Sahara Reporters Archive for August 2011

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Racism In Libya: Nigerian Men Pleading Their Innocence In Front Of Anti-Gadhafi Forces

British Jet Fighter Planes Scrambled To Escort Nigerian Airforce Transport Aircraft Over Radio Communication Failure

The Broadcast President Jonathan Never Made

PHOTONEWS: Ramadan Kareem Prayers Under Tight Security

$2.8 Million Nigerian Government House In San Francisco Left Vacant For Decades

Monday, August 29, 2011

Libya: The Return Of Colonialist Bondage

Jonathan’s Failure Will End PDP’S Hegemony In Nigeria

Libya: Nigeria’s Foreign Policy Faux Pas

AUDIO: Nigeria! "It Takes Idiots To Be Ruled By Fools" -Tunde Bakare

Jos Boils Again

Death Toll Rises To 100 In Ibadan Flood (With PHOTOS)-PM News, Lagos

Beyond UNEP Report, Criminal Liability Should Be Slammed On Shell Oil Company

Atiku Deplores Mindless Violence

Poll: Focus On The Important Issues, Nigerians Advise Jonathan

UN Boko Haram Bombing: Pastor Oritsejafor’s False Analogy

The Hypocrisy And Unconstitutionality Of The NBA President, The NBA

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Peter Obi 's Government Magic And Cheeky Claims

Boko Haram Kills Former LGA Chair In Maiduguri; Bombs Home of Former Police Affairs Minister In Bauchi

UN Boko Harem Bombing: Pastor Oritsejafor’s False Analogy

Mr. Nigeria, The Snake Charmer (A Political Satire)

Beyond The Condemnation Of UN House Bomb Attack!‏ -Femi Falana

Open Letter To Dr Reuben Abati On Nigeria Nation Fire Brigade Approach--By Oluwaseyi Ogunyinka

PHOTONEWS: Hurricane Irene: Not So Bad In New York!

UN House Car Bombing: The Slow Motion Giant

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Jonathan Appoints Justice Dahiru Musdapher As The Acting Chief Justice Of Nigeria

Buhari Condemns Attack On UN Building

PHOTONEWS: University Of Calabar Students Day Of Rage

UN Confirms 9 Of Its Staff Killed In Deadly Car Bomb, Country Team Takes Action To Ensure Staff Safety And Continuity Of Operations

VIDEO: Dr. Damages Returns With Mazi Anu Nti on SaharaTV-Episode 5

VIDEO: Dr. Damages Returns With Mazi Anunti on SaharaTV-Episode 4

Internet Libel And The Law Of Defamation: Justice Without Borders? By Kayode Oladele

Students At The University Of Calabar Engage In Fierce Protests Over School Fees

UN Building Blast Is Crime Against Humanity, Says Nigeria Governors' Forum

Friday, August 26, 2011

Katsina Alu’s Escalation of Nigeria’s Judicial Rot As Banal Descent Into A Dark Abyss

NBA Honours Its Threat, Boycotts Swearing-In Of New SANs

United Nations House Bombing: Time to Act Like One-Nuhu Ribadu

UN Abuja HQ Bomb Blast: Jonathan, Ban Ki-moon React

An Elliptical Interrogation Of The Obasanjo Versus Babangida Faceoff

UN Building Car Bombing: Police Confirm 18 Deaths

PHOTONEWS: Car Bomb Hits United Nations Building In Abuja

Bombing Of UN Offices In Nigeria Carried Out By Suicide Bomber

Breaking News: Explosion At The UN Offices In Abuja

Thursday, August 25, 2011

South Africa Wine Miracle Built On Backs Of Exploited Workers, Group Says

Due Process, Rule Of Law And Impunity By Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai

Justice Salami: PDP Carpets ACN, Praises Jonathan

A Divided Nigeria, Ethnicity And Power

That Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala Press Conference Is Much Ado About Nothing!

Boko Haram Kills 12, Robs Two Banks In Maiduguri

Elrufai, Memories Coming Back To Roost

Nigeria's War on Corruption Hangs in the Balance-Human Rights Watch

Sanusi’s Financial Gerrymandering

Dangerous Punitive Road (Ikorodu And Environ)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lawyers In War-Fighting And Regime Change: International Criminal Court And The Libyan Crisis

Nigerian Secret Police Detains Ogoni Activist , Celestine Akpobari

DSK Accuser May Face Deportation

Boko Haram Strikes Again, Kills Pregnant Woman, Politician In Maiduguri-NAN

Salami Case As Symptom of Nigerian Judicial Atrophy

In Nigeria Evil Comes in Three Letters By Ayo Turton

"Nigeria Is Not A Failed Nation; Nigeria’s Leaders Have Failed The Nation", MEND Replies The Movement For New Nigeria

Libya’s Oil Must Now Be Used To Drive Development And Foster Peace

Malevolent Demolition Of Sunshine City By Charles Ofoji

Obasonjo & Babangida – Garbage In Garbage Out ( GIGO)

Sad Day For Afrika As Counter-Revolution Triumph In Libya!

Oil Revenue: Whose Interest Is National Assembly Canvassing? By Ifeanyi Izeze

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Concerns Rise Over Nuclear Power Plants Following East Coast Earthquake

How The Culture War Spread To Central Africa

The Impeachment of Justice Salami

Armed Robbers On The Prowl Kill 5 At Equatorial Trust Bank In Uyo

BREAKING NEWS: 5.8 Earthquake Hits US East Coast- CNN

Gaddafi To "Fight To End" As Rebels Seize HQ-Reuters

US Judge Drops Sexual Assault Charges Against Former IMF Chief

The Fight Of Two Fools By Ogwu Paul Okwuchukwu

PHOTONEWS: More Groups Protest The Suspension Of The President Of The Court Of Appeal, Justice Salami, In Lagos

Micheal Obi Rejoins Family In Jos

Monday, August 22, 2011

Mikel Obi's Father To Re-Unite With Family Tomorrow

Contract Splitting Fraud and Cover Up In University Of Nigeria Nsukka

Imo Traditional Ruler, Eze Mathew Onweni, Accused Of Electoral Fraud And Murder

Salami’s Removal Is Untenable And Ominous By Bamidele Aturu

Mikel Obi's Father Is Found And Freed In Kano

Salami: Mr President, Is This The Fresh Air? By Charles Ofoji

Police Recruitment 2011: Select Right People Not Armed Robbers

A Tale Of Two Errors By Roland Omotunde

President Jonathan’s Dictatorship Unfolding-CNPP

Salami: SERAP Sues FG, NJC Over Unlawful Removal

Salami’s Suspension: Lawyers Boo AGF Adoke At The On-Going NBA Conference

President Jonathan’s Dictatorship Unfolding

PHOTONEWS: Protest in Lagos Against the Removal of Justice Salami

Justice Ayo Salami’s Purported Suspension: An Act Of Judicial Rascality And Brigandage-Lawyers Of Conscience

Protest At The NBA Conference In Port Harcourt Over NJC Actions Against Justice Salami

Wanted: The Fools’ Party of Nigeria (FPN)!!! By Jude Egbas.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: No More Gaddafi: Gaddafi's Regime Crumbles As Rebels Seize "Green Square" In Tripoli

Rebel Officials: Two of Gadhafi's Sons Arrested In Tripoli-CNN

Jonathan Endorses Sack Of Justice Ayo Salami, Approves Appointment Of Acting President, Court Of Appeal

Nigeria Bar Association Rejects Actions Of The NJC On Justice Salami, Asks Members To Boycott Katsina-Alu's Swearing Of New SANs

Sequelae of Military Government In Civilian Guise !

Gaddafi: "My Prerogative" -XYZ Show

IBB, OBJ Should Be Tried, Like Mubarak, For Crimes Against Nigeria, Says Akerele

"We Fear That Nigeria Might Become Islamised", Says Primate Okoh of The Anglican Church Of Nigeria

The Obasanjo-Babangida Imbroglio By Mohammed Dahiru Aminu

The Benue Election Tribunal: Compromised Or Poised To Deliver Justice?

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Salami Suspension: An Injustice And Calamity To Judiciary

‘’Playing “God” By Sunday Akinlabi Dare

Modernizing Rail Transportation In Nigeria – A Practical Road Map By Victor Olapojoye

VIDEO: Human Trafficking, Prostitution And Organized Crime In Nigerian Connection Film -(Part 1 &2)

SaharaReporters Interviews UK-Based West Indian Journalist And Activist Darcus Howe

How Not To Formulate Foreign Policy By Jideofor Adibe

Jonathan Sings: Dr. Damages On SaharaTv-Episode IV

Justice Salami’s Suspension By The Njc Is Illegal And Unconstitutional

OBJ and IBB: Spot The Difference!

Friday, August 19, 2011

National Judicial Council: Discrediting The Judiciary

Expanding The Frontier Of Democratic Governance In Nigeria

Salami Vs. Katisina-Alu: Top Government Lawyers From Hell By Sunday Njokede

Rich Country, Poor People By Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai

Thursday, August 18, 2011

When Two Fools Fight, It Is Language That Suffers: IBB, A Fool At 70 Says Obasanjo; But He Is Bigger Fool-Babangida!

Kevin Barry (Kayode) Speaks Yoruba On SaharaTV

"Titilayo Oyinbo" (Cara Harshman) In The Studio With SaharaTV

Rivers State: Amaechi’s Fruitless And Wasteful Expenditure Of Public Money

Justice Salami’s Purported Suspension- A Farcical Illegality

Justice Salami’s Suspension By The Njc Is Illegal And Unconstitutional By Jiti Ogunye

Sahara TV Livestream Broadcast

Conspiracy Thickens As NJC “Suspends“ The President of The Court of Appeal, Justice Salami

Vaccine Scarcity Hits Akwa Ibom: Thousands Of Babies Exposed To Preventable Diseases

IBB’s Day Of Reckoning Will Come, Says Vatsa’s Family-The Nation

Is Nigeria Really “None Of” Your Business?

Privatization: The Criminal Auctioning Of Nigeria By Is’haq Modibbo Kawu

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Obama Gets Off Rope-A-Dope

Tenure Debate: Jonathan Should Not Chicken Out

Murder of Kudirat Abiola: Shofolahan Denies Working For Mrs. Abiola

"Vice President" To Babangida, Augustus Aikomu, Is Dead

Erstwhile Babangida's Deputy, Augustus Aikhomu Is Dead

Dealing With The El-Rufai Nuisance By Moses Ochonu

PHCN – Going Nowhere Slowly

Refusal Of Court Service By National Judicial Council Height Of Judicial Recklessness

SERAP Vs BPE Sales: Taking The Fight To A New Arena

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Katsina-Alu Capitulates, Nominates Musdapher As Successor

The Dangerous Script To Set Al-Mustapha Free

Community Shuts Down Smelter Plant For Refusing Local Hires

6 Die As Gunmen Storm North Nigeria Police Station-AP

Obama Use To Walk On Water, Now He Drowns In Water

Delta State Governor, Uduaghan, Appoints Accused Murderer As Commissioner!

EFCC Arrests PA To PEF Executive Secretary, Mrs. Kasali, Conducts Search At Her Home

Chimaroke: Re-Enacting A Legacy Of Impunity

Fraudulent Pastor Colludes With EFCC And Police To Oppress Complainant

Monday, August 15, 2011

VIDEO: No Firemen, No Water As Fire Guts A Lagos Home

And Mama Charlie’s Land Burned; Class, Race & Riots In The UK

Privatization Scams: Investigate And Prosecute, Do It Now! By Col. Abubakar D. Umar

Chelsea Star Mikel Obi Plays Despite Abduction Of His Father In Jos

Putting A Lie To Mrs. Kasali’s ‘Tales By Moonlight’: PENGASSAN's Response Vituperations Against The Association

The Truth Nigerians Must Not Know – Final part: Whose Ghosts Are They?

BPE Corruption Scandal: UN Working Group Urged To Refer Matter To ICC

Nigeria Embassy In Germany Corruptly Collects €500 On Each Deported Nigerian:Ambassador Olugbenga Ashiru Take Note

The Presidency And Okonjo Iweala

Uduaghan: Anatomy Of A Desperate Villain By Michael Egbejumi-David

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Privatization Scams: "I Rejected Adenuga’s $100,000 Bribe", Says Nasir El-Rufai

Gold Smuggling In The Congo: Why Did The Decree By Kabila Fail? By Scott A Morgan

“A Lot Of Bad Names Have Been Given To African Gods,” – Actor Oliver Mbamara

'Prosecute Obasanjo And Others Involved In Nigeria's Privatization Scandal,' Falana Urges Federal Government

Tinubu Goes To London! By Uchenna Osigwe

Why’re Oyedepo, Adeboye Developing Yoruba Land Alone? By Sunday Njokede

Ogoni Congress Resolutions on UNEP Report

Nigerians Urged To Send Facebook Messages To Jonathan Over Education Right Judgment

Senate Ad-Hoc Committee On Privatization: The Big Challenge

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Yes To Islamic Banking, But A Big No To Limit On Cash Withdrawals

Bait-And-Switch Publishing: New Face Of Academic Fraud By Farooq A. Kperogi

Dr. Damages Show On SaharaTV - Episode 3

+Mike Adenuga Gave Me Bribes In Naira And Dollars To Undervalue National Oil (Conoil) During Privatization", Says Former BPE Director

US Students "Titilayo Oyinbo" And "Kayode" Kevin Barry Speak Yoruba Language On SaharaTV

"Titilayo Oyinbo" And "Kayode" Kevin Barry US Students Speak Yoruba Language On SaharaTV

Mrs. Sharon Adefunke Kasali, [Executive Secretary, Petroleum Equalisation Fund], Not Arrested And Detained

Friday, August 12, 2011

Sam Loco And Governor Chime - Symbols Of Nigeria’s Hope

EFCC Hands Over Indicted Nigerian Fraudster To United States

Corruption In High Places – The Case Of The NJC

How Obasanjo And Atiku Destroyed Nigeria's Privatisation Process

To My father, Joseph Utomi Nwaobi: A Hug And A Good-Bye

Shell Oil Company Sponsored UN Report On Ogoni Spill, Says MEND

Anambra Workers Declare War On Governor Obi

Enugu Chief Judge Keep His Accuser In Prison Custody For 3 Months

Thursday, August 11, 2011

No Health, No Wealth (2) By Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai

Rescue Mission For Rochas By Professor (Prince) Edward Oparaoji

The Trial Of Egyptian Pharaoh: Lessons To Arab And African Leaders

Olusegun Obasanjo Becomes A Newspaper Columnist!

Joe Igbokwe's Barbaric Outbursts By Jon Chikadibie Okafo

Suswam's WAEC Certificate Forgery: Judge Gives Curious Ruling

Al-Mustapha’s Red Herring By Olusegun Adeniyi

EFCC Arrests PEF Executive Secretary, Mrs. Kasali

Kudirat Abiola’s Murder: Mustapha Reads His 1999 Written Confession In Court

Chief Tony Anenih: A Political Dinosaur At 78 By Is’haq Modibbo Kawu

Ojukwu, Do Not Mourn If And When He Finally Dies?

Beyond Jonathan’s Incompetence: The Case For Real Constitutional Reform (II)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What Sort Of A Nation Is This?

Allegation: NJC Exonerates Katsina-Alu, Orders Salami To Apologize To The CJN-PM News, Lagos

New window Print all President Kagame (Rwanda) Welcomes president Museven(Uganda)

Kudirat Abiola's Murder: Judge Grants Prosecution Leave to Cross-Examine Mustapha On Written Admission of Murder

Robber Kills Chinese Expatriate In Lagos- PM News, Lagos

Ojukwu Is Alive - Gov. Obi

"Ikemba Nnewi, Emeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu, Not Dead," Says Family

Oil: Jonathan Rehearses Another Naked Dance- Step On Fuel Subsidy

Demand For Action: BPE Scandal Could Cost Goodluck Jonathan His Presidency, CNPP Warns

Forgery: Desperate Former Delta Legislator, Others, On The Run; AIG Detains DPO, DCO

Hamza Al Mustapha’s Bags Of Shit

UK Riots In Black Community Stir Response Worldwide

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Judicial Scandal: How Andy Uba Bought Anambra's National Assembly Tribunal

Islamic Banking: Much Ado About Nothing By Omodunni Omotayo

Ex-Oyo State Governor, Kolapo Ishola Is Dead-The Nation

The Lazy Politicians Of The South East,

PHOTONEWS: Early Morning Carnage On Lagos/Ibadan Expressway

The Other Sides Of The State Of The Naira By Anthony A Kila

PHOTONEWS: The State Of Education In Delta State: Primary Schools As Poultry Pens

Al Mustapha Claims He Was “Technically Present” When Abiola Died; Demands Testimony of Panti CID Officers

UNEP Report: Nigerian Government Files Court Papers At ECOWAS To Dispute Nexus Between Oil And Poverty In The Niger Delta

UK Riot Fall Out: Ghana vs Nigeria Called Off -ESPN

Obama & Tony Anenih Birthdays: Odd Wishes From President Jonathan

Monday, August 08, 2011

Al Mustapha -An Egotistical Unrepentant Evildoer

Al-Mustapha, Abiola, And A Nation’s Shame By Okey Ndibe

Heaven Might Be Boring By Paul Adepoju

Al Mustpha Murder Trial Update: Abacha Killer Squads Were Trained In Libya And North Korea

PHOTONEWS: Nigeria Postal Services (NIPOST) Union of Pensioners Protest

Unlawful Detention: LEADERSHIP Newspapers Group Petitions Ringim Over Its Kaduna Correspondent

Behold The Conman And The Bloody Liar Called Al-Mustapha

How My Brother Died In Your Church- An Open Letter to Rev. Olukoya Of Mountain of Fire Worldwide Ministries

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Beyond Jonathan’s Incompetence: The Case For Real Constitutional Reform (I)

The Diversionary Story Of Major Al-Mustapha

Actors Guild Confirms Sam Loco's Death

Kidnappers Stage JailBreak In Port Harcourt Prison

Sam Loco, Veteran Nollywood Actor And Comedian Dies

Christians 0 - 1 Muslims On Islamic Banking

The Impacts Of Self-Centred Leaders On Nigerians By Comrade Darlington.

Dr. Damages Show On SaharaTV - Episode 2

Saturday, August 06, 2011

I Still Give Obama The Edge In 2012 Regardless Of All Obstacles Placed On His Way!

A Look At The Nigeria That I See

Aero Contractors New Methods And Tactics

7-Year Old Girl Shot Dead By Nigerian Soldiers In Maiduguri

Soldiers Shoot Dead 7-Year Old Girl In Maiduguri

With 20 Days To Leave Office, Katsina-Alu Is Making No Arrangement To Hand Over, Constitutional Crisis Imminent

Friday, August 05, 2011

The Latest Secret Plan By GoodLuck Jonathan To Free James Ibori EXPOSED

Petition: Corruption and Money Laundering By Gabriel Torwua Suswam, How His Undergaed Son Controls A N500 Million Company

CJN Versus President, Court Of Appeal: Hon. Justice Umaru Abdullahi Report; Who Lied On Oath?

PHOTONEWS: The Desecration Of Ogoniland By Shell

Investigation Of Chief Justice of Activist Drags NJC To Court

No Health, No Wealth Pt. 1

Nigeria’s Richest Pastor Oyedepo Puts Private Jets Up For Sale- Forbes Blog

When The Devil Begins To Sing His Famous Lullaby…

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, President Of Some Nigerians

Explosion Kills 2, Injures 2 In Maiduguri

Shell Oil Spill In Ogoniland

Is This A Joke? -Nuhu Ribadu Reacts To Al Mustapha Claims

UN Confirms Massive Oil Pollution In Niger Delta-Amnesty International

Wanted Urgently: A Potent Cure For Obasanjo’s Political Delusions

Home Grown Armies A looming Threat To The Newly-Elected In Niger, Ivory Coast And Benin

Al Mustapha Video Showed In Court, Claims Ribadu Tried To Assasinate Him

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

R-e-v-e-a-l-e-d: How Uduaghan Paid Obasanjo And Tribunal Judges Over N3 billion To Buy Election [Photocopies Of Cheques Available]

Abdulsalami Tricked Ige, Adesanya To Scuttle June 12 – Al-Mustapha-Daily Independent

What Is A Church By AJM Baikie

Ogoniland Oil Spills: Shell Admits Nigeria Liability- BBC

Countering Single Tenurial Leadership

How Many Aides Does A Governor Need? By Seun Kolade

NATO Vs. Gaddafi

Rotimi Amaechi, The Aircraft Loving Governor Of Rivers State

Case For A Special Status For Lagos By Peter Claver Oparah

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The Many Misfortunes Befalling Redeemed Pastors

Former Editor Seeks Court Ordered Probe Of THISDAY, Nduka Obaigbena For Non-Remittance Of His Pension And Taxes

Africa.comDEALS Takes Off With Arik Air: New, Online Social Buying Site Targets Africa and the African Diaspora

RCCG Update: Pastor Adeboye Hurriedly Makes Peace With Akindayomi Children; Family Denounces Petition Against The GO

Greece And Poor Countries

Global Witness Calls On US Senate To Tackle Corporate Secrecy

Early Morning Bomb Explosion At Gomari Airport Road In Maiduguri Blamed On Boko Terror

Forgery Of $100 Dollar Bills: U.S. Officials Confirm Active Bench Warrant For Imo Deputy Gov, Jude Agbaso

RE: Adenuga Moves To Take Over NITEL For USD450 Million And Competition Issues At Stake In The Communications Market

Memo to Governor Mimiko: A Time to Run...

Foreign Bribery: SERAP Asks EFCC To Seek Damages Against Shell, Siemens, Others

Manifesto Of A Loud Thinker And The Jonathan Behind The Mask?

Monday, August 01, 2011

Book Launch For CJN Katsina–Alu Cancelled As NBA Committee Indicts Him

Tenure Elongation Gambit

Ill Gotten Wealth & Its Nemesis

How To Steal A Nigerian Election-Senator Yusuf Tuggar

Ex-Convict Alamieyeseigha To Forfeit $600,000 US Mansion, $400,000 Cash, As US Justice Department Implements “Kleptocracy Initiative”

Six Or Seven Years Single Term; The Return Of Evil By Mukhtar Kabir Usman PhD

Thirty Days Of Blessings And Simple Hopes By Anthony A Kila

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Family of Founding Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) Pastor, Late Rev. Josiah Olufemi Akindayomi, Accuses Pastor Adeboye Of Changing Church Principles, Marginalization

Bill To Forcefully Deport Nigerians From UK, How Patriotic Is Senator Victor Ndoma-Egba?

The Truth Nigerians Must Not Know – Part 2: Over Bloated Government

Wole Soyinka On Al Jazeera: Talks About The Role Of The Youth In Taking Struggle Forward

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