Yahoo Nigerian News Archive for January 2012

Monday, January 30, 2012

South Africa postpones Nigeria terror suspect trial

Nigeria dictator's top aide sentenced to death

death sentence for former dictator's man

Goodluck Jonathan: Nigeria's embattled president

Sect attacks kill 2 at N. Nigeria police stations

Militants hit police station in Nigeria's north

Gunmen attack northern Nigeria police station

Gunmen attack police station in northern Nigeria

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Gunmen attack police station in Nigeria's flashpoint Kano

Gunmen attack police station in Nigeria's Kano

US citizen kidnapped in Nigeria returns to US

Nigeria army claims retaliation as 11 Boko Haram members killed

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Nigeria gunmen attack police post

Nigeria army says kills 11 Boko Haram insurgents

Nigeria LNG in talks to raise $1 bln to buy six ships

Nigeria gunmen attack police post in flashpoint city

Friday, January 27, 2012

Nigeria sect leader threatens school bombings

US Embassy: US citizen kidnapped in Nigeria freed

Nigeria on edge as Islamist group extends campaign of violence

Boko Haram leader tape threatens Nigeria forces

US citizen freed a week after kidnapping in Nigeria

U.S. citizen freed a week after kidnapping in Nigeria

Nigeria sect leader threatens new attacks

Boko Haram's campaign of violence

Nigeria's Boko Haram: Will dialogue end the insurgency?

Nigeria Supreme Court fires 5 governors

Nigeria court removes five powerful state governors

Nigeria Sect Leader Threatens President in Message

Nigeria's Islamists threaten new attacks

Nigeria sect leader threatens president in message

German citizen kidnapped in Nigeria's Kano

Thursday, January 26, 2012

German Kidnapped In Northern City Of Kano

Police: German kidnapped in north Nigeria city

Nigeria president tells Boko Haram to come out and talk

Nigeria cbank-inflation will not force rate rise next week

Nigeria police chief tarnished over 2001 violence

Nigeria raises 89.76 bln naira at 10-yr bond sale

Nigeria arrests 200 after attacks

UN report says Nigeria militants strike fear across Africa

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Nigeria's president sacks police chief

Nigeria police official fired amid violence

Youth rage boils amid north Nigeria sect attacks

Nigeria president sacks police chief after Islamist attacks

Nigeria's police chief 'sacked'

Nigeria federal police chief forced to retire

Nigeria President, Unions to Meet as Strike Threatens Oil Output

Youths overrun bombed north Nigeria police station

Nigeria's President Under Pressure To Quell Violence

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Nigeria and the Politics of Price

Blast destroys police station in north Nigeria

Kano on edge as US urges Nigeria unity

Nigeria security forces kill 2 after sect attack

Nigeria's Boko Haram killed 935 people since 2009

Nigeria Orders 126 T3 Electric Vehicles From T3 Motion

Nigeria arrests 158 in deadly bombings

Nigeria crisis hurts soap maker PZ Cussons

Death toll in Nigeria attacks soars past 200, locals say

Nigeria's Boko Haram killed 935 people since 2009: report

Plagued by violence, Nigeria begins to strain

Monday, January 23, 2012

Police: 185 killed in north Nigeria sect attack

Prayers of peace turn to fear of attack in Nigeria

Nigeria police find bomb-laden cars

Mosque prayer service in Nigeria after attacks

Nigeria Struggles to Curb Islamists After Attacks Kill 256

Mosque Prayer Service in Nigeria After Attacks

Nigeria city prays for peace after attacks

Nigeria's Goodluck Jonathan once hailed as man of destiny

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Nigeria's Latest Bloodbath: The Challenge of Boko Haram

Death toll in Nigeria attack rises, stuns leader

Nigeria death toll exceeds 150

Nigeria's president visits city where bombings killed at least 157

Nigeria president visits north city of Kano after attacks; Red Cross record shows 150 killed

At Least 150 Killed in Nigeria Kano Attacks

At least 150 killed in Nigeria Kano attacks

Multiple attacks in Nigeria kill at least 143

Nigeria tense after Islamists kill at least 178

Nigeria's deadliest terror attack kills at least 178

Nigeria curfew relaxed after 162 killed

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Nigeria stunned by Kano attacks that killed more than 150

Dozens Killed by Radical Islamic Sect in Nigeria

Radical Islamist sect kills 143 in Nigeria

Coordinated sect attack kills 143 in north Nigeria

At least 120 killed in Nigeria Islamist sect attacks

Nigeria Attacks Kill At Least 143, Boko Haram Claims Killings

At least 143 killed in north Nigeria sect attacks

Official: At least 143 killed in Nigeria attacks

Bombs kill at least 26 in Nigeria

At least 120 killed in north Nigeria sect attacks

Red Cross: 'Many' dead, injured in Nigeria attacks

Police: 'Coordinated' north Nigeria attacks kill 7

2 journalists killed in Nigeria amid unrest

Nigeria attacks death toll at least 28: sources

Boko Haram claims Nigeria Kano blasts, 7 dead

Nigeria Kano blasts 'coordinated', 7 dead - police

Police call north Nigeria attacks 'coordinated'

Nigeria Kano blasts 'coordinated', 7 dead: police

Nigeria city curfew after blasts

Friday, January 20, 2012

Explosions rock Nigeria's Kano, at least six killed

Witnesses: 7 dead in sect attacks in north Nigeria

Islamist sect claims north Nigeria bombings

4 bombs strike north Nigeria's main city

2 bombs strike north Nigeria's main city

US citizen kidnapped in Nigeria's oil delta

Bomb strikes police in north Nigeria's main city

Nigeria Senate wants $75/bbl oil benchmark in budget

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Nigeria puts $310,000 bounty on escaped bomb suspect

Nigeria police under fire over escape of bomb 'mastermind'

Nigeria investigates $4 billion fuel subsidy fraud

Nigeria fighting 'faceless' enemy

Nigeria investigates massive fuel subsidy fraud

Nigeria cop gets a day to explain bomb suspect's escape

Nigeria protests up pressure to reform oil

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Analysis: Nigeria protests up pressure to reform oil sector

Nigeria government orders audit of oil and gas sector

Nigeria police chief suspended over terror suspect escape

Nigeria fuel strike cost economy $1.2 bln: stats

Nigeria church bombing suspect escapes

Uncertainty troubles Nigeria after oil strike ends

Nigeria protests raise pressure to reform oil sector

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Nigeria Christmas bomb suspect escapes

Suspect behind Nigeria church bombings escapes

Police: Nigeria bomb suspect arrested, escapes

Uncertainty troubles Nigeria after oil strike is halted

Groups: Nigeria authorities persecute 2 activists

Nigeria strike a flashback to the military era

Nigeria graft watchdog investigates fuel subsidies

Analysis: Nigeria strife highlights Africa investment risks

Nigeria’s Sanusi Sees Rate on Hold as Fuel Rise Lifts Prices

Crises could make the country stronger

Nigeria oil curse hinders development

Nigeria fraud agents in fuel raid

Viewpoint: 'Nigeria Spring' here to stay

Nigeria fuel strike ends

Nigeria creates committee to hurry up oil bill

Monday, January 16, 2012

Nigeria Fuel Strike Ends

Viewpoint: Nigeria's President Jonathan backs down

Nigeria fuel strike ends with soldiers in streets

Chevron: Rig catches fire off Nigeria's delta

Nigeria leader drops gas price, deploys troops

Factbox: Nigeria's strike ends for moment

Labor group dismisses Nigeria's cut in fuel prices

Nigeria fuel fight continues

Nigeria labor announces suspension of fuel strike

Nigeria strikes no imminent threat to oil sector

Labor group dismisses Nigeria's cut in fuel prices; protests to continue

Nigeria cuts petrol prices, troops seize protest site

Nigeria troops appear; president offers concession

Nigeria cuts fuel prices amid strike

Nigeria's president says government will subsidize fuel prices in face of crippling strike

Nigeria cuts fuel prices after national strike

Nigeria 'to cut price of petrol'

Nigeria president: Fuel prices to drop amid strike

Gunmen kill two Chadians in northern Nigeria

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Late-night talks to stop crippling strike in Nigeria end, protests to continue Monday

Nigeria braces for more strikes, but demos cancelled

Late-night talks end as Nigeria fuel strike looms

Statement in Regards of Nigeria's Fuel Subsidy Removal From Mrs. Diezani Alison-Madueke

Nigeria fuel strike go on; street protests halted

Nigeria unions consider next move after crucial strike talks

Nigeria Oil Shutdown on Hold as Talks Continue

Nigeria strike over fuel to resume

Factbox: Nigeria's strike enters second week

Nigeria Oil Shutdown on Hold as Talks Continue to End Strike

Nigeria strikes set to resume Monday, govt sees more talks

Analysis: will it fall apart or can it hold?

Unions: Nigeria strike over fuel resumes Monday

Arsenal prepare for pre-season trip to Nigeria

Arsenal prepare for Nigeria trip

Nigeria strikes set to resume Monday, govt sees more

Nigeria strikes set to resume Monday, government sees more talks

Nigeria fails to reach deal to end strikes

Saturday, January 14, 2012

No Agreement To End Fuel Strike, Nigeria Union Says

Nigeria talks resume as protests pause for the weekend

No Deal Yet to End Nigeria Strike

Nigeria oil union won't shut down crude production yet

Nigeria labor says no agreement to end fuel strike

Christians, Muslims unite at Nigeria protest

Four die in Nigeria pub attacks

Nigeria megacity shows signs of strain amid strike

Nigeria Unions to Halt Protests at Weekend, Continue Strike

Last-ditch talks to avert Nigeria oil shutdown

Social media widens scope of Nigeria fuel protests

Friday, January 13, 2012

Gasoline tankers unable to deliver to Nigeria-sources

Nigeria unions suspend protests

Nigeria unions suspend strikes in fuel dispute

Gasoline tankers unable to deliver to sources

Protests, strike shut down Nigeria for fifth day

Factbox: What is Nigeria's Boko Haram?

Mobius Says Nigeria Strike May Cause Substantial Corrections

Nigeria postpones friendly with Liberia

Nigeria’s General Strike Resumes After Talks Fail to Reach Subsidy Accord

Nigeria subsidy talks 'fruitful', strikes continue

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Strike could halt Nigeria oil output

Nigeria unions to continue strike

Union threatens oil production shutdown in Nigeria

Nigeria's Boko Haram attacks are misunderstood as regional Islamist threat

Union threatens oil production over Nigeria strike

Nigeria faces oil strike deadline

Main oil union threatens production shutdown

Nigeria oil union threats shutdown amid strike

Nigeria strike hits day four amid oil production threats

Nigeria's Education Sector And Matters Arising - Leadership Newspapers

Threat to shut down Nigerian oil output - News24

Nigeria's Coming Civil War - FrontPage Magazine

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Emerging from shadows, leader of radical Islamist sect challenges Nigeria leader amid unrest

Famed author Chinua Achebe on the Occupy Nigeria strikes

Nigeria closes its borders amid unrest from Islamists, strikers

Nigeria Faces Double-Edged Crisis In Protests, Militant Group

Nigeria strike unites classes in populist anger

Factbox: Nigeria becomes latest to remove fuel subsidy

Nigeria Rattled By Strikes, Sectarian Violence

Nigeria militants defend attacks

Nigeria strike unites classes, growing anger over corruption, fuel prices in troubled nation

Sect leader challenges Nigeria president in video

Government: Ongoing Nigeria strike invites anarchy -

Nigeria oil union to decide on cutting production

Fuel showdown paralyses Nigeria for third day

Nigeria’s top law enforcement official says the national strike is an ‘invitation to anarchy’

Government: Ongoing Nigeria strike invites anarchy

Nigeria’s top law enforcement official calls national strike an ‘invitation to anarchy’

Nigeria's oil economics fuel deadly protests

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sixteen dead as Nigeria chaos grows

Sectarian strife roils Nigeria amid strike

Nigerian Fuel Protests Explode, Mob Kills 5 In Mosque - Huffington Post

Sect kills 8 in beer parlor attack in Nigeria

Rage in Nigeria strike fuels fears of unrest

Rage amid poverty, anger over corruption emerges in Nigeria strike as further unrest possible

Gunmen kill eight, mob attacks mosque as Nigeria chaos grows

Anger emerges in Nigeria strike as unrest possible

Nigeria Strike May Force Jonathan to Compromise on Fuel Subsidy

Nigeria anger as strike continues

Nigeria braces for more fuel protests

Strike over fuel prices paralyzes oil-rich Nigeria

Nationwide strike begins in Nigeria over gas costs

Burning roadblocks at 2nd day of Nigeria strike

Nigeria squeezed by protests, militants

Nigeria braces for 2nd day of nationwide protests

Nigeria braces for 2nd day of protests

Nigeria's government squeezed by subsidy protests, militant movements

Nigeria Paralyzed by 'Occupy' Protests over Gas Prices

Monday, January 09, 2012

Nigeria strikes over fuel costs

Nigeria’s president: Fight against Islamist sect ‘worse’ than civil war that saw 1M killed

Nigeria sect 'has high-up ties'

Violence-hit Nigeria braces for fuel strikes

Nigeria set for nationwide strike over fuel prices

Nigeria lawmakers move against president over doubled gasoline prices ahead of national strike

Nigeria leader references civil war in sect fight

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Nigeria Christians liken attacks to civil war run-up

Nigeria's descent into holy war

Saturday, January 07, 2012

End of decades of Nigeria cheap gas fuels unrest

Religious terror as Muslim sect kills more Christians in Nigeria

Nigeria's president announces cuts ahead of strike

Nigeria killings called "ethnic, religious cleansing"

Nigeria Labor Unions Plan to Proceed With Strike Over Fuel Subsidy Removal

As Muslim sect kills 15 in northeast Nigeria, main Christian group vows to defend itself

Nigeria Labor Unions Plan to Go Ahead With Fuel-Price Strike

Nigeria sect kills 15; Christians vow defense

Nigeria Christians to defend against Muslim sect

Nigerian Court Order Seeks to Bar Protests - Voice of America (blog)

Latest attack by Muslim sect kills 13 in Nigeria

Christians flee attacks in northeast Nigeria

Death toll in Nigeria Mubi attacks reaches 21: Red Cross

13 killed in attacks in northeast Nigeria

Friday, January 06, 2012

Nigeria industrial court orders unions not to hold planned nationwide strike over fuel prices

Nigeria court orders halt to planned strike

Nigeria church shooting kills at least 8, pastor says

Nigeria gunmen kill '17 mourners'

Mass Action - PDP Postpones Congresses, Convention -

Federal Government meets Labour over planned strikes -

Nigeria Gunman Attack Town Hall, At Least 20 People Dead - Huffington Post

Police: 20 killed in northeast Nigeria shooting

What is behind Nigeria fuel protests?

6 dead, others wounded after attack on church in northeast Nigeria amid sect violence

6 dead, others wounded in Nigeria church attack

Military Task Force Arrests Two After Gun Duel With Boko Haram -

Neglected Youths Armed With Technology -

Five dead in Nigeria church attack - The Press Association

Gunmen kill 6, wound 10 in Nigeria church attack

Thursday, January 05, 2012

(Photos courtesy VOM Nigeria) - Mission Network NEws (press release)

3 dead, others wounded in Nigeria church attack - CBS News

5 Dead, Others Wounded in Nigeria Church Attack - ABC News

5 dead, others wounded after attack on church in northeast Nigeria amid sect violence

Gunmen kill 6 in Nigeria church attack

3 dead, others wounded in Nigeria church attack

5 dead, others wounded in Nigeria church attack

Research and Markets: Nigeria Petrochemicals Report 2012: Promised Injection of Saudi Investment Could See Nigeria ...

As nationwide strike approaches, unease quickly becoming unrest in Nigeria over fuel prices

Nigerian police fire teargas on fuel subsidy protesters - The Guardian

Shell Nigeria's Bonga, EA fields resume production

Guaranty Trust, First Bank of Nigeria Advance on S&P Outlook - BusinessWeek

Shell Nigeria's Bonga, EA fields resume production - Reuters Africa

Nigeria fuel subsidy: Police tear gas Kano protesters - BBC News

As anger over fuel price hikes grows in Nigeria, police in north break up sit-in protest

Implications of a Partitioned Nation -

Police break up fuel protest in north Nigeria

Nigeria’s FIFA Referee Fiasco: Fan View

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Bombs Rattle Northeast as General Strike Is Threatened - New York Times

Day 3 - Anti-Hike Protests Across the States -

Sect kills 3 in Nigeria’s restive northeast despite 4-day old state of emergency

Nigeria union chiefs urge strike amid fuel protests

AUDIO: Nigeria bank boss defends fuel hike

Nigeria union chiefs urge general strike amid fuel protests

Nigeria's AMCON to focus on bad loan recovery in 2012

Unions threaten to shut down Nigeria amid fuel price anger

Nigeria unions to decide on fuel subsidy strike

Labour okays nationwide strike for January 11 -

Jonathan summons Emergency FEC Meeting as protests spread -

Gunmen kill one in attack on Nigeria police post

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Nigeria dispatches troops to north to stop Boko Haram attacks

Islamist militants in Nigeria warn Christians to leave north within 3 days - CNN (blog)

Protest turns violent in Nigeria’s megacity after gov’t ends cherished fuel subsidy

Nigeria gas price protest turns violent in Lagos

Nigeria on edge trying to avert North-South clashes

Babaginda says Nigeria's fuel price deregulation ill-timed -

Ex-warlord warns of S.Nigeria backlash at Boko Haram

Monday, January 02, 2012

Fishing suspended after Nigeria oil spill

Nigeria Announces Removal Of Petrol Subsidy - Modern Ghana

Nigerian cities in lockdown after emergency decree - Modern Ghana

Protests, tear gas as fuel prices soar in Nigeria - AFP

Ex-warlord warns of south Nigeria backlash at Boko Haram

Nigeria Christians given three-day terror ultimatum

Outcry in Nigeria as fuel prices more than double

Nigeria fuel price more than doubles post-subsidy

Protests, anger as fuel prices soar in Nigeria

Nigeria's Boko Haram Militants Give Christians Three Days to Quit North - Bloomberg

Islamist militants in Nigeria warn Christians to leave north within 3 days

Nigeria fury at fuel price rises

Nigeria to take delivery of new satellite - Nigerian Observer

Nigeria ends fuel subsidies

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Nigeria Scraps Gas Subsidy Consuming 25% of Government Outlays

Oil-rich Nigeria ends fuel subsidies

Nigeria coach to recall Yakubu

Nigeria in state of emergency after attacks

Nigeria's Jonathan declares state of emergency

Troops, tanks patrol in northeast Nigeria

Nigeria enters 2012 under state of emergency

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Nigeria declares state of emergency

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