Sahara Reporters Archive for September 2010

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Erastus Akingbola Petitions AGF : Fraudulent Take-Over of Intercontinental Bank Plc By Dr. Bukola Saraki, Malam Lamido Sanusi & Mahmoud Lai Alabi

Corruption Of Nigerian Voters

Northern Political Leaders Forum Accuses Jonathan Of Political Intolerance

Poverty No Be Craze O Na Dynamite

A Witness To Public Waste: Traveling With Jonathan's Men From Atlanta To Lagos

Jonathan Can't Be Trusted - Atiku

Presidency: Who Leaked Gwadabe’s Memo To Jonathan?

California-Based Nigerian Scientist, John Dabiri, Gets 'Genius Grant'

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

California-Based Nigerian Scientist, John Dabiri, Gete 'Genius Grant'

Pricey Diamonds For The Super-Rich Mined From African Soil

California-Based Nigerian Scientist, Author Annette Gordon-Reed, Others, Among 23 To Get 'Genius Grant'

Judicial Mysteries In England Or A Mad Man On Rampage

Letters And Spirit Of PDP Constitution On Zoning

HURIWA Condemns Disruption Of Igbo Summit

First Lady Patience Jonathan Visits Stone Barns Center With Mrs. Obama; Advocates For Sustainable Food System In Nigeria

Nigeria @ 50: Celebrating what?

Monday, September 27, 2010

UN Jamboree Fallout: Michelle Obama Shuns Patience Jonathan In New York -Updated With Correction And Clarification

UN Jamboree Fallout: Michelle Obama Shuns Patience Jonathan In New York

Ten Reasons Why Nigerians Must Stop PDP

The Real Truths About Obama- A Poem By Niyi Osundare

ERC Condemns NANS Leaders For Endorsing Goodluck Jonathan, Says NANS Must Go Back To The Old Tradition Of Defending Nigerian Students

Coming To Nigeria To Find A Wife Or A Husband?

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Perceptor: 4 Questions On The Questions That Must Not Be Asked

Perceptor: 4 Questions On The Questions That Must Not Be Asked

Electoral Timelines And The 2011 Elections

Demand For The Investigation Of The Grand Corruption In The Operation And Management Of The Federation Account.

Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida -The Axis Of Evil In Our Nigeria

The Debate On Zoning Vs Mr. President’s “Mother of all declarations”

INEC Should Stop This Distraction and Confusion!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Shadow Parliament Holds Third Session In New York

ON Babangida: An open letter to Prof. Isa Odidi

Happening Now: Shadow Parliament Begins Third Session In New York-Updated Every 5 Minutes!

Between Eddie Long and John Oromoro

Babangida’s Belligerent Sense Of Entitlement

UN General Assembly: Sudanese Diplomats Wrestle With US Secret Agents In New York Hotel

Friday, September 24, 2010

Raw Copy: Col. Gwadabe Secret Memo To Jonathan Exposes Babangida's Hidden Wealth, Mike Adenuga's Link and Bukola Saraki's Corruption

Revealed: Col. Gwadabe Secret Memo To Jonathan Exposes Babangida's Hidden Wealth, Mike Adenuga's Link and Bukola Saraki's Corruption

Before The October Bazzar

Facebook: IBB Blocked My Comments

Shake Up In The Nigeria Army Confirms Jonathan's Security Concerns

Celebrating Nigeria’s 50th Year Of Independence At Harvard

Chinua Achebe To Receive One Of The Largest Awards In The Arts

Ribadu Aids And Abets Tinubu To Enslave Lagos

UN Livecast

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Nigeria On The Brink: A Rejoinder

Jonathan's Senior Aide On Political Matters, Senator Polycarp Ogbonna Nwite, Is Dead-PM News, Lagos

Nigeria At Fifty: Our Independence Day

Ribadu’s Quest To Be President

The Vampire State: Government Intervention A Barrier To Economic Progress

VIDEO: Nigerians Should Kill Me For Annuling June 12 Elections: Arrogant, Stupid Babangida Tells CNN

VIDEO: Nigerians Should Kill Me For Annulling June 12 Elections: Arrogant, Stupid Babangida Tells CNN

VIDEO: Nigerians Should Kill Me For Annuling June 12 Elections: Arrogant, Stupid Babangida Tells CNN Abacha

Nigeria's Federal Executive Council Approves N1 Billion (£4 M) To Buy Dustbins From The UK-Nigerian Tribune

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Children of Akwa Ibom State And Governor Godswill Akpabio - A Note

Jonathan Storms New York with 120-Man Delegation For A 36-Hour Trip To The UN

Jonathan Storms New York with 120-Man Delegation For A 36-TourTrip To The UN

Without A Valid Constitution, Free And Fair Elections Are Impossible

Let Jega Have His Time Extension but Let Him Start Running

U.S. Appeals Court Dismisses Ogoni Lawsuit against Shell-No Corporate Liability, Means More Corporate Killings, Genocide and Instability

This Election Is Our Everything!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Chima Ubani: Remembering A Peoples’ General In The Era Of Empty Sloganeering

Barbarossa: Resistance To Army Generals' Siege On Nigeria's Democracy

Ribadu Is The Change Nigeria Needs – Former NBA President, Akeredolu

Re: Rebuttal On Gov. T.A Orji’s Comments On The Financial Position Of Abia State. Richard Harrison Account for $10,000 Abia State funds!!

INEC Proposes March /April 2011 To Hold Nigerian General Elections

Rebuttal On Gov. T.A Orji`S Comments On The Financial Position Of Abia State

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Long Awaited Power Shift To The South In Nigeria Is God At Work. No Man Can Stop It

In Defence Of Inec’s Request For Extension Of Time

Ribadu To Run For President On Action Congress Of Nigeria Platform

Lagos ACN Backs INEC’s Demand For More Time

Jonathan Again Changes His Mind About Attending UN General Assembly

Ribadu Writes A Letter Announcing Presidential Run-"A New Nigeria, Our Time Is Now!"

Goodluck Jonathan, Scheduled To Speak 6th, Is Missing At United Nations Summit

Jonathan Accepts NSA's Resignation

Judging By Their Speeches

Jonathan’s Declaration: A Post Analysis

Now That President Jonathan Has Declared

Public Presentation Of “Nigeria At 50: A Nation In Nation”

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Shooting at MTN Tower in Aba

Nigeria Commission Asks For More Time Before Poll

Presidential Race Declaration: Jonathan Caught In Plagiarism

Punch Newspaper Prohibits News Critical Of Jonathan

My Covenant With You

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Gusau Resigns From NSA Post As Political Battle Heats Up

Attempt To Frame Me Up For Kidnapping

Why Hafiz Ringim Is Not A Good Choice As IGP

A Squandered Legacy: A Pathetic Story Of The Past 50 Years Of Nigeria's Independence

Kleptocratic Identity: How Corruption Mediates Ethnic Harmony And Balance In The Competition For Economic Power In Nigeria

Jonathan Declares For 2011 Presidential Race With False Promises, Outright Fabrications And Attempts To Re-Write History.

Jonathan Cancels US Trip Amid Political and Security Concerns

Is The North Incapable Of Giving Us Quality Leaders?

Nigeria Tribalism: A Personal Love Story

Jonathan Declares For Re-Election, Amidst Cautious Endorsement By Northern Governors

2011 Presidential Elections: What The Nigerian Opposition Must Do

Media and the 2011 Nigerian Election

Friday, September 17, 2010

Report: Gunmen Kill Policemen, Workers, at MTN Tower In Aba

Crowd Rented For IBB’s Rally, Protesters Reveal All After Allowance Unpaid-PM News, Lagos

Don’t Field Goodluck Jonathan In Northern Slot, Adamu Ciroma Group Writes PDP

Presidential Election Scam Latest: Atiku, Gusau, Saraki Set To Step Down For Babangida

Atiku: Tabloid's Gimmicks Reveals Something Interesting

New Audrey Richards Annual Lecture In African Studies

General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida-The Evil Candidate

The “Relevant”Experience That Nuhu Ribadu Is Lacking

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Remi Babalola Leaves Jonathan’s Cabinet Amid Political Intrigues

Acute Nerve Damage: Babangida Has One Leg Left, And Daughter Slumps At Declaration

Akpabio Absent As UNICEF Commissions New facility For Abandoned “Child Witches” In Akwa Ibom State

I am Running For President Now, Nigeria Can't Wait Till 2015-Nuhu Ribadu

The Legacy Of Gani Fawehinmi

Money Laundering Trial of James Ibori's Lawyer And Wife Commences on Monday In London

Don’t Trust IBB, Group Begins Media Campaign-PM News, Nigeria

Manipulation Of Finbank Plc Recapitalization Process

IBB’s Declaration And His Hawks Of Goons And Sycophants

Jonathan Goodluck's Declaration-Intent As An Insult To Nigerians!

Libya: End Live Fire Against Suspected Boat Migrants

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Help! Our President Has Gone Viral

Jonathan and the Igbo Question

Ken Nnamani: Another Failure of the Nigerian Political Class

Spring Bank Debunks Fraud Allegations, CEO Has Fled Nowhere-PM News, Lagos

ThisDay’s Voodoo ‘Trends Analysis’

The Type Of Leadership Needed In Nigeria

Son Of SSS Operative Held For The Stabbing Death Of His Father, Mother And Siblings

Even You, Senator Ken Nnamani

Dele Momodu Officially Applies As Presidential Candidate For Labour Party

A Summit On Yoruba Development Agenda

Amidst Isolated Politicians and Rented Crowd, Babangida Declares Presidential Bid

My Declaration Of Intent For The 2011 Presidential Race By Goodluck Jonathan

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Why Zoning-Rotational Presidency Should Be In The Constitution

Some Ugandan Journalists Reportedly Receive Money to Cover Ruling NRM Convention

IBB: Where is the SSS File?

Nollywood: A Resources that needs control

N5.2b Fraud: Spring Bank MD Flees, Declared Wanted

The Macabre Dance Of Death In The PDP: Consequences For Nigeria

15 Ogun Lawmakers Pass Vote Of No Confidence On Governor Gbenga Daniel

EFCC's Forensic Unit Head Assassinated in Kaduna-PM News

Abacha’s Man Leads Jonathan’s Campaign In U.S-PM News, Lagos

‘Corruption Incorporated’: IBB, Campaigning Through Bukola Saraki, Picks Odili As Running Mate; Could Merge With Atiku

Looting of Nation’s Resources Worries Catholic Bishops

Group Alleges Fraud And Gross Irregularities In The Emergency Gas Supply To Power Holding Of Nigeria Plant, Alaoji By Jonathan’s Special Assistant And Two Others

Monday, September 13, 2010

Stop This Rising Xenophobia In Ghana Now!

'Underwear Bomber' Wants To Go It Alone Before U.S. Judge

As ABU Students Nab Serial Rapist Babangida, Nigerians are set To Nab Serial Democratic Rapist Babangida

Chief Bola Ige Remembered

Halliburton Failed Trial: Another EFCC Or Jonathan’s Gaffe?

“Take Campbell’s Warning Serious”, Lagos ACN Tells Nigerians

Ambassador John Campbell’s Country – A Reply To ‘Nigeria On The Brink- What Happens If The 2011 Elections Fail?’

Hurdles Before ‘President’ Dele Momodu

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Akpabio’s Gunmen Invade Stigmatized Children’s Home In Eket

It’s Corruption, Stupid!

Of Naked Ambition And The Audacity Of Deceit

Dokpesi Has No Hostage Value-Cynthia Whyte

Coalition Sues AGF, CBN Over $12.4 Billion Babangida’s Oil Windfall Scam

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Contradiction Called President Jonathan

Delta State’s DESOPADEC : A Crown Of Thorns

Jonathan's Administration Not Development Friendly

Letter To A Patriot

Kidnap Threat Against Dokpesi: A Tissue Of Lies, Let Him Pay Up His Taxes –Jonathan Fires Back

Babangida's Campaign Manager, Raymond Dokpesi, Says Pro- Jonathan Groups Threatened To Kidnap His Son-AP

The Many Troubles Of Emeka Offor By Femi Ajayi

How To Solve The Niger Delta Problem

The State Of Nigeria Is Under Threat

Friday, September 10, 2010

Elections in Nigeria Roundtable

The Two West African Narco States

Nigeria On The Brink-What Happens If The 2011 Elections Fail?

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Kenyan MPs Probe Funds Diversion After Embassy Sale In Nigeria-PANA

Political Insanity Or Legislative Rascality

His State Bereft Of Children Protection Services, Gov. Akpabio Hounds Akwa Ibom Child Advocates

State Legitimised Treasury Looting And Budget Padding In Nigeria

Students Chase Babangida’s Campaigners From Abeokuta

INEC Two Weeks Voter Registration, Too Short

Jonathan: Thou Shall Not Alter the Zoning Formula

Dokpesi: Persona Non Grata In The Niger Delta

Sack of Security Chiefs: Election Game of Musical Chairs

Do We Burn This Quran With Love, Strength Or Faith?

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The Deceit about Saint Ribadu?

Jega Got It Right On “Re-Run States”

The Axe-man Strikes: Jonathan Shakes Up Army, Police, Navy, SSS, New Faces Announced

Shake Up In The Millitary As Goodluck Jonathan Sacks Service Chiefs, Afiz Ringim Is New Inspector General Of Police

Jonathan Sacks Onovo and Director General Of SSS, Gadzama

Shake Up In The Millitary As Goodluck Jonathan Sacks Service Chiefs

Mr. Jonathan- It Is Past Midnight

Wole Soyinka Condemns Criminal Politics In Ogun State

Third Session of the Nigerian Peoples' Parliament in Diaspora (NPPID): “Nigeria At 50: Problems, Progress And Prospects”.

Nigeria Versus IBB

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Breaking News: Boko Haram Organizes Prison Break In Bauchi

Soccer Robbers Charged

INEC Releases Timetable For 2011 General Elections

Criminal Politics: Gbenga Daniel Now Runs A Quasi-Military Regime In Ogun State

The Absurdity Of Entertaining Any Hope For Nigeria In 2011

Awolowo, Gowon and Buhari: Rethinking Leadership Imperatives In Nigeria

Planned Withdrawal of Subsidy: NLC Will Not Guarantee Industrial Peace

Obasanjo Vs Jonathan’s EFCC: Same Mistakes (Mischief) Again?

South-South (Niger Delta) Pre-Election Assessment Report By The Election Project of the Centre for Environment, Human Rights and Development (CEHRD)

Monday, September 06, 2010

Why Did You Involve Gani Fawehinmi In This Internal Matter?

Why Did Your Involve Gani Fawehinmi In This Internal Matter?

The Team Ribadu Phenomenon

The Two Runaway Rural Electrification Agency Amazons Of Graft

Regulatory Inertia Vis-à-Vis Predatory Banking Practices in Nigeria - Part 2

Why Gov. Emmanuel Uduaghan May Go

Why The Benue People Are Opposed To Governor Suswam’s Re-Election Bid

Arik Air 2nd Response To Mr Akaninyene Inyang’s Report On Sahara Reporters

Honourable Nigeria?

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Boko Haram Militants Kill Two District Chiefs In Borno

Zoning And 2011: A Test For Patriots And Compatriots

Biofuels: How Prepared Is Nigeria?

UK MP Supports Call For Travel Ban Against Corrupt Nigerian Politicians

The Halliburton Hoax: Jonathan's Joke Corruption Trial

Pius Adesanmi, SaharaReporters Weekly Columnist, Wins Penguin Prize for African Writing

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Shilgba: Breaking the Silence

Friday, September 03, 2010

1999-2010: The Diary of A Failed Democracy

IBB's Meeting With Media Executives-A Rejoinder By Sunmi Smart-Cole

Journalist Olukayode Thomas Versus Amos Adamu's Libel Case: How A David Defeated Goliath In A Nigerian Court

Nigeria Has No Future

Religion Without Faith. Is it Worth the Trouble?

What If Obama was a full blown White Male in the Political-Psycho-Social Thought of America?

Ikedi Ohakim: Stewing In Scandals!

Nigerian Youth And The Responsibility Revolution

Thursday, September 02, 2010

INEC Is Right On Tenure Of Governors

ExxonMobil Oil Spill: Fishermen, Youths Revolt At Ibeno

Just How Serious Is The Situation In The DRC In DC?

EFCC Fails in Bid to Arrest Two Rivers State Commissioners For “Corruption”

How To Raise $4.43 Billion Without Borrowing

A Rejoinder: Farida Turns On Jonathan:Simply A Fiction

How to Create One Million Jobs in Nigeria

2011 Elections: The Same Mistakes, The Same Results

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

More Customer Horror Stories About Arik Airline

This House Is Not For Sale!

They Won’t Even Build Toilets For Themselves! Thinking Through The Corruption Complex With Frantz Fanon

Intersociety Welcomes The Dismantling Of Roadblocks In Southeast Nigeria And Frowns At The Incompetence Of The Police Service Commission

Lagos Drivers Licence Fraud

‘’Why We Want Lekki-Epe Expressway Concession Deal Reviewed’’

Youth And Culture As The Mechanism For Africa's Development

Farida Turns On Jonathan, Tells US Officials The President Is Interfering With Anti-Corruption Efforts

Help Find These Kidnappers/Murderers Of Lotachukwu Ezeudu

AGF Bello Adoke Is Dancing Naked On Senator Yerima And His 13yrs Old Wife

The South-East Is Over-Policed

2011: President Jonathan And The Anti-Zoning Apostates

Arik Air Response To Mr. Akaninyene Inyang’s Report On SaharaReporters

Electoral Activism Or Sovereign National Conference Is The Answer, Not Another Farce Of An Election In 2011

National Redundancy and Expensive Political Afterthoughts

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Will the true Nigerian Hero, please stand up?

Regulatory Inertia vis-à-vis Predatory Banking Practices in Nigeria (Part 1)

On the Denouement of Soboma George (Part 2)

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