bassey, Helen Paul will host 10th edition in Oyo

The world's first underwater hotel residence opens in Maldives

Here's why we love Yoruba actress Iyaba Ojo's trend-driven sense of style

APC loses 2 more House of Reps members over primary elections crisis

Politics: Michelle Wolf responds to Trump trashing her comedy with a taunt about Khashoggi: 'I bet you'd be on my side if I had killed a journalist'

Do you know where Davido met his girlfriend, Chioma?

Mayorkun proves himself a star on ''The Mayor Of Lagos'' album

Lifestyle: Dolce & Gabbana cancels Shanghai show after ad campaign and founder's Instagram DMs mocked Chinese culture

APO: Africa Dialogues for World Children’s Day 2018: African Youth share their vision of the Africa they want

APO: East Africa the fastest growing region in Africa, with people leading longer and healthier lives

Finance: Elon Musk's SpaceX is the latest big tech company to tap the risky leveraged loan market

These are the 5 key elements employers want to see in your CV

Relationship Talk With Bukky: I'm scared to marry my fiancé; I think she's dating married men

Tech: Alphabet chairman admits that Google will have to break its core values if it wants to launch a search engine in China

Nigeria, UNIDO sign $60m new country programme

5 scary things that will happen to your penis as you get older

Sports: Venus Williams has settled a 'wrongful death' lawsuit with the family of the 78-year-old man who was killed in a multi-car collision last year

Tech: Facebook looks like it's preparing for war with Trump after hiring a top Department of Justice antitrust lawyer

Finance: The European Union just rejected Italy's budget for a 2nd time — and now Rome is facing a huge fine

Lifestyle: The world's best new building is a remote school in the Brazilian rainforest made out of wood and mud-brick

‘I was not a clueless president!’ Jonathan blasts critics

APO: 3 Joint Winners of Million Dollar 2018 Al Sumait Prize for Health Announced

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Court remands fake army Colonel in prison

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Kano Anti-corruption Agency receives support from EU

Villareal forward Samuel Chukwueze makes Super Eagles debut

Presidency replies Ex-UK Secretary over warning to foreign investors

Politics: Trump's manic statement letting Saudi Arabia off the hook for Khashoggi reveals a dark US secret

Strategy: 7 practical tips you need to become a pro at budgeting

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Don't pay ransom without informing us first, Army tells kidnap victims’ families

Kene Mkparu joins 20th Century Fox VP to speak at Emerging Cinema Markets in Turkey

The Flying Doctor, Dr. Ola Orekunrin, is our Woman Crush today!

Offa robbery leader, Adikwu, dies in police custody

Lifestyle: Sarah Michelle Gellar posted Instagram photos of herself in lingerie 'as a reminder not to overeat' on Thanksgiving, and people aren't happy

These 5 courses can get you a high-paying job

Tech: NASA is launching a safety review of SpaceX after Elon Musk smoked weed live on the internet

The Fashion Souk by Eventful is back! Sunday, November 25th

APO: The first choice for architects and designers GROHE’s broadest Essence faucet range: unprecedented freedom of choice for the creative mind

Pablo Vicky-D - "Gimme Dat" [Video]

Lifestyle: There's a bizarre tradition of weighing each member of the royal family before and after Christmas dinner, and Meghan Markle and Doria Ragland might have to take part

Why Blac Chyna coming to Nigeria to sell bleaching cream is problematic and social media reactions

JCDecaux enters the Nigerian market in partnership with local investment firm Grace Lake Partners

Politics: Interpol elected a South Korean president after China disappeared its old one

Finance: Crops are rotting in fields as Trump’s trade war bites US farmers

Finance: Carlos Ghosn set to remain as Renault CEO as probe into alleged wrongdoing expands

Fashola says APC never promised to fix Nigeria in 4 years

'The August Meeting' moves to Abuja after Lagos Fringe Festival

Obasanjo warns Nigerians against handing power to thieves

APO: Kenya receives new €235 million loans from African Development Bank to complete Thwake dam

''The UK has no input in Afrobeat'' says Burna Boy

Funke Bucknor pens down emotional post to late sister, Tosyn Bucknor

Fela Durotoye picks Khadijah Abdullahi-Iya as running mate for 2019 presidential election

APO: President Cyril Ramaphosa to address National Council of Provinces (NCOP) Sitting in Gauteng

Boko Haram kills 53 soldiers, farmers in 3 days

Davido says everything changes from today as he celebrates birthday

Politics: Saudi Arabia has reportedly been torturing human-rights activists held in its prisons without charge for over six months

Why I featured in 'Power of 1' - Jide Kosoko

APO: Marriott International provides exclusive access for Loyalty Members during the Adrenaline Fuelled Grand Prix Race weekend

105 New York City inmates freed in bail reform experiment

Politics: UN senior official resigns after 'mind blowing' audit reportedly finds he spent nearly $500,000 in travel expenses

South Korea signals end to 'final' deal with Japan over wartime sex slaves

Onome, Ohale say Super Falcons will bounce back

'For Nigerian artists, I don't charge for features', says Mr Eazi at 'Empawa' official Lagos launch

SKYSAT Technologies hosts first DEVELOP dealer conference in Lagos

Dennis Wrong, 94, one of the last of the 'New York Intellectuals,' dies

Candidate aologizes for a remark on 'hanging'

Chioma celebrates Davido on his birthday with cute message [Video]

Super Falcons coach Dennerby assures Nigeria will bounce back from loss to South Africa

Cuomo and de Blasio saw the Amazon deal as a winner, now comes the backlash

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Lifestyle: People recovering from the California wildfires are now scrambling to get ready for rain and potential mudslides

Two decades after 9/11, militants have only multiplied

Fight over Nazi-tainted art moves to U.S.

Yemi Alade - 'Open, Close'

Ghosn felt stars deserved big pay, his accusers say he took that too far

Doctor killed in Chicago was committed to 'serving the underserved'

El Chapo star witness tells of bribes on high, implicating top officials

Politics: China's top security agency is accused of directing a wave of cyberattacks against Australia

Mistrial in case of jogger's murder, with Jury 'hopelessly deadlocked'

Lobi Stars pip Rangers 1-0 to win Nigerian Super Cup

Trump stands with Saudis over killing of Khashoggi

4 found dead after suspicious fire at tech consultant's home in New Jersey

Trump's statement on Saudi Arabia, explained!

Storm-damaged Caribbean resorts make a comeback for high season

NBA Chief on angry fans and female coaches

Throw away all Romaine Lettuce, CDC warns

Michael Avenatti dragged girlfriend out of LA home, she alleges

President defends daughter as Democrats seek inquiry

Somali workers in Minnesota force Amazon to negotiate

Politics: 'Saudi Arabia First, not America First:' Even top GOP allies of Trump are railing against his defense of Saudi Arabia over Khashoggi's brutal murder

Tech: Apple's App Store is down, just days before Black Friday (AAPL)

Politics: US Homeland Security reportedly infiltrating WhatsApp groups and using paid undercover informants to monitor migrant caravan

Politics: Walmart wants its campaign donation back after uproar over Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith's 'public hanging' remarks

Tech: Facebook's ad platform has crashed — causing chaos just days before Black Friday (FB)

Politics: More Mexican leaders are being implicated in the Sinaloa cartel's dirty dealings during 'El Chapo' Guzman's trial

Tech: An E. coli outbreak from romaine lettuce has sickened 50 people — here's how to avoid getting sick

Lifestyle: A day in Chico, California: Photos show how survivors are helping each other cope and keep warm after their harrowing escapes from the Camp Fire

Politics: Trump reportedly wanted to order the DOJ to prosecute Comey and Clinton

Strategy: Romaine lettuce has been linked to an E. coli outbreak that has sickened at least 32 people in 11 states. Here's why this food-poisoning expert never orders salad in restaurants.

Strategy: Investigators never found the source of an E. coli outbreak that sickened 25 and killed one person last year. Now, a food-poisoning expert says the same E. coli strain is likely back — and more than 30 people are sick.

Sports: Phil Mickelson challenged Tiger Woods to a $100,000 bet on the first hole of their upcoming match and Tiger responded by doubling it

Lifestyle: We know the name of the next Harley Quinn movie and people are seriously confused

Lifestyle: Bella Hadid and The Weeknd reportedly signed a lease together — here's a timeline of their relationship

Lifestyle: What every Victoria's Secret Angel wore in her first fashion show for the brand

Politics: 'Naive and self-destructive': Big Democratic donors back Nancy Pelosi and warn that funding will be cut in half if she's pushed out

Lifestyle: 19 iconic moments from the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show over the years

Sports: NFL Power Rankings: Where all 32 teams stand going into Week 12

Lifestyle: Signs your hair loss isn't normal — and how you can stop it

Strategy: LuLaRoe's CEO tearfully addresses inventory problems in leaked audio

Politics: 'They weren’t deleted like Hillary Clinton's': Trump defends daughter Ivanka's use of a private email account for government business

Politics: ‘POTUS sided with a brutal dictator over CIA? Shocking’: Trump widely bashed for siding with Saudi Arabia over Jamal Khashoggi’s killing

Sanwo-Olu meets with Olamide, YBNL crew

Strategy: Mckinsey says Africa is the world's next big growth market

Strategy: Gap is struggling to keep up with its sister brands — we visited the store and saw why (GPS)

Tech: How an automatic floodgate is helping communities against natural disasters

Killers of Benue Catholic priest sentenced to death

Tech: Here are all the best deals for Xbox One consoles and games this holiday season (MSFT)

Strategy: We visited Old Navy and saw why it's Gap's biggest asset (GPS)

Tech: $27 billion Autodesk just acquired the Google and Sequoia-backed construction startup PlanGrid (ADSK)

Did APC copy the Next Level logo from Rex Institute in US?

Strategy: 7 common mistakes people make when writing email subject lines

Finance: Foot Locker soars after beating on sales and profits (FL)

Tech: The best TV deals of Black Friday

Tech: Walgreens and Humana are reportedly looking to take stakes in one another (WBA, HUM)

Tech: The weird science behind 10 animal feet

Lifestyle: I asked my 5-year-old what it means to be an adult, and his answer provided fascinating insight into the way kids interpret the world

Finance: Forget buying the cheapest house on the best street — a real estate exec says there's a smarter move to make

Finance: Wall Street wipes out 2018 gains as FAANG stocks slide into a bear market

Tech: Smoke from California's wildfires is drifting across the US to New York — and it's making pretty sunsets

Lifestyle: An IKEA store in Italy is letting stray dogs inside to warm up during the winter and the pictures will warm your heart

Politics: These photos show why the US Coast Guard's snipers are some of the best in the business

Tech: Health officials warn not to eat romaine this Thanksgiving because they're worried about E. coli — here's what the illness is

Tech: 11 ways you're wasting water that are costing you

Politics: 'Peas' the turkey is pardoned by Trump after he joked that the alternate bird, 'Carrots,' had 'demanded a recount'

Lifestyle: 9 things you're making dirtier by cleaning them

Strategy: The CDC tells people to stop eating romaine lettuce — again — after another E. coli outbreak sickens at least 32 people in 11 states

Lifestyle: 10 flight attendants reveal their favorite places to visit

Strategy: Amazon's reputation is taking another hit in the wake of its HQ2 decision (AMZN)

Lifestyle: What 9 Victoria's Secret models eat to prepare for the fashion show

Lifestyle: Nicole Kidman says she moved to the US for her love of Tom Cruise: 'Everything kind of had to fall in place around that'

Politics: Who is Marcia Fudge? The Democrat mulling a challenge to Nancy Pelosi for speaker of the House

Lifestyle: This spray paint lights up at the flip of a switch, but it's not glow-in-the-dark

Lifestyle: 10 snacks children around the world leave for Santa

Goodluck Jonathan changed the narrative of politics in Nigeria – Dogara

Sports: Duke's Zion Williamson sent the internet into another frenzy with a windmill dunk during his first game of the Maui Invitational

Tech: Class-action lawsuits and 'F' ratings from the Better Business Bureau: Customers should be wary of MoviePass and Sinemia

Lifestyle: These are the 10 airports to avoid if you're flying during Thanksgiving

Politics: Ohio's legislature is considering laws to ban abortion after 6 weeks, and could punish patients and abortion providers with the death penalty

R2Bees - 'Supa' feat. Wizkid

Ex-UK Secretary warns international investors to be careful about investing in Buhari's Nigeria

Finance: Oil extends sharp losses after Trump signals US won't punish Saudi Arabia after Khashoggi killing

5 essentials for a lit Nigerian party

Strategy: The most iconic toy store in the world just reopened after suddenly shutting down 3 years ago — take a look inside

Ex-President Jonathan expresses concern over vote buying

Finance: Oil prices drop more than 5% to fresh one-year lows

NECO extends 2018 SSCE registration

Tech: A nutritionist reveals how to make your Thanksgiving meal healthier without sacrificing the good stuff

Sports: The epic 'Monday Night Football' game made bettors in Las Vegas millions thanks to in-game wagering and the third-most points in NFL history

Politics: A new report shows the US Army struggled to get its troops, and even generals, ready to deploy

Jonathan, a true democrat – Buhari

Tech: The new 'Fallout' game is a boring mess that you shouldn't play — here's why

Fashola gives reasons South West will re-elect Buhari

Tech: The Apple Watch is on sale for as much as $80 off for Black Friday — here are all the deals worth your time (AAPL)

Finance: Nvidia recovers all its earlier losses after short seller Andrew Left says he is a buyer (NVDA)

Finance: Nvidia recovers all its earlier losses after short seller Andrew Left says he is buyer (NVDA)

Lifestyle: I'm convinced power napping is the key to my productivity — and there's research to back me up

Ezekwesili kicks against presence of security chiefs at APC rally

Lifestyle: 10 signs you don't actually have bedbugs, even if you think you do

Tech: How to have a carb-free keto Thanksgiving, according to science

Strategy: 'I don't give a f---, get out of my store': McDonald's faces backlash after a viral video shows worker forcing teens out of the fast-food restaurant as they protest that there is a threatening, gun-wielding man outside (MCD)

Strategy: 'I don't give a f---, get out of my store': McDonald's is under fire after a viral video shows worker forcing teens out of the fast-food restaurant as they protest that there is a threatening, gun-wielding man outside (MCD)

Tech: I feel less comfortable sharing my photos to Facebook these days — here's why I use Apple's iCloud instead (AAPL, FB)

Buhari has no plan to rig 2019 elections – Femi Adesina

Tech: San Francisco's homelessness crisis is so bad, people appear to be using poop to graffiti the sidewalks

Lifestyle: Sephora's Black Friday sale includes beauty products for under $15

Tech: The death toll from California's fires has risen to 82 — and nearly 700 people are still missing

Politics: 'Maybe he did and maybe he didn't': Trump defiantly stands with Saudi Arabia and Prince Mohammed before release of CIA report on Jamal Khashoggi's murder

Lifestyle: 10 of the wildest things that pilots have witnessed up in the air

Lifestyle: Meghan Markle officially overtakes Kate Middleton as the most powerful royal fashion influencer

Lifestyle: Priyanka Chopra put together a dream wedding registry that includes a $1,995 spin bike and a $23 dog collar

Abdulsalami Abubakar thanks Jonathan for conceding defeat in 2015

Tech: Facebook staff have voiced a 'huge upswell' of support for Sheryl Sandberg after she reportedly feared for her job, says company exec (FB)

Lifestyle: Netflix buys global rights to Nigerian-British actor, Chiwetel Ejiofor's new movie

APO: Country Director for the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) Ghana Country Director's speech at Education is GREAT event

Strategy: Entrepreneurs who launched their $50 million company in a dorm room say the biggest benefits of going on 'Shark Tank' had nothing to do with money

Strategy: Here's why we call the day after Thanksgiving 'Black Friday'

Lifestyle: What it's like living in the most expensive zip code in New York, where the average home price is $5.5 million

APO: Constitution Hill to #GoBlue as UNICEF Celebrates World Children’s Day

Tech: Electric scooter firm Lime reportedly smeared rival Bird with the same PR firm Facebook used to discredit critics

APO: Minister Sisulu arrives in Moscow to strengthen trade and diplomatic relations with the Government of the Russian Federation

Tech: Amazon's ambitious Fire TV Cube is on sale for $60 for Black Friday — here's what it's like to use (AMZN)

Lifestyle: 13 things people say were a huge waste of money

Strategy: 'It was probably the worst sales pitch they'd ever heard': The CEO of multibillion-dollar Pinterest made a major mistake pitching investors in the early days

Strategy: What shoppers in every state are searching for in the run-up to Black Friday

Tech: This is what it's like to care for someone with dementia

Lifestyle: Your partner is most likely to cheat on Friday nights, and they might use these excuses

Politics: Unearthed footage shows Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky briefly holding hands after he met her family at the White House in 1996

Tech: Elon Musk is making a 'radical change' to SpaceX's monster Mars rocket — and renamed its parts 'Starship' and 'Super Heavy'

Tech: Jeff Bezos just named his newest 'shadow,' a technical adviser who will follow the billionaire CEO to every one of his meetings (AMZN)

Bad Breakup? 10 things you should never do no matter how much it hurts!

Lifestyle: The 10 best things to buy from Ulta Beauty's Black Friday sale

Sports: The best 'Monday Night Football' game of all time produced 29 gorgeous photos including one of Jared Goff's epic layup celebration

Strategy: 4 things former Starbucks employees would never tell you while working there

Politics: Anthony Scaramucci claims Trump isn't a nationalist: 'He likes saying that because it irks these intellectual elitists'

Lifestyle: Everything coming to — and leaving — Netflix in December

Lifestyle: 10 savvy ways to save money on your next road trip

Tech: These 7 states have the worst homelessness crises in the US. They also have some of the most expensive housing.

Tech: 'Back to the Future' and 'Toy Story' are the top movie franchises audiences want more of

Politics: These are the 25 most powerful militaries in the world in 2018

Tech: The best smartphone camera in the world has a crippling bug, Pixel 3 users are reporting (GOOG, GOOGL)

Strategy: Kate Spade's Frances Valentine brand just opened its first-ever physical store — take a look inside

Lifestyle: The FDA is warning parents about pacifiers after 4 babies were hospitalized for botulism

Lifestyle: I tried to go without alcohol for a month — and I only made it 10 days

Tech: I love my new MacBook Air, but these are the 7 worst things about it

Finance: I saved a ton of money on an international flight by flying a top-rated airline most people would never think to take, and it was one of the best economy trips I've had yet

Here is how to make the famous Nigerian Jollof rice

Strategy: Millennials' habits are bringing a major change to Thanksgiving dinner

Lifestyle: This is the biggest mistake you're making on a first date, according to the founder of an elite dating app

Lifestyle: There's a slice of pumpkin pie hidden in this Thanksgiving brain teaser — can you spot it?

Lifestyle: An 11-year-old boy made it through security and nearly boarded a Delta plane without a boarding pass

McShayn's Love Thread: Is it OK to remain in a bad marriage just for the kids?

Tech: A Harvard psychologist reveals the secret to curbing your appetite

Lifestyle: The blackheads on your nose are actually a form of acne — here's how to get rid of them for good

Lifestyle: This is exactly how much money you need to join the list of the richest people in the world

Strategy: 'I get yelled at at least once a day': IKEA restructured its stores to become more 'customer-centric,' but employees say the plan backfired

Relationship Talk With Bukky: He makes me unhappy but I'm scared to leave for my son's sake

Nigeria vs Uganda Live Update from the Stephen Keshi Stadium

Lifestyle: Elon Musk's Boring Company is opening a 'brick store' — here's a first look

Finance: The 26 US states with the lowest sales tax, ranked

APO: No Silicon Valley for Africa say early stage investors

Tech: Elon Musk just announced a new name for the 387-foot-long SpaceX rocket he wants to send to Mars

Tech: Facebook and Instagram are both down for some users — Facebook says it's working on a fix

Lifestyle: 9 of the best jobs for people who love dogs

Strategy: Here is what you need to impress your boss and get that promotion you want

Bandits on the run in North-West leaving behind 24 AK 47 rifles

Lifestyle: The 10 worst places to live if you're single

Finance: Stocks wipe out 2018 gains as FAANG stocks slide into a bear market

Politics: The F-35 stealth fighter just pulled off a massive flex that China's J-20 and Russia's Su-57 aren't anywhere close to matching

Politics: Turkeys 'Peas' and 'Carrots' are staying in this specially designed 5-star hotel room ahead of the White House Turkey Pardon

Strategy: Amazon employees are reportedly already buying up apartments in New York City — and they started before the company even announced HQ2 (AMZN)

Sports: WHERE ARE THEY NOW? The players from Peyton Manning's legendary 1998 NFL Draft

APO: Africa Loses Billions of Dollars Due to Child Marriage, Says New World Bank Report

Sports: The most expensive watches worn by 21 of the world's most elite athletes

Lifestyle: 'Dancing With the Stars' has a new winner, and fans are feeling blindsided

Gunmen kidnap Plateau traditional ruler

Finance: Here's how much your State received from the Nigerian federation account in the last three quarters of 2018

Tech: Why 'Widows' has flopped at the box office despite stellar reviews and a powerhouse cast including Viola Davis and Liam Neeson

Strategy: We shopped at TJ Maxx and Kohl's to see which store was better, and the winner was clear for one key reason (TJX, KSS)

Politics: 75 years ago, US Marines waded into 'the toughest battle in Marine Corps history' — here are 25 photos of the brutal fight for Tarawa

Deceased Kwara APC members sacrificed for emancipation of state - Lai

Sports: Stephen Curry broke traditional NBA style to wear an elegant $57,000 Cartier watch courtside

Sports: The best men's running tights you can buy

Lifestyle: Acura ELS Studio 3D is Business Insider's Car Audio System of the Year

Finance: Target is tumbling after disappointing earnings, and it's dragging Kohl's and Best Buy with it (TGT, KSS, BBY)

Finance: The 25 US states with the lowest sales tax, ranked

Strategy: Victoria's Secret is bringing back swimwear after abandoning it nearly 3 years ago (LB)

Moghalu calls Buhari an 'emperor', vows to announce cabinet in 48 hours if elected President

Tech: Stephen King loved Netflix's new psychological thriller, 'Cam,' from Hollywood's hottest horror studio

APO: National Assembly Agrees to Four Bills at its Sitting Today

Victor AD - 'No Idea' (Official Video)

Strategy: 2 executives leading J.Crew's turnaround have left the business, and analysts say it leaves the store in a worrying position

Tech: Goldman Sachs downgrades Apple for second time this month, warns Apple may have 'miscalculated' iPhone XR pricing strategy (AAPL)

Strategy: Victoria's Secret's 'overt sexuality,' dark stores, and comments about transgender models are pushing the struggling chain further in its downward spiral (LB)

Tech: Sylvester Stallone wanted Apollo Creed to appear as a ghost in 'Creed 2' — here's why it didn't happen

APO: Unlocking Africa’s Earth Observation Potential at the 1st Global Monitoring for Environment and Security and Africa (GMES and Africa) Forum

Jonathan says Yar'Adua made decision to pardon Alamieyeseigha

Lifestyle: I visited the park in Bali where tourists pay $3 to risk wild monkeys stealing their jewelry and iPhones, and I get why it's considered a must-see

Finance: I've been writing about math for 5 years, and I'm convinced there's only one good way to calculate a tip

Finance: A former US ambassador to Venezuela lays out what could be ahead for the crisis-ridden country

Tech: Why NASA blasts half a million gallons of water during rocket launches

Strategy: More than 60 malls across America will be closed on Thanksgiving. Here's the full list.

Finance: Nigeria's central bank to hold lending rate at 14% record-high till 2019

Finance: Dubai has a $20 billion megacomplex with the world's second largest mall, the world's tallest building, an aquarium, and 1,200 stores. I can't imagine why any tourist would want to visit.

Finance: The owner of Victoria's Secret tumbles after missing on sales, halving its dividend, and replacing its CEO (LB)

Strategy: LuLaRoe is facing mounting debt, layoffs, and an exodus of top sellers, and sources say the $2.3 billion legging empire could be imploding

Finance: Venezuelans fighting the country's economic crisis are illegally mining gold to survive

Lifestyle: Mariah Carey says her son once vomited on Michelle Obama's dress

Moghalu brands NNPC a 'joke', promises to privatise it

APO: United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) Briefing Note on Cameroon

Recipe for the holiday: How to prepare gizzard peppersoup

APO: Committee on transport adopts report that paves way for replacement Of Road Accident Fund (RAF)

UI gives give reason for shutting down its secondary school over hijab crisis

Tech: Facebook allowed the sale of a 16-year-old child bride before finding and removing the post

Lifestyle: Meghan Markle is apparently friends with Michael Bublé, and he even created her a Christmas playlist

Meet the top 18 finalists from the Miss Nigeria 2018 competition!

Sports: Khabib Nurmagomedov's father says his son is up for a rematch against Conor McGregor, and would even hand the Irishman a clear advantage

Politics: Theresa May fails again to block court case that could allow the UK to reverse Brexit

Jonathan says Obama humiliated him by interfering in 2015 elections

Lifestyle: A Canadian father who says he's spent 'hundreds of dollars' on Happy Meals is suing McDonald's for advertising them to children

APO: Oradian and new West African partner TAB Finance join forces to boost financial inclusion

Lifestyle: The most iconic images from 28 royal weddings throughout modern British history

All you need to know about Tosyn Bucknor

APO: Transparency in Military Spending in Sub-Saharan Africa Higher than Expected, New Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) Report

Lifestyle: The climate you live in could affect how much booze you drink, according to a new study

Sen. Ndume says plans to impeach Saraki still alive

Politics: Judge shoots down Trump's asylum ban, clearing the way for the migrant caravan

And the curtain falls on Tosyn Bucknor (Area Mama) at 37

Plateau IDPs complain of starving, sleeping on bare floor

Lifestyle: Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip are actually related — here's how

Politics: Fan Bingbing is cheerleading for China over the South China Sea after the government disappeared her

Businessman, Yusuf Babalola holds special 40th birthday thanksgiving prayers

APO: Ecobank Transnational Incorporated announces closure of USD 200 million syndicated loan facility

Atiku is a walk-over for Buhari in 2019, says Sen. Ndume

Tech: Tumblr was removed from Apple's App Store because child porn slipped through its filters

"Tosyn Bucknor died due to sickle cell complications" - says sister

Lifestyle: The Queen and Prince Philip still share a special touch and knowing looks after 71 years of marriage — here's what the body language experts say about them

Finance: France follows Nissan in ousting Renault CEO Ghosn after arrest in Japan for financial misconduct

Tech: FAANG stocks drop a combined $728 billion — more than Saudi Arabia's GDP — in a 6-week pummeling

Tech: FAANG stocks drop a combined $728 billion — more than Saudi Arabia's GDP — in 6-week pummeling

Martell hosts Chioma GoodHair, Obi Cubana, & more at Chateau de Chanteloup in France

Sports: Alexander Zverev destroyed the greatest men's tennis statistic of the year when he beat Novak Djokovic

Fendi Organ: Women are getting obsessed with 'plastic vaginas'

Did Tonto Dikeh shade her ex-husband on Instagram again?

Teacher confesses to assaulting 3 minors in Benue

Tech: The best photo from every year of Prince Philip's royal career

Moghalu vows to step on toes to fix Nigeria's economy, power if elected President

4 INEC workers, a Corper and a 3-yr-old die in car accident

'Wives on Strike' actress, Tito Segun-Banjo is missing

Lobi Stars face Enugu Rangers in NFF Super Cup

Finance: Global markets are getting routed as the slump in big tech grips investors

46th Emmy Awards: Here are all the winners at TV awards ceremony

10 things we learnt from Super Eagles press conference ahead of the friendly game against Uganda

Toke Makinwa, Denola Grey, Swanky Jerry and others celebrate the launch of Helen Couture

WAEC says 2018 WAEC/GCE result will be out next week

EFCC loses equipment worth millions as fire destroys storage room

Politics: The UK's chief trade negotiation adviser could quit 'any day' over Theresa May's Brexit deal

Tiffany Amber celebrates her 20th anniversary in the industry in grand style

Celebrities react to shocking death of Tosyn Bucknor

Politics: The Saudi foreign minister claims a CIA report directly linking the crown prince to Jamal's Khashoggi's murder is an unsubstantiated fib

EXCLUSIVE: Captains of industries, top private sector players to fund Kingsley Moghalu’s presidential campaign

Politics: This year's APEC summit set out to address problems in the Pacific, but it only deepened the US-China feud

Shooting: Police urge Enugu residents not to panic

Respect rights of Nigerians to belong to any party, Oshiomhole charges politicians

Presidency condemns outcries over Service Chiefs' departure from`Next Level’ event

Tosyn Bucknor passes away at 37

Tosyn Bucknor is dead

Kwara people will retire Saraki from politics in 2019, Oshiomhole says

Armed robbers kill 4 in Ekiti bank attack

Politics: Trump is reportedly 'afraid of' going to a combat zone to visit US troops, but that may soon change

Moghalu breaks campaign with free online copy of his book containing his plans for Nigeria

DopeNation - 'Naami' feat. Olamide and Dj Enimoney (Official Video)

Four years from its big party, Qatar remains a soccer work in progress

Monday, November 19, 2018

England U-21 coach wants Nigerian-born Lookman to dump Nigeria

Xi visits Philippines to celebrate 'rainbow after the rain' with Duterte

Four people dead in shooting at Chicago hospital

Tech stocks lead slump that erases November's gains

Nigeria to face Libya in U23 AFCON qualifier

Time and where you can watch Super Eagles take on Uganda

Ivanka Trump may be target of Democrats for email use

Australian Prime Minister plans to reduce immigration, citing urban crowding

Brooklyn rapper charged for gang-related crimes

Tom Stoppard's 'The Hard Problem' is a mind-body gabfest

Airbnb ends West Bank settlement listings, causing uproar in Israel

Politics: Ivanka Trump 'was the worst offender in the White House': Ivanka reportedly discussed government affairs using her personal email address

Collectors Leon and Debra Black give $40 million to MoMA

Trump's criticism of architect of bin Laden raid draws fire

Disney wins Chinese approval for Fox deal, clearing major hurdle

Man charged with killing 'Baby Hope' dies in custody

Whispers become salvos as 16 rebels buck Pelosi

El Chapo witness details brutal drug war murders

Politics: Trump is reportedly getting ready to put Venezuela on the state sponsors of terror list

'This wedding broke down walls,' said former NFL player Jeff Rohrer of marrying Joshua Ross

Loose Talk Podcast: Episode 145- I Trust Myself

Politics: The largest US active-duty mobilization to US-Mexico border under Trump may already be winding down

Tech: Here's how Apple's new $1,000 iPhone XS compares to last year's iPhone X (AAPL)

Sports: Villanova dropped out of the AP Top 25 Poll for the first time since 2013 and it could spell trouble for the Big East

Politics: White House issues rules for the media after it grudgingly reinstates CNN correspondent Jim Acosta's press pass

Tech: It looks like Amazon ended a deal for a new Echo Dot for $1 after only a few hours (AMZN)

Tech: You can get Amazon's newest Echo Dot and 3 months of Amazon Music Unlimited for less than $5 right now — here's how (AMZN)

Tech: NASA 'will eventually' retire its new mega-rocket if SpaceX, Blue Origin can safely launch their own powerful rockets

Lifestyle: Donald and Melania Trump have been on and off for 20 years — here's a timeline of their relationship

Lifestyle: All the known Patronuses of the 'Harry Potter' characters — from Dumbledore to the Weasley twins

Politics: The FBI has officially declared the 'Proud Boys,' a far-right 'Western chauvinist' group with a penchant for street fights, as 'extremist'

Politics: Nigerian lawyer, Femi Falana, says $8.1 billion fine on MTN will correct financial anomalies

Lifestyle: 8 reasons why your sex life can change once you get into a relationship

Lifestyle: 8 ways that you're wasting money while in college

Politics: Billions of dollars of cocaine are smuggled into the US by sea every year, and the Coast Guard says it can only stop one-quarter of it

APC inaugurates peace and reconciliation committees

Lifestyle: 13 wedding trends you'll see everywhere in 2019

Politics: The US and China are giving off bad signals ahead of a crucial meeting between Trump and Xi Jinping

Lifestyle: 'I had no part in any of this': The woman who raised $400,000 for an alleged homeless veteran GoFundMe scam released a secret recording she says proves her innocence

Strategy: Victoria's Secret has a new CEO for its lingerie business (LB)

Lifestyle: 6 interfaith couples and families reveal how they celebrate the holidays

Lifestyle: How to effectively get rid of fruit flies

Tech: This artist transforms everyday object like sneakers — and taxidermy animal heads — with puff paint

Politics: These are the 9 nuclear-armed countries and the 31 allies they've vowed to defend with the world's most devastating weapons

Tech: Amazon's HQ2 could add homeless residents to New York and Washington, DC — two cities with the worst homelessness crises in the US

Lifestyle: 12 things you probably didn't know about 'Mad Men'

Strategy: Chipotle has rehired the manager that it had fired for refusing to serve customers she suspected of dining and dashing (CMG)

Lifestyle: Actress Joey King says a man was afraid he'd 'catch cancer' from her because she has a shaved head

Tech: Instagram will soon start cracking down on accounts that use third-party apps to dole out fake likes and followers (FB)

Pulse Chats with Omoge Dami: The feminist with a purpose

Lifestyle: Here are the magical creatures in ‘Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald’

Politics: Argentina releases first images of the submarine San Juan — lost a year ago at 3,000 feet deep with all its crew

Lifestyle: Here's why you shouldn't stress too much about Thanksgiving weight gain, according to dietitians

Politics: The White House is restoring Jim Acosta's press pass days after a judge ordered it to do so — and CNN is dropping its lawsuit

Sports: LeBron James has added a Stephen Curry-esque skill to his repertoire that could make him an even bigger nightmare for defenses

Buhari wishes Nigerians happiness, good health ahead of Eid-el-Maulud celebration

Lifestyle: 3 great TV shows to watch on Netflix this week, including the new 'Narcos: Mexico'

Strategy: One photo reveals how Amazon's headquarters can massively shape a city — and hints at the potential impact of HQ2 (AMZN)

Tech: The 30 hottest countries on Earth

Tech: Apple charges a ton of money for built-in storage — here's how to get around it (AAPL)

Moghalu says Nigerians need to start electing intellectually-capable leaders

Finance: California's biggest utility provider plunges after disclosing it suffered a 2nd outage as the deadly Camp Fire started (PCG)

Lifestyle: You can have a wedding straight out of a fairytale at a castle in the Italian countryside for $114

Lifestyle: Experts say holiday cheer and the Christmas spirit are real — here's the evidence

APC says aggrieved aspirants in court will face disciplinary action

Kwara people will retire Saraki from politics in 2019 – Oshiomhole

Strategy: 'Your show may be a "fantasy" but we live in reality': Lingerie startup ThirdLove slams Victoria's Secret exec in full-page New York Times ad (LB)

Outcome of Buhari’s minimum wage meeting with Governors not disclosed yet

Politics: Outgoing GOP state legislatures are cramming through conservative laws before they lose power

Lifestyle: 17 things to start doing in your 20s so you don't live in regret in your 40s

Strategy: A former GE and NBC exec used a '3 time rule' to get her boss to say yes to her ideas

Finance: The 25 most expensive zip codes in America

Sports: Top 12 waiver-wire pickups for Week 12 of fantasy football

Politics: Mattis was reportedly at odds with Trump on the US-Mexico border mission, but he has a playbook to muddle through these spats

Lifestyle: 7 hard truths about adulthood that my 20-year-old self would never have understood

Lifestyle: Elon Musk says he's open to working with Mercedes-Benz on an electric van (TSLA)

Politics: Democrats did something virtually unprecedented in the 2018 midterms, and it says a lot about Trump's unpopularity

Lifestyle: Thanksgiving travel can be a nightmare — here's what time you should leave for the holiday to avoid traffic, according to Google data

Finance: Here's the income it takes for a family of 4 to be considered poor in every state

Tech: The Echo Spot is one of Amazon's most innovative Alexa devices — and it's on sale for $90 for Black Friday (AMZN)

Strategy: Pilots working for airlines that transport packages for Amazon are not happy — and many are considering quitting, a survey found (AMZN)

Lifestyle: Meghan Markle turned heads in a $1,149 sparkling sequined top on the red carpet

Finance: Apple tanks after reportedly cutting production of its 3 newest iPhone models amid waning demand (AAPL)

Tech: There's only one really good deal on the Nintendo Switch this holiday shopping season (NTDOY)

Finance: How the homeless population in every state has changed over the past 10 years

Lifestyle: Tesla accidentally gave a customer access to the email addresses linked to over 1.5 million accounts on its online forum (TSLA)

Tech: Bill Gates says that HBO's 'Silicon Valley' is the best way to understand the real Silicon Valley: 'They don’t make any more fun of us than we deserve'

Students urge FG to stop treating education with levity as ASUU strike goes on

Tech: Evan Spiegel spends most of his time during boardroom meetings on Snapchat (SNAP)

Lifestyle: 3 ways to change the subject of a conversation without making it awkward

Politics: 16 Democrats release letter opposing Nancy Pelosi as next speaker of the House

Tech: A pill to treat peanut allergies is getting closer to reality — but a new study shows the drug can have some harsh side effects (AIMT, DBVT)

The 2018 Cowbellpedia Champions of Mathematics

Strategy: 17 wild job titles companies are using to attract millennials

Saraki meets with Acting British High Commissioner, Harriet Thompson

Lifestyle: 20 malls with the most over-the-top holiday decorations

Lifestyle: Which wines to drink with 8 different types of pizza

Tech: This team of 17-year-old high-school seniors in California created a device that could help prevent future wildfires

Lifestyle: A British Airways passenger is suing the airline after claiming he suffered nerve damage from being forced to sit next to an 'extremely large' person during a 12-hour flight

Finance: The Tesla of China spikes as short seller Andrew Left sees 'little resistance' for Nio to surge 60% (NIO)

Police IG, Idris warns commissioners, others not be partisan

Atiku’s policy document embodies yearnings, aspirations of Nigerians – PDP

Hennessy to shut Lagos down with the Artistry Concert on the 8th of December

Tech: NASA will dig for signs of alien life in Mars' Jezero Crater — the landing site for its 2020 rover

Strategy: U.S government awards over $450,000 in grants to 45 Nigerian civic organisations in 2018

Atiku’s policy plan reportedly causing discomfort among PDP members

Strategy: These are the stores with the best Black Friday discounts

Politics: The Trump White House is about to be all decked out for Christmas — see what it looked like last year

Politics: The Navy SEAL who shot Bin Laden pushes back on Trump's criticism of the 2011 raid

Tech: A Times Square theater that's been abandoned for nearly 30 years is getting a $100 million makeover. Here's what it will look like.

Lifestyle: The shocking downfall of Carlos Ghosn could send the largest car company in the world into disarray (NSANY)

Politics: Trump stands by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman even after CIA's finding on Khashoggi killing, following a long pattern of believing allies despite evidence

Lifestyle: Anastasia Beverly Hills is selling 4 eye-shadow palettes for the price of 2 on Black Friday

Politics: Andrew Cuomo claims media is bashing the Amazon HQ2 deal because they compete with the Jeff Bezos-owned Washington Post

Buhari’s next level campaign, a fraud – Timi Frank

Lifestyle: 14 surprising things you probably didn't know about Meryl Streep

Tech: Apple doesn't have Black Friday deals for iPhones — but here are the stores that do

Finance: There's really only one way to correctly grow a mustache

Lifestyle: This photographer is taking portraits of members of all 566 Native American tribes, and the results are powerful

Lifestyle: 10 stars who auditioned for popular movie roles but didn't get them

Finance: Bitcoin price briefly drops below $5000 as brutal crypto sell-off continues

Politics: The soldier's best friend: 9 ways that militaries use dogs for missions

Lifestyle: Khloe Kardashian explained why she let Tristan Thompson in the delivery room just days after reports that he cheated on her

Tech: These 3 inventions make it possible for firefighters to extinguish fires without getting close to the flames

Tech: BuzzFeed News is now asking readers for donations as part of its 'long-term project of building a sustainable news business'

N80bn Bayelsa airport project outrageous, inflated, Bayelsa APC says

Tech: Netflix turned 'The Last Kingdom' into a global hit, and season 3 is a worthwhile snack for 'Game of Thrones' fans

EFCC begins trial against ex-Gov Fayose

Strategy: Best Buy will kick off Black Friday early and open again on Thanksgiving (BBY)

Tech: Apple's new MacBook Air is a revelation, and I'm glad I bought it — even though it's too expensive (AAPL)

Finance: The Nasdaq is headed for its lowest close in 6 months as FAANG stocks tumble

Lifestyle: 12 of the biggest skin-care mistakes you're making in your 20s

Strategy: These 10 fashion and beauty brands are poised to have a huge 2019

Senate Committee uncovers 400,000 PVCs unclaimed in Rivers

Politics: Democrats file lawsuit against Trump over Whitaker, accuse president of violating Constitution

APO: Public Engagements Diary of the Presidency

Lifestyle: This £49, 7-course tasting menu features childhood favourites including a dish served in a Corn Flakes box

Strategy: The top 25 states where rich people give away the least money

Finance: Nissan slides after Chairman Carlos Ghosn is arrested over financial misconduct allegations (NSANY)

Tech: An extremely handy hidden shortcut that lets you easily edit text on the iPhone is going viral (AAPL)

Akwa Ibom Assembly sacks 4 lawmakers who dumped PDP for APC

Lifestyle: The 50 best things to do around the world in 2018

Groups urge CAN to be neutral in 2019 elections

Finance: 10 things you probably didn't know you could deduct on your taxes

Police arraign 8 suspected cultists, terrorising Lagos community

Sports: Malcolm Jenkins flipped off his former coach Sean Payton after the Saints scored a touchdown on 4th down late in blowout win

Tech: The Fitbit Versa is the best smartwatch I've ever used — and it's on sale for $150 for Black Friday

Finance: Facebook sinks after Mark Zuckerberg reportedly says leaks are caused by 'bad morale' (FB)

Lifestyle: A New Jersey couple died in a car crash on the way to their wedding

Ladies! 7 questions to ask before moving in with your partner

Lifestyle: 10 things you probably didn't know about chocolate

Agbaje campaign group faults Atiku’s plan to sell NNPC

5 practical ways to avoid buying things you don't need

Niger Delta Ex-agitators canvass support for Buhari's re-election

Lifestyle: Prince Louis grabbed Prince Charles' face during a formal photo shoot, and people can't get over how 'precious' it is

Lifestyle: Watch Emily Blunt sing 'I Want It That Way' with the Backstreet Boys

Strategy: An NPR host who's interviewed thousands of people over 45 years has the only icebreaker you'll ever need, and it's just 4 words

Finance: This London fund made a $113 million short bet on Renault before it tanked 14%

Navy detains 52 vessels, 40 persons for alleged piracy offences

President Buhari salutes Goodluck Jonathan at 61

Politics: Trump says he was onto Osama Bin Laden before 9/11, blames past presidents for not killing him

Tech: Mark Zuckerberg's new wartime leadership style is opening up bitter divisions at Facebook

Lifestyle: A third of US parents say they'll skip the flu shots for their kids this year — here's why that's not a good idea

Finance: 8 things that could increase your chances of being audited, and how to avoid them

Lifestyle: The 10 most popular pies in the US

Strategy: We visited a David's Bridal store just before the company filed for bankruptcy. Here's what it was like.

5 Kwara APC members die in auto-accident on their way to rally

Moghalu says N18,000 is 'poverty wage' for Nigerian workers

Tech: Uber is returning to Abu Dhabi with its high-end Uber Select service after a 2-year suspension

How to feel more comfortable making sex sounds

Strategy: Lowe's is in the middle of an entire month of Black Friday deals (LOW)

Erotic story of how Lanre's friend became his fuck mate part 2{R-18+}

Lifestyle: 6 people were rescued from an elevator in a Chicago skyscraper after it plummeted more than 80 floors

Lifestyle: Frankie Muniz claims his home was flooded because his cat 'accidentally turned on a sink' — but people only want to know if his pet is OK

Politics: China sparks outrage for sentencing an author who wrote about gay love to 10 years — longer than some rapists get

Lifestyle: 12 surprising things you probably didn't know about 'The Muppets'

Lifestyle: 27 objects and photos that have hidden signs or symbols

Strategy: A secret 'Santa' reportedly paid for an entire Vermont Walmart store's layaway items (WMT)

Exotic and budget-friendly vacations Nigerians can make without a visa

Politics: CNN fires back in court after the White House sends Jim Acosta a letter saying it's going to revoke his press pass again

3 sex positions for big, beautiful bodies

APGA's Gbor says he will make every Nigerian happy if elected President in 2019

APO: Statement attributable to the Spokesman for the Secretary-General on killings in the Central African Republic

Lifestyle: The top 14 boutique hotels in the world, from a romantic retreat in South Africa to a private villa in Thailand

Business: Here's how FG, States and LGs shared N6.2 trillion in the last three quarters of 2018

Tech: Google is offering its best deal of the holidays before Black Friday even begins

Lifestyle: The Kia Stinger is Business Insider's 2018 Car of the Year

Tech: Tim Cook's daily routine starts by getting up at 4 a.m. and reading user comments for an hour (AAPL)

Lifestyle: Germany’s economic chief asks BMW and Mercedes when they’ll build a car ‘half as sexy as one by Tesla’ (TSLA)

Lifestyle: Khloe Kardashian called Tristan Thompson a 'complete piece of s---' after cheating reports surfaced

Erotic story of how Lanre's friend became his fuck mate part 1{R-18+}

Strategy: The meat supplier behind the salmonella outbreak that sickened more than 250 people is now recalling 99,000 more pounds of meat due to E. coli fears

Finance: Here's how FG, States and LGs shared N6.2 trillion in the last 9 months

Recipe of the day: How to prepare sunflower seed "egusi" soup

Sports: LeBron James rammed home 51 points for the LA Lakers to punish his former team Miami Heat

Finance: JD.com shares tank after missing on revenue as China's economic growth slows (JD)

Patoranking - 'Everyday' (Official Dance Video)

Lifestyle: A photographer spent 18 years exploring Mexico and returned with stark photos documenting how different the country is from what Americans think

Tech: There's a shady market for breast milk in the US where parents risk buying contaminated milk

Tech: Stunning photos show what daily life in Antarctic research stations is really like

Lifestyle: The reported arrest of Carlos Ghosn is a shocking development for the auto industry

APO: Re-emerging oil-rich Angola hosts major oil & gas conference under President João Lourenço (by Simon Ateba)

Lifestyle Product Review: These are the 3 apps every African professional needs to get fit and why they are so great

Strategy: David's Bridal has filed for bankruptcy but says its stores will stay open and orders will not be disrupted

“I sold firewood as an orphan, I know poverty”, Atiku says

Court bans posting of more Ganduje bribery videos

10 ways to be a strong independent woman that strong men love!

OOTD: Chioma Ikokwu looks sizzling in this Style Temple dress!

Rudeboy - 'Chizoba' (Official Audio)

Lifestyle: 14 hilarious winners from this year's Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Lifestyle: Photos show what a nightmare it already is to get around Long Island City, Amazon's new HQ2 headquarters (AMZN)

Politics: Theresa May admits the Brexit transition period could last until 2022

Buhari meets governors over proposed N30,000 minimum wage

Finance: CBN's draft framework on Payment Service Banks has nothing to do with fintech startups, here's what it is really all about

Here are sure ways to date a single father without any baby mama drama!

Paybac and Charlie X let go of their creative brakes on ''Autopilot''

ICYMI: See the best looks from AFRIFF 2018 gala night

Politics: Trump explains how he'll handle Jim Acosta now that Acosta's press pass is back

2-yr-old found dead with 'organ' missing

Buruji Kashamu emerges PDP governorship candidate in Ogun

Amid Instagram shades, Lola Okoye releases cute photos with her kids

3 days after DELSU student was declared missing, she is found dead with tongue and breast missing

These 5 habits can destroy your personal finance efforts 

Tech: Elon Musk shared 2 videos of the Boring Company's giant drill completing its first tunnel at the bottom of a huge pit

5-yr-old boy gets a Benz from Politician for doing 4,105 push-ups

Lifestyle: Guatemalans told to evacuate as the country's 'volcano of fire' begins to erupt

Sports: Hollywood actor David Arquette was hospitalised after having his face sliced open with a pizza cutter during a fake wrestling match

ASUN Graduate slumps and dies moments after collecting NYSC call-up letter

Lifestyle: I drank at the best bar in the world, and I was surprised by one thing

Meet our MCM: Filmmaker Kunle Afolayan

APO: World Bank Group Announces L’Afrique Excelle to Support Francophone Africa’s Top Tech Entrepreneurs

Politics: Venezuela's justice department calls for Interpol arrest of Maduro and 18 years for corruption

Tech: Google is prepared to ruthlessly shut down its news service if it is stung by sweeping new European internet laws

Court remands sex-for-mark lecturer, Prof Akindele in prison

Protesters invade Akwa Ibom House of Assembly complex to condemn lawmaker's sack

Daddy Freeze reacts to Patience Ozokwo's video on dressing as a born again Christian

BB Sasore releases official trailer for new movie, 'God Calling'

Here are 8 things to know about Atiku's policy document

Flytime Music Festival presents "OLAMIDE LIVE" on day 3!

Politics: Interpol reportedly to elect a Russian president after China mysteriously disappeared its old one

APO: U.S. Embassy Launches Ethiopia Hacks! During Global Entrepreneurship Week

5 things drinking just water can do for you

Telcos urged to enhance user experience and build ecosystem in video business

Relationship Talk With Bukky: My man promises to never hit me again; am I safe to stay with him?

Politics: Finland's president doesn't know what Trump was talking about with 'raking' comments on California fires

Atiku vows to create 12 million jobs if elected President

Finance: 'We will never have a deal': China's former top trade negotiator warns Beijing is hurting itself in Trump tariff battle

Tech: Tim Cook defends Apple taking billions from Google after his blistering attack on data hoarding tech firms

Eniola Ajao, Odunlade Adekola complete new movie, 'Yeye Alara'

Lifestyle: Michelle Obama has her own playlist she uses during photoshoots, and it features Michael Jackson and Kendrick Lamar

Ezekwesili begs Nigerians to not lower standards by electing Buhari, Atiku

APO: Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO) notes media reports on the journalists detained in Tanzania

Politics: Theresa May reaches judgement day with Tory MPs just a handful of letters short of no confidence vote

Finance: Renault shares tank to 2014 low after Nissan ousts Chairman Ghosn for 'significant acts of misconduct' (FR00001319)

Mo Abudu, Falz, Kate Henshaw, Joke Silva attend exclusive screening of 'Chief Daddy'

Tiwa Savage thanks Wale Turner for blessing her with the new song, 'One'

Moyo Lawal cries for help as search for a life partner thickens

Court throws out suit seeking to register lesbian group

APO: Marriott Hotels spark new perspectives with first ever Ted Fellows Salon in Egypt

Banky W, Adesua Etomi’s 1st traditional wedding anniversary is here!

Kenny Blaq to host The Beatz Awards 4.0 this November

New terrorist group rises in northeast region

Read full text of President Buhari's speech as APC kicks off "Next Level" campaign

Banky W says Adesua Etomi is best decision he has made in his adult life

APO: Endeavor Management and Pan-African base Centurion Group Enter in Strategic Alliance

Bode George is very shocked by Otedola's endorsement of Sanwo-Olu

Did Paul Okoye shade Lola Omotayo on Instagram?

APO: Angola Oil & Gas 2019 Conference & Exhibition Promotes New Petroleum Investment, Signals Resurgence of Angolan Economy

Davido, Tiwa Savage and Burna Boy win at 2018 Nigerian Entertainment Awards [See full list]

Davido gifts himself a Richard Mille wristwatch worth $300,000 for birthday

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Politics: Authorities are still searching for the remaining 993 missing people after the Camp Fire roared through Paradise

Lifestyle: Michael Cudlitz asked to direct an episode of 'The Walking Dead' years ago and it was starting to affect a friendship on the show

In a Walmart lot, a rough refuge for wildfire evacuees

A push to build a better air-conditioner

A Hall of Famer in exile: Larry Brown's Italian adventure

Scott wins Florida Senate race after recount

Bloomberg gives $1.8 billion to Johns Hopkins for student aid

Nations duck as U.S. and China bicker on trade

Go ahead, Democrats, fight over Nancy Pelosi

Review: Tim and Tyne Daly are dysfunctional siblings in 'Downstairs'

With sunken Argentine sub found, families demand loved ones' remains

Tech: Facebook comms staffers are reportedly fuming at COO Sheryl Sandberg after they were thrown under the bus over a smear campaign

Who wanted mobster Whitey Bulger dead? Better question: Who didn't?

Lifestyle: 'The Walking Dead' director gives a hint at what's up with the mystery 'X' on Michonne's back

Lifestyle: 'The Walking Dead' fan favorite Michael Cudlitz says he's down to return for a movie or short and he has an idea

Lifestyle: 9 details you may have missed on Sunday's episode of 'The Walking Dead'

Tech: Mark Zuckerberg reportedly blamed Sheryl Sandberg for the Cambridge Analytica fallout, making her worry for her job

Politics: The Broward County, Florida election boss reportedly resigned hours after the closely-watched recount

Politics: The Broward County, Florida election boss reportedly resigned hours after the recount

Vote-stealing battle in Florida portends more distrust in system for 2020

Just one voice shields Prince on Khashoggi

Inside El Chapo's vast network: What we know after the trial's first week

Met's leaders move ahead with modern and Rockefeller wings

Sports: Julio Jones delivered a massive hit to prevent an interception and now the NFL world is convinced he could play safety

Shepolopolo of Zambia beat Equatorial Guinea 5-0 to top Super Falcons group in Women's AFCON

Politics: Drug cartels make billions in the US, but somebody else is doing the selling

Strategy: Meet this year's 32 genius American Rhodes scholars — including a record-setting 21 women

Tech: Facebook former security exec recounts the moment Sheryl Sandberg yelled at him

Politics: Nancy Pelosi is using gender to win over progressives in her fight to become House speaker

Politics: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is backing an effort to primary fellow Democrats in 2020

How fast can a human run, really?

Strategy: Costco employees share 31 things they'd love to tell shoppers but can't

Diddy pays touching tribute to ex, Kim Porter

3 reasons why WAEC withholds SSCE results

3 reasons why WAEC withhold SSCE results

What happens to withheld WASSC results?

This is why we chose to talk about black women and infertility

Sports: Alex Smith suffered a gruesome injury that reminded many of Joe Theisman's infamous broken leg

NDLEA intercepts 11 containers with 241 million Tramadol tablets

Meghan Markle rocked yet another pair of comfy sneaks on the royal tour

Gabrielle union just posted a thong bikini photo to celebrate her 46th birthday

Blue waffle disease isn’t even a thing—but people are still freaked out by it

4 INEC workers, NYSC member, 3yr-old die in accident in Kogi

My administration committed to national unity, religious harmony - Buhari

Michelle Obama explains the true meaning of strength

INEC confirms Gov Tambuwal as PDP’s guber candidate in Sokoto

Assessing the cost of moving home

What if holidays could save the planet?

The story behind Stan Lee’s favorite marvel catchphrase

Top 10 most satisfying jobs that inspire you towards career fulfillment

2019 presidency: Atiku support group flags off campaign

Tech: New York City's secret subway line with antique cars is going back into service — here's what it's like to ride it

Talent. A football scholarship. Then crushing depression

Man beats up best friend caught having sex with his fiancée

Grab an umbrella because this neck pimple is spewing pus everywhere

Fire guts 156 shops at Nkwo Ngwa market in Aba

How parents teach smart spending with apps, not cash

Sports: Lamar Jackson led the Ravens to a touchdown on his first drive as a starter without a single pass, and it's an early sign oh how his unique skills translate to the NFL

Sick of box jumps? Try these plyo box exercises instead

Politics: Rick Scott defeats Bill Nelson for Florida Senate seat after tense recount

2 pythons reportedly fight in front of church while prayer goes on inside

Police question 21-year-old student who allegedly killed her baby

Nigeria may become desert, NCF warns

Mystery of lost Argentine sub ends a year later, deep at sea

Mountain scout survival school will get you fit for the apocalypse

Tech: 50 photos of New York City microapartments show how tiny living can be glamorous — or disappointing

Politics: Fox News host Chris Wallace says Trump is seen as a 'beacon for repression' as they get into a heated back-and-forth over fake news

Politics: Trump says he won't attempt to amend the Constitution to win a 3rd term despite previous praise of abolished Chinese term-limits

Oh, home, secure home

Oby Ezekwesili releases gorgeous photos as campaign officially kicks off

Emmanuel Ugolee shares cancer scare that had him wishing for the worst

Is it time to drain the water heater? There's an app for that

Gov. Ishaku urges Taraba residents to collect PVCs

Finance: I partied at the Brooklyn club named the 2nd best thing to do in the world. It was a wild night of dance parties, gravity-defying performances, and crazy costumes.

Fire destroys 77 shops in Kano market

Exam fees: Kwara govt warns principals against extortion

E Tu Jim Mattis?

Super Falcons of Nigeria lose 0-1 to South Africa in opening game of Women's AFCON

Ember Months: FRSC takes safety campaign to churches

N800bn subsidy debts: Oil marketers seek FG quick settlement

Doyin Okupe’s son invites him to join APC

Tech: The fabulous life of billionaire Michael Dell, who is once again fighting with Carl Icahn over the future of his company

Obiano, FRSC remember road crash victims

Top White House official involved in Saudi sanctions resigns

Sports: Browns reportedly want to interview Condoleezza Rice to be head coach and it may not be as crazy as it sounds

Peter Okoye's wife wishes him and brother Paul a happy birthday

Lifestyle: I visited a secluded park on top of a garage in downtown Manhattan, and it's clear why the acre of green is one of New York's best-kept secrets

Strategy: We tested the futuristic $349 oven that some say could replace every cooking appliance that you own, and we were blown away by it

Titi replies Atiku’s critics, says married him because of his integrity

How necessary is it to seek spiritual guidance when choosing who to marry?

Politics: Trump says he didn't know Acting AG Whitaker was critical of Mueller before appointing him

APC will make positive impact in Kwara in 2019 – Lai Mohammed

Tech: A superstar ex-Facebook and Google exec is trying to upend a $24 billion industry with devices that spot disease sooner — and she's already testing it on animals

Lifestyle: The top 26 states where rich people give away the most money

Tech: 'Fantastic Beasts 2' earns a weekend-winning $62 million, but it's the lowest domestic opening ever for a 'Harry Potter' film

In an uncertain real estate market, try before you buy

Lifestyle: Joe Biden adopted a German Shepherd shelter puppy named Major — and the official picture is priceless

Strategy: I hired a TaskRabbit to help me assemble my IKEA furniture — and it solved the most annoying problem with shopping from the furniture giant

Politics: Trump tells Fox News he is considering changes in '3 or 4 or 5' Cabinet positions

Tech: How an LA upstart is redefining the media world by helping African-American millennials 'tell their own story'

An election grid rife with flaws shows them all

Real estate technology: Try, try again

Tech: The top 5 TV shows on Netflix and other streaming services this week

Yes, but are they good for the Jews?

Finance: From hiding their mansions on Google Maps to building $500,000 panic rooms, rich people are sparing no expense to keep their lives private and secure

Strategy: 28 restaurants that are going to be open on Thanksgiving

Midterms aside, big donors see a leftward path to beating trump

Imprisoned ex-Governors get reduced jail terms and other top stories from last week

Rivers APC guber candidate, Tonye Cole says he was attacked by gunmen in Bakana

Tech: Apple CEO Tim Cook on privacy: 'we have to admit when the free market is not working'

Flood insurance: knowing when the risk justifies the cost

When it's time for giving, some people circle around

Lifestyle: 8 glaring inconsistencies in 'Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald' that will frustrate 'Harry Potter' fans

Tech: If you hate the new Gmail version that Google is forcing on users, here's a trick to make your Gmail look old again (GOOGL)

Meeting demand by acquiring the supplier

Buhari to launch document showcasing his administration’s achievements

Politics: Trump's landmark trade deal with Canada and Mexico is suddenly in trouble

Finance: GOLDMAN SACHS: GE Capital has a $20 billion funding gap that needs to filled by 2020 (GE)

Tech: Amazon’s new $130 Kindle Paperwhite is a boring device that can’t do very much — but that makes it perfect for helping break your app addiction (AMZN)

The startup offering credit to other startups

Strategy: Alibaba and Amazon want to take over every part of your life — and it could be setting up a battle over the future of retail (AMZN)

"There is no shame in selling sex" - Bisi Alimi

Tech: The 'secret sister' gift exchange on Facebook is actually an illegal pyramid scheme (FB)

Widows gain financial ground

When getting money hurts

Tech: These iPhone wallpapers will cause your phone to glitch and make your folders transparent — but that's the point

Trump, touring fire ruins in California, repeats disputed claim on forest management

Tech: The $550 OnePlus 6T makes me wonder if Google's $800 Pixel 3 phone is actually worth the extra money for a better camera

Finance: The 28 world economies most ready for the future

See 16 Nigerian Universities selected as Centre of Excellence by World Bank

NANS to protest over ongoing strike as ASUU and FG set to talk

APO: Women Must Redesign the table, and not just expect to be at the table, says Ģraça Machel

AFRIFF 2018: Here are all the winners at the Globe awards

SERAP asks INEC to probe alleged campaign spending by Saraki, others

Who is Tonto Dikeh shading in her post about ritual killers?

APC candidate wins Bauchi's Toro Federal Counstituency by-election

Kingsley Moghalu picks 37-year-old Umma Getso as running mate

Atiku Abubakar asks supporters in the North-East to vote out Buhari

First female Abia judge laid to rest

Saraki’s aide dismisses viral audio, says it is fake

Ajimobi’s wife urges well-to-do to support less-privileged

Kwara bye-election: My success, victory for Kwarans – Olawuyi

Katsina speaker Abubakar Kusada wins Reps bye election

Musa wants CAF to investigate Super Eagles disallowed goal against South Africa

APC’s Olawuyi wins Kwara bye-election with 21,236 votes

No Nigerian player as Liverpool stars Salah, Mane lead nominees for 2018 BBC African Footballer of the Year

Arsenal, Stoke City congratulate Super Eagles on AFCON 2019 ticket

Super Eagles players’ rating from the 1-1 draw with South Africa

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Time and where to watch Super Falcons take on South Africa in 2018 women’s AFCON clash

5 things we learnt from Super Eagles draw 1-1 draw with South Africa

Politics: A huge question looms over Trump after the CIA reportedly concludes the Saudi crown prince ordered Jamal Khashoggi's killing

Politics: A huge question looms over Trump after the CIA concludes the Saudi crown prince ordered Jamal Khashoggi's killing

Politics: The Air Force has picked bases to test its new advanced bomber — here's where the B-21 Raider is heading

Man leaves wife in disturbing condition for slamming door on him

Air Chief lists how Operation Green Sweep degrades insurgents in northeast

Atiku to kick-start campaign on Monday with ‘People’s Policy Launch’

Lifestyle: 6 things to know about 'Fantastic Beasts' star Ezra Miller

NSCIA lauds Lagos State Govt. over use of Hijab in public schools

Is Linda Ikeji about to get sued?

How the November new moon in scorpio will affect you, based on your zodiac sign

Buhari laying foundation for economic growth — Fashola

‘I lost 143 pounds by eating healthier versions of my favorite foods’

Kidnappers release Zamfara twins after receiving N15m ransom

Exactly how to make a protein shake that tastes amazing

Kwara House of Reps by-election records impressive turnout

Quadri, Akhator win big at the Nigerian Sports Awards

You can finally buy keto-friendly fat snax cookies in person

Simi sparks engagement rumours after getting spotted with a ring

Halle Berry says she fasts every morning until 2 P.M

Politics: What the Cali cartel learned from Pablo Escobar, according to a DEA agent who hunted both of them

What are adaptogens, and are they really the secret to stress relief?

Iheanacho fails to impress Twitter users as Nigerians react to Super Eagles 1-1 draw with South Africa

Saraki, Ezekwesili, Atiku congratulate Super Eagles on AFCON ticket

See photos from Annie Idibia's intimate birthday dinner with 2Face

2019 Elections: N/East group drums support for President Buhari

Troops kill Boko Haram media chief, Ahmad Sale

Kevin love explains what it feels like to deal with anxiety

Politics: Turkey reportedly has a second audio tape of a Saudi hit team discussing details of Jamal Khashoggi's murder, bolstering the CIA's claims

SARS reforms public hearing ends in Lagos

Women aren't having orgasms. Men don't know why. Let's talk about it

Tech: NASA will retire its new mega-rocket if SpaceX or Blue Origin can safely launch its own powerful rockets

Eco-challenge is coming back in 2019—and it makes an ironman look easy

Car without battery mysteriously disappears from station armed with policemen

Ambode sympathises with Lagos residents over traffic gridlock

2019: Presidential, NASS campaigns begin Sunday - INEC

Among medal of freedom honorees, a big donor stands out

This superhero core-building exercise packs a punch

Tech: Facebook's latest scandal is the last straw pushing some users to delete their accounts — here's how to do it

Tech: Facebook's latest scandal is the last straw that pushed some users to delete their accounts — here's how to do it

Politics: Trump continues to blame fires on forest mismanagement even while traveling to California

Apapa gridlock may linger for a while — Lagos FRSC boss

Sex assault rules under Devos bolster defendants' rights and ease college liability

Finance: RANKED: The 50 most underrated colleges in America

Bauchi Reps Bye-election: 2 political parties field candidates — INEC

Win the trip of a lifetime and watch the Gunners take on the Blues in London!

Super Eagles players celebrate in the dressing room after booking a spot in AFCON 2019

Bisola Aiyeola, Tobi Bakre, Akah Nnani and more attend MultiChoice’s #FestiveTogether campaign launch

CBN reschedules MPC meeting to accommodate Eid-El Maulud

Kwara bye-election peaceful – REC

Paul Makonda: Tanzania’s commissioner anti-gay sentiments angers Denmark and costs the country $9.8 million in aid

Ethics committee rebukes Meadows over aide's sexual misconduct

Tech: 5 male ad execs are considering a discrimination claim after their gay female boss said she would 'obliterate' her company's reputation as a haven for straight, white men

Strategy: An army vet and CEO says the advice his dad gave him at age 13 about 'résumé piles' helped him get into business school, start his own company, and decide who he'll hire

Tech: Bose's $350 noise-cancelling headphones are a must-have if you want to live in a quieter world – and they sound great, too

Lifestyle: Luxury hotels around the world have private rooms that are so elite they're not even listed online — and some are available only via email booking

Kaduna sex workers thank El-Rufai for lifting curfew, vow to vote for him

Lifestyle: 5 restaurants in NYC earned the highest Michelin rating for 2019 — and 2 of them have topped the list every year since the ranking started

Lifestyle: The 20 best cars you can buy that cost less than $65,000

Strategy: Amazon has finally revealed where it will develop its HQ2 — here's where in Arlington and New York City it will be (AMZN)

Strategy: J.Crew CEO James Brett steps down after just 17 months

Tech: New Yorkers are making lots of doomsday predictions about Amazon’s HQ2. Here are all the things that could make it a disaster.

Katsina bye-election commences amidst tight security

Lifestyle: The world's largest cruise ship has robot bartenders and a nine-story zip-line — here's what it looks like inside (RCL)

Strategy: Here are the most over-the-top gifts on Neiman Marcus' guide for billionaires

Politics: Michelle Obama reveals that Barack showed up late the first time he met her, and she was determined not to date him

Kwara by-election witnessed low voters’ turnout, card reader malfunctioning

Politics: Trump says he'll deliver answers to Mueller questions next week

Forecast: Snow. Result of 6 inches: chaos. Why?

I did not collect salary for 8 years as governor — Aregbesola

Strategy: Take a look around Nike's enormous new flagship store in New York City, complete with the world's largest for-sale collection of Nike shoes (NKE)

Strategy: The CEO behind IHOP and Applebee's perfectly illustrates how US restaurants could be one of the biggest winners of Trump’s trade war

Super Eagles book AFCON 2019 spot after a labouring 1-1 draw with South Africa

California utility gets reassurance on wildfire liability

Abrams ends fight for Georgia governor with harsh words for her rival

Tech: This is the first thing you should do with a new pair of Apple AirPods (AAPL)

Peter Okoye vows to protect wife from those who hate on her

California fire hits 'Rehab Riviera,' putting addiction care in jeopardy

MoMA director to stay through 2025

Otedola endorses Sanwo-Olu, describes him as his childhood friend

Tech: Venture firms are making more hires — here's what that means for entrepreneurs

Justices asked to rule on legality of acting attorney general's appointment

How the Trump administration stepped up pursuit of wikileaks' assange

Strategy: Flavored Juul pods will no longer be sold in retail stores — but here's where you can still buy them

Politics: Trump continues Twitter campaign for Pelosi: 'I can get her as many votes as she wants'

Lifestyle: The 9 best cars you can buy for under $20,000

Lifestyle: How much car insurance costs in all 50 states

Lifestyle: Gut-wrenching photos show what a hellish nightmare it already is to get around Long Island City, Amazon's new HQ2 headquarters (AMZN)

New casualty as wildfires wreak havoc: California's air quality

Politics: China is locking up its Muslim minorities, and pushing Islamophobia to get Europe to do it too

Lifestyle: Tesla just had the worst year in its history, but now it's starting to look like the best tech company in the world (TSLA)

The kilogram is dead. Long live the kilogram!

Tech: Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg isn't accountable to anyone, so it's time Congress took away the source of his power (FB)

Saraki speaks on how he spent millions of Naira to sponsor Buhari in 2015

NotJustOK rebrands streaming platform from MyNotJustOK to Mino Music

South Africa 1 Vs 1 Nigeria Live: Bafana Bafana level with Super Eagles

Just how much of an overhaul is this overhaul of the nation's criminal justice system?

Tech: These are the 7 best Black Friday gaming deals you'll find in stores

He was 302 pounds, but in this battle, he's David and not Goliath

Megan Abbott's work diary: 'my psychiatrist notes how tired I look, which is great'

Tech: I’ve tried every single iPhone currently available — here’s my ranking of the 7 iPhones you can buy right now (AAPL)

NazB - "Ejeme Uwa Ole" (aah Yeah)

Alkaline water makes a big splash

CIA concludes Saudi crown prince ordered Khashoggi killed

Brian Tyree Henry finds wisdom at an arcade

The list of missing in California fire jumped by hundreds. How was it put together?

Oshiomhole says Peter Obi is not accepted in the South East

Politics: The odds of a second referendum on Brexit just rose sharply

Borno govt to pay parents for enrolling their children in school

Stocks are falling. I'm buying them anyway

Life In Naija - Meet the young female street boxer with an Olympic dream

Yellow Fever: Plateau Govt sets Nov. 21 for preventive mass vaccination

APC Primaries: Nasarawa stakeholders demand justice

Saad Abubakar, Sultan of Sokoto urges unity among Muslims

Ohanaeze’s endorsement of Atiku all chaff, no substance – President Buhari

Bye-election: Thugs invade Kwara communities ahead of poll

HEAR WORD stage play is back!

Finance: Brexit is now such a headache that the UK is 'uninvestable,' according to one of Wall Street's best respected research houses

Nigeria welcomes the Universities of Manchester and Liverpool!!

Tech: The Evolution of Ev: The creator of Twitter, Blogger, and Medium has a plan to fix the mess he made of the internet

Politics: How it will play out if MPs vote down Theresa May's Brexit deal

Kwara government raises alarm over 'arrests' of PDP members during by-election

Lifestyle: A contagious virus is infecting people at California evacuation shelters amid the state's most destructive wildfire in history

Manchester United star Paul Pogba relaxes with Messi and Davido in Dubai

Lifestyle: The 21 biggest questions we have after seeing 'Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald'

Friday, November 16, 2018

Canada rejects 70.7% of Nigerian asylum seekers who crossed borders

Flying Eagles to face Ghana, Niger Republic and Benin Republic at WAFU U20 Cup

Ahmed Musa says Super Eagles will pick AFCON 2019 ticket in South Africa

Politics: Trump alarms his confidantes with questions about Mike Pence's loyalty

Davido, Wizkid and Kizz Daniel dazzle at 2018 One Africa Music Fest in Dubai

Politics: CIA reportedly concludes Saudi crown prince ordered assassination of Washington Post contributor Jamal Khashoggi

Politics: 'A s---show in a dumpster fire': Attorney George Conway, husband of Kellyanne Conway, rails against the Trump administration

Lifestyle: How rope is made at the only traditional working ropewalk in the world

Politics: Stacey Abrams says Brian Kemp will beat her in the Georgia governor's race, but calls his 'voter suppression' tactics 'appalling'

Sports: We're learning more about what Draymond Green told Kevin Durant during their blow-up, and now teams are circling the Warriors to see what happens next

Lifestyle: Japan Airlines has enacted strict rules limiting employee drinking after its pilots failed 19 breathalyzer tests over the past year

Sports: Our 7 best bets for Week 12 of the college football season

Tech: Low morale, staff firings, and new pricing plans coming: Inside the walls of MoviePass (HMNY)

Jenna Jameson just revealed she's lost a total of 80 pounds on the keto diet

Oshiomhole meets Buhari, dismisses allegations of corruption

INEC worried over violence during parties’ primaries – Enugu REC

Keto dieters: a low-carb diet might be best to maintain weight loss, study shows

Lifestyle: 14 unexpected health benefits of orgasms

Court throws out contempt application against Lai Mohammed

7 hibiscus tea health benefits you should know about

Lifestyle: 10 tips for getting through a hectic Black Friday sale like a pro

Sports: American challenger Fabiano Caruana missed his best chance to win a game against Magnus Carlsen at World Chess Championship

Lifestyle: This surprisingly low-key eye treatment I swear by is less than $10

Super Eagles likely line-up for AFCON 2019 clash against South Africa

Politics: The Coast Guard's 'push-out-the-border strategy' is fighting drugs in the Pacific — and it just brought home $500 million in cocaine

‘I tried using the squatty potty for a week—here’s what happened’

Lifestyle: The 19 most successful GoFundMe campaigns of all time that helped animals in need

Politics: The criminal-justice reform bill Trump just backed might already be in jeopardy — here are some of the GOPers who have come out against it

Sports: The best value plays in your DraftKings lineup for Week 11 of the NFL season

Lifestyle: Target is selling a $20 beauty advent calendar, and you'll want to gift it to yourself

Amy Schumer is in the hospital due to hyperemesis gravidarum—but what is that?

Politics: Trump doesn't understand the military's 'proper use and role,' a Marine Corps veteran and former DHS spokesman says

Tech: Microsoft may be working on an Xbox One that ditches the disc drive

NAF jet destroys Boko Haram tactical H/Qs in Sabon Tumbun, Borno

Tech: A spectacular meteor shower is coming this weekend — here's what you're actually seeing

Tech: Here's how perfectly rectangular icebergs are formed

How Florian Munteanu cut weight for 'Creed II'

Lifestyle: 5 things models do before they walk in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

This is why you should stop spending money on vitamin d and fish oil

Tech: The Satanic Temple says it's 'finalizing an amicable settlement' with Warner Bros. to its lawsuit over a goat-headed statue in Netflix's 'Sabrina' reboot

Eid-El Maulud: FG declares Tuesday public holiday

Sports: Tiger Woods is already doling out trash talk ahead of his one-on-one showdown with Phil Mickelson

Lifestyle: Justin Bieber (finally) called Hailey Baldwin his wife and people are freaking out

South Africa the hurdle for Super Eagles with AFCON 2019 in view

​12 muscle-building moves you can do with a foam roller

Politics: Trump said he 'should have' gone to Arlington Cemetery on Veterans Day but he was 'extremely busy on calls for the country'

Lifestyle: Instagram influencers are promoting blue light glasses that are supposed to minimize eye strain, but the science behind them is over hyped

Lifestyle: Here's how the new 'slow dating' trend could actually help you find love

How to bench press the right way

Lifestyle: A woman was sexually assaulted as she lay dying, and her abuser was sentenced to less than three years

Mark Wahlberg's insane workout schedule was too much for James Corden

Politics: 2,000 women are taking state legislatures by storm, even as men hold on to the vast majority of seats

Sports: Gay college athlete who was disowned by her family is in danger of losing her eligibility because her friends raised money to help her eat and pay bills

Strategy: 'Make it look rich': Trump told Sharpie to create a custom pen for him to sign important documents

Lifestyle: 20 of the best Thanksgiving movies of all time, according to critics

Sports: NFL Week 11 betting guide and our best bets for the Westgate SuperContest

Lifestyle: 10 tips for saving money on breakfast

Finance: 14 of the coolest luxury vacation rentals around the world, from an 18th-century Italian villa to a Swiss chalet with views of the Matterhorn

Finance: 6 expensive things that are totally worth the money

Grace Ladoja receives award from the Queen of England

Lifestyle: A new, dark magic introduced in 'Fantastic Beasts' may explain one of the biggest mysteries in 'Harry Potter'

Minister reiterates FG’s commitment to secure nation’s airports

Sports: A series of mistakes are coming back to haunt the Packers, and now they're against the ropes and in danger of missing the playoffs

FRSC: Oyeyemi wants solution for road traffic crashes

Lifestyle: We've seen the villain in 'Fantastic Beasts' before — here's everything you need to know about him for future movies

Lifestyle: Your mom’s dating history can impact your own love life, for better or worse

Tech: Leaked photos show Google could be working on a budget Pixel 3 with a headphone jack that costs $400 — and it could have the same amazing camera (GOOG, GOOGL)

Lifestyle: 12 car brands that have the worst customer experience

Lifestyle: White Dunkin' Donuts franchisee calls the cops on black woman for using the store's free Wi-Fi without ordering anything

Lifestyle: The most successful GoFundMe campaigns of all time

5 money mistakes you should always avoid

Lifestyle: This 140-day cruise for the '1% of the 1%' visits all 7 continents — here's a look inside the ship, where suites cost up to $240,000 per person

Buhari receives delegation of Christian leaders at State House

Minimum Wage: 'Workers running out of patience' says Labour chiefs

Lifestyle: A new photo of Princess Eugenie's reception dress shows that it was designed to show off her back scar

Politics: Newt Gingrich claims a 'green wave' of liberal 'dark money' is electing a slew of Democrats to California House seats but the numbers tell a different story

Finance: 15 cars that changed the world

'Unsuitable Ties': An exclusive work of fiction by Sefi Atta [Part 2]

Lifestyle: Melania Trump's hotel bill for a one-day trip to Canada cost $174,000

Osinbajo raises concern over threat of robots, AI

Tech: The Leonid meteor shower is peaking this weekend — here's how to see the stunning annual event

Lifestyle: An off-duty pilot who attacked an Emirates flight attendant and drunkenly threatened to blow up the plane is headed to jail for a year

Check out the 5 states confirmed as the dirtiest in Nigeria

APO: Renewal of U.S.-Libya Science and Technology Agreement Increases Opportunities for Youth and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Educators

Mum sent to jail for keeping own baby in a boot filled with maggots

Lifestyle: Ulta Beauty is having a huge sale with up to 50% off beauty products before Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Finance: Facebook is sliding after Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg respond to the New York Times exposé (FB)

Tech: 'Game of Thrones' author George R.R. Martin wrote heartfelt goodbye to Stan Lee, and shared that his first published work was a letter in a Marvel comic

APO: Liberia hosts 6th African Partner Outbreak Response Alliance (APORA) Key Leader Meeting in partnership with U.S. Africa Command

Politics: Lindsey Graham is now poised to take over as chairman of the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee

Tech: The most valuable startup based in each of the 50 United States

Politics: The 10 biggest charitable donations in the past decade

Lifestyle: There's an abandoned luxury hotel on a remote island in Japan and the eerie photos will give you goosebumps

Politics: Top national security aide ousted by Melania Trump reportedly refuses ambassadorship in key NATO country

The reason why Police seal Anambra House Of Assembly complex

Lifestyle: 10 subtle signs of breast cancer

Tech: Ohio 'heartbeat bill' could ban abortions before most women know they're pregnant

Lifestyle: Here's how long it takes to thaw a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner

Strategy: Amazon's 8 million-square-foot HQ2 site in Long Island City will use land previously designated for affordable housing

Lifestyle: 11 sneaky 'Harry Potter' references you may have missed in 'Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald'

Tech: Google replaces Diane Greene as head of its cloud business (GOOGL)

Sports: Syracuse had a rough night and their loss to UConn wasn't even the most embarrassing part

Man rescued after attempting suicide on busy highway

All you need to know about planning a trip to Yankari Game Reserve

Tech: Bill Gates is so obsessed with redesigning the world's toilets — he brought a jar of poop onstage in Beijing to prove it

Strategy: 'The Da Vinci Code' author Dan Brown explains how he overcame self-doubt and became a bestselling writer who's sold 250 million books

Lifestyle: Tesla customers in China can now order the Model 3 (TSLA)

'Nigeria can grow when it is able to get rid of corruption' - Saraki

Tech: This media veteran's 41-slide presentation shows the most important tech and media trends you need to know about in 2019

Politics: US Navy flexes with 2 carriers near China as report warns that Beijing's missiles could sink them

Strategy: Trump says Amazon 'took the best deals' for HQ2 (AMZN)

Lifestyle: Ezra Miller posed for the latest issue of Playboy and people are thrilled for what it means for LGBTQ representation

Sports: Tampa Bay Lightning center Brayden Point recorded a natural hat trick in 91 seconds to lead his team to a comeback victory

Politics: Republican Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith slammed for 'joking' about voter suppression on college campuses

How P/H welcomed Eat’N’Go’s Domino’s Pizza, Cold Stone Creamery, Pinkberry Gourmet frozen yoghurt

Strategy: 'It kind of feels like a scam': Employers are so desperate for workers they're making job offers after a single phone call

Tech: Ohio 'heartbeat bill' could ban abortions before most women know they're pregnant with an embryo

Lifestyle: Kendall Jenner wore a yellow minidress with 'naked' heels that look almost invisible

Lifestyle: This teacher accidentally created an optical illusion while doing arts and crafts with his students — can you see it?

Politics: Betsy DeVos released a proposal to overhaul Title IX that would bolster the rights for those accused of sexual misconduct

Politics: Meet Michael Avenatti, the high-profile lawyer and professional sports car driver who represents Stormy Daniels and was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence

Finance: Nordstrom slumps after missing on comparable sales and slashing guidance (JWN)

Lifestyle: 'I had to make something up to make people feel bad': The woman who raised $400,000 on GoFundMe for a homeless veteran hinted in text messages that it was all a scam

APO: “Building a new Zimbabwe”, a flagship report launched by the African Development Bank to spark the country’s economic development

Strategy: Trump just made a case that Amazon is not a monopoly

Lifestyle: Ezra Miller says the cast of 'Fantastic Beasts' wasn't consulted about Johnny Depp's controversial role in the franchise

A day at Renmoney…A reporter’s diary

Sports: Roger Federer says he doesn't want his pursuit of 100 titles to make him 'go crazy'

Politics: Beijing says it's 'very rude' 14 countries and the UN to ask them about detaining 1 million Muslims

Sports: 60 teams are stuck in college football limbo and can never win a championship, but there is a radical path they could take to fix that

Pulse Opinion: Atiku's economic plan should leave you very afraid

Politics: North Korea to deport US citizen it says the CIA manipulated as it claims new 'high-tech tactical weapon'

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Ortom renames Ochanya's former primary school after her

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Burna Boy - 'On The Low'

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Thursday, November 15, 2018

First listen take of Mayorkun's debut album, ''The Mayor of Lagos''

Tech: Palantir, the Peter Thiel-backed company that sold data to ICE and NYPD, has a CEO who is a 'self-described socialist'

Sports: A top NFL prospect and his University of Houston coach got into a bizarre sideline confrontation over a coat

Politics: Shinzo Abe became the first Japanese prime minister to visit Darwin, Australia since the city was bombed during World War II

Tech: The death toll from California's fires has risen to 66, with thousands of homes destroyed in Malibu and Northern California

Lifestyle: A '21st century Animal House': 7 women accuse Dartmouth professors of sexual assault in new lawsuit

5 South African players the Super Eagles must watch out for

Gernot Rohr says Super Eagles will miss Ighalo, Ndidi against South Africa

Tech: Mark Zuckerberg insists he's still the best person to run Facebook, despite the endless scandals (FB)

Politics: In a 'self-defeating and self-incriminating' slip-up, Trump just admitted he installed Matthew Whitaker to kill the Russia probe

Lifestyle: There’s one frustrating plot hole in 'Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald' that makes no sense

Politics: North Korea claims to have 'successfully' tested a new 'high-tech tactical weapon'

Strategy: Black Friday workers share the most outrageous things they've seen on the job

Politics: The DOJ is reportedly preparing to indict WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange

Lifestyle: Surprise snowstorm slams East Coast forcing airlines to cancel hundreds of flights

Lifestyle: The first winter storm of the season has hit the east coast of the US and its wreaked havoc on airports with hundreds of flights canceled

Tech: These founders got rejected from Y Combinator four times. Here's how they finally got in.

Super Eagles star Onyekuru welcomes daughter with German woman he met on Instagram

What is a dental dam—and why would you need one?

Politics: Trump's support of a major sentencing reform bill sparks rare moment of bipartisan hope — but advocates warn the bill has a long way to go

Yahoo Boys! EFCC arrests 24 undergraduates, others over cyber crime

7 amazing benefits and uses for aloe vera

Sports: The Rockets are officially parting ways with Carmelo Anthony after just 13 games

What is tahini?

Tech: Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak has some advice for Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook: Stop putting money before morals (AAPL, FB)

Finance: People are outraged Kim and Kanye reportedly hired private firefighters to protect their $60 million mansion from the California wildfires — but it's not that uncommon

Lifestyle: Disappointing photos of department stores during the holidays will make you want to shop online

President Buhari pledges more employment opportunities for citizens

Lifestyle: 22 party dresses under $50 that are perfect for the holiday season

Should you be on the keto diet if you’re pregnant?

Diddy's ex Kim Porter dead at 47

ASUU Strike: FG resolve to resume talks next week

Tech: A $580 phone from a small smartphone maker that competes against Apple and Samsung phones has been selling out at around 50% of T-Mobile stores nationwide

Tech: 14 of the smallest animals on Earth

Lifestyle: 7 vegetables that you should cook instead of eating raw

Politics: Meet Nick Ayers, the leading candidate to take over for John Kelly as White House chief of staff

President Buhari bags Polio Champion Award

Selma Blair fires back at tabloid that says her body is 'crumbling' from MS

Lifestyle: The US Government is creating a task force to combat the scourge of in-flight sexual assaults

Tech: Mark Zuckerberg says he didn't know Facebook hired a research firm that tried to discredit its critics by linking them to George Soros (FB)

12 sex confessions that are unbelievably embarrassing

Tech: Heads ought to roll at Facebook over the Soros smear — starting with Zuck's (FB)

Here are the most powerful passports in Africa

Tech: What happens when you procrastinate too much

Lifestyle: I tried Shake Shack's new Chick'n Bites and Chick-fil-A's nuggets to see which are better, and there was a clear winner

Lifestyle: Everything to know about hyperemesis gravidarum, an extreme morning sickness that's affected people like Amy Schumer and Kate Middleton

Tech: Sony might skip the world's biggest video game event next year, despite the fact that the PlayStation 4 is the most popular console on the market (SNE)

Finance: A New York man won a $343 million Powerball jackpot after playing the same numbers for 25 years — here's why that strategy won't actually increase your odds of winning

Blackouts aren't funny or impressive. They're an epidemic

Lifestyle: 20 surprising things you didn't know about Dr. Seuss

How Tiwa Savage stays true to being African in her music

Tech: The research firm Facebook hired to smear its critics has been pushing an anti-Apple campaign that has Qualcomm’s fingerprints on it (AAPL, FB, QCOM)

Lifestyle: 10 places to shop on Black Friday that donate to a good cause

Strategy: These are the new skills you need to excel in the future, according to the World Economic Forum

Finance: Nvidia is getting smoked after missing on revenue and profits (NVDA)

Lifestyle: A woman is suing Disneyland after she says she was 'absolutely butchered' by bedbugs in her hotel room

Your fish could be contaminated with plastic

Lifestyle: People are obsessing over Michelle Obama's hair on the cover of Essence

Sports: Austrian snowboarder Anna Gasser makes history as the first woman to land a cab triple 1260, a move she was terrified to even try

Get your butt up off the couch — then use it for this ab workout

Politics: Trump seems to be backing down in the trade war with China after electoral blowback and growing economic worries

Sports: NFL WEEK 11: Our official predictions for who wins this weekend

Lifestyle: Someone figured out an easy way to eat Chick-fil-A in your car and people think it's genius

Why Tim Tebow will never go away

Lifestyle: Armie Hammer apologizes for lashing out at people grieving Stan Lee with selfies, promises to work on 'impulse control'

Lifestyle: The government wants to crack down on cigarettes with menthol, a flavor that's wildly popular and may make quitting even harder

UN spends $70m on humanitarian assistance in North-East

Finance: Here come Nvidia earnings... (NVDA)

NAF develops equipments for enhanced operational efficiency

Finance: 10 scams you should watch out for this tax season, and how to avoid them

Strategy: 'It's a blur': A former Best Buy employee reveals what it's really like to work retail on Black Friday

Strategy: Companies are desperate to attract millennials — and they're rebranding job titles as 'ninjas,' 'rock stars,' and 'evangelists' to do it

Enugu Assembly passes legislative financial autonomy bill

Strategy: A Walmart parking lot in California has become a camp for wildfire evacuees (WMT)

Lifestyle: 18 baby products parents are wasting money on

Strategy: 17 signs you're intelligent — even if doesn't feel like it

Tech: Men working in construction, stay-at-home moms, and students are committing suicide at alarmingly high rates, and it's part of a disturbing trend

Lifestyle: Kindergarteners are choosing how they're greeted when they get to school and it's the cutest thing you'll see all day

Finance: Tobacco stocks are getting slammed as the FDA lays out sweeping new restrictions on flavored cigarettes (BIT)

Finance: Tobacco stocks are getting slammed as the FDA lays out sweeping new restrictions on flavored cigarettes (BIT, MO, IMB)

Lifestyle: 7 things I wish I'd known before adopting a dog

Oshiomole threatens to sue Saraki over bribery allegation

Strategy: See inside the futuristic lab where Dunkin' is testing self-serve cold-brew taps, pickup lockers, and AI ordering technology that could eventually come to stores across America (DNKN)

Tech: We asked some of the top young healthcare entrepreneurs in America for their advice — here's what they said

Tech: Facebook's board says it pushed Zuck to 'move faster' to tackle Russian election interference (FB)

Lifestyle: Authorities say that school teacher missing in Mexico died ‘at the hands of a criminal organization’

Lifestyle: Here's how much 13 celebrities sold their homes for this year

Politics: Former US ambassador to Saudi Arabia says the kingdom is lying about Khashoggi killing: 'You don’t bring a bone saw to a negotiation'

Lifestyle: The winner of the $343 million Powerball jackpot in New York finally won after playing the same numbers for 25 years

Politics: Trump administration's reported effort to 'barter' a US resident to convince Turkey to ramp down Khashoggi probe stuns foreign policy veterans

NECO postpones Nov/Dec exam, to begin on Nov 19

Tech: 10 photos show the grim reality for evacuees of California's wildfires

Lifestyle: 7 health tests all people in their 20s need to get

Sports: Markelle Fultz's future with the 76ers suddenly looks up in the air 17 months after he was the No. 1 pick in the draft

Man seeking wealth reportedly caught with body parts of 4-year-old boy

Politics: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is using Instagram stories to bring you behind the curtain of the Washington, DC establishment

Lifestyle: 10 red flags to consider before giving to a charity

Strategy: Walmart just hit a major milestone in its quest to take on Amazon (WMT, AMZN)

Sports: The computer models that pick NFL games have made their picks for Week 11

Lagos Assembly decries traffic jam, urges Ambode to intervene

Lifestyle: Teachers are seeing their colleagues leave the profession at an alarming rate, and this might be why

Buratai says funding remains army’s challenge

Lifestyle: A woman blew up her wedding dress to celebrate her divorce and the impact could be felt form miles away

Finance: Millennials are loading up on Apple despite waning iPhone demand (AAPL)

Efe has just N75k remaining from his N25m BBNaija winnings

Why you should take the job that offers you N70k after NYSC

Politics: Live: Theresa May pledges to fight on as Conservative MPs call on her to quit

Lifestyle: I took a Tesla Model S on a road trip and quickly discovered why it's unlike any other car on the market (TSLA)

Finance: Nigeria's central bank says bank customers may lose up to N6.1 trillion to electronic fraud by 2021

Strategy: JCPenney's new CEO wants to crack down on the company's overpacked stores (JCP)

Lifestyle: Elon Musk said Tesla customers still have time to guarantee they get a $7,500 tax credit on a new car (TSLA)

Lifestyle: Amazon is selling a jacket with an actual heater built in and people are calling it a 'must have'

Business: CBN says bank customers may lose up to N6.1 trillion to electronic fraud by 2021

Lifestyle: Here are all of the countries not allowed to fly into the US

Politics: Crown Prince Mohammed comes out on top of Khashoggi case that could see 5 others killed

Lifestyle: 9 celebrities who donated their time and money to California wildfire relief

Lifestyle: We drove the $46,000 Subaru Ascent to see if it's one of the best family SUVs money can buy — here's the verdict

Politics: Nancy Pelosi's bid for House Speaker is in a lot more trouble than she's letting on

Strategy: Millennials are reportedly revolting against 30-pound turkeys — and it could be changing Thanksgiving dinner

Strategy: Trucking companies are offering their drivers bonuses as high as $20,000 — but they say it's still not enough to fix the truck driver shortage

Tech: MoviePass' owner lost $130 million last quarter, as it saw a 'significant decline' in subscribers and 2 more board resignations (HMNY)

Lifestyle: Emirates Airline profits are down by 86% and things may not get better soon

Politics: Michelle Obama tells her side of the story about the time she broke royal protocol and touched Queen Elizabeth

Politics: Michelle Obama tells her side of the time she broke royal protocol and touched Queen Elizabeth

Sports: Michigan avenges NCAA Championship loss with blowout win against No. 8 Villanova and it's an ominous sign for the reigning champs

Operation Green Sweep: NAF records successes in Borno

"I will never return to PDP," Amaechi vows loyalty to APC

Finance: I flew 13 hours nonstop on the world's biggest passenger plane, the $446 million Airbus superjumbo jet, and it's about as good as economy can get

Mum reportedly bathes own child with hot water and gives no reason for her action [Video]

Ondo: Senatorial candidate steps down for Mimiko

Finance: 10 abbreviations you should know to navigate your tax forms

Lifestyle: 10 of the best keto-friendly protein powders

Tech: 'Deeply misguided and dangerous': George Soros group slams Facebook as a threat to democracy in open letter to Sheryl Sandberg

Lifestyle: An American woman fell to her death on a cruise ship after reportedly being choked by a man on the upper deck

Tech: This flying car is a replica of Drake's own $3.5 million Ferrari — here's how his team got it to float above audiences

Access Bank supports African storytelling

Lifestyle: 8 tips for meeting your partner's family for the first time during the holidays, according to relationship experts

Lifestyle: 10 films that were supposed to be franchises, but never took off

Bride goes on with her wedding despite the death of groom

Sports: The most dominant player in college basketball was secretly offered a scholarship to play football at LSU

Tech: Read the personal message the head of the FDA just put out as the agency cracks down on e-cigs and menthol cigarettes

Strategy: The biggest threat to success isn't failure — it's something much harder to beat

Politics: These 9 political friendships proved party lines don't have to divide Americans

Tech: Government regulators are banning menthol cigarettes and chipping away at flavored e-cigs — but not in the way some thought

Lifestyle: How all 13 Victoria's Secret Angels got discovered

Times Multimedia partners CNN to create Folio.ng

Lifestyle: 10 ways giving back can benefit your mental and physical health

How important is the NLC to the Nigerian worker?

Court remands 5 suspects for alleged attempt to rob Gov. Dickson

Finance: US farmers are taking a beating from the trade war with China

Lifestyle: How much each household donates to charity in every state

FG orders purchase of 400 rifles, worth N272m, for prison officers

Mueller team has 'gone absolutely nuts,' Trump says, resuming attacks on Russia inquiry

Finance: California's biggest utility provider has seen half its market value wiped out since the wildfires started (PCG)

Politics: Trump rips into Mueller and Russia probe as the special counsel reportedly prepares to drop more indictments

Idibala: The South African dance making Africans fall down like trees

Over 175m Nigerians live in dirty environments

Strategy: The CEO of Spanx wakes up an hour early to drive around 'aimlessly' on a 'fake commute' because she does her best thinking in the car

Lifestyle: Juul will soon stop selling flavored e-cigarette packs in retail stores, but a workaround could make the ban pointless

Tech: Prince William launches unprecedented attack on tech giants: 'They seem unable to engage in constructive discussion about the social problems they are creating'

Finance: '28 months of work undone in hours': The City of London reacts to the chaos of Theresa May's crumbling Brexit deal

Lifestyle: The CEO of a top travel app says the best boutique hotels all have the same 2 things in common, no matter what city they're in

U.S. levels sanctions on 17 Saudis for alleged involvement in Khashoggi killing

Strategy: Bloomingdale's wants to cash in on Sears' downward spiral (M)

2019: INEC uncovers 1,224 dead persons in Adamawa register

Toke Makinwa takes staff along to Dubai, shower praises on him [Video]

Buhari's campaign DG, Amaechi, says presidential debate is unnecessary

Tech: The Amazon Echo is actually the best kitchen appliance you can buy — here are 5 reasons why (AMZN)

Sports: Duke's Zion Williamson nearly hit his head on the rim in yet another gravity-defying dunk

Number 9! Odion Ighalo, wife celebrate wedding anniversary

Strategy: Every bottle of Heinz ketchup boasts about its '57 varieties' — but it doesn't really mean anything

2019 elections: We have no preferred candidates, says OPC

Tech: This 19-second video of a drone wielding a flamethrower will haunt your dreams

Strategy: Jeff Bezos owns a $23 million mansion in the swanky Washington DC neighborhood the Obamas call home. It's 15 minutes from Amazon's new HQ2.

3 reasons why she may be faking an orgasm

5 things you should never buy in traffic

Minimum wage: NLC condemns threat by governors to sack workers

Lifestyle: Garth Brooks teared up while performing a never-before-released song dedicated to his wife Trisha Yearwood

Kizz Daniel will be getting married next year!

DSS urges Buhari to prosecute Oshiomhole for allegedly receiving over $55m bribe - Report

Royalty Records Ft. C prince & B-tone - "African Something"

Finance: JPMorgan is gaining ground after Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway disclosed a $4 billion stake (JPM)

Recipe of the day: Prepare this Ogbono-Egusi soup special

Itel mobile's #IgotTheMoves dance finale: Who took home the N500,000 prize?

Strategy: After wrangling with Amazon, Bernie Sanders has set his sights on Walmart (WMT, AMZN)

10 years after its release, Femi Kuti's ''Day by Day'' remains a timeless and watershed moment

Tech: The 'Jack Reacher' franchise is being shopped as a TV series, and the author says Tom Cruise is too short to continue as the star

Funny reasons why most guys aren’t using condoms

Strategy: We compared Home Depot stores in the city and in the suburbs — and it was clear which one was better (HD)

Lifestyle: I visited the sacred forest in Bali where hundreds of wild monkeys swing through the trees, crack coconuts, and snatch iPhones straight out of tourists' hands — and it was like nowhere I'd been before

Atiku says Boko Haram terrorists started as political thugs

Tech: Drinking too much water could be surprisingly hazardous to your health

Strategy: Amazon is starting Black Friday a week early (AMZN)

Lifestyle: How billionaire industrialist Abdulsamad Rabiu makes and spends his money

Finance: Walmart beats on earnings and raises guidance as online sales soar (WMT)

Tech: We asked digital security experts about the impact of Nigerian ISP, MainOne, rerouting Google traffic through China, here's what they have to say

Here's how to maximize your US and Canadian visa

APO: Rugby : Rwanda Referees, Coaches, and Silverbacks benefit from Penguin International Rugby Football Club (RFC) training

Lifestyle: There are clear benefits of being an adopted child, but knowing where you came from is crucial

Pulse Opinion: Corruption complaints at Airports should embarrass Osinbajo, federal government

Politics: Live: Theresa May faces leadership challenge as multiple ministers quit over her Brexit deal

Strategy: These African trailblazers made the Forbes' 30 Under 30 list for 2019

Strategy: These 3 African countries are among the most indebted to Chinese creditors

AFRIFF 2018: John Njamah, Nse Ikpe Etim others attend day 4

Tech: These 2 tech founders lost their friends in tragic accidents. Now they've built AI chatbots to give people life after death

"Please, don't kill me," Anambra lawmaker pleads as Police teargasses protesters

By-election: Unknown gunmen attack APC candidate in Kwara

5 personal details you should never mention during a job interview

Tech: Facebook hits back at The New York Times, pointing out the 'inaccuracies' in its blockbuster report on leadership missteps

Lifestyle: An Australian Instagram star with 2 million followers has some pretty intense dress code requirements for guests attending her wedding

#EndSars: Lady narrates how SARS men extorted and sexually harassed her

Lifestyle: New Jersey couple, homeless vet behind viral $400k GoFundMe accused of 'get-rich-quick' conspiracy, theft

Finance: Investing titans Fidelity, Janus Henderson, and JPMorgan loaded up on Apple stock — then it tanked 15%

See Davido's reaction after alleged owner of Instablog9ja is exposed

At what point exactly do you know you are falling in love with someone?

Read chilly story of how SARS on mufti directly shot at vigilante

Young Priest father dies in auto crash 3 days after celebrating 1 year of priesthood

APO: The African Energy Chamber Applauds Angola’s Move To Join The Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF)

Tiwa Savage - 'One'

Agency seeks NCAA’s support to develop made in Nigeria helicopters

Victoria Kimani - 'Not For Sale' (Official Video)

Model cries after bad bum enlargement, tells ladies "Love yourself" as she battles for life (Video)

Finance: UBS: A UK recession and pound-dollar parity are on the horizon, and Brexit risks are rising 'literally' by the minute

Tech: Mark Zuckerberg's spectacular failure of leadership shows why some Facebook investors are desperate to fire him

Politics: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says people on Capitol Hill keep assuming she's an intern

Court orders final forfeiture of N1.2bn, $327k stashed in Heritage Bank to FG

Show Dem Camp speaks on ''Palmwine Music 2'', working with Spax and creating 'Legend' with Burna Boy

Tank stand collapses on UNN student's new car (Video)

Sports: Conor McGregor was asked if he'd rather share a glass of whiskey with Khabib Nurmagomedov or Floyd Mayweather, and his response was cutting

Pulse Opinion: President Buhari's endorsement of Kano Gov Ganduje shows us how his mind works

Lifestyle: Michelle Obama signed copies of her new book in Costco while Ellen DeGeneres sang about how Oprah got more mentions in the memoir than her

Relationship Talk With Bukky: My man like getting attention from another woman, is this OK?

Cristiano proposes to girlfriend of 2 years

Politics: Judge to decide on reinstating Acosta's press pass on Thursday in CNN vs. Trump legal battle

Luxury style blogger Sai Sankoh launches exquisite womenswear label

Tech: Facebook cut ties with Definers, the PR firm that reportedly helped it blame George Soros for the anti-Facebook movement

Lifestyle: The queen reportedly eats bananas with a knife and fork so she doesn't look 'like a monkey'

APO: National Youth Rugby Festival 2018

Politics: Saudi Arabia seeks death penalty for 5 suspects in Khashoggi killing

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Politics: France slams lack of 'common decency' after Trump for mocked Macron on the Paris attacks anniversary

Politics: Live: Theresa May hit by multiple resignations as her Brexit deal falls apart

Japan now has the most powerful passport in the world!

Obasanjo warns Nigerian politicians to stop using youths as political thugs

Does over-working in the office impact your sexual life?

5 ways to know your job interview invite is fake

Senate uncovers fresh $1.2 bn illegal withdrawals from NLNG dividends

Politics: Theresa May suffers more resignations as Esther McVey resigns over May's Brexit deal

10 commandments of how to manage your money properly

APO: Merck Foundation announces the winners for their “Merck Diabetes Award” to mark “World Diabetes Day 2018”

Tonto Dikeh is going under the knife again!

By-election: Police deny conveying cash with helicopter in Kwara

Check out Seyi Shay's awesome editorial for Accelerate TV's magazine

Finance: The pound is tanking after Theresa May's Brexit secretary, key Cabinet minister resign in protest of withdrawal plan

APC says Atiku has 'lost any sense of shame' after gaining Igbo endorsement

APO: Triple win for African rugby on the global stage

3 reasons why physically fit people have much better sex

3 reasons why fit people have much better sex

Lifestyle: The 13 biggest mistakes you're making on dating apps — and how to stop

Adesua Etomi-Wellington is beautiful and radiant for GTB Fashion Weekend's magazine

Seun Kuti says it is disrespectful for anyone to call himself the 'New Fela'

Twitter reacts as Wizkid's 'Gucci Snake' takes over the web

Minimum Wage: Governors raise committee to meet Buhari over N30, 000

3 sleep positions that lead to sex

Governors say N30,000 minimum wage will result in job losses nationwide

Finance: Trump's trade war with China just ended one car manufacturer's incredible 46-month streak

Here's why GE will no longer be constructing Nigeria's railway

Delay, deny and deflect: How Facebook's leaders fought through crisis

Strategy: Meet the 8 Nigerians named on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list for 2019

Fake news will be weaponised for 2019 elections, and you should absolutely fight it

Kehinde Bamigbetan, S.A Olukoya, Waheed Kassim, Seyi Law attend 9jaSAFE 2018

LeBron James becomes 5th all-time scorer in NBA history

Sports: Japan's cybersecurity minister admits: 'I don't use computers!'

Africa's biggest drink event, International Drinks Festival to hold 2nd edition this month

Duncan Mighty surprises elderly woman with a car gift [Video]

Lawmakers push Trump to act against China on Uighur detention

Michael Douglas refuses to age gracefully in 'The Kominsky Method'

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

How to make your lips look bigger without needles

Learning to attack the cyber attackers can't happen fast enough

Review: Raúl Esparza becomes a very familiar fascist in 'Arturo Ui'

Parsing signatures, not Chads, in Florida vote

Sigrid Nunez Wins National Book Award for 'The Friend'

Finance: Boeing is coming under pressure for allegedly failing to warn pilots about a safety feature at the center of the Lion Air disaster

Cosmopolitan style in Turkey

Aide who crossed the First Lady is removed from her White House role

Politics: A Trump aide is officially out after rebukes from Melania Trump's office

Former Chelsea star Joe Cole rates Enyeama more than Cech, Reina

Tech: The death toll from California's fires has risen to 59, with thousands of homes destroyed in Malibu and Northern California

Tech: Kanye West shares a photo of him and Zuck singing karaoke — and he says they sang Backstreet Boys (FB)

Politics: The first group of caravan migrants has reached the US border while thousands of others lag behind — here's what awaits them when they arrive

Politics: New text messages show Roger Stone associate Randy Credico may have known more than he was letting on about WikiLeaks' plans during the 2016 election

Leicester star makes Team of the Week in Premier League and European U-21

Politics: 'I have never struck a woman': Michael Avenatti denies domestic violence allegations after his arrest by the LAPD

5 things to know about Super Eagles returnee Victor Osimhen

Cristiano Ronaldo and family enjoy dinner in London

Politics: Trump is handing another US ambassadorship to a member of his Mar-a-Lago resort that costs $200,000 to join

Tech: Sen. Chuck Schumer intervened on Facebook's behalf this summer, telling a prominent Democratic critic of the company to back off (FB)

Sports: Video released during the World Chess Championships has many wondering if it was a terrible blunder or crafty a bit of gamesmanship

Tech: Sheryl Sandberg repeatedly tried to downplay Russia's involvement in misinformation on Facebook, report says (FB)

Tech: Some investors are donating their homes to families in need, as the tech industry responds to the California wildfires (FB, GOOG, GOOGL)

Sports: The Saints won't be able to wear their home jerseys against the Eagles because of a golf bet between their head coaches

Sports: Kevin Durant has twice taken the same contract gamble as LeBron James, and it seems to be at the source of the Warriors' tension

Nigerian man convicted of fraud on trial for stealing his own identity

Politics: Michael Avenatti arrested in Los Angeles on domestic violence accusation

Politics: Michael Avenatti reportedly detained by police on domestic violence accusations

APC accuses PDP of promoting fake news

Strategy: Nashville will become a critical hub for Amazon's logistics business — but it doesn't mean there will also be a boom in warehouse jobs

Tech: An Arizona couple will have to pay Nintendo over $12 million for running websites that offered free downloads of classic video games

How to use a vibrator to have a mind-blowing orgasm tonight

Tech: Facebook reportedly had its Republican-linked PR firm try to blame George Soros for the anti-Facebook movement (FB)

New study says over 109 million East Africans have Asian and European DNA

Tech: Sheryl Sandberg and other Facebook execs reportedly investigated if they could ban Trump after Zuck was ‘appalled’ by his call for a Muslim ban (FB)

3 quick ways to hit your career goals without killing yourself

Politics: Jeff Flake threatens to block Trump's judicial nominees until Senate votes on bill to protect Mueller

INEC has customised card readers, result sheets for APC ahead of 2019 – PDP

Lifestyle: Uber lost nearly $1 billion last quarter as the ride-hailing giant's growth slows

Politics: Michelle and Malia Obama once snuck out of the White House

Tech: What it takes to drive a 42-foot-long fire truck

11 signs your headache is actually a migraine

Tech: 15 fascinating things on Earth you had no idea existed

Strategy: Amazon will develop part of its HQ2 in an area in Arlington, Virginia. Here are some likely reasons it won the e-commerce giant over. (AMZN)

Sports: Steelers players are raiding Le'Veon Bell's locker for shoes and suits after the running back failed to report to the team

Tech: Mark Zuckerberg made his executives use Android phones after Tim Cook slammed Facebook's approach to privacy (AAPL, FB)

President Buhari returns to Abuja from France

Pastor assures homosexual person that God can fix him

What is JOMO, exactly?

Tech: An asteroid crater the size of Paris is hiding in Greenland. Here's how scientists found the 16-mile-wide impact site.

2019 General Elections: Senate Committee visits INEC in Lagos

Politics: The US military doesn't have any idea what the thousands of troops deployed to the border should do when the migrants show up

Strategy: Nike is opening a 68,000-square-foot flagship store of the future in New York City (NKE)

Politics: Europe's trade chief said the EU is ready to fire back if Trump goes through with tariffs on cars

ASUU Strike: Union ready to negotiate with FG

25 ways you can practice self-care every single day

How to explore Badagry slave route on a small budget

Protesters storm ICPC office, call for Oshiomhole’s prosecution

Tech: There's only one color you should consider if you're thinking about buying the iPhone XS (AAPL)

Two female OOU students fight over boyfriend (Video)

Finance: Stocks slide as Apple enters a bear market

Finance: Stocks slides as Apple enters a bear market

Tech: Google confirms Pixel 3 owners are running into a bug where their text messages disappear, and the company is 'rolling out a fix soon'

What Atiku said during meeting with Igbo leaders in Enugu

8 Reddit relationship stories that are almost too crazy to believe

Sports: College basketball player suspended and barred from campus after dirty elbow to opponent's face

This lizard's venom helps Doctors treat type 2 diabetes

Politics: Trump spreads wild conspiracy about voter fraud, claiming people change clothes before voting a second time

Over 16,000 bags of rice meant for IDPs reportedly rotting away in NEMA stores

Politics: Trump incorrectly claims you need to show ID to buy cereal in latest push for tight voter ID laws

Fry your core with this legendary ab challenge

Politics: Trump reportedly berated Teresa May over the phone before a disastrous trip to Paris

#FraudBae: Man scams his ex, gets arrested trying to fly his new girl to Paris with ex's money and makes music off it

Lifestyle: Winnebago could be one of the most unexpected winners of the self-driving car revolution (WGO)

Celebrate our 30th anniversary with this brutal hiit workout

Strategy: Here's exactly what to say to show your boss that you're good at your job

Strategy: The CEO of multibillion-dollar Pinterest recruited his first employees from Friday-night neighborhood barbecues

Lifestyle: I drove a $52,000 Chevy Camaro SS to see if the legendary muscle car could live up to its reputation — here's the verdict (GM)

Should you exercise with a migraine?

Tech: I've lived in the Bay Area for 30 years, and I'm convinced that tech companies have ruined it

What is the dubrow diet, and can it really help you lose weight?

Finance: Apple slides into a bear market — now down 20% from its all-time high (AAPL)

Tech: 10 of the coolest things in space that you had no idea existed

Lifestyle: A chemical found in some vape flavors has been linked to an irreversible condition called 'popcorn lung'

Saraki asks Oshiomhole to resign from politics

Strategy: 21 psychological tricks that will help you ace a job interview

Lifestyle: There are no end-credits scenes after 'Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald'

Politics: Read Theresa May's Brexit withdrawal deal in full

Lifestyle: 15 popular products people have lined up for on Black Friday over the years

25-year-old man electrocuted while hanging Buhari's picture on an electric pole

Lifestyle: Airports near Amazon's new HQ2 sites are already gearing up for the influx of people coming to their cities (AMZN)

Lifestyle: Hasbro is now selling 'Monopoly for Millennials' but some people aren't happy about it

Lifestyle: This food truck sells giant pupusas

Lifestyle: Fad diets never worked for me, but a fitness app helped me lose 28 pounds in four months

Lifestyle: 14 people share the one thing they don't regret splurging on

Strategy: 25 of the best leadership and success books to read in your lifetime, according to Amazon

Tech: Employee morale at Facebook has reportedly plummeted following all the company's scandals, according to internal company survey (FB)

Politics: Theresa May's Cabinet have backed her Brexit deal amid reports of an imminent leadership challenge

Strategy: The 47 jobs that are most damaging to your health

APO: The Orange multi-billion revolution in Africa (by Simon Ateba)

Lifestyle: Starbucks employees and regulars reveal their 40 favorite foods and drinks from the chain

Lifestyle: 50 of the worst Christmas movies of all time

Lifestyle: This LEGO Bugatti Chiron is drivable — here's what it can do

Kogi Assembly passes Youth Devt Commission Bill, 4 others into law

Man reportedly cuts stepmum's neck and lets her bleed to death

Politics: Bernie Sanders doubles down on calling Trump an 'authoritarian' after White House says he’s 'ridiculous'

Ember Months: No blood sucking demons on roads, drive carefully, FRSC tells drivers

Lifestyle: An executive at a luxury concierge service says they once flew In-N-Out burgers from the West Coast to NYC in a private jet

Politics: Three times Michelle Obama and George W. Bush proved friendship can cross party lines

APO: Africa Investment Forum 2018: a new bold vision tilts capital flows into Africa

Sen. Uzodinma denies arrest, vows to remain focused on governorship race

Tech: The wildfire in Malibu has hit a former nuclear research site, and some activists are worried about radiation in the smoky air

Strategy: Here's exactly how to write an email so your super busy boss gets back to you

Finance: Sears pops after report says its closing in on a deal that could keep it open through the holidays

Finance: Sears pops after report says its closing in on a deal that could keep it open through the holidays (SHLD)

Tech: Netflix is testing a mobile-only subscription plan that costs half the price

Finance: GE's tumbling bonds are highlighting a bigger problem at the fallen giant (GE)

Teacher in need of deliverance reportedly caught in an attempt to rape pupil

Delta ministry records 32 per cent budget performance

Lifestyle: A lawyer who reps cruise ship workers reveals the most shocking thing he's heard about their job

Tech: Amazon is now going to split its HQ2 into 2 locations after more than a year of intense speculation. Here’s everything that has happened in the saga up until now. (AMZN)

Igbo leaders endorse Atiku Abubakar

Tech: Here are the nominees for the best video games of the year at The Game Awards — and anyone can vote for the final winners

Only leaders with integrity can drive Nigeria’s economic growth — Ambode

Finance: Nigeria's central bank injects $210 million into forex market to support naira

Lifestyle: 14 of the most expensive TV episodes of all time

Tech: Meet the insanely successful cofounder of Qualtrics who doesn't like to work 'as a matter of principle' — and just sold his company for $8 billion (SAP)

Jim Iyke goes bald playing an ex-military man in 'Cold Feet'

Tech: The death toll from California's fires has risen to 50, with thousands of homes destroyed in Malibu and Northern California

FG determined to transform NIPOST into world best – Minister

Politics: Experts say Gaza and Israel have fought with restraint, but rising tensions could still flare into 'an unnecessary war'

Atiku arrives Enugu for meeting with Ohaneze Ndigbo [PHOTOS]

Lifestyle: Channing Tatum had great things to say about Jessie J after attending her concert — and now people believe he's made their relationship official

Politics: A college counselor told Michelle Obama she wasn't 'Princeton material' — but she applied to the Ivy League school anyway and got in

Tech: Astronomers found a 'snowy' super-Earth less than 6 light-years away — and it may be the first planet we'll photograph beyond the solar system

Finance: Bitcoin tumbles to its lowest level in over a year

Strategy: Amazon decided to split its second headquarters in 2 months ago, exec says (AMZN)

Delta Govt. approves N300m for students’ bursary

Tech: Everything we know about Amazon's HQ2 development in Long Island City, Queens

APO: The EU and Africa are bound by common values, says South African President

ICPC to arraign OAU sex for marks Prof in court

AFRIFF 2018: 30 Nigerian films made it to final selection

Lifestyle: A 14-year-old girl has reportedly been crying bloody tears for years, but her condition is still a mystery

Lifestyle: The wife of the notorious drug lord El Chapo is a former beauty queen who unwaveringly supports her husband

Lifestyle: The 38 US restaurants everyone needs to visit in 2018

Politics: House Democratic leadership is dominated by coastal states, has a 'geographic diversity" problem

Politics: Justice Department defends revoking CNN reporter's press credentials: 'No reporter has a First Amendment right to enter the White House'

Finance: Apple slides into a bear market — now down 20% from its all-time high

Lifestyle: Arie Luyendyk and Lauren Burnham are expecting their first child: here's what every other couple from 'The Bachelor' universe is up to

Tech: Apple now lets you download all the data it keeps about you — here's how to do it (AAPL)

APO: United States Embassy Launches SolveIt! 2019 During Global Entrepreneurship Week

Politics: Michelle Obama shares what the 'darkest day' was like in the White House: the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting

PDP attacks Osinbajo says he is deceiving Nigerians

Strategy: An exec at a $2 billion video-game app uses an old-school strategy to get the most out of meetings

Lifestyle: Another senior Tesla employee has left the company — here are all the key names who have departed this year (TSLA)

Lifestyle: Target is selling $40 knit dresses that put a new twist on ugly holiday sweaters

Finance: Apple's waning iPhone demand means the big jump in prices won't be enough, analyst says (AAPL)

AFRIFF 2018: Rita Dominic, Nse Ikpe Etim spice up day 3

Strategy: This YouTuber with over 2.7 million followers is making the beauty industry more inclusive

Tech: Square wants to make benefits a no-brainer for small businesses

Tech: Google's impressive 'Night Sight' camera feature rolls out today — here's how it works (GOOG, GOOGL)

Strategy: Eddie Lampert's hedge fund lambasts Sears creditors for 'highly aggressive' plan to kill off the company once and for all (SHLD)

Politics: Trump is fuming angry over the midterms and has ditched several outings honoring veterans

Strategy: The head of Victoria's Secret's lingerie business is reportedly leaving the company as it continues its downward spiral (LB)

Politics: Bored on the border: The military's 'border support' mission is killing troop morale

Female students in Lagos can now wear Hijab, here's why it's such a big deal

Politics: Fox News announces it's supporting CNN's lawsuit against the Trump administration for revoking Jim Acosta's press pass

Lifestyle: Super rich people are paying up to $500,000 for luxe panic rooms — and as gun violence picks up, they're more popular than ever

Lifestyle: Chevy now sells 4 different Corvettes, and we’ve driven them all — here's how they compare (GM)

Lifestyle: Kate Middleton wore a new $1,413 dress for Prince Charles' birthday portrait, then recycled an old favorite for a day of engagements

Business: CBN pumps $210 million into forex market to support naira

Business: Traders get collateral free loan in Lagos markets with FG's TraderMoni

This is how men handle breakups differently from women

Sports: The Warriors are suddenly imploding in spectacular fashion

Lifestyle: 10 models share what it's really like to be in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Buhari accuses Kwankwaso of stealing from Kano's treasury, praises Ganduje

Access Bank supports the best of African art

Lifestyle: An Air India pilot failed two breathalyzer tests before trying to fly a plane, but he denies he was drunk after being fired

Politics: 25 things we learned from Michelle Obama's new memoir, 'Becoming'

Man United star Fellaini takes off his signature hair

Finance: An often overlooked Fed report shows that the risky leveraged loan market isn't going away anytime soon

Tech: I stopped making lunch for a week and switched to Ritual, the order-ahead app sweeping San Francisco that lets you skip the line. Here's what I found.

3 ways to make a woman cum in 5 minutes

Recipe of the day: How to prepare plantain and sweet potato porridge

Lifestyle: 2 cats are determined to get inside an art museum in Japan, and the internet is rooting for them

Tech: The mayor of Nashville said he learned through Twitter that Amazon picked his city as a consolation prize in the HQ2 race (AMZN)

Toke Makinwa to share 2Face Idibia with Annie if she doesn't get married in 1 year

Politics: Trump attacked the legitimacy of the midterms the same way his own officials warned Russia would

New Music: Dpzle - "Control"

Lifestyle: 5 great reasons to add Africa to your travel bucket list

5 free and cheap date ideas in Abuja

Politics: Ian Bremmer explains why Trump can't act on his 'authoritarian leanings'

Strategy: Allbirds, the buzzy sneaker startup that's now reportedly worth $1 billion, just released its most expensive shoe yet

Tech: A little-known feature in Google Maps lets you explore planets and moons in our local solar system — here's how to find it

Lifestyle: 6 of the most popular strains of marijuana and what they're prescribed for

Politics: China tells Congress to back off after planned legislation looks to sanction Beijing over imprisoning Muslims

Tech: Here's what Earth might look like in 100 years — if we're lucky

Strategy: New York City's top tabloids have weighed in on Amazon HQ2 — and they're leaning into the controversy

Lifestyle: 12 popular US foods that aren't common elsewhere

Lifestyle: Authorities are searching for a North Carolina teacher who disappeared in Mexico last month

Lifestyle: 15 of the most popular dog names around the world

Finance: Snap sinks after revealing it was subpoenaed by the DOJ and SEC for information related to its IPO disclosures (SNAP)

Lifestyle: This iconic painting of a swimming pool is about to hit the auction block — and at $80 million, it's expected to shatter a major record

Tech: 10 reasons you should buy a Nintendo Switch instead of the PlayStation 4 (NTDOY, SNE)

Kemi Adetiba narrates ugly experience in the hands of airport officials

Lifestyle: How and when you can ask for a 'plus one' without being rude

Strategy: We tested the futuristic, $349 oven that some say could replace every cooking appliance that you own, and we were completely blown away by it

NAFDAC DG complains 80% of equipment no longer working

Politics: A record number of US citizens are seeking asylum in Canada

Lifestyle: How Angelina Jolie works out to stay in action hero shape

Relationship Talk With Bukky: I want my boyfriend to sext me but he won't

Tech: Microsoft is acquiring a Texas-based AI startup as it prepares for the next wave of the cloud wars (MSFT)

Strategy: This hatmaker is beloved by celebrities like Lady Gaga and Pharrell — here's why one of his custom hats can cost $1,000

Lifestyle: Uber follows Lyft in announcing a rewards program — here's how it works

Lifestyle: Common breakfast foods that aren't as filling as you think — and what to eat instead

Politics: 108 years ago on Wednesday, the Navy launched a plane from a ship for the first time and changed naval aviation forever

Finance: Tencent's profit spikes as its core gaming business shows signs of slowing down

APO: A-List Attendees throw weight behind Africa Investment Forum 2018

Strategy: GM CEO Mary Barra said the recall crisis of 2014 forever changed her leadership style (GM)

Finance: Oil looks set to break its record losing streak, but analysts warn it may still drop below $50

Finance: Macy's reports mixed third-quarter results, raises its full-year guidance (M)

APO: Greenpeace Africa Celebrates A Decade Of Environmental Activism

Tech: Marc Benioff just doubled down on comparing Facebook to cigarettes, saying people urgently need protecting from the social network

5 mistakes you never knew you were making while cooking rice

Faulty microphones force Reps to adjourn for third time in one week

Politics: Monica Lewinsky says she would apologize to the Clintons — even if they won't apologize to her

Citizens protest as 13-yr-old boxer dies in ring

Politics: The Nigerian government is reportedly planning to cut down MTN’s fine to $800 million from $8.1 billion

Strategy: Macy's is making a move that signals the death of department stores as we know them (M)

Nigerian singer expelled from Church-owned University after being caught with 80 wraps of marijuana

Here is how Eko Atlantic reacted to Davido's accusations that he was barred from using its venue

Court orders Abaribe to pay N100m for bailing runaway Nnamdi Kanu from jail

'Shayo na bastard' Drunk Nigerian man says alcoholics are unfortunate (Video)

Finance: The cannabis producer Canopy Growth is getting whacked after missing big on revenue (CGC)

Politics: Mike Pence grilled Myanmar leader Suu Kyi directly to her face over the Rohingya crisis

Lifestyle: Prince Charles doesn't eat lunch — but he does enjoy a version of moussaka made with grouse

Nigerian Producer to perform alongside AKA at Super Eagles AFCON qualifier against South Africa

Lifestyle: It’s a myth that your hair grows faster if you get it cut, according to a celebrity hairdresser — here's what's really going on

Low-grade prostitute creates scene after her customer pays her 1k less than agreed sum (Video)

Lifestyle: 'Human rights lawyer' arrested by UK police after racist rant at Air India crew demanding more wine

Register to attend FAMSAGA's week-long health conference towards sustainable development

Tech: Amazon's New York headquarters could mean millions in tax breaks from Trump's tax plan

Gunmen invade Osogbo motor park, shoot uncontrollably

Sokoto deputy governor, Ahmed Aliyu, reportedly resigns

Jenna Jameson just shared her tips on how to start the keto diet

Tech: Uber's CEO is 'anxious' for more details about murdered journalist Jamal Khashoggi, but says Saudi Arabia still deserves a board seat

Lifestyle: All the looks from the London premiere of 'Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald'

Finance: 10 things you need to know before the opening bell (SPY, SPX, QQQ, DIA, TLRY, AMZN, SNAP)

APO: Casablanca’s commercial market shows signs of recovery, says JLL

Osinbajo's N5.8b case with the National Assembly, explained

Lifestyle: 7 things you should know about your partner before you decide to settle down with them

Finance: The world's biggest shipping company has proof that Trump's China tariffs are battering global trade

Lifestyle: 282 Air France passengers stranded in freezing Siberia for 3 days after emergency stop en route to Shanghai

Strategy: This startup is helping African workers spend wiser with a special discount scheme that lets them save more from their salaries

Egyptian legend Mohamed Aboutrika sentenced to jail in Qatar for tax evasion

Lifestyle: Ford and Walmart are teaming up to test delivering products with self-driving cars (WMT, F)

Lifestyle: The gross reason why you shouldn't use the seat pockets on a plane, according to a flight attendant

Lagos govt approves use of hijab in public schools

Does bitter kola nut help with diabetes? Let's find out!

Lifestyle: City Review: Here is why Johannesburg remains the most visited city in Africa

Lifestyle: High winds on Wednesday look set to make California's deadliest-ever fires even more dangerous

Olamide confirms date for the fifth edition of ''Olamide Live In Concert''

Zain Asher is our Woman Crush this Wednesday!

Buhari says Ganduje is a responsible leader

Politics: Nigeria's Vice President Yemi Osinbajo embroiled in N5.8 billion fraud allegations

Mo Abudu's consistent high-end style is an inspiration

2019 general elections: Ooni of Ife urges Nigerians to support INEC

Strategy: Nobody has claimed the $1.5 billion Mega Millions lottery prize — and the deadline is approaching

FG applies to try Dasuki in absentia over alleged illegal arms possession

Uzodinma in governorship race to enjoy immunity from criminal trials - Okorocha

Politics: After 2 years without one, Trump nominates an ambassador to Saudi Arabia amid Khashoggi crisis

APO: The Next Einstein Forum launches search for Africa’s top scientific talent for prestigious Fellows Class

Check out adorable photos of Prince Charles and family on his 70th birthday

237 die in Ogun road crashes in 10 months - FRSC

Here are 10 songs that will pop at concerts this December

Nigerian forwards on fire in Europe as Onyekuru, Chukwueze, Onuachu score for respective clubs

Politics: Theresa May braced for Cabinet resignations as she tells ministers to back her Brexit deal

Vogue chronicles this cool girl's trip to the Congo

Villarreal forward Chukwueze says it’s a privilege to be called up to the Super Eagles

Tech: People are logging how many insects they eat on a huge food tracking app, and users are experimenting with a grasshopper taco recipe

5 common mistakes job seekers make during interviews

Finance: Oil drops for a 13th straight day as analysts warn it could drop below $50

Army general says security challenges have exposed gaps in military training

Ex-SURE-P boss testifies against former Gov. Shema in N5.7b fraud case

APO: Temenos announces fund administration partnership with Curo

Council chairman offers N5m to rescue Kidnapped female twins

Finance: Swelling corporate debt piles are now global fund managers' major concern

Mild drama in court as woman makes u-turn on divorce, begs for mercy

How EFCC intercepted N211m Gold at Lagos airport

APO: DP World Kigali’s Logistics Platform

Aremu Afolayan apologises to government days after calling them out on Instagram

Over 2,000 PVCs stolen in Akwa Ibom, says INEC

Imo APC governorship candidate, Uzodinma, shuns Presidential Panel

Politics: Trump sent thousands of US troops to the border, but they're in the dark about what to do when the migrant caravans arrive

Politics: The poorest nation in the Pacific will host its richest economic get-together, and it could descend into a dash for cash

A Nigerian company is in trouble with Google for re-routing traffic to Russia, China

22 Super Eagles players in camp ahead of AFCON 2019 qualifier against South Africa

Driving instructor drives Bolanle into sexual bliss part 2{R-18+}

Lifestyle: The family of a self-proclaimed white-supremacist reported him to the FBI after he said the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre was just a 'dry run'

Nigeria records 1.3 million unwanted pregnancies in 2018 says global family planning report

Eko Atlantic allegedly bars Davido from using its venue for his concert this December

Check out cute message 2Face Idibia sends Annie Idibia on her birthday

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Politics: 'Money. Drugs. Murder': The first day of 'El Chapo' Guzman's US trial started with some big accusations

Former South Africa coach says Nigeria are scared of their strikers

Politics: A former CIA officer says the White House is helping cover up Jamal Khashoggi's murder

Delta State Governor Okowa promises Super Eagles N9m for each goal in 2019 AFCON clash against South Africa

Lifestyle: 4 members of the same family could face the death penalty in what has become the largest murder case in Ohio state history

Politics: The South China Seas are fabled for their hidden energy reserves and China has moved to block outsiders like the US from finding them

Lionel Messi says he likes being called the best player in the world

Lifestyle: An Australian man and his Thai wife have been sentenced to death for trying to smuggle a half-ton of meth into Thailand

Sports: Alex Morgan converted on a gorgeous volley in final game of the year to cap the USWNT's undefeated 2018 campaign

Tech: California's Camp Fire has melted cars and reduced bodies to bone — these images show the horror of the state's deadliest fire ever

Politics: 2 photos show the stark difference in the new representatives Democrats and Republicans are sending to Congress

Sports: Draymond Green suspended 1 game for confrontation with Kevin Durant

Politics: 3 reasons Florida's elections are a perennial chaotic nightmare

Lifestyle: Aston Martin just gave us a first look at its new DBX SUV that will take on Bentley and Lamborghini (AML)

New Jersey sues pharmaceutical company amid spiralling opioid crisis

Politics: California Rep. Mimi Walters' campaign accuses Democrats of planning to 'steal' her seat as her lead shrinks in tough reelection bid

Tech: An official Google account on Twitter was hacked by cryptocurrency scammers trying to convince people to send them bitcoin (GOOG, GOOGL)

Hate crimes increase for the third consecutive year, FBI reports

New public spaces are supposed to be for all, the reality is more complicated

After grief and defiance, arts help process 2015 Paris attacks

Politics: Mark Meadows doesn't 'anticipate' running for another term as chairman of powerful conservative Freedom Caucus

Lifestyle: Victoria's Secret is selling lingerie inspired by the runway looks at its fashion show, and everything is under $80

Britain and EU agree on a plan for Brexit

Strategy: New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio says he will continue to boycott Amazon as the state offers more than $1.5 billion for its HQ2 (AMZN)

Lifestyle: The royal family shared 2 new official photos of Prince Charles with his children and grandkids

Tech: It looks like Amazon has recruited Alexa for its plan to rename an entire neighborhood in Virginia (AMZN)

Strategy: Black Friday workers share their 12 best tips for shoppers

Sports: Jayhawks senior who almost didn't return to Kansas sets team shooting record in near-perfect performance

PDP says APC wants to block bank accounts belonging to its members

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Public sitting on SARS reform opens in Lagos

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Tech: The Nintendo Switch's first full Pokémon games, 'Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu!' and 'Pokémon: Let's Go, Eevee!' will introduce a new generation of players to the joys of 'Pokémon: Red and Blue'

Politics: Tensions flare as candidates accuse each other of ballot tampering and "foul play" in a close California congressional race

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Lifestyle: 11 celebrity couples who met online

Strategy: Brokers in one of Amazon's chosen HQ2 locations are reportedly already selling condos sight-unseen — and development hasn't even begun

Politics: Trump's top trade advisers appear to be on wildly different pages as the China trade war hits a critical stretch

Lifestyle: Urban Decay's 10-day Black Friday sale includes its fan-favorite 'Naked' palettes for 50% off

Tech: The world's biggest advertising holding companies have been cleared after a 2-year DOJ investigation into their business practices

Tech: Over 600,000 Americans followed fake Russia-linked Instagram accounts that were detected days before the midterms (FB)

Tech: Satellite images show how the Camp Fire destroyed entire towns and killed dozens of people

Politics: Chuck Schumer accuses President Trump of "bullying" in Florida recount, says every vote should be counted regardless of deadline

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El-Rufai explains why he picked Hadiza Balarabe as running mate

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Strategy: 17 high-paying jobs Amazon's HQ2 could bring to Long Island City and Arlington

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The final season of Game of Thrones airs in April

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Lifestyle: 94% of teachers say they spend their own money on their classrooms — and some have turned to sites like GoFundMe for help

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Sanwo-Olu Free Wi-Fi launches in Surulere

Does being beautiful help a woman's career?

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Strategy: Sweetgreen is now valued at more than $1 billion

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Buhari reportedly vows to deal with Ganduje if he is found guilty

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Fake news on Facebook is killing people – Plateau police spokesman

Politics: John Kelly reportedly clashed with Melania Trump, which could spell the end of his time in the White House

Lifestyle: Wealthy New Yorkers are paying 'dog nannies' up to $130 to take their dogs on hikes, and the day includes door-to-door service and groups tailored to each dog's personality

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Niyi Akinmolayan, Stanlee Ohikhuare gear up for 'Animation film day'

Tech: Amazon is forcing New York and Virginia to help it build helipads in return for building 'HQ2' in their states (AMZN)

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Finance: General Electric spikes after announcing plans to speed up the sale of some of its $4 billion stake in oilfield-services provider Baker Hughes (GE, BHGE)

AFRIFF 2018: Kunle Afolayan, Mahmood Ali-Balogun attend day 2

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Buhari declines assent to Institute of Chartered Biochemist bill

Lifestyle: A 13-year-old girl was given a dress code violation for wearing a shirt depicting a bare-shouldered Marilyn Monroe

Politics: Macron's 'real European army' sounds like a 'nonsense' force that would never deploy

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Strategy: New York City has lured Amazon with more than $1.5 billion in incentives — here's what else they agreed to (AMZN)

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Strategy: Amazon got massively different tax breaks from New York and Virginia (AMZN)

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Osinbajo accuses Jonathan’s govt of throwing Nigeria into hardship

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This is why electricity supply to your home has gone from bad to worse

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Politics: White House says CNN's Jim Acosta is 'no more or less special' than any other reporter and accuses him of 'monopolizing the floor' with questions

Lifestyle: One of Tesla's top lawyers has left the company (TSLA)

Lifestyle: 10 romantic destinations you'll want to visit in 2019

Sports: Kylian Mbappé, the 19-year-old who demanded $60 million and a private jet, admits the money in sport is 'indecent' but that's just how 'the world of football works'

Strategy: We walked around Long Island City, the New York neighborhood where Amazon is planning to bring HQ2, and saw why it'd be appealing to the e-commerce giant (AMZN)

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Politics: Diversity wins: All the people who made history in the 2018 midterm elections

Politics: The most elite US-trained forces in Afghanistan just got embarrassed by the Taliban, another sign the war is a lost cause

Strategy: Alibaba's straining to continue its era of record-breaking Singles' Day sales — here’s how executives plan to keep growing (BABA)

Illegal firearm: Court insists on speedy trial of Enugu High Chief

APO: Africa Investment Forum 2018: African Development Bank achieves significant progress with energy projects across Africa

Tech: Snapchat just launched a new feature that lets you create a highlight reel of your messages with friends — here's how it works (SNAP)

Tech: The death toll from California's fires has risen to 44, with thousands of homes destroyed in Malibu and Northern California

Finance: Another Apple supplier just cut its outlook (AAPL)

Controversy as UI International School shut over Hijab crisis

Tech: Sebastian Stan told us the memory of Stan Lee he always thinks about with a smile

Juliet Ibrahim defends her stance on having a side piece

Lifestyle: THEN & NOW: The cast of 'Love & Hip Hop'

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Finance: Oil is extending its record losing streak to a 12th day

Strategy: The 5 worst African countries to do business, according to the World Bank

How to immerse yourself fully in the culture when you travel

Anambra House Speaker Maduagwu calls lawmakers 'rascals' after she's impeached

Strategy: Arlington, Virginia, lured in Amazon with promises of a helipad and a cash grant of up to $550 million (AMZN)

Army conducts range shooting, advises residents to keep-off area

Politics: 'MAKE FRANCE GREAT AGAIN!': The Trump-Macron bromance appears dead as Trump launches into tirade against the French leader

Nwosu boasts he'll be announced APC's Imo governorship candidate, not Uzodinma

Cholera outbreak kills 175 in Adamawa, Borno, Yobe

Lifestyle: The 11 most common cancers in the US

Court sentences man to death by hanging for killing his father

Lifestyle: Productivity hacks never helped me, but a morning habit I've had for 14 years allows me to stay focused on work

Tech: Amazon is headed to Long Island City, Queens — an area that could be underwater by 2100

Federal Government delivering on power supply - Fashola

Tech: MoviePass' parent company has canceled a long-delayed shareholders vote, as it tries desperately to stay on the Nasdaq (HMNY)

Strategy: Amazon has announced its locations for HQ2, but a walk through Seattle made me think any city should be wary of hosting the tech giant

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Here are 8 important rules of friends-with-benefits relationships

Lifestyle: One of Tesla's top lawyers has left the company: Report (TSLA)

5 things to know about 2018 FIFA U-17 Women's World Cup

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Nigeria has only 7 geriatrics to cater for over 9m aged persons

Here are the style stars that impressed at GTB Fashion Weekend

Politics: CNN filed a First Amendment lawsuit against the Trump administration for revoking Jim Acosta's press pass

Strategy: Amazon officially announces its HQ2 will be split between New York and Virginia (AMZN)

FG spends N2.7trn on agriculture, infrastructure, says Lai Mohammed

Lifestyle: Waymo's first commercial self-driving rides could happen as soon as December: Report (GOOGL)

APO: Africa Investment Forum 2018: African Financial Alliance on Climate Change (AFAC) unveils guiding principles

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Lifestyle: What it means to be a type A, B, C, or D personality — and how to find the strength in whatever you are

Nigerian-born Southampton star Obafemi set to dump Super Eagles for Ireland

Politics: Melania Trump's spokeswoman explains why the first lady never has reached out to Michelle Obama for advice

Sports: No college basketball team has been ranked No. 1 in the AP Top 25 Poll more than Duke

Driving instructor drives Bolanle into sexual bliss part 1{R-18+}

7 parties adopt APC for Kwara bye-election

Lifestyle: What Thanksgiving dinner looks like in 16 regions across the country

Politics: China's Communist party violently cracks down on a new group — student communists

19-year-old girl's suicide bombing mission fails in Borno

A look at 5 epic times Stan Lee appeared in Marvel comics

Pulse Weddings: Juliet & Eric's magical nuptials in Lagos

Michelle Obama gets candid with Oprah about her new memoir, "Becoming"

Lifestyle: A Maine teacher's salary was so low she couldn't afford formula for her newborn baby — and she was forced to turn to government assistance

Politics: El Chapo's drug smuggling trial begins in New York Tuesday, and everything about it from the security to the jury is unprecedented

Tech: Goldman Sachs is sounding the alarm that demand for new iPhones could be 'deteriorating' (AAPL)

3 easy ways to prevent yourself from online shopping addiction

Politics: Trump defends rain-checking WWI 100 year memorial in France after wide ridicule

Finance: Trump slams France's wine industry, accusing it of unfair trade practices

Strategy: Most people tend to seek friends the same way, but experts say there's a much better strategy to find people you like

Politics: What serving in the military taught beauty YouTuber Jackie Aina

Tech: I downgraded from an iPhone X to an iPhone 8 — and I think I like the less expensive phone more (AAPL)

Lifestyle: 10 common signs of irritable bowel syndrome

Finance: Brexit has already hurt the City of London — here's a shopping list of all the damage so far

10 thought-provoking quotes from Marvel icon Stan Lee

Senate adjourns for a week due to low attendance, Reps adjourn over faulty mics

Recipe of the day: How to prepare pineapple fried rice

Finance: The cannabis producer Cronos posts strong revenue growth but a bigger loss (CRON)

Sports: People are asking why GQ used quotation marks to name Serena Williams as 'Woman' of the Year, and the magazine has responded

EL-Rufai lifts Kaduna curfew with immediate effect

These 5 Nigerian celebrities are the leaders of the natural hair movement

APO: African Development Bank launches Africa Energy Portal

Tech: A superstar ex-Facebook and Google exec is trying to upend a $6B industry with mini-MRIs you can use at home—and she's already testing the technology on animals

Tech: 'Engineering overkill': A potent new opioid painkiller is trying to solve a problem that doesn't exist, doctors say

Politics: Mueller reportedly plans to issue new indictments in the Russia investigation as soon as Tuesday

Politics: Israel and Hamas' massive overnight rocket battle threatens to become a major war

Finance: The CEO of the Indian e-commerce giant that Walmart bought a $16 billion stake in has resigned amid an allegation of personal misconduct (WMT)

Ask Sarah: What are the fruits one should take for great sexual performance?

Tech: One of Google's most powerful female executives says she walked out with staff protesting sexual harassment

Tech: African governments are using laws to stifle internet freedom - Report

Canada visa: Businessman charged for alleged N3.1m fraud

Tech: The iPhone XS Max is an absolutely gorgeous phone, but it proves that bigger isn't always better (AAPL)

Politics: Trump mocks France's WWII record as relations with Macron deteriorate into confrontation

Lifestyle: A 5-minute neck scan could spot dementia 10 years before symptoms appear, according to research

Kogi govt commences payment of 4 months’ salary to workers

Tech: Uber's new sexual harassment report asks you to play a game in which you match a creepy story with its new categories of inappropriate behaviour

Finance: The CEO of the Indian e-commerce giant that Walmart bought a $16 billion stake in has resigned amid allegations of personal misconduct (WMT)

University Of Ibadan: 7 interesting facts to know about UI as the institution turns 70

Makarantar da aka kulle saboda dalibai sun saka hijabi

Lifestyle: A Swedish sex toy brand is giving its employees 4 'self love' days off each year because it thinks they'll be more productive if they have more orgasms

UFC star Khabib Nurmagomedov in Nigeria on Charity mission providing water

Here are things to know about cervix penetration

Finance: 10 things you need to know before the opening bell (SPY, SPX, QQQ, DIA, T, SHLD, GE)

APO: Comprehensive study of satellite television reception places Eutelsat as market leader across Nigeria, Cameroon and Ivory Coast

Tech: China appears to walk back on controversial decision to reopen trade in rhino and tiger bones

Lifestyle: Boeing 737 MAX operators in the US were 'kept in the dark' about a hardware change linked to the Lion Air crash

Sports: Cowboy Cerrone broke his opponent's arm, set a UFC record, and now could be rewarded with a big-money bout against Conor McGregor

Man gets caught stealing women's panties in Imo

Lifestyle: This 14-question test will tell you if you're an enabler

Lifestyle: This is how Stan Lee, Marvel legend, made his $50 million

These are 5 reasons why it's OK to dump a partner who is terrible in bed

Nigerian man gives white oppressor 'come back' beating in South Africa (Video)

Peter Obi says Atiku never promised to reduce fuel price to N87 or N90 per litre

Lifestyle: The 10 best airlines in the world for 2019

This is what EFCC boss said when he was asked about Tinubu’s alleged corruption

Photo Of The Day: DJ Cuppy's parents paint a portrait of her

Lifestyle: Lili Reinhart gave an incredibly powerful speech where she said she's 'not going to apologise' for having days where she thinks she 'looks like s----'

Female underwear recovered from 'one-chance' operators

Politics: US intelligence reportedly thinks Khashoggi's killers informed Saudi's crown prince once the 'deed' was done

APO: HP partners with authorities in Uganda for double raid on counterfeit print supplies

Lifestyle: This chartered accountant quit his job to make vegan chocolates after temporarily losing his eyesight

Dremo - 'Bigger Meat' (Official Video)

Politics: Michelle Obama said she 'stopped even trying to smile' at Trump's inauguration

Boogey is as lyrical and artistically matured with Charlie X on ''Never Enough'' mixtape

Buhari signs Center for Disease Control act into law

Senator Uzodinma granted bail, to appear for grilling

Rector says LASPOTECH has produced over 120k graduates in 40 years

FG says around 30 million Nigerians suffer from mental illness

Politics: Japan's PM to visit Australia's Darwin for the first time since WWII Japan bombed it worse than Pearl Harbor

Juliet Ibrahim, Williams Uchemba to host The Social Media Awards 2018

Tech: Apple took nearly 30 years to hit a value of $190 billion. It lost that much in little more than 5 weeks

Everything you should know about the wheelbarrow sex position

Tech: A judge has ordered Amazon to hand over recordings from an Echo to help solve a double murder case

Arsenal boss says he took off Iwobi at halftime against Wolves for tactical reasons

Finance: One of China's most senior officials is going to the US to try and diffuse Trump's trade war

Here is what Davido wants God to do for him

APO: A Call For Compassion: An Open Letter To Mrs. Chantal Biya

Relationship talk With Bukky: Will I get a man to love me even though I have a son?

Lifestyle: Narcissists all follow the same patterns — here are some of the most common phrases they use

Michelle Obama shines on the cover of ELLE USA

Obasanjo says states against independent local governments are enemies of the people

Lifestyle: A 29-year-old illustrator has redrawn iconic movie scenes with more diverse casts, and people are loving it

Strategy: Teleology: Meet the new owners of 9mobile

Henry Onyekuru makes Team of the Week in Turkey

Men! These are 3 signs to know that you satisfy your woman sexually

Politics: The Brexit secretary is privately pushing for a no-deal Brexit

Mo Abudu bags honorary doctorate degree from University of Westminster

APO: World Pneumonia Day: Pneumonia accounts for 16% of all deaths of children under the age of 5 years, despite being preventable and treatable!

This is what happens to a relationship after a rejected marriage proposal

Here's how to eat the vagina properly

PEDABO walk for mental wellness

APO: Sheraton Cairo celebrates its Legendary City by Paying Tribute to Iconic Landmarks

Politics: Democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi has been stripped of another human-rights award as legal net squeezes Myanmar's generals

"Don’t lose a good side ni**a over your boyfriend" says Juliet Ibrahim

Whitaker's appointment as Acting Attorney General faces court challenge

Australia's Prime Minister 'surprised' by state's secret deal with China

Rose May Alaba - '50/50' ft. Mayorkun [Official Video]

Federal Judge delays certification of Georgia election results

Monday, November 12, 2018

Zlatan - 'Osanle' feat. Davido (Official Audio)

42 deaths make camp fire deadliest in state history

Lebron James, Chris Paul react as Brooklyn Nets star Caris LeVert suffers ankle injury against Timberwolves

NBA stars react to injury to Brooklyn Nets star Caris LeVert

Lifestyle: Man who ran down 6 pedestrians with a car in Australia has been found guilty of murder

Understanding peculiar naming culture in various Nigerian tribes

Wizkid - 'Gucci Snake' feat. Slimcase

Amazon's HQ2 will benefit from New York City, but what does New York get?

Amazon chooses Long Island City and Crystal City for HQ2

Amazon's new neighbor: The nation's largest housing project

Strategy: Amazon reportedly plans to set up 2 different locations for its HQ2 — in New York and Virginia (AMZN)

5 things to know about Theophilus Afelokhai who replaced Francis Uzoho

Politics: Trump has reportedly decided to fire Homeland Security secretary Kirstjen Nielsen — and it could come as soon as this week

Amid accounts of close calls, fires' toll rises

Sinema declared winner in Arizona Senate race

Hoping to ease trade tensions with U.S., Europeans look to Oysters

Bipartisan sentencing overhaul moves forward, but rests on Trump

Out of over 7,500 students, only 201 are graduating with first class in UI

Lifestyle: Police in Albuquerque, New Mexico, are responding to reports of a shooting

Politics: Acting attorney general Matthew Whitaker will consult with DOJ ethics officials about whether he should recuse himself from the Russia probe

Tech: Despite predictions and controversy, PewDiePie has yet to lose his spot as YouTube's 'biggest star'

Lifestyle: 11 unforgettable quotes about life from Marvel legend Stan Lee

Finance: When Michelle Obama told her mother she hated being a lawyer, her mom told her to 'make the money, worry about being happy later'

Lifestyle: 3 great TV shows to watch on Netflix this week, including a new season of 'The Great British Baking Show'

Politics: Roger Stone associate Jerome Corsi says Mueller told him he will be indicted for perjury

Politics: 'I think my crime, really, was that I dared to support Donald Trump': Roger Stone associate hints he may be indicted in the Russia probe

Tech: Before-and-after photos show the devastating destruction in Malibu as the California wildfires rage on

Lifestyle: This artist creates trippy 3D illusions on sidewalks that will make you question reality

Lifestyle: Everything you need to know about the relationship between Camilla Parker Bowles and Prince Charles

Lifestyle: 10 easy ways to squash pre-wedding jitters

Lifestyle: The only online stores you should bother shopping at for Cyber Monday

Politics: A judge just slapped down Republicans' claims of fraud in Florida amid an increasingly chaotic recount

Politics: Bernie Sanders says the 'simple truth' is Trump is an ‘authoritarian leader,’ and several experts tell INSIDER they largely agree

Strategy: Lowe's has kicked off an entire month of Black Friday deals (LOW)

Tech: Here's why virtual reality still hasn't taken off, despite being around for nearly 2 decades

Tech: Jack Dorsey says Twitter needs to fully understand the 'use cases' of an edit button and can’t just 'rush it out' (TWTR)

Lifestyle: Marvel stars expressed their sadness and admiration for the late Stan Lee: 'You will be dearly, dearly missed'

Lifestyle: Short, intense workouts have become so popular that the US government is recommending them

Sports: Carmelo Anthony never turned into the player the NBA world expected, and now his career has taken an ugly final turn

Tech: MoviePass competitor Sinemia is being sued by angry customers who say it ripped them off with new fees

Tech: Stan Lee's famous Marvel cameos started out as a joke in the comics

Lifestyle: Commoners' most hilarious reactions when meeting royals

Politics: Freedom Caucus slated to lose power as Republicans lose control of the House

Tech: How this CEO used a simple system to nail his work-life balance and build a company that just sold for $8 billion (SAP)

Lifestyle: Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are reportedly getting married in a lavish royal palace that's home to a 5-star hotel and has 347 rooms

Tech: 13 items you should have ready in an emergency kit in case of a wildfire

Lifestyle: A man married a hologram of a virtual reality singer in Japan

Lifestyle: France has been the most-visited country in the world for more than 20 years in a row — but experts think it's about to lose its crown

Lifestyle: Airlines are joining in on Black Friday with major flight sales

Politics: Trump is once again moving closer to imposing auto tariffs, a move that could have massive economic consequences

Strategy: Michelle Obama says 'What do you want to be when you grow up?' is the worst question you can ask a kid

Lifestyle: One family's 'code word' helped an 11-year-old girl evade a kidnapping

Lifestyle: 14 photos of Prince Charles' cheekiest moments throughout the years

Lifestyle: These 22 vintage photos of men with mustaches will make you want the look to have a comeback

Politics: Tucker Carlson will return to Fox News Monday night after protest and assault allegation controversy

Lifestyle: Stan Lee may never have written comics if he didn't need to help his parents pay the bills

Lifestyle: Please enjoy this video of actor Michael Rappaport freaking out over a cat

Sports: One week before hosting a potential Super Bowl preview, the field in Mexico City is a mess, and the NFL is reportedly concerned

Politics: Michelle Obama opens up about the first time she saw Barack and what their first kiss was like

Lifestyle Product Review: 5 great apps to help you manage your money

Lifestyle: The 'pink tax' isn't just on tampons and deodorant — women pay more for transit too

Lifestyle: Luxury apartment buildings are offering more outrageous amenities than ever to attract tenants, from rooftop gyms and dog spas to outdoor movie theaters

Finance: Dow tanks 600 points, tech gets rocked

Strategy: The 35 best MBA programs in the world, ranked from least to most expensive

Tech: Netflix reportedly had an internal debate after its testing favored 'Grace and Frankie' promos without Jane Fonda

Again! Court stops Kano Assembly from investigating Gov Ganduje

Tech: These are the top 10 games for your new PlayStation 4, according to critics (SNE)

Strategy: Victoria's Secret is promising its 'most epic' Black Friday deals ever, but year-round discounting means these special sales have become the norm (LB)

2 children, dog found dead in freezer in Lagos

Finance: Alibaba's Singles Day made e-commerce history — but the numbers also suggest China's economy is cooling down (BABA)

Strategy: Starbucks' former HR chief says a job candidate's answer to a simple interview question predicts success better than their entire resume

Strategy: Creditors urge Sears to shut down all its stores, calling its plan for survival 'wishful thinking' (SHLD)

Politics: 9 photos of world leaders standing in the rain to honor fallen soldiers

Politics: This is what poverty looks like in the US right now

Finance: The Obamas are worth 30 times more than when they entered the White House in 2008 — here's how they spend their millions

Politics: Stan Lee spent a lifetime condemning racism, most prominently through the heroes in his comic books

Tech: The inside story behind the Marvel movie you were never supposed to see

Lifestyle: New guidelines say you don't have to work out as long as you think, but there's a big catch

APO: Ecobank partners with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) to strengthen local communities in Africa

Lifestyle: 6 months of traveling taught me to be wary of Instagram, and 2 photos of one of China's most treasured sites will show you why

Lifestyle: 15 celebrities who have opened up about having miscarriages

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Lifestyle: What 10 famous Christmas movie destinations look like in real life

Strategy: I've been working from home for almost 10 years — these are the 6 tricks I use to get more done in less time

Ladies, here is how you can finally achieve work-life balance

Finance: Nigerian lenders, Access Bank, Diamond Bank deny acquisition talks

Lifestyle: The Trump administration's new rules allow more employers to drop birth control coverage — here's how they could impact you

Strategy: The 7 things you should consider before working for a startup founder

Politics: Chaotic recounts are underway in Florida, as Georgia and Arizona scramble to finalize results in key races

Tech: New satellite photos of California's wildfires show the furious, deadly evolution of the disasters from space

Strategy: Walmart has apparently been worried about Amazon for more than 15 years — here are all of the changes it has made to keep up in the online-shopping battle (WMT, AMZN)

Tech: How 'Venom' scored one of the biggest superhero movie openings ever in China

Strategy: RANKED: The 10 best law schools for landing a high-paying job after graduation

Sports: Top 12 waiver-wire pickups for Week 11 of fantasy football

5 pieces of helpful career advice from successful African CEOs

Tech: Teleology finally takeover Nigeria's fourth-largest telecoms company, 9mobile

Lifestyle: Stan Lee has made 56 cameos in the Marvel universe — here they all are

Tech: Students in Brooklyn protest their school's use of a Zuckerberg-backed online curriculum designed by Facebook engineers

Business: Teleology finally takeover 9mobile

Tech: Stunning facts reveal how much more devastating wildfire season has become in California and throughout the US

Lifestyle: Police officers mistakenly shot and killed a security guard at a Illinois bar after he pulled out his gun to stop an armed patron

Tech: Several UK businesses are discussing implanting microchips in their employees' hands

Lifestyle: Stan Lee, Marvel legend, reportedly dead at 95

President Buhari assents to Extradition Act, 4 others

Udom’s commitment to God and the people

Lifestyle: 15 people reveal the best marriage advice they ever received from their parents

My govt will solve Nigeria's 7 monstrous challenges – Ezekwesili

Finance: Wildfires in California have destroyed thousands of homes, and the devastating pattern is making fire insurance more expensive and complicated than ever

Tech: The death toll from California's fires has risen to 31, with thousands of homes destroyed in Malibu and Northern California

Tech: A new study finds that cutting your time on social media to 30 minutes a day reduces your risk of depression and loneliness (SNAP, FB)

Strategy: Here's everything you need to know about Sam's Club's plans for Black Friday (WMT)

APO: Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Amsterdam Appoints Nigerian Sustainability Expert, Bekeme Olowola, As Board Member

Strategy: A doctor who achieved a near-perfect score on the medical board exam shares his 6 best strategies to memorize any kind of information

Peter Obi reacts Atiku’s alleged harassment by security agents

Strategy: Home Depot is bucking a major retail trend and staying closed on Thanksgiving, but it'll get its sales going early on Black Friday (HD)

Lifestyle: Here's what celebrity houses look like after they were destroyed by the devastating California wildfires

Tech: Apple is getting crushed after analysts predict that iPhone unit sales will shrink next year — which is the same time it will stop disclosing iPhone sales (AAPL)

Finance: General Electric tumbles to post-financial crisis lows after CEO Larry Culp says he will sell assets to reduce leverage (GE)

Lifestyle: Ryanair passengers were left stranded for hours after their plane was grounded and seized by the French because of unpaid bills

Lifestyle: 7 signs you are utterly average

Politics: From arguing federal judges should be Christian to being involved in a scam shut down by the FTC, here's a full timeline of acting AG Matthew Whitaker's controversial past

Lifestyle: Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton reunited to honor veterans on Remembrance Day in coordinating coats

Timi Frank asks Osinbajo to resign over N5.8b intervention fund report

APO: African Princess Became a Wealthy Owner (by Elizabeth Ofosuah Johnson)

Strategy: We went to Alibaba's 24-hour shopping extravaganza that is like nothing in America, featuring a Mariah Carey performance and an online-shopping-themed Cirque du Soleil act. Here's what it reveals about the future of retail. (BABA)

Lifestyle: Adriana Lima just walked in her last Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Here's a look back at her most memorable runway looks.

Lifestyle: George R.R. Martin explains why he's 'struggling' to finish the sixth 'Game of Thrones' book

Politics: 'We were afraid to hope': Michelle Obama reveals she didn't expect Barack to win the presidency

Politics: Trump wants Florida to stop counting votes, potentially excluding military ballots

Lifestyle: 11 foods you're probably eating wrong and the right way to eat them

Lifestyle: 10 ways loneliness can affect your health — physically and mentally

Lifestyle: Volkswagen is reportedly in talks with Ford about a plan that could help both companies take on rivals like Waymo, Cruise, and Tesla (F)

Lifestyle: Prince Charles' official title has 18 separate elements — here's what each part of it actually means

Lifestyle: Tesla is getting rid of a perk new Model S and Model X customers loved (TSLA)

Tech: A Lime executive insisted it has 'the safest product' even though the company was recalling thousands of its scooters

Tech: Netflix will stop working on over 100 million Nintendo Wii consoles this January (NFLX)

Tech: We talked to some startups from the Google Launchpad Accelerator programme and these are the things they want to see in investors

Politics: Finland says its GPS was disrupted during NATO's biggest war games in years, and it's pointing the finger at Russia

Tech: Some millennial and Gen Z couples are giving each other fingerprint access to their phones

Lifestyle: There's a star hidden among over 150 Christmas trees in this brain teaser — can you spot it?

Lifestyle: How to help those affected by the California wildfires and the heroes fighting them

Strategy: Former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick is worth $5.5 billion — here’s how he spends his fortune, from a $36.4 million penthouse to a year-long trip around the world

Strategy: Most people have the wrong idea about how to make adult friends, but an expert says they should look for 3 things

Lifestyle: THEN AND NOW: The most iconic country stars of all time

Magu speaks on Ganduje 'bribery' videos

Politics: The key intelligence official Saudi Arabia blames for Khashoggi's murder reportedly asked about killing Iranians last year

Lifestyle: We tested the new $90,000 Lincoln Navigator for a week to see if this Car of the Year runner-up delivered both luxury and performance — here's the verdict (F)

Politics: What the British royal family looked like the year you were born

Politics: Trump makes baseless claim that the stock market is plunging because of the prospect of Democrats investigating him

Finance: Apple sinks after one of its facial-recognition suppliers cuts its outlook (AAPL)

Tech: A top Apple executive unwittingly provided a perfect explanation for why the iPad is a bad computer replacement (AAPL)

Lifestyle: Michael B. Jordan says he's planning on moving out of his parents' house and into a 'bachelor pad'

Lifestyle: The creative director of NYC's Playboy Club says he looks for 2 qualities when hiring a Playboy Bunny — and there's one red flag that will keep someone from getting the job

Lifestyle: Mila Kunis wore a minimalist black dress that will give you major '90s vibes

Lifestyle: The wildest beards the US has ever seen, according to the National Beard and Moustache Championships

Customs seize 51 vehicles loaded with prohibited goods worth N120.6m

Tech: Malibu is burning: Wildfires are spreading through southern California, and photos show a hellscape on the ground

Super Eagles camp opens in Asaba ahead of the games against South Africa and Uganda

Strategy: UPS Freight narrowly avoided a strike of 11,000 drivers — but not all of its employees are happy

Fashola says he has delivered visible achievements

Lifestyle: 11 people whose random acts of kindness took over the internet

Kwara Governor Ahmed assures residents of safety during by-election

Jonathan's campaign coordinator escape EFFC arrest again

36 die in road accidents in Ondo

Finance: Tech stocks are getting slammed, Dow drops more than 300 points

Ask Sarah: I feel pain whenever I have sex

Lifestyle: Here's what the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade looked like the year you were born

Lifestyle: The most expensive hotel in every state

Sports: Matt Kuchar hired a local caddie nicknamed 'El Tucan' at the last minute, won his first tourney in 4 years, and the caddie earned up to $130,000

Strategy: The rise and fall of Black Friday — the American shopping holiday that once beckoned hordes of frenzied shoppers and is now dying

Lifestyle: Thanksgiving hosting horror stories that will give you second-hand embarrassment

Politics: Michelle Obama says Melania Trump has never reached out to her for advice on being first lady

Prettyboy D-O turns up the energy on ''Everything Pretty'' mixtape

Strategy: The classic advice to dress for the job you want has a major flaw, and it could make a job interview that much harder

Snipper Beans: Traders lament decline in sale

Lifestyle: The most popular facial hair styles over the last 200 years, and the fascinating history behind how beards have evolved

How my father's manager tied me up and gave me a good fuck part 2{R-18+}

Strategy: Millennials are treating pets like 'their firstborn child,' and it's reportedly causing problems for some of the best-known pet food brands

Lifestyle: People are trolling Kris Jenner over her massive sunglasses at the People's Choice Awards — including her own daughters

APO: Update on the UN Biodiversity Conference (17– 29 November 2018, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt)

By-election: APC tasks security agencies over alleged rigging plot

Lifestyle: An American Airlines flight attendant is suing the airline for $1 million dollars after another crew member allegedly assaulted her with a scarf and dragged her down the aisle (AAL)

Tech: Why so many Americans are allergic to peanuts

Onyekuru, Troost-Ekong lead Pulse Sports' Nigerian Team of the Weekend

Here are 5 important things President Buhari said at Paris Peace Forum

Loose Talk Podcast: Episode 144 - Namaste

Buhari says he's frustrated by looters hiding money abroad

2018 Batch C stream II posted to Yobe, Borno to camp in Gombe

Okowa calls for review of law establishing TETFund

Sports: Tyreek Hill takes over TV camera and films his own penalty flag in epic touchdown celebration

Tech: A startup turning old hotels and offices into housing for California’s forgotten middle-class is coming to one of America's least affordable cities

Police re-arraign Badagry prince over alleged fraud

Lifestyle: 14 reasons you're not getting over your ex — even if they were totally wrong for you

Governor Ortom says Atiku will win overwhelmingly in 2019

Judge blasts Police for mishandling prosecution of officers accused of murder

Lifestyle: 9 vegan desserts to bring this Thanksgiving

Lifestyle: Blake Shelton professed his love for Gwen Stefani as she was surprisingly pulled onstage at the People's Choice Awards

Lifestyle: A British fraudster managed to flee the country by persuading a flying instructor to drop him off in France

Tech: YouTube is pushing back against a new EU copyright law, which it says will massively restrict how many videos Europeans can watch

Oby Ezekwesili says she's tired of seeing Nigeria always at the bottom

Here's how to make giving blow jobs more fun

Elderly man climbs mast to protest land encroachment by Atiku's university

Lifestyle: Melania and Ivanka Trump reportedly clashed over similar photo ops with black children in their Instagram videos

Politics: France's army appears to troll Trump for missing a WWI memorial due to rain

Suspected vandal found dead inside NNPC pipeline in Ogun

Finance: Tobacco stocks slump after report says the FDA is considering a ban on menthol cigarettes (MO, BAT, ITB, BTI)

7 things you need to know if you wish to study Law

Tech: These 2 charts reveal a growing problem for Apple in China — searches for the new iPhones 'fell of a cliff' in October (AAPL)

Lifestyle: Lime issues its second scooter recall in less than a month

Lifestyle: Pippa Middleton has named her baby boy Arthur Michael William Matthews

Former Kaduna PDP gubernatorial aspirant dumps party

5 comfortable positions for the most satisfying sex of your life

Budweiser presents ‘Uncategorized’ with hip hop photographer Chi Modu at BUDX Lagos

Recipe of the day: How to prepare jollof couscous in 20 minutes

Lifestyle: 12 things that don't actually get rid of bedbugs

Tech: Netflix's unwillingness to bend on demands killed its chances to get major Oscar contender 'Roma' in the most prominent indie chain in the US

Buhari's Social Investment Programme is largess for cronies, says Group

Politics: The diverging midterm results show there's a growing political chasm in America. And both parties look like they're digging in.

Tech: 5 quick and easy ways to get better at Fortnite if you're struggling

Tech: Google built a tiny Street View car to map out one of the world's largest model cities, and the results are incredible (GOOG)

Lolo DaBunny debuts stunning video for groovy single "Take Your Shot"

Here is how Nigerian popstar Banky W makes his millions

Lifestyle: A Lyft driver was arrested for allegedly exposing himself to a teenager — and the victim’s family is blaming the company for not doing more

Linda Ejiofor, Ibrahim Suleiman's first kiss is the most dramatic thing you'll see today

Strategy: Glossier, the wildly popular startup that's raised $86 million in its mission to revolutionize makeup and skin-care, just opened its first flagship store. Here's what it's like to shop there.

Lifestyle: 10 sounds your dog makes and what they mean

APO: Multi-Party Women’s Caucus focusses on co-operatives to empower local women

APO: Africa Risk-Reward Index November 2018: investment climate strengthens as continent’s growth revives despite the drag from its biggest economies

Politics: Trump says 'honest' election no longer possible in Florida, demands election be called for Republicans

Mr Eazi's ''Lagos To London'' has enough hits to solidify his place on both sides of the world.

Finance: Nigeria's Access Bank is in talks to acquire Diamond Bank Plc

Strategy: There are massive opportunities in the Nigerian Diaspora market and these two entrepreneurs are making it big

APO: Steering Committee commends the African Land Policy Centre for building synergies of partner initiatives on land governance in Africa

A look at the best dressed celebrities from the E! People's Choice Awards 2018

Lifestyle: All of the celebrities who have evacuated or lost their homes as wildfires spread across California

Politics: Trump torches allies, threatens NATO pullout after tense WWI memorial trip to Paris

Court revokes Orji Kalu's bail

APO: Proptech to drive Residential Growth in Nigeria

Politics: Khashoggi reportedly told his killers 'I'm suffocating, take this bag off my head' right before he died

Osinbajo says Nigeria is in a battle between good and evil

Business: Access Bank is in talks to acquire Diamond Bank Plc

Find out how Togolese cook 'confessed' to stabbing Credit Switch boss to death

Tech: Konga’s acquisition reveals how innovation and startups suffer under economies with weak infrastructure

APO: Honoris United Universities adds a leading health sciences school and pioneering medical simulation centre to its pan-African network

Jubilation as Kwara govt announces N5k allowance for corps members

Finance: Big Oil claims it's doing its part to combat climate change. A new study finds it's not even close.

Politics: White House says Trump missed a WWI memorial service because he didn't want to mess up Paris' traffic

Lifestyle: There's even more evidence that social media increases depression and loneliness

How my father's manager tied me up and gave me a good fuck part 1{R-18+}

Finance: 10 things you need to know before the opening bell (SPY, SPX, QQQ, DIA, WYNN, SAP, BABA, BAT)

65-yr-old man in court for raping 9-yr-old girl SEVERAL TIMES

Sunan Tambuwal baya cikin yan takarar gwamnan Sakkwato

Tech: Samsung's foldable phone might arrive in March for a whopping $1,770

Sports: Roger Federer accidentally hit himself in the face, lashed a ball into the crowd because he was losing, then turned up 'angry' to the post-match press conference

Nigerian entertainer Banky W to run for federal House Of Representatives

Here’s all you need to know about Atiku’s ‘harassment’ by airport security

Report says only 8% of Nigerian Universities respond to emails

Deadbeat dad publicly beats his breadwinner wife and child in Ibadan (Video)

Aremu Afolayan calls out government over shabby airport treatment [Video]

65-yr-old man dies while having sex with a 34-yr-old woman

APO: Remembrance Day 2018 luncheon in Ghana to mark the 100th anniversary of the Armistice

Relationship Talk With Bukky: He does not satisfy me sexually, I'm fed up!

Here's why everyone is talking about Oga Bello's new TV series, 'Alagbara'

CNN says goodbye to Anthony Bourdain as it airs the final episode of Parts Unknown

APO: Northeast Urgent need for improved hygiene facilities to combat deadly cholera outbreaks

Lifestyle: This bizarre $395 frayed denim jacket from ASOS has been described as 'a millennial shedding its skin'

Anyi ma Atiku binciken kwa-kwaf yayin da ya sauka Najeriya daga Dubai

Dabota Lawson says she regrets getting married in 2014

Former Super Falcons midfielder Ameh-Otache dies at 33

APO: Vantage-backed companies win prestigious awards from the South African private equity industry association

Politics: Macron reportedly asked Putin not to privately meet Trump during WWI commemorations — but they talked anyway

Peter Obi, Omotola Jalade Ekeinde, attend AFRIFF 2018 opening night

Reminisce, Teni, Slimcase, L.A.X, others perform at Niniola's Human Radio Concert

Tech: The world's biggest tech investor will target a $21 billion IPO in December

Finance: Giant tech firms like Uber and Tesla are lapping up junk debt, here's why investors are lining up to lend it

Politics: US F-18 fighter jet crashes into the Philippine Sea in the second USS Reagan crash in one month

Politics: These African leaders are making a case for peace at the Paris Peace Forum

Tech: Facebook denies firing Oculus founder Palmer Luckey for supporting Trump (FB)

Lifestyle: The 6 most common mistakes women make with their makeup, according to Jennifer Garner's makeup artist

Finance: Britain’s financial regulator is slapping down the City's "bad apples" and won’t let up any time soon

7 things you should no longer have in your resume

APO: Electrifying the Deserts of Africa

Did you know you can use your own blood for a facial?

Lifestyle: 12 pieces of advice for dealing with a difficult breakup, according to relationship experts

Tech: Facebook won't force employees to settle sexual harassment claims privately thanks to the Google walkout protests

Pulse Weddings: Jesse & Evangeline's joyful nuptials in Abuja

Politics: Theresa May will trigger no-deal plans unless there is a Brexit deal this week

APC's Imo governorship candidate, Hope Uzodinma, arrested in Abuja

Drunk driver crashes into Buratai's official car, injures ADC

Tiwa Savage, Burna Boy, Olamide, Dbanj, others to perform at Pepsi Rhythm Unplugged music festival

Our Man Crush this Monday is Ifedayo "Daddy Freeze" Olarinde!

Here's how often you should get tested for STD's

Banky W replies lady who called him out over PVC incident

Buhari wants more than jail terms for looters

Linda Ejiofor, Ibrahim Suleiman & 3 other "Tinsel" couples who married in real life

DJ Neptune - 'Tear Rubber' (remix) ft Mayorkun, Duncan Mighty, Mr Eazi & Afro B

APO: Debt-distressed African countries again look to International Monetary Fund (IMF) (by Akani Chauke)

Simi dazzles at headline UK concert alongside Wizkid, Adekunle Gold and Falz

Lifestyle: 14 details you may have missed on Sunday's episode of 'The Walking Dead'

Politics: Trump reportedly wants to stop giving Puerto Rico hurricane relief funds because he thinks the government is using it to pay off its debt

Lifestyle: Australia terror attack leaves one dead, 2 injured in stabbing spree

New York Magazine's sites are going behind a paywall

Wizkid celebrates son's birthday in grand style [Photos]

APO: African printing industry to gain from SGI Dubai 2019

Wande Coal delivers grand performance at sold-out Indigo at the O2 concert

Check out N30M wristwatch Davido wants for his birthday

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Overlooked no more: Rose Zar, a holocaust survivor who hid in plain sight

In flight from California fires, highway becomes a deathtrap

All eyes on Broward County as confusion swirls around Florida's vote

Australian woman accused of spiking strawberries with needles

Lifestyle: Victoria Beckham paid tribute her Spice Girls roots during her People's Choice Awards speech — and fans are truly relieved

Lifestyle: 'The Walking Dead' showrunner discusses that big Rick and Michonne surprise and why it was added to the show

Editorial of The Times

Finance: Crude oil futures pop higher as Saudi Arabia vows to cut production

'Thom Pain': Probing despair and bleakness

Mike Birbiglia is a very nervous dad in 'The New One'

Tech: Death toll rises to 31, thousands of homes destroyed in 3 dangerous wildfires burning across California

Politics: Three recounts, baseless voter fraud claims and mixed messages from candidates: Here's what's going on with the Florida elections

Politics: Tucker Carlson broke Fox News' Twitter blackout that was ordered for him to post a statement about assault allegations

Sports: Seahawks player scores touchdown, hands the ball off to Floyd Mayweather in the stands

Politics: Paul Manafort is reportedly hitting the brakes on cooperating with Mueller

'Unsuitable Ties': An exclusive work of fiction by Sefi Atta [Part 1]

5 travel destinations in Nigeria to satisfy your wanderlust today

Tech: The CEO of SAP spent months convincing this startup to ditch its IPO and take his $8 billion offer: Here's why SAP wanted Qualtrics so badly (SAP)

Nigerian man claiming to be hurricane victim reportedly defrauds Red Cross

5 foods to help cure your hangover

Traffic officials risk the lives of car passengers while dragging steering with driver [Video]

Niniola is a soulful crowd charmer at Human Radio Concert

It's time to start checking your food for Aspartame!

How often should you really be peeing?

Tech: Gerard Butler shares chilling photo of his home the California wildfires devastated and urges people to donate to support the firefighters

Group launches Zikist-Buharist movement, targets 80% votes

Politics: Trump and Macron shared another intense handshake amid their fading bromance

What Buhari said during his speech at the Peace Forum in France

There's no nice lady caucus in congress

The best yoga flow for relaxation

Mexico gave the migrant caravan a warm welcome. It wasn't always this way

FG reacts to Atiku's alleged harassment by security agents at Abuja airport

Tech: Google's new $150 Home Hub does a lot of things you probably don't need it to — but it has one feature that automatically makes the price tag worth it (GOOG, GOOGL)

The pros and cons of New York's fledgling compost program

Samuel Chukwueze scores first La Liga goal in Villarreal draw against Rayo Vallecano

Students appeal to government over ASUU and COEASU strike

JAMB promises to offer scholarship to best performing foreign student

Politics: The man accusing Tucker Carlson of assault previously filed a successful discrimination suit against a Virginia health club

Families search for missing loved ones amid California fire chaos

Experts charge polytechnics to lead to Nigerian tech needs

The very busy life of an immigrants' rights priest in 2018

Sports: Browns rookie running back breaks out for 92-yard touchdown run for longest touchdown in team history

Lifestyle: A day in the life of a Deutsche Bank managing director, who wakes up at 5:00 a.m., spends 10 days of the month traveling, and works out twice a day even while on business trips

Buhari delivers speech on corruption at the Peace Forum in France [PHOTOS]

Butler set to join 76ers, as timberwolves move to end chaos with a trade

Ron Johnson, 71, dies; running back for giants

What is the pescatarian diet—and is it even good for you?

PDP accuses Buhari of ordering security agents to harass Atiku

Republicans dominate state politics, but democrats made a dent this year

Linda Ejiofor seals love for husband Ibrahim Suleiman in Disney dream wedding

Strategy: Teachers love Google's education products but are suspicious. Why is a megacorporation giving them a perfect tool for free?

Tech: Xbox will get mouse and keyboard support November 14 and 'Fortnite' is one of the first games to have it (MSFT)

A new breed of rocket readied for launch in New Zealand

Use new networks at Lagos Trade Fair to grow economy, Ambode tasks businesses

EFCC confirms moves to extradite Alison-Madueke

Strategy: The 17 most prestigious internships anyone would be lucky to get

Kwara Speaker, lEDPU felicitate with Sulu-Gambari on 23 years on throne

Politics: Kellyanne Conway says the edited Jim Acosta mic-grab video is 'not altered' but 'sped up', which is fine because 'they do it all the time in sports'

ASUU decries detention of Bauchi chapter chairman

Should you start drinking apple cider vinegar to feel less bloated?

Politics: The guns of World War I fell silent 100 years ago — these vivid colorized photos bring the Great War to life

Politics: CNN and Jim Acosta are suing the White House over revoked press credentials, former White House correspondent says

Finance: Wall Street weighs in on the midterm elections

Tech: The 44 best movies to watch on a 4K TV, according to Fandango users

Mike Caussin just cried talking about his intimacy issues with wife Jana Kramer

Politics: Democrats are reportedly gearing up to investigate Trump's actions against CNN and the Washington Post

Trump meets with France's president, and this time it's not buddy-buddy

Exiled author hails appearance in Hong Kong as rights victory

Rocket lab's modest launch is giant leap for small rocket business

Ben Bruce, Timi Frank react to Atiku’s alleged intimidation at Abuja airport

Democrats find no map in 2018 to a sure 2020

Tech: 'The Grinch' easily wins the weekend box office, while 'Girl in the Spider's Web' bombs

Can Europe's liberal order survive as the memory of war fades?

This 30-minute workout builds muscle in less time

At USA gymnastics, a history of letting down its athletes

Man against nature, and man

Yemi Solade angry with producer over movie poster

Lifestyle: Justin Bieber called Hailey Baldwin a nickname and fans think it’s adorable

Strategy: Alibaba just had the biggest online shopping day of all time, nearly tripling every company's 2017 Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales combined (BABA)

Politics: Adam Schiff says if the acting attorney general doesn't recuse himself from the Mueller probe, he'll have to answer to Democrats

The lounge pianist who invented samba funk

Elvis Presley and Babe Ruth among trump's first medal of freedom honorees

Atiku says security agents tried to intimidate him at Abuja airport

The chemists' war

Watch Banky's powerful speech declaring interest to run for House of Reps seat [Video]

Strategy: We compared Amazon's lockers and Walmart's pickup towers to see which one was easier to use — and there was a clear winner (WMT, AMZN)

Complete House of Reps Committee report indicting NEMA’s governing board

Strategy: The most 'disciplined' people don't have more self-control than you — they just make a different daily choice

'Paradise is gone': California fires devastate communities

Adesua proud to be on Banky's side as he eyes position in parliament

Ighalo's club Chanchung Yatai suffers relegation in China

Strategy: A major French port goes on strike so often that the UK has come up with a procedure called 'Operation Stack' for all the trucks that get backed up on the highway

Stop using sniper to preserve beans, Audu Ogbeh begs traders

This killer chest workout will also crush your core

We will provide enabling environment for technology growth in lagos – Sanwo-Olu

New York Times: Ruthless California wildfires move fast, leaving a trail of despair

Strategy: Costco sells millions of pumpkin pies every year — and the recipe has apparently been the same since 1987 (COST)

Troops kill 2 Boko Haram commanders, reclaim communities in Borno

Buhari attends Heads of State dinner in France

Low metering responsible for electricity estimated billing – NERC

Boko Haram steals 200 cows, 300 sheep and goats in Borno — NEMA

Politics: Trump blames deadly California wildfires on 'gross mismanagement of the forests,' but the federal government oversees 40% of them

Strategy: I went to one of Bill Clinton's favorite restaurants in Arkansas, which was once described as a 'vegetarian's hell,' to see if the food lived up to the hype — here's the verdict

Lifestyle: One of these 15 finalists will become Business Insider's 2018 Car of the Year

How to tell your partner about that 'weird' sexual fantasy

Lifestyle: The 15 worst airports in America: RANKED

Politics: Putin saved his warmest greeting for Trump as he met world leaders in Paris

Tech: I explored the inside of a human nose and it convinced me that the real business in VR isn't gaming, it's all about training workers

Tech: These are the 35 US tech startups that have reached unicorn status in 2018

Tech: Here's how the new Gmail compares to the old version — and how to make the switch today (GOOGL)

Tech: Jeff Bezos says his advice to Amazon interns and execs is to stop aiming for work-life 'balance' — here's what you should strive for instead

Finance: It's all going dark again in the gambling capital of the world

Garrard Conley shares the terrifying true story of 'boy erased' and gay conversion therapy

AY, IK Ogbonna, Runtown attend Mike Ezuruonye's 'Lagos Real Fake Life' movie premiere

W. Kamau bell on the secret to raising multiple kids

850 PDP, PRP members defect to APC in Zaria

We need pedestrian bridge at Toyota B/Stop, Ladipo traders beg Ambode

Politics: A topless protester got dangerously close to Donald Trump's motorcade in Paris

Lifestyle: 5 ice cream treats that Londoners love — from watermelon soft serve to ice cream nachos

King’s College solicits FG support for infrastructure renewal

National Assembly can't be blamed for budget delay - Olujinmi

Remains of Kaduna slain Monarch laid to rest

Osun Governorship Election Tribunal relocates to Abuja

Sanwo-Olu confirms his mental state to INEC

Ondo Assembly Crisis: 18 lawmakers send SOS to Buhari, IGP

Army redeploys 103 senior officers

4 women among 28 candidates to contest Adamawa governorship election

2019: I’m not intimidated — Lagos AD guber candidate

Sen. Sani tasks leaders on sacrifice, transparency

Buhari: Allegation of underperformance, a lie that must be dismissed — Group

Politics: These 5 people appointed by Ghana’s president have faced corruption allegations

Politics: Theresa May's Brexit deal is being declared dead before it has even been born

Politics: Trump is 'hostile' to international order warns Theresa May's former security chief

Politics: Shadow minister on Corbyn's frontbench joins growing calls for a second Brexit referendum

Falz sues NBC for N100M 3 months after banning his song, ‘This Is Nigeria’

Banky W raises fans hopes with decision to contest for House of Reps

Google honours Christy Essien-Igbokwe on her posthumous 58th birthday

Tech: Google once rejected this founder for a job — but then went on to acquire his first startup and partner with his 2nd

Is this bank billboard ad throwing shade?

Enugu Rangers to face Ethiopian side Defence in CAF Confederation Cup qualifier

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Lebron leads Lakers to victory over Sacramento Kings in NBA

Henry Onyekuru scores 2 goals for Galatasaray against Kayserispor

Strategy: A Victoria's Secret executive has apologized for making 'insensitive' comment about transgender models

Lifestyle: A dog received a lifesaving kidney donation from one of her puppies

Chidinma Ekile buys mum a mansion for her birthday

Tech: At least 11 people dead, thousands of homes destroyed in 3 dangerous wildfires burning across California

Florida braces for vote recounts in senate and governor's races

Deep in the Amazon, a lopsided battle for its riches

Real talk: is there a way to make your period come faster?

Wilson went to Paris to bind America's ties to the world. Trump is there to loosen them.

2face's brother Charles Idibia ties the knot with beautiful bride

It's Déjà Vu in Florida, land of recounts and contested elections

I will pray for El-Rufai – Peter Obi reacts to Gov’s tribal bigot statement

INEC, security agencies to mop up hidden PVCs in Benue — REC

Should you drink ‘pre-workout’ before exercising to lose weight?

Politics: 33 years ago, rebels allegedly backed by Pablo Escobar stormed Colombia's Palace of Justice — here's how the terrifying siege went down

Country bar massacre victims: among the dead, a deputy, a college freshman, a marine veteran

Jenna Jameson just answered all of your burning keto questions on instagram

Taraba APC guber candidate receives 5,000 UDP defectors

PDP fires back at El-Rufai for calling Peter Obi a tribal bigot

Hilary Duff drank her placenta in a smoothie—but you really shouldn’t do that

This ear pimple popping video is explosive and horrifying

Noah Centineo was accused of ghosting–what is that again?

This high-volume chest workout will also carve your abs

Reminisce enjoying fatherhood in a pic showing his cute daughters

Tech: These are the screen sizes for next year's iPhone lineup, according to the most accurate Apple analyst (AAPL)

Politics: Russia celebrated the 'first defeat of the German army' in World War II on Wednesday — here's what it looked like

Go for grassroots mobilisation, Atiku Political Associates urge members

2019: No political gang-up can stop Sanwo-Olu – Lagos APC

Why a clit-sucking vibrator is the sex toy your relationship needs

APC targets victory in Nov. 17 bye election in Kwara

Build full-body superhero power with ball slams

Lifestyle: Uber and Lyft confirm drivers can’t broadcast videos of passengers after a string of privacy incidents

Wrestling legend 'stone cold' Steve Austin gives up beer to be healthier

Sports: The best value plays in your DraftKings lineup for Week 10 of the NFL season

Politics: Fox News told its staffers not to tweet its content from their personal accounts amid Tucker Carlson protests, according to internal email

Politics: President Trump canceled his trip to the World War I memorial because of the rain

Politics: India says its nuclear sub made its first patrol — and that it's a 'fitting response to ... nuclear blackmail'

Sports: Jimmy Butler traded to the Philadelphia 76ers

CPC reacts to reports of 'poison beans' in the market

Lady takes risk on her mental state after combining dangerous cannabis

Doyin Okupe calls El-Rufai a midget for ‘insulting’ Peter Obi on Twitter

Tech: A former Google employee has written a hilarious survival guide for women: how to succeed 'without hurting men's feelings'

Denrele Edun is any gender you can imagine in a miniskirt matching her bold heels

Senator Hope Uzodinma can’t win elections in Imo – Okorocha

Lifestyle: The widest room in this New York City townhouse measures 10 feet across — and it's selling for $5 million

Strategy: Alibaba just eclipsed Amazon's estimated Prime Day sales in less than 10 minutes (BABA)

Trump threatens to retaliate against reporters who don't show 'respect'

Lifestyle: There's one red flag you should watch out for at a hair salon, according to a hairdresser

Tech: I was really excited about my MacBook Pro purchase last year — but now, I regret it (AAPL)

Politics: President Trump blames deadly California wildfires on 'gross mismanagement of the forests'

New music, new albums at 80, Joan tower says great music comes 'in the risks'

Air strikes: NAF neutralises Boko Haram in Talala, Borno

Tech: UN expert: San Francisco’s homelessness crisis is a human rights violation and suggests ‘a cruelty that is unsurpassed’

Tensions ease in Gaza, allowing money and fuel to roll in

Oshimohole explains why he was quizzed by DSS

Strategy: We spent 6 hours eating more than 300 shrimp at Red Lobster. Here's why Endless Shrimp 2018 convinced us we needed to quit.

Lifestyle: The creative director of NYC's new Playboy Club says he looks for 2 specific qualities when hiring a Playboy Bunny — and there's one red flag that will keep someone from getting the job

New women's groups focus on generational mix

Lifestyle: One company dominates the list of the 20 most expensive cars to insure

Finance: 9 of the coolest tiny homes around the world to rent on your next vacation

Trump administration to punish Saudis in moves that could stop tougher acts by congress

This groom is crying at his wedding because he doesn't want to leave his parents!

Strategy: Throwing yourself completely into work can pay off — but CEOs and professors alike say there's a hidden danger in feeling too attached to your job

375,142 persons affected by flood in Anambra — NEMA

Tech: A San Francisco based company has made trading cards of Silicon Valley's top VCs because, well, it's Silicon Valley

Strategy: Amazon is mailing out its first toy catalog in a bid for Toys R Us' shoppers — here's what it looks like (AMZN)

Strategy: Wildly popular beauty startup Glossier just opened its first flagship store in New York City. Here's what it's like to shop there.

Finance: The Victoria's Secret fashion show illustrates 'how out of touch the brand still is' (LB)

Strategy: These are the brands that blew up in 2018

Politics: Now it's full steam ahead for Trump's trade war with China

Politics: Behind the scenes of one of the midterms' biggest upsets — Democrat Max Rose's defeat of incumbent Republican Dan Donovan on Staten Island

APO: Africa Investment Forum exceeds expectations, participants unanimously agree

Finance: The government is raking in billions of dollars from Trump's tariffs. Americans are the ones paying.

Strategy: How Alibaba turned a fake holiday into a $25 billion shopping extravaganza that's bigger than Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined

Tech: Here are the 10 tech gadgets you should buy this holiday season, according to Oprah

Tech: It's a complete myth that the rest of the auto industry is chasing Tesla (TSLA, GM, F)

From North to South, California does battle with furious wildfires

Presidency explains Buhari’s presence at Peace Forum in France

Tech: 6 smartphone features that would be great on laptops

Buhari, Tinubu, others to meet over bribery allegations against Oshiomhole

Miss congeniality meets her Match. Actually, her 71st.

Entertainment: Jewelry from his dorm room to barneys

Lifestyle: How an artist went from bankruptcy to viral sensation by creating paper sculptures

Entertainment: Phoebe Robinson's work diary: 'the sausage is getting made very publicly, but it makes you fearless'

By-election: PDP recruiting thugs, fake observers — APC alleges

Opinion: Review: 'Mefistofele' at the met Opera is a devil that dances

Opinion: Who's in charge here? It's the dog, of course

How to date a lot of billionaires

Mrs Buhari honours airport cleaner who returned lost bag

Man mistaken for a woman arrested for luring another man

INEC recognises Hope Uzodimma as Imo APC guber candidate

Lifestyle: These are the most common misconceptions of bipolar disorder, according to someone who lives with it

APC guber candidate, Tony Cole’s convoy kills 2 women in Rivers

Rita Dominic happy to be single until she meets her true love

INEC: Some APC candidates names missing on the list in Zamfara

Lifestyle: All of the celebrities who have evacuated their homes as wildfires spread across California

2019 election: 37 candidates to contest governorship seat in Oyo

North-East food aid: Presidency says allegation of violations baseless

Masterkraft x Cuppy - 'Charged up' (Official Video)

Minimum wage: Gov. Umahi reiterates call for review of revenue sharing formula

Be in fellowship with God to get his favour, Adeboye urges Nigerians

Read how cultists have taken over Lagos and the gang war that killed Small Jaypron

INEC says 56 political parties ready for 2019 general elections

Kano State Govt. to complete abandoned education facilities with N2.5bn

Adeboye urges Nigerians to call on God to defend Nigeria

Lifestyle: There are a number of simple signs you should look out for when picking the perfect avocado

FG deploys additional 18,000km fibre infrastructure to boost broadband coverage

Politics: Theresa May's government told leading medics UK can't rule out medicine shortages in a no-deal Brexit

Politics: China detained the vanished president of Interpol one month ago — and his wife fears he's dead

Nana Rogues - 'To The Max' ft. WizKid, Not3s

Friday, November 09, 2018

Crazy scorline as Plateau United feeders beat Akurba United 79-0

Politics: Fox News went silent on Twitter — and it could be because of protesters who showed up at Tucker Carlson's house

Nigeria to face Eq.Guinea in Women's AFCON group stage as CAF dismisses Kenya

Michiel Huisman isn't spooked by table tennis

Ighalo 'upset' on missing Super Eagles AFCON qualifier against South Africa

Tech: Apple announces hardware issues with its iPhone X and 13-inch MacBook Pro

Politics: The US and Japan finished their 'largest and most complex' military exercise, amid rising tensions with China

Tech: CEO Jeff Lawson says Twilio is committing $1M to homelessness programs after Prop C passed: 'Let's get it done' (TWLO)

Politics: While he was Jeff Sessions' top aide, Matthew Whitaker reportedly advised Trump on how he could force the DOJ to cave to his demands

Tech: Malibu is in flames as two wildfires spread through southern California — here's what it looks like on the ground

Strategy: Photos show the rise and fall of Black Friday

Tech: Facebook just launched a standalone video app called Lasso and it's basically the exact same thing as TikTok (FB)

Tech: California's devastating wildfires are part of an alarming trend — here's why they've gotten so much worse

Tech: Amazon and Microsoft are fighting for a $10 billion Pentagon contract — and HQ2 in Virginia could be Jeff Bezos' boss move (AMZN, MSFT)

Lifestyle: 12 big-batch cocktails you'll need for the holiday party season

Lifestyle: Meet the 60 models who walked in the 2018 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Politics: 18 stunning photos from the night the Berlin Wall came down 29 years ago

Tech: The 6 biggest differences you need to know about when switching from an older iPhone to the iPhone XS Max (AAPL)

Sports: The NFL is using this football helmet that morphs on impact to reduce head injuries

Politics: After coming under fire, the VA says it's resuming medical experiments on dogs

Politics: Flake says a Republican, possibly even him, should challenge Trump in 2020

Lifestyle: Victoria's Secret says its 'runways have been culturally diverse for a long time,' but it has been accused of cultural appropriation over and over again

Lifestyle: 28 celebrity pairs you didn't realize were best friends

The easy, affordable way to get a completely customizable tuxedo set

Lifestyle: 'The Grinch' directors explain how the character has an unlimited amount of money

Politics: Trump is attacking the French president for saying Europe needs to do more to defend itself — something Trump has also said they should do

Tech: This superfan decked out his apartment with nearly 1,000 collectible figurines

Tech: Beautiful time-lapse videos show how much China has changed over the years

Tech: Beautiful time–lapse videos show how much China has changed over the years

Lifestyle: Anna Hathaway gave up being vegan because she 'didn't feel good or healthy,' here's the diet she chose instead

Politics: Who's in and who's out of House committee leadership positions

Holy crap, Michael B. Jordan's opponent in creed ii is a jacked terror

Lifestyle: THEN AND NOW: 50 celebrity kids who are all grown up

Politics: Here's how many people have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan since 9/11

Finance: The Beatles just released the coolest, weirdest piece of music I've heard all year

Tech: The hacker who targeted XBox Live and PlayStation Network is facing 10 years in jail for knocking the gaming networks offline

Sports: NFL Week 10 betting guide and our best bets for the Westgate SuperContest

Lifestyle: Here's exactly how long it takes your favorite rappers and hip-hop artists to earn the average US salary

Politics: Here's how NATO's budget actually works

Crush your core with this killer barbell move

Sports: After a bizarre trip to Lithuania and a stint in the JBA, LaMelo Ball intends to play college basketball — here's why it may be a long shot

Conor McGregor's wax figure is now on display in NYC, and it's...Something

Tech: Netflix's Oscar contender 'Roma' will not be shown at Alamo Drafthouse in a big blow to its exclusive theatrical run

Lifestyle: 10 reasons why could be gaining weight even though you're exercising

Politics: US Border Patrol agents are carrying these weapons of war to stop the migrant caravan

Lifestyle: I'm 22 and I just tried Taco Bell for the first time, and it definitely lived up to the hype

Gabrielle Union and husband Dwayne wade just announced the arrival of their daughter via surrogate

Lifestyle: 6 things you didn't know about Miranda Lambert

Politics: Trump's new talking point about Mueller is "flat out wrong," legal experts tell INSIDER

Is giving up booze for a month actually worth it?

Attack on TradeMoni, an attack on hardworking petty traders — Presidency

Lifestyle: 'We started with nothing once, and we can do it again:' A grandmother forced to evacuate from Paradise, California, amid Camp Fire grapples with the decimation of her town

Politics: These 8 iconic images tell the story of every US conflict from World War I to Afghanistan

Daily harvest is launching a line of plant-based cookies

Finance: Hedge-fund billionaire Dan Loeb reportedly discloses a stake in American Express (AXP)

7 meditation tips for people who've never meditated in their lives

Tech: 13 ways you're wasting electricity that are costing you

Strategy: Amazon says some packages are delayed after deadly tornado strikes one of its distribution centers (AMZN)

Sports: Here are the new, sleek NBA 'City' uniforms that all 30 teams will be wearing

Finance: Stocks stumble as oil dives deeper into bear market

Buratai encourages troops, says Boko Haram highly degraded, expiring

Politics: This 22-year-old was a Business Insider intern 3 years ago. Now he's a state senator who pulled off one of the biggest upsets of the year.

Sports: Our 7 best bets for Week 11 of the college football season

Lifestyle: 22 animals that are in danger of disappearing forever

We must build our institutions to deepen democracy — Dogara

Tech: I've lived near Long Island City for more than a decade. Here's why I'm worried Amazon HQ2 may come to Queens.

Yusuf explains how his war against corrupt practices in NHIS got him suspended

Politics: The VA says it's resuming controversial medical experiments on dogs, and veterans are angry

Lifestyle: 10 of the worst country music songs of all time

APC ratifies expulsion of Sokoto Zonal V/Chairman

Hoodlums invade Ondo Assembly as speaker, deputy sacked

Carrie underwood says her severe facial injury made singing 'physically impossible'

Strategy: The fast-food CEO who took over Burger King when he was 32 explains how to find and develop young talent, and how to rise in your own career

2019: Gov. Ikpeazu, Otti, Ogah make INEC list of Abia governorship candidates

Lifestyle: 12 celebrities who say they believe in aliens and UFOs

Tech: Morgan Stanley just invested millions in Samanage, a North Carolina-based Zendesk and ServiceNow competitor

Strategy: 'Say Yes to the Dress' designer Pnina Tornai was rejected after flying 12 hours for a meeting, but soon after, she got the phone call that changed her career

Yusuf says Nigerians wouldn't know if he wanted to steal from NHIS

Politics: Jeff Sessions says he doesn't regret recusing himself, is confident Mueller probe conducted “appropriately and with justification.”

Lifestyle: Here's how the Thousand Oaks shooting unfolded

Nigeria ranks 3rd with premature birth globally – Mrs Bagudu

Tech: Instagram is down for some users Friday afternoon (FB)

INEC: 41 candidates jostle to become Lagos governor, 589 eye Lagos Assembly

Lifestyle: 18 photos of some of history's most glorious mustaches

Commuters lament waiting time to board BRT at Ikorodu-CMS corridor

Politics: 'Seriously? This guy?': Matthew Whitaker's appointment has FBI and DOJ officials in a 'daze'

Suspected cultists gun down female student after snatching her phone

Lifestyle: 7 great movies you can watch on Netflix this weekend, including the one with Chris Pine's full-frontal scene

Lifestyle: A Texas judge set nearly all of his juvenile defendants free after losing his re-election bid

Politics: 'Get it done': Trump was involved 'nearly every step' of suppressing stories on alleged affairs and may have violated campaign-finance laws

FIRS generates N4.3trn tax revenue from Jan to Oct — Fowler

Politics: Trump goes on raging tweetstorm as Florida and Georgia vote counts descend into chaos

Suspended Yusuf says NHIS has failed Nigerians, covered only 3 million in 13 years

Operation Crocodile Smile III: 5,929 flood victims get relief items – Spokesman

Tech: 28 of the most iconic, jaw-dropping photos of the Earth and the moon from space that will make you feel puny and insignificant

Strategy: Juul will reportedly stop selling most flavored e-cigarettes in stores amid expected FDA crackdown

Court fixes Dec.7 to hear motion against Innosson

Lifestyle: A woman almost went blind in one eye after swimming with her contact lenses

Finance: Alibaba slides ahead of its Singles Day shopping event (BABA)

Sports: We tried the Los Angeles Clippers' new app that gives fans control over how to watch a game and it will change sports forever

Finance: A best-selling author who popularized the idea of financial independence 20 years ago says the purpose of retiring early is not to focus on yourself

Sports: Le'Veon Bell is closer to rejoining the Steelers, but it's unclear what his role would be

Lifestyle: 10 daring see-through looks Victoria's Secret models wore to the brand's fashion show after-party

Lifestyle: 14 of the best outfits from 'Big Little Lies'

ALBUM REVIEW: McSkill ThaPreacha 's album The 9th Chapter is an flawed yet, enjoyable listen

Tech: Three dangerous fires are burning across California, engulfing San Francisco in smokey haze and sending flames across an LA freeway

Politics: Christine Blasey Ford testified against Brett Kavanaugh over a month ago — and she’s still getting threats

Lifestyle: 'The Late Late Show' denies report that Noah Centineo asked to be shown in a better light after Busy Philipps accused him of ghosting her friend

Sports: Tiger Woods rejected a record $3.3 million payout for appearance at new tournament in Saudi Arabia

Strategy: 'We market to who we sell to, and we don't market to the whole world': Victoria's Secret fires back at critics who say it excludes plus-size shoppers (LB)

Lifestyle: Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise were together for almost a decade — here's a timeline of their relationship

APO: Africa Investment Forum: High-tech player Mara announces first African-made smartphone

Politics: On the centennial of Armistice Day, the US still doesn't have a national memorial for World War I — but that is about to change

Lifestyle: 4 ways spending time apart from my partner made our relationship strong

Lifestyle: A raging wildfire has burned the town of Paradise, California to the ground

Politics: Trump's top trade adviser just warned Goldman Sachs and Wall Street not to leave their 'stench' on the US-China trade war talks

Lifestyle: 12 breads that have more sugar than candy

Man terrorizes road users with a snake that looks ready to bite

Politics: Finland and Norway are telling airline pilots to be ready to fly without GPS, and some think Russia is up to something

Politics: McConnell rejects vote on bill to protect Mueller, says special counsel is 'not under threat'

Politics: Trump to CNN reporter who asked if acting attorney general will rein in Mueller: 'What a stupid question'

2 Nigerians studying abroad charged with criminal conspiracy after alleged scam of N13m

Politics: Florida is in chaos as thousands of ballots remain uncounted, and the outcome of the state's key elections could remain unclear for weeks

Osinbajo’s spokesman isn’t happy over ‘protests’ against TraderMoni

Lifestyle: Carrie Underwood says the stitches from her accident made it 'physically impossible' to sing

Lifestyle: This man quit his corporate job to travel around Australia with his cat, and their bond is inspiring thousands

Lifestyle: The head of New York City's subway system has reportedly resigned

Strategy: The CEO behind Applebee's reveals how the Dollarita played an essential role in the chain's turnaround (DIN)

Tech: I dropped $1,500 on Apple's new MacBook Air — these are the 13 things I love and hate about it (AAPL)

Tech: This animation will make you think twice before going to work sick

APO: Africa Investment Forum 2018: Unveiling the boardroom deals, key highlights

Tech: Amazon is finally selling new iPhones after a long and complicated 'turf war' with Apple (AMZN, AAPL)

Finance: General Electric plunges to its lowest level since the financial crisis after JPMorgan slashes its price target (GE)

Lifestyle: I tried a cup of the 'most expensive coffee in the world' — here's why it's a tourist trap you shouldn't buy into

APO: Africa agribusiness, a US$1 trillion business by 2030

Tech: Amazon's Comixology has provoked a fierce debate in the comic-book world, but creators say it could help revitalize the industry

Tech: People in Spain will soon have the longest lifespans of anyone in the world — here are their secrets

Politics: An early look at the 2020 presidential contenders

Do you still have feelings if your ex' presence makes you uncomfortable?

Lifestyle: Michelle Obama didn't realize how common miscarriages were when she had hers — here's what you should know

Finance: Ghana's super-rich: 4 Ghanaian millionaires who don't like to show off

Lifestyle: 10 little things you're doing that are negatively affecting your fertility

How to easily grill fish in your microwave

Strategy: Amazon is triggering a battle for rock-bottom prices (AMZN)

Lifestyle: Bella Hadid wore a see-through dress with a V-neck down to her belly button, and it's one of her most daring red carpet looks ever

Ondo assembly impeach speaker, deputy

Death and Nigerian campus clinics - the true story

Politics: Jo Johnson resigns from Theresa May's government and backs a second Brexit referendum

Lifestyle: All of Bella and Gigi Hadid's looks at this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Lifestyle: 14 celebrities who have opened up about battling Lyme disease

Tech: The science of why human breasts are so big

Politics: 'She's a loser': Trump goes on rant attacking journalists April Ryan and Jim Acosta

Strategy: Here's how much each airline charges for checked bags and carry-ons

Lifestyle: 13 photos of royals riding public transportation show that they're just like us

Sports: Facebook, Amazon, and Google could pose big problems for ESPN's streaming service, analyst says (DIS)

Lifestyle: Inside Lisa Frank's abandoned rainbow-covered factory that has an asking price of $17 million

Lifestyle: We drove a $393,000 Ferrari 488 Spider supercar to see what its coolest features are — here's the verdict (RACE)

Pulse Opinion: Is Adams Oshiomhole on the run?

Police arraign alleged killer of ex-minister’s niece

Davido welcomes Jamaican superstar Popcaan to his Lagos home

Lifestyle: 8 common myths about the benefits of drinking lemon water

APO: Africa Oil Week 2018 successfully closes with a promising outlook for the Africa oil and gas industry

Politics: Thousand Oaks shooter's former coach said he sexually assaulted her in high school and was troubled long before the Marine Corps

Lifestyle: Actress Meg Ryan and rocker John Mellencamp are engaged

10 top things to see and do in Cross River state

Lifestyle: A former Tesla employee was charged with embezzling $9.3 million from the company (TSLA)

Nigerian invents locally-made electric water heating bucket

Aubameyang, Howe, Ramsey win Premier League monthly awards

Finance: Oil crashes more than 20% from October highs as Trump’s Iran sanctions fail to diminish supply fears

'Buhari asked Senate to slash budgets of 30 MDAs for 2019 elections'

Politics: Trump fires back at Michelle Obama's 'unforgivable' quip by saying her husband wrecked the US military

Politics: The stories of 10 famous people who served in World War 1

Lifestyle: 6 signs someone may have an opioid addiction, and how to help

Lifestyle: A massive 'firenado' is ripping through the Camp Fire burning in California

Sports: French super club Paris Saint-Germain admits young players were racially profiled at the club

Tech: Teens are obsessed with candy and fruit flavored e-cigs like Juul — now the FDA is announcing a major a crackdown

Tech: Netflix revealed 17 new Asian originals meant to kickstart growth in the region, including a movie starring Dev Patel

Strategy: These will be the biggest trends in grocery shopping for 2019, according to one of the top delivery companies

Tech: 7 reasons you should buy the new MacBook Air (AAPL)

Tech: I tried Casper's $35 pillow that's designed to help you sleep anywhere— here's what it's like

"I will only die when it is my time", Shekau boasts in new video

Lifestyle: 15 people share the worst person they've ever sat next to on a plane

Inside the world of 2face Idibia's women

Halima Abubakar goes topless in new Instagram photo

Lifestyle: Pillsbury just released hot cocoa rolls smothered with marshmallow icing for the holidays

Here's how to introduce your guy to a sex toy

Politics: Las Vegas shooting survivors got hit again at Thousand Oaks — here's how they're coping with twin tragedies

APC is Nigeria’s home of corruption, Timi Frank speaks on Oshiomhole’s DSS invitation

Tech: 9 reasons you should buy Tesla's Model 3 'Performance' car instead of the standard Model 3 (TSLA)

Sports: Top 10 football superstars who should be playing for African countries

Iwobi says Welbeck's injury affected Arsenal players against Sporting

Here's how to customise and install the perfect lace frontal

Finance: Yelp is crashing after missing big on earnings and warning of slower growth ahead (YELP)

Nigerian Police command two thieves to dance with their stolen goats (Video)

Politics: Michelle Obama reveals she had a miscarriage 20 years ago and used IVF to conceive her daughters

Lifestyle: How the Thousand Oaks shooter went from serving the US in the Marines to a mass murderer

Strategy: Here is how MTN intends to improve enterprise business in Nigeria

APO: U.S. Embassy Supports 2019 SolveIT -- Nationwide Innovation Competition

5 ways to make morning sex happen

APO: U.S. Investments Strengthen Urban Health in Ethiopia

APO: The Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) Backs African Cellular Communications Company with $100m Loan

APO: Universal Periodic Review 31: Central African Republic

Ladies! Here are top signs that you satisfy your man sexually

Lifestyle: Las Vegas shooting survivors got hit again at Thousand Oaks — here's how they're coping with twin tragedies

3 blindfolded sex positions that'll sharpen every sense

APO: EU-Seychelles Political Dialogue Concludes with Site Visits and Inauguration of Shelter

Senator Melaye says APC's breakup is 'unstoppable'

3 sex mistakes men make in bed always

2018 Batch C Stream II Orientation Course begins on Nov 15, 2018

Police confirm abduction of ADC Senatorial candidate in Ondo State

Lifestyle: Here's how to tell if you cheat because of love or lust — and why it's important to know the difference

Lifestyle: Japanese TV cancels BTS show after Jimin wore a shirt showing the Nagasaki atomic bombing

Minister reiterates FG's commitment to welfare of prison inmates

NEMA rejects allegations of embezzlement, violation of public trust by Reps

Lifestyle: Active shooter reported at Topsail High School, North Carolina

5 orgasmic pregnancy sex positions

My son supports Buhari because we have 'serious issues', Doyin Okupe says

Strategy: MTN Nigeria launches 'Partner Program' with first ever MTN Fusion Summit

Finance: 10 things you need to know before the opening bell (SPX, SPY, DIA, QQQ, GS, DIS, DBX)

Nurse claims she hasn't been paid after selling baby's placenta to a cleric

Watch as Akpororo surprises friend's father with car gift!

Harry Kane wins Champions League Player of the Week

"Open your computer when he wants to browse," Pastor advises bride (Video)

INEC releases list of candidates for Katsina, Bauchi, Kwara bye-elections

Primaries: House probes alleged violation of Electoral Act by political parties

Lifestyle: All of the photos from behind-the-scenes at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Tech: US crack down on candy and fruit flavored e-cigs like Juul to prevent children from getting addicted

Malam Mai rakumi ya samu hukuncin shekaru goma a gidan yari

A guide to partying hard and surviving this weekend

Chinese company unlawfully sacks Nigerians for refusing to practice Buddhism

Sports: 19-year-old French wunderkind Kylian Mbappé reportedly demanded a private jet as part of his $200 million signing to Paris Saint-Germain

Here's how to fuck the boobs right

Tech: The Google walkout protesters are demanding the company now takes action on 'systemic racism'

Federal allocation may cease sooner than expected, Osun governor-elect

129 inmates of Enugu Maximum Prisons to sit for NECO examinations

Relationship Talk With Bukky: My boyfriend has changed since I've moved in with him

Murder Case: Supreme Court bars Rivers APC Chairman from foreign trip

FG renames Black Maria to Green Maria, orders 116 new vans for N1.5bn

EU invited me for discussion over 2019 elections, says Moghalu

APC senatorial candidate promises to donate 4-year salary to party members

Akwaeke Emezi's location-based fairytale about Curaçao will give you major wanderlust

President Buhari is not happy because 25 percent of Nigerians defecate in the open

Remy Martin presents exclusive 'Opulence Revealed' experience in Nigeria

Tech: Nigeria’s Vice President Osinbajo advises banks to reform before the fintech revolution sweeps them away

Twitter explains why it's never too late for you to further your studies

Upcoming Events: Must attend events this weekend Friday, November 9 - November 11/2018

Amosun reacts to involvement in Oshiomhole’s alleged detention by DSS

Buhari jets to France with 3 governors for Paris Peace Forum

D'banj - 'Shake It' feat. Tiwa Savage

Why are celebrities having surprise weddings?

Imo Speaker says no impeachment process against Okorocha

Court rejects FG's request to arrest Ekweremadu

Lagos Film Academy gets $5000 grant for 3rd ‘Film for Life’ project

PDP's TV page tweets about breasts and sliding into DMs

Politics: Theresa May accused of 'total betrayal' as DUP threatens to sink her Brexit deal

Kiss Daniel: Kizz Daniel officially announces date and tracklist for new album, ''No Bad Songz''

Finance: IMF says pick-up in the non-oil sector will boost Nigeria's economic growth to 1.9% in 2018

Gbenro Ajibade says he is not gay!

The Victoria's Secret show held last night in New York and it was spectacular

Django23 - “Give Them D’jango” Ft. Slimcase, Mr Real

'Are you better off today than you were 4 years ago?' - Atiku asks Nigerians

Watch Annie Idibia twerk for hubby, 2Face Idibia

Politics: Theresa May fails to block court case that could allow the UK to reverse Brexit

Lifestyle: One person is dead, at least 2 injured in Australia stabbing attack

APO: The Trade and Development Bank and USAID Sign Memorandum of Understanding to Power Africa

Skales - 'Currency' ft Davido

Politics: Thousands of people rally in support of Mueller in nationwide demonstrations — here's how it played out

'We Don’t Live here Anymore', 'Obsession,' Adeniyi Johnon, Mercy Aigbe get BON 2018 nominations

Mr Eazi - 'Chicken Curry' feat. Sneakbo & Just Sul

Giannis Antetokounmpo leads Bucks to win over Warriors in NBA

Former NUC secretary begs lecturers to end strike

Mr Eazi releases his second project, ''Lagos To London''

Thursday, November 08, 2018

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